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(click here for a raw shot) Do you ever dream about Second Life? I don’t actually mean just Second Life itself, but the people you meet in it. I don’t dream often about it, but once in a while I may have a dream about a friend inworld or people on plurk or twitter. Recently […]

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Sweet Life

I went nutso with the 8f8 Sweet Life Bakery at Season’s Story. I had to have it all because it is just so cute! The rare tram comes with 6 single poses and 4 couple poses. You can see one of the couple poses above. pose: elephante poses Sweet Noth…

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You hesitate so my memory fades, I’ll hold to the first one

Did I mention Collabor88 is just so dreamy this round? Such a fantastic theme and set of colors. Sorry if I am gushing but I am in loveeeee.Glam Affair released some really pretty versions of Brandi in two tones; one of them is Frost. A really pale and…

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Dance All Night

Maai has a really fun brand new release! Fitted mesh latex gloves in 24 colors sold in 8 different color packs in sets of three. They come with a HUD that allows you to change the hands into 6 different hand positions too!You need these new gloves in y…

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The Truth

“Shattered”, the new pose from Kuro In Motion (which is available at Pose Fair 2014), immediately invoked feelings of loneliness in me.The broken mirror, the hunched shoulders, there is just such sadness there. I was excited to see what I could do with…

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Spring has bloomed at The Seasons Story.

Hello pretty ones! The Seasons Story is open for a beau […]

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The Seasons Story - April

Need for Speed

Looking for something new to wear to the club? Sassy! has you covered…or uncovered…however you want to look at it. =) This sexy dress, Need for Speed, was brand new for the last round of Lubbly Jubblies, but since it starts new each month on the 15…

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lady of the lake.

Alrighty there, people. We ♥ Roleplay is officially open. Once again, filled with RP attire and accessories for all! New releases, gachas and lots of demo’s to sift through. I mean, if you suddenly decide you want to be a ninja mermaid…what better place to start?! Check out all the great releases, maybe even snap [...]

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Relay for Life Date Auction – Wanna?

You can win a date with me! Woo Hoo! Come on… please? Anyone? A date with me is on the auction block this Saturday, April 5th (I’ll be up between 1:30 and 3pm SLT) at the Balboa Theatre, Wanna know more…. I’m even throwing in a free profile portrait for the person who is the […]

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Relay for Life Auction - Bid on Gala 1

News From the Japan Fair – Featuring N1C0, Ambrosia, KMADD/Moda, [AMARELO MANGA], Kyxe Skins & Shapes

I can’t believe it’s really Tuesday already, and the first of April. As the SAVIAD fair came to its conclusion over the weekend, I had a few more things I really wanted to share, but I will leave this dress by N1C0 as my final styling. I had more fun w…

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She who stands fearlessly in the wind and summons the storm. So, what am I wearing today? I’ve already shown you another version of my “Vanya” dress from Bite & Claw the other day, but it’s just too neat to not be shown again, and this one has all the bits and pieces separate (dress, […]

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I Relay…. Do You?

I relay for many people in my life… my mother, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin and numerous friends … some who have won… some who are losing… and some who have lost to this evil enemy we call CANCER.  I will be participating in an event next Saturday – a date auction to benefit […]

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I Relay-a

Reflections..or..Real talk, lets do it

So, lets just get this over with, shall we? I’m Shyntae, I’m 29 and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I got diagnosed by the age of 25..ish, it was probably a few months before I turned 25, anywho, I had my entire life in front of me before I got the diagnosis. I only found out … Continue reading

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Stretching Her Legs

…continued from yesterday.After the mermaid awoke the man found an old pair of his pajama bottoms and tank top for her to wear. He set her up in his spare room with all the things one would normally have to get better. Of course the poor dear was not…

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How do beds work?

Bring the Pain

Lemme tell you now I came to bring the pain Hardcore from the brain Let’s go inside my astral plane (…)Read the rest of Bring the Pain © Lourdes for Lourdes Denimore, 2014. | Permalink |

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Bring The Pain

Sugar For My Belly

  So, we all know that TSG has cute faces on their skin.  An example of this is below.  Even if you hate my avatar’s shape and my photo taking skills you should still be able to see how nice of a skin this is.  Slightly realistic wi…

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Going Out Tonight

I put together a casual dressy outfit today and I really love the flowing lines of the ensemble. My top is brand new from the Ducknipple label 20.FIVE and color changes into 5 colors via HUD. There are 4 new releases that came out recently so you shoul…

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Aren’t we trying to be smart baby?

Pose: then i drift away, but still so near – flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]Hair: Time and Sound – ExileSkin: Tuli [Skin fair: 14th March - 30th March]Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affairLashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – BeetlebonesLingerie: Lena – BaiasticeS…

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Aren't we trying to be smart baby?

Mermaid Rescue

One day while walking along the beach a young man stumbled across a mermaid washed up o the beach. He scooped her up and carrier her off to his home to try and nurse her back to health.Little did he know that the once she was away from the water her fi…

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Modern Princess

the fit for a princess event is coming up and i’ve got some cute items from hopscotch! the tiara is part of a gacha set with several different jewel colours as well as gold or silver options. the shoes are a lovely slink medium foot addon with an adorable crown set into the strap. the […]

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modern princess