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Hear Ye, Hear Ye – the Fantasy Fair is Here Again!

Back again for it’s tenth year in Second Life – it’s the Fantasy Fair, an event that’s chock full of all kinds of fantastical things for your needs, be you a designer, enthusiast, roleplayer, or more. There will be all kinds of events and more and the best part? It’s to support the American Cancer Society. A great event for a great cause – and it needs YOU there! Just make sure to check it all out before it closes on the 29th! ♔Alex Teleport to the Fantasy Fair View the Shopping Catalogue

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April 2018
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○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○Hair: eXxEsS - Sadira
Eyes: Zibska - Lilian @ Shiny Shabby
Top: CX - Luceat Arachne Top @ Epiphany
Bra: CX - Luceat Arachne Bra @ Epiphany
Shorts: CX - Luceat Arachne Shorts @ Epiphany
Gloves: CX - Luceat Arachne Gloves @ Epiphany
Socks: CX - Luceat Arachne Sock @ Epiphany  ::Rare::
Heels: 1313 - Monstah Stawmpers for Genre @ Fantasy Faire April 20

Sword: EZ Weaponry - Akira Katana Prints
Rings: RealEvil - Deah Gloves & Rings @ Shiny Shabby

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○ Pose: DeePosed - The Wall 71
Background: Diamandis - Street Art

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A Fantasy of Fever Dreams – Zaahn Preview

The lone traveler contemplated his fate.  He had been forcefully sent to a desolate and eerie island, where little made sense.  The carnival was deserted, and little wonder why.  The clown statues littering the grounds appeared sinister and dangerous.  They loomed through the mist, menacing grimaces that must have delighted once, though he doubted it.  He didn’t like clowns.  It was a trust issue; you couldn’t feel safe around a creature with a grin that wide, yet so dark and wretched inside. The traveler was undaunted by the menacing clown as he attempted a trick he’d learned long ago.  He was surprised to learn he still had the strength for the trick on a stack of chairs.  Still, that clown…  A trickle of cold sweat coursed down the back of his neck.  With a lurch, he tumbled off the chair and rolled away from that clown in haste.  Why are there so many clowns?  Why won’t that incessant creepy laughter die down?… Read the restAvatar-Bizarre-Zaahn-V

Chaos Will Swallow the Sun – Fantasy Faire Sneak Preview #3

“Out of Chaos comes Order.” – Neitsche Apophis, also known as Apep, is the God of Chaos and Destruction in Ancient Egypt.  He is the serpent that threatens to swallow the sun.  Imprisoned by one of Ra’s three incarnations, Khepri the Scarab in the underworld known as Duat, the serpent battles Bast in an epic battle that has lasted for millennia.  Should the force of Chaos ever emerge, the world would be cast into a maelstrom of darkness and disorder.  Ma’at, the Goddess of Order balances the Chaos.  One cannot exist without the other. Avatar Bizarre has a new set of eyes coming out for Fantasy Faire called Apophis.  Apophis Eyes endow your ever changing look with a tiny bit of chaos.  The color HUD included with this set gives you eight color choices with the mesh eyes, plus eight pairs of system eyes for the die-hards out there who prefer old school eyeballs.  Eat set also includes an alpha, and the eyes are materials enhanced for a little extra bit of shine. … Read the rest

Everything I Do I Do For You – Fantasy Fair Sneak Preview

Avatar Bizarre has, by some amazing circumstances, and a bit of applying, made it into this year’s Second Life Fantasy Faire, an event created to raise money and awareness for Relay for Life.  To be fair, there have been a couple of sneak previews as yours truly jumped the gun and started making stuff just in case.  Enthusiasm, coupled with that elusive Inspiration has resulted in a few new things. You already got a sneak preview of the Goblin King and the Boudica Armor.  Now let me give you a taste of the Goblin Queen!  Of course this is mostly because my lovely model (pictured above and below) is champing at the bit for a picture or two.  The Goblin Queen, like the King in a previous post, is going to be available in seven colors and includes the pants and jacket (plus alphas) and shoulder armor (one shoulder). If you’re itching for just the jacket, don’t worry!  The jackets for the Queen and King will be available solo with a Color change HUD (all seven colors), plus the shoulder armor and requisite alpha.… Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/059c2ae08e57821c4b7f6e755cf9f5fa.png

I’m Here to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum…and I’m All Out of Bubblegum

Leave it to Misha to spur me into action when it comes to making armor for the distaff in Second Life.  Okay, so it only took me a month and a half to get on the stick and actually make it, but hey, sometimes you have to get up the nerve to outfit someone with big swords like this. There’s an absolute truism in Second Life:  Avatars tend to be Way Too Tall.  Like abnormally Wookiee tall.  Heck, they’d probably dwarf Peter Mayhew in real life, and I know for a fact that man stands over seven feet tall.  I’ve met him in all of his morose grumpiness.  He’s the kind of guy you walk up to and say, “How’s the weather up there?” and then you get your butt kicked into next Tuesday.  But I digress… Second Life is full of really tall, generally disproportionate avatars.  You can really run the gamut of shapes, from massive buttshelves to eight foot tall pin-headed galoots.  Speaking of which, Misha told a story about the day she went shopping for swords and was confronted by such a galoot. … Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/80a9cc068beb20672826e1de80995985.jpg

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get To the Center of the Labyrinth?

My friends all know I have a borderline stalkerish admiration for David Bowie.  Every time he’s visited my area for a show, I’ve gone.  Sometimes multiple times for the same tour.  The music collection includes something like 800+ songs – versions and reversions, covers and originals, live and studio…legitimate and bootleg recordings of all things Bowie.  Heck, there’s even some Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Mott the Hoople in the mix for good measure.  Then there’s the fact that Bowie’s appearance in Zoolander makes me giggle every time I see it.  But then, I laugh like a little kid at Family Guy, but I digress… In short, I consider David Bowie to be a demigod of some sort, and possibly an alien with photogenic superpowers. So it should come as no surprise that some of the designs at Avatar Bizarre should be pretty heavily influenced by Mr. Bowie’s extensive wardrobe. So, without further ado, and with much aplomb, I give you an advance look at the Goblin King! … Read the resthttps://i2.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/d2aac645b90bdb600cf44be8e314d6a4.jpg

Grim Bros. @ Fantasy Fair 2013

“Grim Bros.” also takes part at the Fantasy Fair 2013. I’m wearing the “Circus Hat” from “Grim Bros.”, it’s unisex and the hell of a hat, isn’t it ? “Grim Bros.” is located @ the Ravenshard sim. *other credits
skin by Glam Affair
hair by Alice Project
lipstick by JeSyLiLo
eyes-makeup by BOOM
eyeliner by Acid&Mala
necklace by WTG

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Style-Mix by Sawa #361

Hair: “C407 hair / brown (size40)” tram  **NEW**MESH**
Skin: “Sophia LightTan Peach Lips” PXL **NEW**
Eye-MakeUp: “Sophia LightTan Summer Eyes” PXL **NEW**
Hands: “Mesh Rigged Hands Pack new avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Dress: “September Sky” AMD **NEW**MESH** Accessoires:
Hairclip: “Sirens Hair Clip” Sirens Call/Panda Express@Fantasy Fair 2013
Necklace: “Necklace – Gold Heart Key – Medium” Maxi Gossamer **MESH**
Bracelet: “MILKY WAY2 BRACELET/Hawthorn RED” Mandala
Bag: “Cala Saona Bag – Sand” *YS&YS*
Drink: “SLUSH SLURPY ~berry~ <3″ ::LEO-NT:: Pose:
“Model 254″ Everglow

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Pin Me Down @ Fantasy Fair 2013

“Pin Me Down” also takes part at the Fantasy Fair 2013. I’m wearing the makeup “Myst” (piccie #2) and the two “Warrior” makeup’s (piccie #1) … right, two makeups at no. 1, ’cause i added both versions and got these awesome makeup, ready to fight !
Please note that one of the “Warrior” makeups are an RFL item at the “Pin Me Down” booth and one is for the hunt, which is going on during the Fantasy Fair ! “Pin Me Down” is located @ the Lotus Valley Dream sim. *other credits
skin by Glam Affair
hairs by Wasabi Pills
jewelry by EMO-tions

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MacMoragh & Muse @ Fantasy Fair 2013

Fantasy Fair 2013 open it’s doors – NOW :o) “MacMoragh & Muse” has delivered an absolutely sweet little nest, it comes with 5 poses which are adjustable (comes with tree, without squirrel). It’s really very cute and will fit into any fantasy-sim or could be simply a dream station for your home. “MacMoragh & Muse” is located at the “Magnificat” sim @ Fantasy Fair 2013. I’m also wearing an outfit by Caverna Obscura, hair from Wasabi Pills and my makeup is by Musa. Everything is available at the Fantasy Fair. Take time to roam about the fantastic sims, they are definitely worth a visit.

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Fantasy Fair 2013 – the SLurls !

Today, the SLurls for the Fantasy Fair 2013 may be disclosed. Yesterday I looked around at the sims and I was really impressed about the versatility and beauty of them. I wish everyone who wants to pay a visit to the sims today a lot of fun ! If you like to do something against these thing named “lag”, there’s a free outfit from “The Plastik” at every landing point, grab it and do something for a lag-free Fantasy Fair 2013. Fairelands Junction Magnificat Crimson Fields Evensong Woods Titans Hollow The DragonSpire Valley of IshNar Lumenaria Lotus Valley Dream Ravenshard

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Fantasy Fair 2013 will open tomorrow !

Fantasy Faire is just around the corner and I – and many more fabulous bloggers – get an early access to the sims and I was … overwhelmed :o) The fair runs from Saturday April 20th to Sunday April 28th ! The Fantasy Faire is the SL’s largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts & performers.  A week of shopping, special events, music & fundraising over 10 sims for Relay for Life and the fight against cancer. I decided to post some of the pics I’ve taken today at the sims and put the rest on my flickr, so I hope I won’t flood any feed here *lol* ***You can see all the pics from the Fantasy Fair SIMS here*** There are many official posters for the Fair, and they’re all absolutly amazing .. you can take a look at them here >>>Elizabeth Tinsley’s flickr<<<

Making of or – The Drax Files: World Makers [ Episode 4: Fantasy Faire/RFL]


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Style-Mix by Sawa #360

Hair: “Emeli Bournville” LeLutka **NEW**MESH**
Skin: “Anais October” Glance Outfit:
Top: “Crop Top Pink” MONS@Bees Through The Season **NEW**MESH**
Pants: “Freakun ButtGirl Short White closed” NerdMonkey Accessoires:
Necklace: “Sybil’s Ladybug Amulet Short Silver” Maxi Gossamer@FaMESHed
Nails: “Lite HUD Butterfly” Jamman **MESH**
Bracelets: “Mess Bangles Silver” EY:NO
Earrings: “Endearing Earings Platinum” [Atomic] **MESH**
Tattoo: “Heart 2 Black” Pekka. Pose:
“Gown Pose 014″ MUSA *available soon at Fantasy Fair*

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