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Come Fly With Me — Featuring Evolve, no. 7, {{BSD Design Studio}}, [Mirror’s Enigma], Chop Zuey

Do you ever dream you can fly? It’s odd how that’s a recurring dream for most humans. Do we long for wings? To soar above the world with that view that only distance accounts for here? I don’t know. I know from time to time I dream of flying. I don’t k…

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Waiting For Time To Fly — Featuring Evolve, Kyxe Skins & Shapes, ~ghe and Poseway Poses from Couturier’s Docks *gift

It’s nearly time for a new year. Many times I ascribe to a new year all the things that didn’t quite happen in the year that’s just occurred. I read a study mentioned recently that said we spend an average of 17% of our entire life waiting. For the stu…

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One More Gown For Holiday Fun — Evolve, [Mirror’s Enigma], no. 7 [#7], Chop Zuey, MADesigns and Romance Couture

This week things will ramp up to high gear for some of you and others have a similar setting as my home, quiet and peaceful, holidays but older children and no grandchildren to enliven the Christmas morning joy level.I have a couple of items still in f…

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Upside Down and It’s Okay — Featuring Evolve, .::Shellac, EMO-tions, [#7], MADesigns

Sometimes the world feels upturned. It happens in an instant. You can be standing in line at a grocery store and realize you don’t have your purse. Suddenly, you’re transported far from the grocery, trying to figure out when you last saw it. It’s heart…

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Baby It’s Cold Outside Featuring [ME],EMO-tions, {{BSD}}, Evolve, also Featuring =MODA=, [7891.], Bokeh, {me.} from J&A Expo

This morning when I woke, the A/C was blowing a comfortably cool air into my home. It was sticky and humid yesterday so I was glad for the more pleasant atmosphere, quite literally. This evening, I have a fire in the fireplace and there’s a small chanc…

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Evolve, .::Shellac AND from the J&A Expo: -FAUN-, Air Meteora, Baubles by Phe!, Bliensen + MaiTai, Gamer’s Inc, and Cyphre

What a great group of items I’ve gotten to see with this Expo review. Each time I look, there’s another something shiny, something beautiful, something to treasure.I’ve taken one of Evolve’s gorgeous gowns, “Paint In Colors” and paired it with many of …

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I Have To Remind Myself Sometimes — Featuring KL Couture, J&A Rock Culture from Jewelry Expo Also Featuring Evolve, EMO-tions, & Kyxe

It’s especially enjoyable to me to work with designers who are already my sponsors and have them appear on the list of designers for special events. This happened yesterday for me, with more than one designer, but in this case, I’m referencing KL Coutu…

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A Cuddle Here… A Cuddle There — Featuring Demise of Flight Pair Poses, Evolve and Kyxe Skins & Shapes

Today was one of those days where I just needed a hug or a cuddle. We all have days like this I think…I just happen to know a few thoughtful and kind male models and one was able to come and help…So we cuddled this way and that way…And just like …

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Anger and the Kitchen Sink — Featuring Evolve, MADesigns,

This evening, I heard a story that really distressed me. It was a story of a lady who worked in one of the Second Life stores that’s been around a very long time. She’d worked for this store, modeled for this store, and eventually earned the privilege …

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Spectacular Sex — Featuring Evolve, ~ghee, Bliss

Every so often I put sex in the title of my blog deliberately. It amuses me because if we just put the word sex on a button or hanging in a store window or painted on the street, it’s almost always something our eyes notice, and we might not remember a…

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A Teeter Totter — Featuring Evolve

When I was younger, the play scapes at home and at school were nothing close to safe. I think people started getting anxious about their little ones burning their bottom on the slide or falling off the top of a slide that let you climb the distance nor…

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Opium Haunted Mansion

Corset by Sugar Mesh ApparelFemale Skin by Oceane Body DesignOpium Evolution Agency is presenting a theatrical fashion experience as you ride through a very elaborate and well done haunted house. Its not meant to be super scary but more meant to be hig…

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Shades of Grey — Featuring Evolve, blackLiquid, Finesmith, Chop Zuey and [Underscore]

I like the fact that there is no such thing as perfect. Many of us have at one time or another read or heard a story about a Utopian settlement, a Utopian government, a place where perfection did actually exist. Unfortunately, those stories remain fant…

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Life In Motion — Featuring Evolve

There are sayings that come up from time to time, placatory sayings that seem annoying yet true. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” What does that really mean and why do people say it? It’s placatory but I don’t even know who it’s s…

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After the Rain

Photographer/Model : Sequoia Nightfire Outfit: After the Rain from EVOLVE Jewelry: Gypsy Babe Earrings Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery and Baudelaire Ring by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery Nails: Ombre Set from Nailed It Make-up: [PF] Metallic Lipsticks from Pink Fuel Hair: … Continue reading 

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Autumn Symphony - Sequoia Nightfire in EVOLVE After the Rain

The Fabulous and Fantastic — Featuring Evolve, Chop Zuey, Hairoin, {{BSD Design Studio}}, Dot-Be Fashion, and blackLiquid

As I continue to work within the fashion industry, I’m also working in an ever evolving Second Life platform that provides new opportunities regularly. Since I began playing in 2005, a lot has changed, so much so that I could probably not list all of t…

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caryn Ashdene’s Viewpoint 2013-09-22 14:19:00

The ‘Bride’ Challenge– A blue wedding dress is traditional for Russian brides. It’s also unique to point out that a bride must wear two dresses for her wedding. One she wears for the ceremony and the second she wears after the ceremony ends and she’s …

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I Wanna Be… Featuring Evolve, Hairoin, Zanze and Zibska

When I was young, probably about 4th grade and about 9 years old, I attended some sort of after school program while my mother worked. She was a teacher 30+ years of her life and in her early years she got bus duty and all the ‘ick’ jobs that seniority…

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I’m Going Crazy — Featuring Evolve, Zanze and Hairoin

A little song I learned at camp years ago began with the words, “I’m going crazy, doncha wanna come along…” It’s a playful song, full of energy and perfect for camp age kids everywhere. It’s also a state of mind that I feel I’ve manifested in the pas…

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In the Midst Of Everything Life Happens — Featuring Hairoin, Evolve and {{BSD Design Studio}}

There are so many aspects of ‘work’ in the fashion industry in Second Life. It really makes it enjoyable because you meet all sorts of personalities, all types of creative thinkers and organizers who hook things together remarkably for the best of all …

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