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Men Only Hunt 2

On 26th May 2012 · By Lashae Karsin · With Leave a comment
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Today kicked off the start of the second Men Only Hunt!  As the name implies, this hunt is designed around men’s apparel in Second Life.  With over 100 participating designers, I am sure that there are items to fit everyone’s personal style.  It is has been a little odd logging in to see Lashae as a male avatar for the past week, but I thoroughly enjoyed being able to bring all the goodness to our readers.  The gallery is organized alphabetically; however, the hunt itself is not.  The hunt object you are looking for is an iPod, and all gifts are set to 0L.  Hunt ends June 9th! Hints & SLurls Start Location Happy hunting, loves♥ If you are a designer who is participating in MOH2 and do not see your gift featured below, please feel free to drop me a copy in world and I will get it up as soon as possible. < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Jack or Jill Hunt – For Men and Women!

The Jack or Jill Hunt is another great hunt hosted by Depraved Nation! This grid-wide hunt has one path for men and another for women! The hunt began February 1st but runs through the 29th so there’s still plenty of time to complete it. Check out the gallery for pics of all the items. If you see any numbers missing, it’s because those folks dropped out so please just skip to the next one. For further info, hints and SLURLS to all the stores, check out the Depraved Nation blog! You can also join the Depraved Nation group in-world. Thanks to Mattia for modeling the male items and for hunting his items and the majority of mine. hehe. Most poses used were made by Stakey, retro and EverGlow! If you have any specific questions about anything worn, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks and happy hunting! ❥ Vix STARTING POINT: Razorblade Jacket at Depraved Nation ~~~>>>CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY!Read the restJack or Jill Hunt


so today, bff vivi && i were *determined* to do something. something romantic, something fun, something.. befitting of the day. usually, she and i aren’t all super excited over valentine’s day… because, really, you should be showing the people you love just how much you love them *everyday* rather than just once a year… but once we recruited two of our friends to go out with us for the evening, just for fun, we both became increasingly enthused about vday. we decided to get all girlied up, in pink and red, and be.. festive. cute. pretty. and i think we succeeded… hearts and bows and chocolates and bright red and soft pink. very valentines indeed! we were expecting our friends, allarik and braden, to follow suit. i mean, it *is* valentine’s day, and even though we didn’t set a dress code.. it’s definitely not out of the ordinary for us to be anticipating… say… a nice suit. maybe a tux?… Read the rest02.14.2012


OH! MAI! GAHHHH! It’s another hunt! And oh wait! It’s. . . no way! Can it be?! And no, my dear Seraphim readers, it’s not Rudolph! It’s. . . THE MEN ONLY HUNT! Yes, you heard right! A hunt just for men! Nearly 90 designers have contributed to make this men’s hunt one of the best on the grid, and even though for us to cover a hunt of this size is a TON of work, we figured we just HAD to do it – for all the fellas out there who so often get overlooked in SL! But before we get to the good stuff, I need to give credit where credit is due! First and foremost, thanks to Mattia Delwood for being oh so patient to firstly complete the hunt, secondly for letting me take a gazillion pictures of him, and lastly for never once complaining as I tortured him (as I did Rudh for the ZP hunt) with constant demands to “rebake!” You will see that in some of the pics we got a bit carried away with ourselves, so anything you see him wearing that isn’t part of the hunt will be credited in those pics.… Read the restMen Only Hunt!

TDR Blue Mashup 5/15/2011

I meant to get this blog up earlier but I’m kind of an airhead and locked myself out of my Flickr.  I cannot remember the password for anything today so I’m just going to upload it inside of WordPress to share with you all. The skin and earrings were from TDR blue and the hair is from Pia from Truth.  The top is from Grixdale and is a re-release and the jeans were part of an outfit by Sandie Saenz that I randomly found while searching Marketplace.  The best part is that the entire outfit, jewelry included was just 199L. BODY Hair – Truth – Pia – Walnut
Eyes – MADesigns – Promise – Grey
Skin – MONS – Circus Skin Series – TDR Blue
Shape – Juicy – Chelle (modded) CLOTHING Top: Grixdale – Art Deco Top (I don’t remember which this was, I think the Boho.)
Jeans & Jewelry: FA Creations – Earthy Jeans Outfit
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – IXkin Golden – Duo PHOTO CREDITS Pose:  I didn’t write it down, sorry!… Read the rest