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snow is falling …

head by BodyGossip
hair by Truth
eyes by IKON Clothing:
sweater and scarf by erratic @ The Arcade Accessoires:
necklabe by Izzie’s **christmas gift** <3 Pose by Everglow @ Winter Trend Fair **NEW** <3

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March 2019
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we must bring our own light to the darkness …

  *credits dress and boots by Rebel Hope <3 @ Liaison Collaborative
hair by Mina
skin by Glam Affair
lashes by Glam Affair
mask by Glam Affair
jewelry by Cae
pose by Del May

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life takes you to unexpected places …

love brings you home <3     I’m wearing my new comfy cardigan by Zenith – available at kustom9 and I’m using one of the new poseprob-sets (incl. skateboard) from *Everglow* at the Vintage + Cool Fair (10th – 24 th october). ***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: building: Victorian Orangery by Culprit
Roanna Sleigh Seat by Trompe Loeil
Little Groot by Zenith
pancake breakfast by ISPACHI
Champagne and Petals by TA
breakfast tray by Sway’s
sleepy italian greyhound by HalfDeer
pallet bed by Apple Fall
canvas by Cheeky Pea
lantern ladder by Cheeky Pea
dapper chair by Apple Fall
workspace outfit by tres blah
blank canvas by ARIA
table by ARIA
lemonade tray by ARIA
old books by ARIA
sofa by ARIA
rug by Zigana
bouquet in a vase by ARIA

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without darkness, one cannot know light …

  I’m wearing my new dress from bonne chance! available at the Seasons Story (until 31st october), a new collar by ILAYA available at the Mystic Realms Faire, hair by Truth, skin by TheSkinnery, hands by SLink and I’m using my new poseprob (incl. raven) from oOo Studio available at the Pose me amazing event. ***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: pond by Studio Skye
floating pumpkin by Hanaya
trees (red and yellow ones) by Botanical
falling leaves around by Studio Skye
greenhouse by Culprit
Victorian Orangery by Culprit
Crying Girl Statue by FLRN Design (marketplace)

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life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass …

… it’s about learning to dance in the rain …     I’m wearing the mesh head from “The Shops”, skin by Glam Affair, the “Nina Coat” from LpD (at the Chapter Four). The pose I used is from “Everglow” and currently available at the Candy Fair, along with a lot of more poses and cute stuff :o) ***click pic for bigger size*** things I used: house by Scarlet Creative
bike planter by [Con.]
dining corner by encore
bottle’s boxes by [ kunst ]
plants by Apple Fall
couch, chair and ottoman by Trompe Loeil
Cake Stand with Cupcakes by ANE
teacups and rose in vase (coffee table) by Apple Fall
cucpake light by 8f8
flokati rug by ba
small rugs by [ARIA]
antique TV Bookcase by Alouette
armchair by vespertine
games on floor by Second Spaces
celling fan by rez (marketplace)
Strung Branch Pendant by Apple Fall
Dapper Chair by Apple Fall
mirror by Cheeky Pea
hanging lanterns by Trompe Loeil
love sign box by Seven
trees by Botanical
grass by Lowell Creations

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where to start …

Life is so fast. Sometimes I want to scream “stop the world”, so I can take care of the things that go down everyday, because of a lack of time. I’m quite capable of multitasking, but sometimes it’s just annoying. I run from A to B through the city, rather than have a break in a café, you’re running on,’cause there is so much to do. For me this is a reason to slow down at least my virtual life. I love blogging, but for me it has to be fun and not stressful. Therefore I slowed down a lot in the last few months and weeks of blogging, especially for events, even if they once, monthly or more often. The requirements have become extremely high, regular blogging in the week (preferably more than twice), blogging every item you get, to be synced at a bunch of feeds. There are many bloggers who can afford it, I can’t do it and not want it too. Sometimes I’m sad that I don’t have the time to promote big events, get kicked out of blogging-groups ’cause of “breaking the rules” for not blogging the last weeks … but I’m so happy and loved in my RL, that’s really a “loss” I can live with.… Read the restwhere_to_start

~A Beguiling Tango~

Second Life is rich with creative people…each one expressing their genius in his or her own inimitable way.  Each time I set out to explore this amazing virtual world, I am awestruck with the depth of skill and attention to detail that goes into creating beauty, form and function out of pixels.  Pouring your heart and soul into producing something from your imagination is tough enough in First Life…add the challenges of translating that same work into pixels, on a computer, and you start to appreciate the dedication and perseverance required to do so. I always feel honored and blessed that I have had the good fortune of becoming friends with truly artistic people in Second Life and one of those friends is someone I particularly cherish.  Jillar Lamar is not only an incredibly talented digital artist, in SL, she also has the ability to translate that eye for beauty into the landscape of her Second Life world. The Beguiled; Art Gallery and Studio is where you will find the collective works from Jilla and where you will also find yourself immersed in a lush, whimsical landscape that invites you to slow down, wander the grounds and take in all the enchanting details. … Read the rest~A Beguiling Tango~

… little helpers (#421)

Head: “Fierce” TheMeshProject
Skin (TheShops MeshHead Applier + regular skin): “” ItGirls@Cosmetic Fair
Hair: “My Hair – Nana/ Brown” [monso]
Hands and feets: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Suit: “Dia De La Fiesta Ruffle Jumpsuit Koi” N2
Shoes: “Berlin (Brown)” Essenz Accessoires:
Necklace: “Atomic” Bokeh **click pic for bigger size**

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Skin: “Cassia India” Glam Affair@Summerfest ’14
Hair: “Hair 50 Mocca” Eaters Coma@Creation.jp
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Top: “Cross My Heart Stripe” Coquet
Jeans: “Damege denim /  Blue” Gabriel@Creation.jp
Shoes: “Tijuana Cream” Essenz **SLink Flat Feets Required !!!** Accessoires:
Necklace: “RetroCool Cassette Necklace” RO@Summerfest ’14
Board: “BeachBoard Colors” Standby Inc.@Summerfest ’14 Pose:
“Skater Girl 9″ Focus Poses **click pic for bigger size** ***pic taken @ Summerfest ’14***

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Skin: “MIA Jazz SK ~ Makeup 03 MEB C2″ by [PXL]@Rhapsody !!! **NEW** <3
Hair: “River (Hat Hair) // Brunettes” +Spellbound+@Summerfest ’14
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Dress: “County Rd 22 Blue” Coquet@Rhapsody
Shoes: “Capri Sabot Taupe” *YS&YS* Accessoires:
Jewelry: “Hamsa Set” Cae **NEW** <3 **click pic for bigger size**

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Head: “Natasha Static Mesh Head” fiore **NEW**
Hair: “Junia” Truth **NEW**
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Jacket: “DenimJacket(WhiteTop)” COCO
Jeans: “Jeans (Long) Dark  Blue Skinny Zip” L&B Accessoires:
Scarf: “Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Brown Ombre” Tee*fy
Glasses: “Azahara Classic” ArisAris Poseprob by {what next}
**pic taken @ Second Norway** **click pic for bigger size**

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I’m in ! Mesh Heads … pro and cons … a long time I was thinking if I dare the experiment or let it rather be. Finally … I have dared and I’m totally thrilled! Many demos have found their way into my virtual wardrobe and after much deliberation, it has become the head of SLink “Emma”. Why ? Because I have very good experiences with SLink, the support, availability of appliers, easy huds and all that goes with it – PLUS: there are visage appliers by Glam Affair (available at the skin fair 2014). I’m a fan of Glam Affair and was very pleased to, that there are also appliers of them for the mesh head by SLink … anyway, this pic contains the new face from Izzie’s “Maci” … she’s upper cute, isn’t she ? :) I am curious what will come in the next time, I’m sure the currently published mesh heads are just the beginning. If you still know stores that offer SLink Visage appliers, post me a link in the comments :) *credits head “Visage Mesh Head Emma” by SLink* **NEW**
skin “Maci Sunkissed & SLink Visage-Applier” by Izzie’s@Skin Fair **NEW**
hair “Lolita” by Truth
shirt “Keira black stripes” by erratic
jewelry “Perula” by Cae **NEW**

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Hair: “Maisy” Truth **NEW** <3
Skin: “Jade Sunkissed PetalPink with freckles” PXL @ Skin Fair 2014 **NEW**
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Top: “Lusso Top Shamrock” MOLiCHiNO **NEW**
Shorts: “Minishorts Floral” Ricielli@TDR **NEW** Accessoires:
Necklace: “Satine” Cae **NEW** Pose by Everglow **pic taken @ Baja Norte** **click pic for bigger size**

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Visage Mesh Head: “Emma” SLink* **NEW**
Hair: “Harriet” Truth **NEW** <3
Skin: “Romy 2 Jamaica” Glam Affair@Skin Fair **SLink Visage-Applier**
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Dress: “After Hours Black” Rebel Hope@FaMESHed Interieur:
Robbery Accessoires: “The International” SORGO@The Arcade Gatcha
Desk & Chair: “Jacob Desk – Coffee” LISP@C88
Couch: “Eaton Couch (Tan)” Apple Fall@C88
Stove: “Coastal Woodburning Stove” {what next}
Bookcase on wall “guitar bookcase” Floorplan
Rug: “Ruffled Rug” Apple Fall@The Arcade Gatcha
Lilies in Vase: “Charlotte Lilies (cream)” {what next}
Kitchen: “Arizona Kitchen regular” ~BAZAR~ **click pic for bigger size**

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*credits skin “Romy Jamaica″ by Glam Affair **coming tonight @ skinfair**
hair “Lolita” by Truth
jacket “Blazer Two-Tone” -tb-@C88
jewelry “Elusive” by Cae

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Style-Mix by Sawa #394

Hair: “Wet Lucy Cocoa” CaTwA
Skin: “Ewa Vampire” Al Vulo
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Dress: “embossed Sweaters black” ISON@Geeks’n Nerds Fair
Boots: “Winter Wedge Boot” *League* Accessoires:
Bag: “Long Haul Messenger Bag – Walker” *BOOM*@Geeks’n Nerds Fair Poseprob by [tea.s] & //elephante poses//@Geeks’n Nerds Fair “Dead Door” ***click pic for bigger size***

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Style-Mix by Sawa #392

Hair: Erase and Rewind” Exile **NEW**
Skin: “Cassiopea India 06″ Glam Affair
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink* Outfit:
Dress: “High/ low dress Svart” deeR **NEW**
Shoes: “Bordello – Bonnie – Black” [Gos]@Shoetopia **NEW** Accessoires:
Jewelry: “Sakura” Cae
Headband: “Gacha_Purrrfect Headband – Gray” [AUX] Poseprob by oOo ***click pic for bigger size***

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Style-Mix by Sawa #387

Hair: “Sadie Browns05” Truth
Skin: “Candy – America – 07″ Glam Affair
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink*
Feets: “Medium Barefeet Rigged” SLink*
Ears: “SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU” Mandala Outfit:
Top: “RockaDoll Halter blue” Sassy!@Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Pants: “RockaDoll capris blue” Sassy!@Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Shoes: “Boudoir Slippers LDF White” SLink* Accessoires:
Earrings: “ERO-SENSEI Pierce_24kGOLD&Diamond” Mandala Scooter by what next (dandelion for 2 – old Gatcha item)
***pic taken @ Artilleri mainstore***

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I just want to say “Thank you very much” those appreciate my blog, my pics, and my work in general. All who follow my blog know that I posted alone and that’s why I will be inactive for a period of time. I don’t know how long, but it will be time invested in my Real Life. I hope you can understand the situation. Thank you all designers who trusted in my work, readers and followers who love my posts, all event managers who gave me the opportunity to be part of a blogger list and show my best to many designers. Thank you so much lovelies!! Designers and Blogger Managers of event in which I was participating, if you want, feel free to remove me of inworld group. Accept my apologizes and I just hope I can having you if I decide to blog again. —————————————————- Sólo quiero agradecer aquellos que aprecian mi blog, mis fotos y mi trabajo en general.… Read the restTHANK YOU!

::[annaA]::+[Modern.Couture]+PICHI+PP+ Quintessencia+Essenz (Discount Events)

Cabello/Hair: .b – honey  – dark browns Ojos/Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes – Chocolate (ML) Cuerpo/Shape: ::[annaA]:: Body Shape “Robin” (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event August 20th- August 31st) Piel/Skin: ::[annaA]:: Skin “Robin” -light- (red) (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event August 20th- August 31st) Collar+Aretes/Necklace+Earrings: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Acqua (Pronto en el Marketplace/Soon in Marketplace) Cartera/Clutch: PICHI – CHANDRA KnuckleClutch [turquoise/gold] pose2 (@Reef’s Colors Fair 2013 August 11th- August 25th) Anillo/Ring: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Gode Spikes Ring (@She & Him Event |August 05th – August 30th) Manicure/Nails: - Quintessencia - Nail 21 Model Square l –  (@Stuff in Stock Discount Event August 20th- August 31st) Vestido/Dress: PP – Alex Clubbing Dress – Stripes (@Designer Circle – 61st Collection August 18th – August31st) Tacones/Heels: Essenz – London (Black)
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