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The Forest Spirit

Can you see them? Dancing just at the edges of your vision, flickering within the embrace of the trees.  Not everyone can. Not even all of the druids. It takes a special attitude, special attuning to the forest before your eyes open. But when you do, when your mind is finally relaxed enough, accepting enough, […]

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The Tower

Sometimes it’s all about security, of strong walls and gates, of narrow staircases leading higher, easily defensible positions. Sometimes it’s about the vantage point, of being able to see further than others, to have the whole picture in one glance, to enjoy the vision. Sometimes it is a test, of having the perseverance to climb […]

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The statues line the sides of the bath house, sculpted into aesthetically pleasing poses and forms, the nudity both a declaration and invitation to the visitors to do the same, to drop their garments, their covers and relax. The black marble seems almost warm under the sun, tinted by the golden rays, the embrace of […]

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Stay Away

All the stories got it wrong. They paint the forest full of terrors and threats, scare the humans away from our home, turn tales into metaphors of fearing the unknown and not talking to strangers. There was no human child for a wolf to hunt, wolves know better than draw in angry hunters. It doesn’t […]

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The Tinderling Song

You might not notice them at first, walking in the woods. An oddly shaped old birch, some grass, perhaps a fallen tree. Not worth notice, not until it moves, stands up and stares you right in the face. Did you wander too far, step too close to the fae waystones, breach their territory? Is it […]

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Step on the Path

New Year is upon us with its fresh resolutions, new beginnings, old hopes transformed and redressed. In the end we all wish for the same: to be happy. The ways we see this happening simply vary. We might be wrong in our views, in our decisions. They might very well lead us astray, to paths […]

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Not Quite Twins

Does it really matter if one prefers pastel glow and the other dragon scales? If one’s hair bounces in curly pigtails and the other goes for crimson red with black streaks? Does the colour of the dress really matter? Black or white, red or purple. To a point it does: the covers reflect inner choices, […]

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Once Upon a Time…

…there was a small flight of dragonlings, the last five survivors of their kin. Their mother had bravely hidden them away before luring evil humans after her to save the dragonlings. Their big sister found them and brought them to safety to their aunt, who lived far away from others because she liked peace and […]

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The Dragon Nest

The rumor was true: the elder frost dragon had managed to lay her last eggs before luring the hunters to a merry chase that drew them far away from the nest, a chase that ended with her life. The nest was a haphazard arrangement, the surroundings not even properly frosted over yet: she had been […]

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Frost Flowers

They bloom only in the cold, in the frost that makes every inhale a shock to warm human bodies, every exhale a cloud in the air. They cover the black branches, they decorate every window, they blanket the evergreens, they turn every shape into a piece of art. They cover the white with sparkles, creating […]

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Sign of Water

The world outside the safe embrace of water seems strange to the one accustomed to its strength. Air seems too thin to be supportive, the ground is too hard, fire a brightly tempting risk. Things are clearer in the water, where every stream can be fully felt and understood, where eyesight is unnecessary because what […]

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The Dance of Sparks

The dance of energy, the sparks between objects, the gravitation toward some, the repulse from others, so like synapses flaring to life. No words, no definitions, no limitations. Reach out, pull back, slide, glide: dance. Feel. Live. All the power you could ever need is in your fingertips: not out of reach, never out of […]

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Day and Night

Blessed Sun, Bringer of Warmth, Governess of Growth, Ruler of Day. Give us energy to exist, to change, to move, to live. Bring fire to our endeavors, warmth to our homes, bravery to our steps forward. Allow your heat to kindle ours, your rays to light our world, your radiance to enlighten our thoughts. Blessed […]

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The Blue Lady of Gentle Waves

Dream Guardians come in many shapes and forms, sizes and temperaments. The Blue Lady has carried many names in many cultures, times and places: Soft Singer. Hazebringer. Sway of Serenity. Calm Caller. The Sailor of the Gentle Waves. She is the one you call when you sing a lullaby, the one you hope will come […]

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Much Ado About Apples

The next person who mentions apples to me will end up as one! In a pie. The worst PR fiasco of millennium, I tell you. And I should know, seen a few. Millennia, I mean. Why no, I do not look that old, thank you. I am quite aware. Oh, just healthy lifestyle, no secrets. […]

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The Oasis

It’s a long road through the deserts of life to reach the oasis. You get lost in the way, you might sink into the sand, the hot winds dry your skin into a protective carapace.  It takes perseverance to keep going, sometimes even blind faith to believe there is such a thing as an oasis. […]

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The Scarab of Infinity

When dryads grow old and the millennia wear them down, their joints creak and mind wanders, the Scarab of Infinity appears to them. It hovers near, almost out of reach, giving the wood spirits a choice: reach out for life or continue fading until the gradual degradation turns them into trees. Many consider life a […]

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Ned the Newt and Hoo-Wo-Man

“I remember when Uncle Flip went missing,” the wise old toad croaked. The newts called him simply All-Seer because surely when one missed eyes it meant they saw more and better than others. “Soon after that the chocolate frog appeared. Coincidence? I think not! Boys, if you do not save your Cousin Fred from the […]

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The Grey Lady

“Don’t go near the briars or the Grey Lady will get you. She makes people fall into the thorns, see something shiny there, reach in and suddenly the thorns move! Just to draw blood. She feeds off of it, you know.” “You’re being silly, there’s no such thing as the Grey Lady, it’s just an […]

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Sunny the Sorceress

“Disgrace to the family,” her father had said. Her mother had tried to be more supporting, but when Sunny’s lich-transformation gave her a deer-nose and adorable dapples, even she had given up. She had tried, oh how she had tried. She summoned bats and got flocked by chirpy birds. She brewed vile potions and ended […]

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