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Biding my time

Click through for full colour version Hair Izzie by Oleander (Tannenbaum)
Mesh head Catya by Catwa (Bento viewer required)
Facial applier candy by Insol (Uber)
Emily dress and scarf by Just Because (Uber)
Candy cane leggings by Sweet Thing (Tannenbaum)
Anna boots and socks by Just Because (Uber) Shot on location at It all starts with a smile

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Click through for full colour version Hair Avery by EMO-tions
Mesh head Tumble by Catwa
Facial applier Opal by Birth
Glasses Maddison by Redgrave
Body Lara by Maitreya
Shirt Oxford by Paper Arrow (Uber)
Jeans Melanie by Blueberry
Shoes Harlee by Reign Location: Bella Pace  

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Click through for a full color version I’ve been waiting anxiously for Blueberry to release their amazing Lida body suit and once I learned it was in the store, I went over and fatpacked without thinking twice about it! Yes, it’s that awesome!! For this pic, I am wearing the tan version, with Reign‘s Marylin thigh highs in cognac. Also, I’m wearing Iconic‘s Kira hair which is currently out at Cosmopolitan as well as LeLutka‘s Simone head, Glam Affair‘s Simone facial applier and Maitreya‘s Lara body. Shot on location at Ison, with the VR mobile pose HUD and one of Le Poppycock‘s great poses

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Unknown territory, proceed with care

click on the image for colour version The Epiphany is opening today!!  I’m wearing the awesome Space soldier outfit from Addams on this pic, which comes with the ammo belt and the gun!
Other items in today’s look:
Hair Momiji by Argrace
Head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Triss Angel Face by Glam Affair (Collabor88)
String Tied Boots by Blueberry Photo shot at Paleoquest

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un mare di papaveri

Hair Shocking by Tableau Vivant (Collabor88)
Ume Hairpin by CerberusXing
Mesh head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Triss Angel Face by Glam Affair (Collabor88)
Holo dress by Ison (Collabo88)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Jem heels by Ingenue (Collabor88) Pic taken at Bella Pace

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It snows inside

for this post with Zenith‘s Sweater dress with long scarf I went to the beautiful snowy sim of Furillen. it’s desolate, cold and beautiful. and even inside this building it was snowing (well, duh, particles are not stopped by walls, but hey, it adds to the cold effect). The dress comes with a HUD for the scarf, so that you can give it different colours and is fitted for the Maitreya body. I’m wearing it with Just Design‘s Lacey shoes. Not really shoes to wear in the snow, but my pixels don’t get cold! My hair is Nao by Argrace and I am still wearing my beloved Simona head by LeLutka and Glam Affair‘s Simona applier. I turned off the eye make up, and applier Zibska‘s Kelan lipstick in a pale beige to match the soft white and yellows of my outfit. Furillen, aside from being beautiful, is also very photographer friendly. the Furillen group is free to join and it lets you rez props if you need to. That way, I was able to make a quick projector for the lamp in the building, so that it actually looks like a floodlight and throws a shadow.… Read the rest


In my RL part if the world, it foesn’t really feel ike winter yet, but in SL more and more places are getting a wintery look, and lets be fair, in a world where today’s snow is not sleet and mud tomorrow, where it’s always pristinely white and even when it snows all day, you will not be snowed in unless you place the snowdrifts at your door all by yourself, winter is gorgeous and fun! I went to Wonchewcome Inn Resort resort to take some pics and it’s gorgeous, as you can see. A large log lodge by Rebourne dominates the sim, surrounded by a couple of smaller cabins. Through the entire sim a rustling creek leads your way along the photogenic spots. As you can see, the wildlife is undisturbed by and absolutely not afraid of the occasional respectful visitor and a small family of beavers works continuously to make their burrow even more comfortable and insulated against the outside cold. I htink my favorite place on the sim is the skating rink.… Read the rest

Blithe on my mind

Hair Louisa by Truth
Annie mesh head by Catwa
applier Keira by Belleza
Layered duffelcoat by GORODEE (@ GEN Neutral)
Celen jeans by Ison
Leather knee boots by Ison (@ Collabor88)  This pic is taken at Blithe. It’s one of my favorite sims lately. Such a pretty autumn forest! I want to live there. After Thanksgiving, owner Harlow Heslop is going to do a big seasonal overhaul. Can’t wait to see the magic she’ll work on the sims! If you’re into exploring, there is a photography scavenger hunt going on at Blithe (until November20). It’s great fun hunting down the items that you need to capture on a pic!! (info here) And because I’m in love with the beauty of these sims….. here, have some pics straight from SL!  

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See you tonight, buddy

The November round of Collabor88 is starting tomorrow!! Hair Vienna by Truth
Head Annie by Catwa
Face applier Sienna for Catwa by The Skinnery (Collabor88)
Jewelry and scarf Mareille by LaGyo (Collabor88)
Blues outfit by Spirit (Collabor88) This outfit is in one piece, not separate items)
Mona bag by Mutresse (Collabor88)
Shoes Karlie by Pure Poison Shot at Saint Pete’s city

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Life is a prison

Prison is a new installation by the amazing Chica Ghost. Being not a lot more than steel bars and heavy doors, this sim is hauntingly beautiful and eerily attractive to me. Do I want to keep out… or do I want to stay in?
Actually… getting in is a bit of a challenge, too! I invite you to try! While exploring, I couldn’t help but take a pic of the updated Stella head by LeLutka as well. Expressions, YAY! The updates will be in store coming Wednesday, and if you already own one of the heads, your update will be send to you when you wear it after the release. Mind you, there may be quite a bit of update server activity, so don’t worry if it’s a bit slow!
Credits: Hair: Hack Undercut by Tableau Vivant (Shiny Shabby)
Hair base:  Cassie by LeLutka for  LeLutka Undivided
Head: Stella 1.2 by LeLutka Undivided
Face applier: Malika by YS&YS (Shiny Shabby)
Piercings: Kyo by House of Darcy All images in this post are directly uploaded from SL and not post processed.… Read the rest

Failure to Thrive

On 13th September 2015 · By Grazia · With Leave a comment
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Sometimes I just like to explore, and share. Enjoy!
“The Gray child is here….
my emptiness, my nothing , my death.”
an Installation by Storm Septimus Visit Failure to Thrive

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Kirsten’s Picture Places

reBourne Spring Garden, you may rez here, Nature and Garden category
      There are a lot of pretty places in Second Life. As a blogger, I am always looking for new pretty places to use as backdrops for my fashion shots. Sometimes finding a place that is mesh and well-done is difficult. Even more frustrating is that sometimes I try to remember a place that I have been to and I can't remember it and then I can't find it again. Then I get really annoyed at myself.  So I decided to start writing it all down when I went exploring and it turned into a spreadsheet. I think it is a great resource, so I want to share it with all of you. I hope you all find it useful! 
Botany Bay, you may rez here, Fantasy Forest category
   I am making my picture places a permanent page on my blog. It will be located in the main menu at the top. You will find a spreadsheet and category definitions. Each entry contains the name, category, rez and script permission information, slurl, latest blog post using the place, and any other information about the place. 
Click to go to Kirsten's Picture Places
Just Another Tequila Sunrise, Country Estate category
Happy Exploring!… Read the rest

Stuff to do in SL: What You Need to Know for SL12B

I look annoyed here because I have just realized that my microphone is bigger than my head.
Someone needs to take pity on me someday and make a really great mesh microphone with news reporter animations - into which I can put my own textures - so that I can buy it and be a proper freelance SLaction News Reporter. 

In case it isn't obvious from the logos on my microphone and t-shirt (that I made myself), SL12B starts soon! In fact, the SL12B sims open to the public tomorrow, June 21st at noon SLT. Since the place is so big, I am linking to a page with SLURLS to specific stages (for events) and for specific exhibitors

You have until Saturday, July 4th to visit the sims. (You'll see posters and signs that make it appear as though the event closes earlier than that, but the sims will actually be open longer for your exploring pleasure. Saying it ends earlier makes no sense to me, but what do I know? Sigh.)

NOTE: You'll want to go to the Cake stage on Sunday, June 21 at 4 pm SLT  to see Lauren Weyland (SL's Greatest Comedian) perform some comedy! 

There are two gift areas: one on the Spectacular sim and one on the Impressive sim.… Read the rest

Visiting the Moonbase: What to Pack

The first time I went to Moonbase, I didn't wear a costume and it was nice. The next time I went, I dressed up as an astronaut and it was a blast. Coincidence? Nope.

Have you been to the Moonbase? You have to go. But before you go I have some packing tips for you. You can pack lightly, but be certain to bring: 

Moonbase is very detailed and looks great. I absolutely recommend that you go explore and take cool pictures. In fact, I need to you go there and explore so that you can figure out how to get inside the buildings and tell me how you did it. 

No matter what I tried, I couldn't get inside the buildings. You would expect that you would be able to get inside and stay a while (The change of underwear is for a longer visit.) because the inside of the buildings are really intricate. I found chairs, a locker/changing room, and buttons to click that actually do things inside the buildings.… Read the rest

Heck of a Trip

Jerremy and I took our prim son, Blocky, on a field trip. We want him to grow up to be a cultured, well-rounded, plywood boy, so we often take him to places like museums and the LEA sims. This trip, we went to Cocytus: The 9th Circle of Hell. It was a long drive, but driving to Hell is a lot more pleasant than flying on United.

It's never too early to scare your baby straight. I am not going to have the preschool teacher calling me to tell me that my son was cheating at Candyland. 

There are four levels to this particular circle of the underworld and it was taking forever to walk through it, so we flew. Even though flying is highly discouraged, we figured, "WHat can they do to us if we are already here?" Surprisingly there is very little lag in hell. The crowds were mostly encased in the lakes of ice, so we didn't have to wait in any lines. And I don't want to tell Satan how to do his job, but, I'm not sure giving people ice down here is punishment.    

You know what was really annoying about hell?… Read the rest

SLife in a Bowl

I had to visit the art exhibit, Life in a Bowl, because it looked like fun and because everyone else was doing it. FOMO! 

It was quite nice. I really tried to figure out what it all meant - especially the dead fish on the shore. Is it about the futility of trying to protect your privacy in our social media obsessed world? Is it a statement about how trying to escape convention and conformity leads to death? What does it all mean??

Jerremy and I tried to get into the tanks with the fish, but we couldn't. Grrrr. The only thing the exhibit lacked? Sea Monkeys. Every aquarium needs Sea Monkeys

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Hanging out on a Wednesday

This week’s release at ColdLogic has the prettiest dress!  Esper is a pretty little shift dress with a halter back and there goes a blouse over it, tied around the hips. The dress is shaded appropriately, so you need to wear it with the shirt, but I love it like that. I am wearing the dress with Fri.day‘s new Bailey loafers, out now at Kustom9.  Loafers like this remind me of the time that i used to sail fanatically. I loved in those shoes all season and the older they looked, the better it was! I am wearing Maitreya‘s Lara body which just had a minor update. When you wear it, the latest version will be sent to you automatically. I am also wearing LeLutka’s/Undivided’s Aria head with YS & YS‘ Ivonne skin applier and Glam Affair‘s candy lips. Tomorrow several skinners like YS&YS, Adam ‘n Eve and Izzie’s will release skin appliers for the Undivided heads, and I am so excited for it. We’ll have more options for customisation and the various make up elements are interchangeable!… Read the rest

dollle fitted for Physique

     dollle has been a cute original mesh boutique in SL and they are also making fitted for Physique mesh now. As I have mentioned before, I really love mesh that is fitted to one of my bodies because I can wear my curvy shape with mesh and I like my curves. I don't understand people that say it is not working for them. I am wearing this dress without any alphas turned on because it stretched perfectly to my curvy shape. You can find this dress at the With Love Fair

     There is a new category in the Destination Guide called Valentine's Day. It has a ton of romantic spots, so if you are looking for a romantic venue take a look. I found the Beau X for my pictures today. The Beau X is a high class ocean view dance venue set in a stunningly authentic Mediterranean environment. Enjoy dancing and romantic moments at the beautiful Roman amphitheater's restored ruins. Roam Melbeau Estate and visti the aqua lounge, waterfall hang-out, cuddle park, underwater garden, forested gazebos and more.… Read the rest

Save a Horse

Fish for this! I enjoy fishing for outfits every once in a while at Sn@tch with my 7 Seas fishing rod. This is the current fishing outfit that comes with 21 pieces including black and brown cowgirl boots, 4 tops with slink physique and omega appliers, two denim skirts (blue and black), three jackets, and silver heart earrings. This outfit, Over the Moon, will be at the store as the FREE fishing outfit for one more week. I got lots of duplicates that I plan on giving out to my friends too, fun!

The sim I am on today is called Aquarelle and its really pretty. It looks kind of like a watercolor painting to me. There are a lot of pretty spaces. Go explore!

1 :::Sn@tch Lava Cowboy Boot (Brown-RT):::
2 :::Sn@tch Lava Cowboy Boot (Brown-LF):::
20 :::Sn@tch Over the Moon Earring (LF):::
21 :::Sn@tch Over the Moon Earring (RT):::
16:::Sn@tchEffie Cardigan (Floral-Med):::
19:::Sn@tch Over the Moon Mini Skirt (Blue Denim-Large):::
7 :::Sn@tch Danielle Sweater Omega Applier Hud:::
Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace (silver)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
TRUTH HAIR Jill - LightBlondes
Glam Affair - Sia - Jamaica 03
Pose: Embody Tenderfoot 3

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Aldous Huxley Sim

I came across this sim today while exploring and immediately fell in love with its simplicity and charm. It reminded me of a Limoges creation with the blue and white porcelain texturing. A great place to quietly meditate or take stunning photos, I highly recommend a visit! Aldous Huxley Sim

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