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Saving Siluri: Quirk & Co. Adventure

“This is it,” Al-Epzi whispered, although the blindfold kept the Messtic from actually seeing anything. Perhaps he felt his surroundings from the yarn. “Ye sure?” Duncan MacTavish asked, more out of reflex than doubt. He was already busy figuring out how to cut the damn thing down. “Yes, this is the Amulet of Shiny Things. It is needed to liberate Siluri from the confines of the Dread Fish Tank.” The Messtic kneaded the ball of yarn in his paws, forming cryptic patterns with the yarn. “You’d think that she’d be more careful after that business with the damn tuna net,” Symeon muttered, keeping his one good eye on the surroundings. If the Fiji Purrmaid had heard her companions, she would have surely commented on how it is not her fault that her beauty is irresistible and captivating to the degree that she finds herself as the captive more often than not. As it was, she was fluttering with the white fish of extravagant fan tails of feminine wiles in the bejewelled tank behind the Oracle Rise.Read the restquirkyadventure1bs




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The Teachings of the Fairelands

I thought I said it all last year when I felt compelled to scribble this piece, but no. Fairelands always draw out thoughts from me, drifting in the air, dancing around, just waiting to be shaped in words. I have learned many things in the Fairelands during the years. I have learned that miracles are … Continue reading The Teachings of the Fairelands →

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I smell black magics

The title is a little pun from Vayne from League of Legends, cause I was laning with her so much.  Anyways This shall be my last post for Fantasy Faire 2015. The Fantasy Faire 2015 opened up new doors to me for designers and blogging themes. Why I love the event so much. That isn’t […]

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Daily Recap: Sunday

Sunday, our last day, was bittersweet. It always is. Everyone wants the Fairelands to stay just a little bit longer, no one wants the fun to end, but the feel of completion as the Live Auction closes is profound. It was done, and it was good. So very good. In the Literary Festival — one … Continue reading Daily Recap: Sunday →

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The Critter Adventures in the Fairelands

They arrived on boats, rowing or sailing with determination. They swam through dangerous oceans, tirelessly snorkeling forward. They floated down peaceful rivers, sightseeing while traveling. The cleverest ones even used improvised parachutes. They came to see faraway relatives, to exchange news and catch up. They came to meet new friends, to admire art. They came to pay respect to the Great Heroes of Legends. Or to shop for items not available anywhere else in the realms. Or to enjoy delicacies out of our world. They came to play and adventure. To have a moment of silent soothing peace with good companions. Perhaps to even fall in love a bit. Most definitely to snuggle in romantic scenery. And eventually, at the end of the day, they came to enjoy the music, to sit down, have a cup of coffee and watch the view. They came to watch the Fairelands, to live in them for the brief time they are connected to our world. As everyone should. The critters visited the Fairelands this year.… Read the restCritter Adventures - Pandas in Vallacia 2

Roleplay: The Rickety Weasels – Tears of Poppetsborough Finale, the Paper Wizard Freed!

The Mouse Guardians gathered their allies today at Poppetsborough and confronted the evil that had captured the Wizard of Knowledge. Though tiny demons circled about the hand wickedly and darkness fell over the skies of Poppetsborough they had found that charity, sharing, and love weakened and eventually banished the wicked hand that clutched the Wizard … Continue reading Roleplay: The Rickety Weasels – Tears of Poppetsborough Finale, the Paper Wizard Freed! →

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Preparing To Go Home

So the day has come to pack my bags and bid farewell to yet another Fantasy Faire. I haven’t done half as much as I wanted to do and these days have simply flown by. I’m grateful once again to The Dwarfins team for allowing me to stay in their castle at this year’s event. The Dwarfins … Continue reading Preparing To Go Home →

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Live Auction: Come Buy a Piece of Fairelands!

Today, Sunday the third of May, at 4-6PM SLT we will have our traditional Live Auction where we will sell off pieces of this year’s Fairelands, from beautifully iconic details to full sim builds! We have for example YoZakura sim build, Spires of Andolys packed in one bundle, including the castle, Ravenshold tower, Poppetsborough paper … Continue reading Live Auction: Come Buy a Piece of Fairelands! →

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Witch of Andolys

Gown: BlueMoon Enterprise – Lady Grace (plum) @ Fantasy Faire
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai – Soleil @ Fantasy Faire
Wings: Material Squirrel – Thethys Wings 6.0 RFL color Set @ Fantasy Faire
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Jaden Mesh Hair (licorice) @ Fantasy Faire
Skin: League
Eyes: Ikon
Eyeshadow: Musa – Eyeshadow Eva RFL2 @ Fantasy Faire
Lips: Madrid Solo – Soft Sacrifices Lips Only (lavender)
Hands: Slink – Casual
Staff: Talevin’s Designs – Staff of Wonders @ Fantasy Faire
Pose: Poet’s Heart Location: Spires of Andolys
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#821 Univers magique

The Fantasy Faire 2015 is still running but not for a long time. On May 3rd this wonderful event will close its doors till next year.
Now I would like to share my thoughts about this event... and as I'm a bit lazy today I'll write it in my native language. I hope you won't bear me a grudge for that. 
"Voilà plusieurs années que je participe à la Fantasy Faire en tant que fan de fantasy, accro au shopping... Depuis trois ans maintenant j'ai la grande chance d'y participer également en tant que blogueuse et je dois dire que d'année en année, je ne suis jamais déçue par cet évènement. Aucune lassitude non plus à l'idée d'une nouvelle édition de cet event organisé au bénéfice de Relay For Life. En fait, c'est même tout le contraire. Depuis que je connais la Fantasy Faire, c'est toujours avec une joie renouvelée que je parcours les univers magiques qu'ont créés certains des plus talentueux designers de SL. 
Ces trois dernières années j'ai eu la chance d'arpenter ces mondes de rêve en avance sur la grande majorité d'entre vous et, à chaque fois, je l'ai fait en étant submergée par un mélange de plaisir et d'émotions.Read the rest

Purchase Spirit of Fantasy Faire in Real Life!

Designed by Kaelis Ember, this beautiful pendant is a memory waiting for you to capture it. Representing the Spirit of Fantasy Faire as envisioned by Alia Baroque for the 2015 Fantasy Faire poster, this gorgeous piece of original art will hang proudly around your neck, a tangible token of your efforts to end the hold … Continue reading Purchase Spirit of Fantasy Faire in Real Life! →

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Daily Recap: Friday

Friday was possibly our busiest day of the Faire so far with several special events in addition to our already full schedule. In the morning we had Drax Files Podcast interview and recording in Poseidon’s Abyss. Drax interviewed Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, our media and event organizer Saffia Widdershins, a sponsor Lorin Tone, a … Continue reading Daily Recap: Friday →

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Alchemist adventure

Nargol Gra’Yarzol was the name I gave my halfling Orc. I don’t know much hell let me rephrase that. I dont’ know ANY Orc lore other than that there like bad and mean and tough.  My good friend Nimil of Songbird sent me a few links to give me a rundown so I combinded like […]

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Silent Auction Ending on Saturday 5PM SLT

Our traditional Silent Auction is going on in the Fairelands Junction and it lasts until Saturday, May 2nd, 5PM SLT, when the auction closes and the winners are declared. In the auction you can find plenty of one-of-a-kind exclusive items or massive fatpacks from our generous merchants. Simply port in, browse the RFL auction boards … Continue reading Silent Auction Ending on Saturday 5PM SLT →

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Ho Ho Ho It’s Magic, Never Believe It’s Not So

“Do you believe in magic?” asked the strange looking Dwarfin behind the counter in the Dwarfins tower in The Spires Of Andolys. I paused for thought, I’ve seen strange beasts under the waters of Poseidon’s Abyss, been enchanted by magical words in The Sylvan Of Spells, encountered pagan festivities in Tangleshimmer Grove, bumped into Chinese … Continue reading Ho Ho Ho It’s Magic, Never Believe It’s Not So →

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Time for Dances and Delights

The day felt too long. The sun was bright in my eyes, the hours toward evening seemed to drag on for an eternity. As the evening breeze brought solace to the heat, the first of the fairies emerged. Their dance, the peacefully floating sparkles eased the anxiety of waiting. The lanterns were slowly lit, the scent of evening roses filled the air, the night began its approach in a slow, gentle embrace of shadows. It is time. Time for masks and mysteries, dances and delights. Time to forget the strength of sun and embrace the solace of night. It is time for the Masquerade Ball. The first ever May Day Masked Ball takes place this evening in Fantasy Faire. The Ball is 5-7pm SLT in Poseidon’s Abyss. It is hosted by DJ Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel and during the Ball there will also be an announcement of the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire. Both The White Armory and Bliensen + MaiTai can be found in the Spires of Andolys, Illusions has its Faire-store in Ichi-go Ichi-e.… Read the restmaskedballsunny1bs

Fantasy Faire 2015 – Paperboy Dressmeup

   One of the sim sponsors, Dandelion DayDreams Factory, created these cute Poppet Avatars, to go along with the theme of the sim they sponsored, Poppetsborough. This version of the avatar is actually a Rare in a Gacha, but there is a free Male and Female Poppet, for you guys to come and pick up. You can find them HERE at Fantasy Faire.  

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Dream and Play

We play. There is no night and day down in the depths, there’s just awake and asleep, dream and play.  Sometimes we leap higher with our friends and companions, leap higher and witness the strange lands of the two-tailed people with their clumsy movements and strange sounds.  Sometimes when the awake time up above gets really warm and the surface waters caress every motion like a lover, we approach the land to marvel at the beauty such clumsy creatures manage to conjure. Such halls, such statues! My favourite spot is one of the stone-shaped hippocampi, a friendly creature whose spirit is slumbering in silence. I can feel him through the stone, basking in the sun. Perhaps one day he’ll awaken, rise up and leap back into the waters to play with us. Perhaps one day the clumsy two-tailed creatures will do the same. Perhaps one day they’ll learn to breathe properly and join us. Perhaps one day we’ll play. Until then we will just visit: their lands, their halls, their statues and their dreams.Read the restoceanica2bs

Splats and photobombing, A day at the Faire..

First of all, I have to say I am very, very honoured to be part of the team of Fantasy Faire Photographers (and writers)! For me, this annual event is something I look forward to every year, starting the moment the Faire ends. * (FF Photographers: Dancing Veeper, Alisaundra Andel, Dr. Justen Tyme, Wildstar Beaumont, … Continue reading Splats and photobombing, A day at the Faire.. →

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Dispatch from the Roleplay: White Wedding ~ Search for the Groom

White Wedding ~ Search for the Groom Event Description Wherein the NeoLondoners search for Augustus Whitehill, combing the frozen city, speaking to any Aurorans who will hear them. Finally, Ginger transforms into her were-form, takes the groom’s scent and they find him, in a hidden ice cave under the city. They explain the situation and … Continue reading Dispatch from the Roleplay: White Wedding ~ Search for the Groom →

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