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Come Fly With Me — Featuring Evolve, no. 7, {{BSD Design Studio}}, [Mirror’s Enigma], Chop Zuey

Do you ever dream you can fly? It's odd how that's a recurring dream for most humans. Do we long for wings? To soar above the world with that view that only distance accounts for here? I don't know. I know from time to time I dream of flying. I don't know my brain's subconscious reason for it. It just happens.

I could find metaphors in the essence of flying. Maybe a dream of flight is my brain's way of taking a deep breath and jumping in to something new. If I were going to fly figuratively, it could mean starting a new job in 2014 or creating a new pattern of health or life that enhanced my world so much that it was exhilarating.

I've had conversations with people, family members and strangers, in my various dreams of flying, conversations where I sat and tried to convince them that it was real, and that I really could fly, I wasn't just dreaming. How ironic, my subconscious tries to convince me that I literally have the ability to fly, and even in a dream, I'm telling myself it's not JUST a dream.… Read the rest



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Waiting For Time To Fly — Featuring Evolve, Kyxe Skins & Shapes, ~ghe and Poseway Poses from Couturier’s Docks *gift

It's nearly time for a new year. Many times I ascribe to a new year all the things that didn't quite happen in the year that's just occurred. I read a study mentioned recently that said we spend an average of 17% of our entire life waiting. For the study, they included waiting in line at a fast food, in traffic before and after work, and other things that probably are relevant to so many of us.

But I think we wait on a lot more than just the things the study addressed. We wait on news about topics that range from medical news to the birth and death of loved ones. We wait on people to change, sometimes with a skewed point of view ourselves because I've never thought that expecting someone else to change was logical, yet I've still put myself in that position throughout my life.

I don't know about others but I find it just as difficult to wait on good news as it is to wait on not so good news. I have been watching the show Breaking Bad on Netflix, and there was a scene where a man who'd been diagnosed with serious cancer was told treatments had worked and his cancer decreased by a huge margin.… Read the rest

One More Gown For Holiday Fun — Evolve, [Mirror’s Enigma], no. 7 [#7], Chop Zuey, MADesigns and Romance Couture

This week things will ramp up to high gear for some of you and others have a similar setting as my home, quiet and peaceful, holidays but older children and no grandchildren to enliven the Christmas morning joy level.

I have a couple of items still in folders, and I'm afraid there's no way to show all of them, but they're so pretty. Evolve's dress special this week offered this red confection that could be worn with a combination of prims and pieces for a few different looks.

I have always loved anything versatile. With this design, I can also see how this gown could easily work with other holidays as well, and all for the sake of fun and happiness. When I'm having fun and happy, not another thing in the world matters or worries me.

This last photo came as a bit of an accident and ended up a wanted accident. I love it when life does that. It's how Coca Cola was born and other fantastic ideas. Now it's how I captured a photo of me laughing. Laughter is the best medicine. It's very difficult to laugh when feeling sad.… Read the rest

Upside Down and It’s Okay — Featuring Evolve, .::Shellac, EMO-tions, [#7], MADesigns

Sometimes the world feels upturned. It happens in an instant. You can be standing in line at a grocery store and realize you don't have your purse. Suddenly, you're transported far from the grocery, trying to figure out when you last saw it. It's heart racing, adrenaline pumping anxiety causing stress.

I guess that's a good way to explain how Christmas might feel about now, December 17, one week from the deadline people set for the perfect gift, the perfect hosting of a party, the perfect family reunion. No wonder it's a little like the world has shaken and ended up on its head.

Somewhere along the way, I found that I could not enjoy a holiday that felt like this. I had to figure out how to embrace the joy without absorbing the crazy. Each year, I think it's a new fight, seeking out the beauty in the midst of all that could be less than beautiful.

This year finds me close to Christmas with grown sons, one with a fiance-ish, and thankfully no grandchildren yet! I told them they have to do some more growing up first.… Read the rest

Baby It’s Cold Outside Featuring [ME],EMO-tions, {{BSD}}, Evolve, also Featuring =MODA=, [7891.], Bokeh, {me.} from J&A Expo

This morning when I woke, the A/C was blowing a comfortably cool air into my home. It was sticky and humid yesterday so I was glad for the more pleasant atmosphere, quite literally. This evening, I have a fire in the fireplace and there's a small chance of freezing rain or sleet. Yes, in South Carolina!

I think we often assert that our temperament also might be measured in hot and cold. Depending on the person and the setting, I've had conversations that began with one extreme and end in another, leaving me about as befuddled as I feel with the A/C one minute and a fire the next.

Maybe it's just a scientific 'thing' and it's meant to be this way. it's almost as predictable as the weather too. My sweetheart told me a story this evening of a fella who had a good number of people under his command, and in front of all of them, he had a melt down, literally throwing a fit.

It was a more surprising story because the fella who did this was one I'd only ever heard stories of him being level headed, calm and cool and collected.… Read the rest

Evolve, .::Shellac AND from the J&A Expo: -FAUN-, Air Meteora, Baubles by Phe!, Bliensen + MaiTai, Gamer’s Inc, and Cyphre

What a great group of items I've gotten to see with this Expo review. Each time I look, there's another something shiny, something beautiful, something to treasure.

I've taken one of Evolve's gorgeous gowns, "Paint In Colors" and paired it with many of the Expo's pieces to create this look. I feel like I'm gussied up for a blind date.

Maybe just for lunch. As strange as it may sound, I'm the shyest person when I first meet someone, anyone, and as an equal opportunity flirt, I get tongue tied in almost any company.

I love Wicca's poses. She creates looks that make sense, and demonstrate items really well. I went to her little folder in my inventory to get out 'bag' poses. I also used one from Manifeste.

On the one hand, I have tough girl street rings, and the other is something elegant to match the earrings. Then I have on these amazingly detailed kicks. Steel toed? If the date goes wrong...

Up closer, you can see me peeking from behind some silver frames. I rarely use glasses in Second Life, but these really appealed to me.… Read the rest

I Have To Remind Myself Sometimes — Featuring KL Couture, J&A Rock Culture from Jewelry Expo Also Featuring Evolve, EMO-tions, & Kyxe

It's especially enjoyable to me to work with designers who are already my sponsors and have them appear on the list of designers for special events. This happened yesterday for me, with more than one designer, but in this case, I'm referencing KL Couture, and KL Couture has a couple of items for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo.

I really like the girl who makes the items for KL Couture. I liked her instantly when we met and I love her consistency. It's the single greatest trait I rely on for people in Second Life. If you're simply you and consistent in behavior, action and voice, you have my support. Kyria makes amazing clothing, and when I saw she had some pieces of jewelry for this expo I was thrilled. The large photo of hands here shows the intricate detail she put into her pieces. These repeat beautifully at the ear and throat as well.

The other over sized and close up photo shows you J&A Rock Culture's heelsp, a pair of hot pink or are the crimson... they take on the color of the moment in my opinion.… Read the rest

A Cuddle Here… A Cuddle There — Featuring Demise of Flight Pair Poses, Evolve and Kyxe Skins & Shapes

Today was one of those days where I just needed a hug or a cuddle. We all have days like this I think...

I just happen to know a few thoughtful and kind male models and one was able to come and help...

So we cuddled this way and that way...

And just like a fella, he stayed there in his comfy jeans and hoodie top...

But I changed every few poses. Celebrities do this when they do a show...

With all these cuddles it was a little like a show. There were birds, and butterflies there to watch...

No matter how the friendship measures, when you're this close to someone, it's hard to resist long stares into their eyes...

I'm certain somewhere in a science book, someone has postulated and proven that just standing close to someone may result in deepening or broadening a friendship...

Designed to stimulate the senses, the different dresses I wore... Solstice - the long pink toned two piece dress that shows a corset and long skirt, Inkspot - the knee length dress with black and white spots, and Capture - the capri length romper...… Read the rest

Anger and the Kitchen Sink — Featuring Evolve, MADesigns,

This evening, I heard a story that really distressed me. It was a story of a lady who worked in one of the Second Life stores that's been around a very long time. She'd worked for this store, modeled for this store, and eventually earned the privilege of managing this store. In the course of the past several years, she's put in time and effort in classes and jobs and blogging that qualified her to do all of these jobs for the store and she could do them very well.

For whatever reason, something I didn't ask and likely didn't need to know, something unsettling occurred between the store's owner and this lady, the store's manager. I know that in my own interaction with people in Second Life, sometimes things get lost in translation. Sometimes emotions get the best of me. And still other times I got truly angry and felt as though my anger was justified. I'm sure so many others have been in similar settings on and off line at work and with friends or family.

In the adrenaline of the moment, the store manager decided to act rashly.… Read the rest

Spectacular Sex — Featuring Evolve, ~ghee, Bliss

Every so often I put sex in the title of my blog deliberately. It amuses me because if we just put the word sex on a button or hanging in a store window or painted on the street, it's almost always something our eyes notice, and we might not remember another thing we saw that day. It's part of our internal wiring, and besides food and shelter, sex is pretty high up there on the basic human needs list. Spectacular sex should be at the TOP!

I think it's delicious that we're all such different creatures even if we are of the same species. Some are prone to like brown hair while others love a natural tan skin. One will appreciate a healthy large frame and weight while another seeks out those who look a bit whispy, as if the wind could blow them away and with so many humans on our planet to choose from, we certainly have a lot of options. In Second Life, in my life, in your life, sex gets our attention and "Sex sells." remains a true addage.

One thing about diversity and some of the most recent information shared in the news about rules and laws in the US make me very happy.… Read the rest

A Teeter Totter — Featuring Evolve

When I was younger, the play scapes at home and at school were nothing close to safe. I think people started getting anxious about their little ones burning their bottom on the slide or falling off the top of a slide that let you climb the distance normally used to measure one story in a building.

One of the things I never see on the new friendlier, safer play scapes today - Teeter Totters. They're also called See-Saws. Since the US East coast has two terms for the same toy, there are likely many others around the world. I played on all the dangerous things, the slide I already mentioned, the swings and of course the spin till you fall off or spit up merry-go-round.

Thankfully, I'm no worse for the wear. Most of the kids of my era seemed to grow up just fine, mostly safe even if they made rather silly choices in a less than careful world. I wonder if the people who create play scapes realize they're creating mirrors of a world that taught us to close our eyes and hang on tightly.… Read the rest

Opium Haunted Mansion

Corset by Sugar Mesh ApparelFemale Skin by Oceane Body Design
Opium Evolution Agency is presenting a theatrical fashion experience as you ride through a very elaborate and well done haunted house. Its not meant to be super scary but more meant to be highly entertaining with a great dose of fashion. As you ride through each scary environment you will see fashion from these designers: Chop Zuey, Prism Designs, Sugar, Ghee, Vero Modero, Blue Couture, Amarelo Mango, Oceane, House of Rfyre, Beautiful Deluxe, Posies, Zenshi, Allure, Hazardous Biproducts, MUA, Evolve, and October Studios. 
Dress by Vero Modero
 I suggest if you are intrigued by theatrical productions, fashion, and spooky stuff that you check it out. Here are the rest of the showtimes, all second life time: Sunday Oct 27th5pm

Monday October 28th

Tuesday October  29

Teleport to the Haunted Mansion Queue Area 20 minutes before showtime. You can also buy many of the designs in the Queue area.… Read the rest

Shades of Grey — Featuring Evolve, blackLiquid, Finesmith, Chop Zuey and [Underscore]

I like the fact that there is no such thing as perfect. Many of us have at one time or another read or heard a story about a Utopian settlement, a Utopian government, a place where perfection did actually exist. Unfortunately, those stories remain fantasy by excellent science fiction and fantasy authors.

Featuring Evolve Fleur #2Featuring Luziefee Sabin PlatinFeaturing [Underscore] SidhionFeaturing Chop Zuey The Bakersfield Mens BraceletFeaturing Chop Zuey Crux Invictus Women's Necklace1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale2. *Glance Skins: Anais3. WoW: Diva Lashes4. Face Paint: Nail Art5. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Blushed Berry Matte Lips and Devine Royalty Eyeshadow6. Image Essentials Poses
Maybe it's a good thing. We're a creature with a great ability to think and learn and change as well as change the world around us. We might want the perfect crisp lines of our world, all lined up, all easy to understand, and what we end up seeing looks more like the watery reflection in this photo.… Read the rest

Life In Motion — Featuring Evolve

There are sayings that come up from time to time, placatory sayings that seem annoying yet true. "The more things change, the more they stay the same." What does that really mean and why do people say it? It's placatory but I don't even know who it's supposed to be placating.

Featuring Evolve Kaleidoscope October Group Gift1. blackLiquid: Chen Midnight Hair2. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale3. [NikitaFriede] Long Eyelashes Ludic Drama4. Face Paint: Black Liner5. Face Paint: Gold and Silver6. [Mirror's Enigma]: Eliza Peach Skintone7. {{BSD Design Studio}}: Modern Muse Raw Metallic 28. Manifeste Poses
Does it really make any of us feel better if we know that things are both evolving and remaining constant at the same time, and if we know anything about physics or science in general, we know that both of those things cannot happen simultaneously. So why say such silly things?

Featuring Evolve Kaleidoscope October Group Gift1. blackLiquid: Chen Midnight Hair2.… Read the rest

After the Rain

Photographer/Model : Sequoia Nightfire
Outfit: After the Rain from EVOLVE
Jewelry: Gypsy Babe Earrings Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
and Baudelaire Ring by Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery
Nails: Ombre Set from Nailed It
Make-up: [PF] Metallic Lipsticks from Pink Fuel
Hair: Alexis Glitter/Rainbow Streaks – Natural Red from Alice Project
Shoes: Ani pumps by MStyle

View original post on Notions of StyleRead the restAutumn Symphony - Sequoia Nightfire in EVOLVE After the Rain

The Fabulous and Fantastic — Featuring Evolve, Chop Zuey, Hairoin, {{BSD Design Studio}}, Dot-Be Fashion, and blackLiquid

As I continue to work within the fashion industry, I'm also working in an ever evolving Second Life platform that provides new opportunities regularly. Since I began playing in 2005, a lot has changed, so much so that I could probably not list all of those changes.

Featured Evolve Paisley MeFeatured Chop Zuey Toffa Arabia SetFeatured Chop Zuey Starbust Hair Sticks Cats EyeFeatured Hairoin ElectronFeatured {{BSD Design Studio}} Fashion Show First Row Black Velvet1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale2. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina3. Face Paint: Orange Frost4. Glance Skins: Anais5. Face Paint: Black Liner6. [Mirror's Enigma]: Azuka Butterfly Lips Pack7. Candy Nail: Chidori Gold
Depending on who you ask, these changes have been for the better (or worse) and each time one comes along, a whole plethora of time must be set aside to learn about whatever that new thing is, how to apply it to my Second Life or yours, and what value it will offer once I learn it.… Read the rest

caryn Ashdene’s Viewpoint 2013-09-22 14:19:00

The 'Bride' Challenge
-- A blue wedding dress is traditional for Russian brides. It's also unique to point out that a bride must wear two dresses for her wedding. One she wears for the ceremony and the second she wears after the ceremony ends and she's officially married.

The lavish wedding with all the pomp and circumstance only happened to the wealthy and usually that meant nobility.

If you were not a part of the that elite group, the process was much simpler. This is true for those who wedded in many countries including Russia and my own USA.

A new dress or gown came at great expense and the finances were needed for sustenance not fine clothing. That meant that many women simply wore their best dress or a neighbor or friend would loan a dress.

Many modern weddings in Russia include portions of what might be considered traditional, and since the wall between East and West Berlin fell in 1989, the influence of their Western neighbors influenced Russian weddings (and every other sector of life.)

I love history and wanted to choose a location special to me with regard to history.… Read the rest

I Wanna Be… Featuring Evolve, Hairoin, Zanze and Zibska

When I was young, probably about 4th grade and about 9 years old, I attended some sort of after school program while my mother worked. She was a teacher 30+ years of her life and in her early years she got bus duty and all the 'ick' jobs that seniority avoids. I attended the school where she worked, so I'd wait in this program while she did the last of the day duties.

Featuring Evolve I Wanna BeFeaturing Hairoin Machine1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue2. Gaeline: Divina3. Face Paint: Classic Prim Nails4. [Mirror's Enigma]: Croix Tan Skintone5. N-Core: Triumph6. Demise of Flight: Luck Be a Lady Series of Poses
Most days, this after school program included having a television playing in one corner of the room, with the educational programming that was for elementary age students. First Sesame Street, which has gone on to be aired in so many languages in so many countries since it's inception, took the little children's focus.

Featuring Evolve I Wanna BeFeaturing Hairoin Machine1.… Read the rest

I’m Going Crazy — Featuring Evolve, Zanze and Hairoin

A little song I learned at camp years ago began with the words, "I'm going crazy, doncha wanna come along..." It's a playful song, full of energy and perfect for camp age kids everywhere. It's also a state of mind that I feel I've manifested in the past few weeks.

Featuring Evolve River Runs Through ItFeaturing Hairoin Bastion1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale2. Miamai: Catwalk Lashes3. Face Paint: Color Change Nails4. Face Paint: Goddess5. [Mirror's Enigma]: Iona Native Skintone6. Kyxe Skins and Shapes: Toasted Almond Matte7. WoW: Gulsem Jewelry8. N-Core: Coquette9. Miamai Poses
I generally consider myself a very down to earth sort, someone who remembers things well like commitments and phone numbers and movie plots. However, those things are melted away and I have few solid memories today.

Featuring Evolve River Runs Through ItFeaturing Hairoin Bastion1. IKON: Sunrise Eyes Steel Blue Pale2. Miamai: Catwalk Lashes3. Face Paint: Color Change Nails4.… Read the rest

In the Midst Of Everything Life Happens — Featuring Hairoin, Evolve and {{BSD Design Studio}}

There are so many aspects of 'work' in the fashion industry in Second Life. It really makes it enjoyable because you meet all sorts of personalities, all types of creative thinkers and organizers who hook things together remarkably for the best of all involved.

This week I've been dealing with a lot of off line emotional roller coastering and recognize a need to slow down in Second Life in regard to some of those details I've invested in for quite a while now. Instead of doing a little bit of everything, I'm going to focus on one of my 'true loves' and put my heart into it.

The thing I enjoy doing most right now is what I'm doing at this exact moment. I'm writing to a group of people I may never meet, conveying a message that varies from day to day, sharing bits and pieces of me. There are a few exceptions to this and the Lucid hair by Hairoin exemplifies how I will make exceptions to my own rules. I really think she's got some of the most unique editorial looks, standard hair, and such an array of color that it doesn't matter what you do in Second Life, you WILL find something suited to it at Hairoin.… Read the rest