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Heck of a Trip

Jerremy and I took our prim son, Blocky, on a field trip. We want him to grow up to be a cultured, well-rounded, plywood boy, so we often take him to places like museums and the LEA sims. This trip, we went to Cocytus: The 9th Circle of Hell. It was a long drive, but driving to Hell is a lot more pleasant than flying on United.

It's never too early to scare your baby straight. I am not going to have the preschool teacher calling me to tell me that my son was cheating at Candyland. 

There are four levels to this particular circle of the underworld and it was taking forever to walk through it, so we flew. Even though flying is highly discouraged, we figured, "WHat can they do to us if we are already here?" Surprisingly there is very little lag in hell. The crowds were mostly encased in the lakes of ice, so we didn't have to wait in any lines. And I don't want to tell Satan how to do his job, but, I'm not sure giving people ice down here is punishment.    

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SLife in a Bowl

I had to visit the art exhibit, Life in a Bowl, because it looked like fun and because everyone else was doing it. FOMO! 

It was quite nice. I really tried to figure out what it all meant - especially the dead fish on the shore. Is it about the futility of trying to protect your privacy in our social media obsessed world? Is it a statement about how trying to escape convention and conformity leads to death? What does it all mean??

Jerremy and I tried to get into the tanks with the fish, but we couldn't. Grrrr. The only thing the exhibit lacked? Sea Monkeys. Every aquarium needs Sea Monkeys

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Hanging out on a Wednesday

This week’s release at ColdLogic has the prettiest dress!  Esper is a pretty little shift dress with a halter back and there goes a blouse over it, tied around the hips. The dress is shaded appropriately, so you need to wear it with the shirt, but I love it like that. I am wearing the dress with Fri.day‘s new Bailey loafers, out now at Kustom9.  Loafers like this remind me of the time that i used to sail fanatically. I loved in those shoes all season and the older they looked, the better it was! I am wearing Maitreya‘s Lara body which just had a minor update. When you wear it, the latest version will be sent to you automatically. I am also wearing LeLutka’s/Undivided’s Aria head with YS & YS‘ Ivonne skin applier and Glam Affair‘s candy lips. Tomorrow several skinners like YS&YS, Adam ‘n Eve and Izzie’s will release skin appliers for the Undivided heads, and I am so excited for it. We’ll have more options for customisation and the various make up elements are interchangeable!… Read the rest

dollle fitted for Physique

     dollle has been a cute original mesh boutique in SL and they are also making fitted for Physique mesh now. As I have mentioned before, I really love mesh that is fitted to one of my bodies because I can wear my curvy shape with mesh and I like my curves. I don't understand people that say it is not working for them. I am wearing this dress without any alphas turned on because it stretched perfectly to my curvy shape. You can find this dress at the With Love Fair

     There is a new category in the Destination Guide called Valentine's Day. It has a ton of romantic spots, so if you are looking for a romantic venue take a look. I found the Beau X for my pictures today. The Beau X is a high class ocean view dance venue set in a stunningly authentic Mediterranean environment. Enjoy dancing and romantic moments at the beautiful Roman amphitheater's restored ruins. Roam Melbeau Estate and visti the aqua lounge, waterfall hang-out, cuddle park, underwater garden, forested gazebos and more.… Read the rest

Save a Horse

Fish for this! I enjoy fishing for outfits every once in a while at Sn@tch with my 7 Seas fishing rod. This is the current fishing outfit that comes with 21 pieces including black and brown cowgirl boots, 4 tops with slink physique and omega appliers, two denim skirts (blue and black), three jackets, and silver heart earrings. This outfit, Over the Moon, will be at the store as the FREE fishing outfit for one more week. I got lots of duplicates that I plan on giving out to my friends too, fun!

The sim I am on today is called Aquarelle and its really pretty. It looks kind of like a watercolor painting to me. There are a lot of pretty spaces. Go explore!

1 :::Sn@tch Lava Cowboy Boot (Brown-RT):::
2 :::Sn@tch Lava Cowboy Boot (Brown-LF):::
20 :::Sn@tch Over the Moon Earring (LF):::
21 :::Sn@tch Over the Moon Earring (RT):::
16:::Sn@tchEffie Cardigan (Floral-Med):::
19:::Sn@tch Over the Moon Mini Skirt (Blue Denim-Large):::
7 :::Sn@tch Danielle Sweater Omega Applier Hud:::
Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace (silver)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1
TRUTH HAIR Jill - LightBlondes
Glam Affair - Sia - Jamaica 03
Pose: Embody Tenderfoot 3

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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An Uber Vacation

A much anticipated new monthly event just opened the doors! Welcome to Uber, and this month’s theme is, appropriately so, vacation! I’m wearing some goodies that I picked up earlier. Like this Rising Tide hair from Exile, with the cute starfish clusters and Essence‘s Alex skin. The Forge is also participating with this cute Beach bum necklase full of little summer charms, such as a starfish, a seahorse and a tiny sphere with sand and some itsy bitsy shells! My Nyu top and bottom are from BOOM. Aranel Ah really has a patent on cute and sexy bikinis, and they come in a trukload of colors! My tattoo is not from Uber, it’s Inermis by Letis, and my tie ‘n dye mani is from A:S:S (Please Pho, don’t change the name… ever! I like shit from A:S:S!) In the back so you see the beach hut which Consignment has out at Uber. It comes in several colors, so even to have a cluster together will look kinda awesome! That’s about it… at the hut I have the souvenir jars from Sway out, but you can barely see them there… Thry here, they’re epic!… Read the rest


ColdLogic is one of the power houses in SL. They always have large releases of several models and tons of textures and their stuff is always, always perfectly executed. You really can’t go wrong with ColdLogic. Now some people may say that this also makes it a bit boring, but hey… not everyone in SL is a top stylist and people love to be able to just wear something well make, affordable and cute! When I saw their latest release of summer dresses, this one, Wilde, stood out for me. It has an Ibiza feel to me, a bit boho, but still very in vogue, especially when matched with some country elements such as Tres Blah‘s Riding boots from this month’s Collabor88 and Argrace‘s cowboy hat/Minami hair, which I picked up at Hair Fair. Also from Collabor88, is the Safari wood beads necklace from Yummy. Yummy has been one of my fave jewelry brands ever since i first rezzed in 2006 and they’r still going strong. I am again wearing Claudia, the latest skin by Belleza because I LOVE the face!… Read the rest

Cowgirl Cute

I love cowgirl looks! My skirt is by Coquet in the country section of Rhapsody. It has a great country style oval belt buckle adding to its country charm but it is still soft and feminine. I paired this with the floral cowboy boots by Coco and a tied top by Sassy.

My jewelry is by Donna Flora. Donna Flora jewelry is transfer so it makes a great gift. Please help keep Donna Flora in SL by buying jewelry for yourself, your friends, and your girlfriend. My hair is a great hat hair by Truth. You need this one for all your own cute cowgirl looks. I am at the Frisland sim today. It is a great serene countryside with cows, horses, and sheep. You can even rez here if you IM the owners and get an invite to the land group. It is a really pretty sim and I suggest you go explore. 

If you have not been to Rhapsody yet, make sure you put it on your to-do list. I really enjoyed my visit of all the different genre music builds. You can also find some free gifts in various stores around the event. the pose above WITH the pretty horse prop is a free gift from Nani poses located in the country section. 
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I feel sexy today! My dress is brand new original mesh from Kaithleen's exclusively at Summer of Love Fair (June 27- July 11). I really like the sexy little black dress look of this but it is also available in 8 colors. My shoes are new from cheeky exclusively at Fi*Fridays for only 55L until Thursday July 3rd. You can find this cute slink add-on style in five color options. This is a really great deal for such sexy shoes; make sure you stop by this week before Friday. My sexy hair is by ploom exclusively at Summerfest

Teleport to Summer of Love Fair (til July 11)Teleport to Fi*Fridays (til July 3)Teleport to Summerfest '14 (til July 13)

Hair: .ploom. Holli @ Summerfest '14
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Gina Texture Change Set
Dress: Kaithleen's Passion Mini Dress - Black @ Summer of Love Fair
Shoes: cheeky Syndra - strap high Heels! Black @ Fi*Fridays
Skin: Glam Affair - Sylvia  Jamaica
Lipstick: Glam Affair - Sylvia - Lipstick (Jamaica) 02 G
{apple fall} Fashion Couch {Artisan}
Trompe Loeil - Triple Glass Lamp Green
Apple Fall Designer Table (White)
Trompe Loeil - Oceania Coffee Table
Trompe Loeil - Ines Chair White
Poses: AUSHKA&CO-Annie Pose Pack
Picture Place: Bar Deco

I really enjoy finding well decorated and built spaces.… Read the rest

You’ll be lost..

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Sunny day, float away.

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Noble goes Dutch: De Vesting

Isle of Noble has been transformed in to a charming Dutch fortified town, vesting in Dutch and I imagine it’s a bit like walking aroundin Epcot… You get the feeling you are there… but you are not
It’s very well done, the lay out of the town is very reminiscent of the lay out of Naarden. Click the link for a picture so you can see for yourself. Of course, Naarden is not at the coast, but the beach they have created on the Isle of Noble is cute and very inviting and honestly, totally fitting with the rest of the landscaping. If you have ever been to the Netherlands, you will likely have heard about, or even seen our extensive polders which are actually pieces of land claimed from the water and usually below sea level. Mills are needed to control the water level and the polders are used for agraric use. So worth a visit, guys!!!
Grab your taxi here

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Summertime, you will not fade away.

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Walking on air.

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Don’t wake up.

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Alone in Kyoto

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Colour of Distance

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Sailing to Byzantium

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