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A Fantasy of Fever Dreams – Zaahn Preview

The lone traveler contemplated his fate.  He had been forcefully sent to a desolate and eerie island, where little made sense.  The carnival was deserted, and little wonder why.  The clown statues littering the grounds appeared sinister and dangerous.  They loomed through the mist, menacing grimaces that must have delighted once, though he doubted it.  He didn’t like clowns.  It was a trust issue; you couldn’t feel safe around a creature with a grin that wide, yet so dark and wretched inside. The traveler was undaunted by the menacing clown as he attempted a trick he’d learned long ago.  He was surprised to learn he still had the strength for the trick on a stack of chairs.  Still, that clown…  A trickle of cold sweat coursed down the back of his neck.  With a lurch, he tumbled off the chair and rolled away from that clown in haste.  Why are there so many clowns?  Why won’t that incessant creepy laughter die down?… Read the restAvatar-Bizarre-Zaahn-V




July 2016
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I am back with another Skin Fair item, this time from a designer that I should blog more often because I love his skins. !Imabee has recently gotten into making appliers for the LeLutka heads so I wanted to show what they have available at skin fair this year. The Charlotte skin comes in three tones. His […] The post !Imabee by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Things you need, things you only desire

If you’re an old-timer like me, you might remember the days of the Elikatera annual sale, and how, in the era before “event” shopping, they were memorable for the crowds and excitement. If you’re feeling nostalgic you can drop by Elikatera right now to experience the same great hair at a great price feeling. Everything in the store is 75 Lindens, just for a short while. Not much is free in the post, but lots of good 50 Linden Friday bargains to be found, including these tube socks I’ve been looking for all my Slife. THANK YOU IZZIE! The top is cute, with lots of sizing options, as a gift for the Love Pink Hunt, and is only 2L. The shoes are mine, and are the wearable demo for my thick soled sneaks (so free!) Also, if you haven’t heard, Collabor88 has made it a lot easier to spend money this month.  The slurl below is for their offsite shopping sim where I picked up these cute shorts (and tons of other great items).  The theme this month is “secret garden” and I loved every interpretation there.… Read the restDesire March 11

The Rose

Click through for full colour version I picked up this great ensemble at ON9, a month;ly event that once started as l’ Accesoires, but nowadays also features clothing, some decor, hair and poses.
This Prague ensemble consisting of dress and coat is from Ana Markova and available in some pretty brilliant colour combinations.
From the same event are the adorable Duda shoes from ChicChica and Kunglers‘ Assira ring and earrings. Belleza has this gorgeous LeLutka applier out for Skin Fair. This makes me happy, because I love Belleza and  my LeLutka heads, and now I can wear both! Now if only Tricky and Shyla would make Maitreya appliers, too!!! Yes, I know, I could wear one of the Belleza bodies for a perfect match between head and body, but what can I say… I like my Lara body, and the Belleza bodies didn’ t fit with my Prague outfit. Luckily you can still get a pretty good match when you fiddle with the H/S/L settings for the default skins in the Maitreya HUD, which is what I did here.  … Read the restla rose bw

Spring Breeze

(click to enlarge picture) an lar [poses] The Paulina Series @The Secret Affair (opens March 15) MINA Hair – Juliet 01 (materials) @TLC paper.arrow breezy.dress spring [maitreya-beta] paper.arrow oui.locket gold (Yummy) Flower Midi Rings – Gold @C88 Ingenue :: Lilou Heels (Maitreya) :: Sky @C88 alaskametro “Muse” nail art – Slink alaskametro “Sheer Gloss” lipgloss … Continue reading Spring Breeze

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DeeTaleZ at Skin Fair 2016

(click here for a raw shot) Skin Fair 2016 starts on Friday, March 11th at 12:01am SLT and will run till Sunday, March 27th, 2016. There are over 100 designers participating with many that have releases not only for mesh heads but original standard avatar as well. DeeTaleZ is one of those designers. DeeTalez has released […] The post DeeTaleZ at Skin Fair 2016 by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Hey Hey Monkeys for the Arcade

Happy year of the Monkey!

I made monkeys for The Arcade this time because of it.  It's a small set, only 9 monkeys to collect, one rare.  Each monkey is texture change on touch and can be any of the 9 textures (6 "normal" monkeys, Bones, Rosa, and a tweed pattern).

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Sybor Warrior

“I will protect you from your visions.” “To safe you from illusions.” “I will protect you from ideals.” “To safe you from defeats.” Multiverse has extended it’s doors till March 20th! So you have plenty of time to check out the wonderful items from some of you’re favorite brands across the grid!     Hair: … Continue reading Sybor Warrior

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Freckles are spots where angels kissed you

Click through for full colour version I just had to do another pic with Luxuria‘s gorgeous body freckles! She has also done some for Omega enabled faces, but I’m such a LeLutka girl, I picked an applier that has freckles on the face because for now, I don’ t believe it’s possible to have facial freckles on the LeLu heads!  Hopefully on this pic you can see them better than on the one in my previous blog post, but either way, I LOVE them!! Go get yours once Skin Fair opens on March 11!
Also from Skin Fair is my facial applier by YS&YS, called Bella & Xiao. 2 faces on 1 applier. One gorgeous and mediterranean, the other one, gorgeous and with an Asian touch. Super value for money and so pretty on my LeLutka Simone head. By the lovely Alaska Metropolitan I picked up the cocoa Freyja body suit at Whore Couture Fair  (I still hate the name, guys!)  it’s made for the Maitreya, TMP, Slink and Omega layers and comes on classic clothing layers as well.… Read the restfreckles bw

Flowers in the attic

click through for full colour version I don’t intend the creepy Virginia Andrews flowers in the attic, but since we’re into the secret garden theme, I figured, why not create spring in Scarlet Creative‘s  Laurel Dovecote which is her contribution to this round of Collabor88? So I planted a bunch of tulips from Heart Botanicals and added Stockholm & Lima‘s Lovers Lounge and be pretty in Erratic‘s epic Eden lingerie! Why? Because I can!! I’m also wearing Imabee‘s upcoming Charlotte applier on my LeLutka  Aria head. Charlotte will be released for Skin Fair, starting on March 11. The voluminous centerfold hair is by Little Bones and this one is also out at C88! I’m very happy to see that Little Bones now includes a LeLutka head fitted version! No more visible scalp! A special mention for Luxuria‘s body freckles, lady and gentlemen. Roslin will have these ones out for Skin Fair and omg, they are so pretty!… Read the restflowers in the attic bws

I’ll Take You For A Drive

So in my last post I’m pretty sure I mentioned how much I love oOo Studio. My obsession is endless. Olaenka’s poses are perfection, and I can’t get enough of them. She has two poses in her “Afternoons” collection that are available this month at The Liaison Collaborative. Some other items in this post I want to talk about would be this beautiful Romper from Zaara. It’s available at Collabor88 this month which will open tomorrow. I’m really digging my shoes (they are a bit hard to see in the top pic i’m sorry!) from Reign which are available at FaMESHed this month. I love the little cut outs on the back of the shoe. My hair is another item at The Liaison Collaborative this month and it’s from MINA. Look at me covering alllllll the events! Credits On Him: Hair: Monso | Morphine Janick Sweater: Deadwool | Masa Plympton Pants: Deadwool | Masa Plympton Necklace: Bad Unicorn | BadUnicorn Ring: MG | Maxi Gossamer On Me: Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip - Annie Skin: Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley – Laura Hair: MINA | Mina Nakamura – Juliet Romper: Zaara | Zaara Kohime – Ekanta Jumpsuit (available at this round of Collabor88) Poses:  Single Pose: Marukin | Valencia Southard Couples Pose: oOo Studio | Olaenka Chesnokov - Afternoons Location: Elysion 

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Can I Take You On The Ride Of Your Life?

Lookbook  Gifted Mohawk /Unorthodox  TMC Hairbase / Unorthodox  Undivided Tattoo / Dappa @SirMonthly “Black JPN” Neoprene Facemask / Bad Unicorn *NEWW*  “Gold” Mercy Two Chains / Bad Unicorn @TMD Thermal Sweater TMP / ValeKoer @TMD… More

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Chicken Shoes for the Sole / Manicure Monday

Shoes are one of my weaknesses. I love them almost as much as bags.  Rebel Hope has two new mesh shoes at Tres Chic (shown above top row). Hurry over because the event ends March 10th at noon. The Rebel Hope Jasmine shoe has a leather texture, while the Zalina shoe comes in a reptile … Continue reading Chicken Shoes for the Sole / Manicure Monday

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Floral Arrangement with Unicorns

The Arcade in Second Life has opened once again. I admit that I am a gacha addict. I need to have everything. Not all of it ends up getting rezzed in world, but I have it if I ever need it. I think that is called a hoarder. And I keep that bad habit in … Continue reading Floral Arrangement with Unicorns

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It Could Be One of Those Nights

So oOo Studio duo poses are my absolute favorite on the grid. They are so realistic and beautiful and everything about them screams perfection.  This awesome “Lazy” pose is available at The Men’s Dept this round. I thought it was the perfect pose to show off this sexy new outfit from Blueberry. I absolutely LOVE the back and the ties on this.   Credits On Him: Hair: Monso | Morphine Janick Beard: Xplosion | Sabanco Tattoos: Bolson | Chewbaccanotdead Bracelets: Aitui | Jesseaitui Petion Ring: MG | Maxi Gossamer Jeans: Deadwool | Masa Plympton Shoes: Vale Koer | Bob On Me: Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip Skin: Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley  Hair: Truth  Hair | Truth Hawks Outfit: Blueberry | Blueberryxx   Pose: oOo Studio | Olaenka Chesnokov (available at this round of The Men’s Dept) Couch: Junk | Tab Tatham & Evankeel

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lassitude & ennui Handstitched leather leggings appliers for We Love RP

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new from lassitude & ennui, for We Love RP - Handstitched leather leggings in a rough, medieval style - appliers only, perfect for layering under mesh clothes and boots.

Available as Slink appliers, Maitreya appliers and classic avatar pants layer, in 9 colors. Event price 120L$, will be available in the mainstore starting April 1st for 160L$.

Get them now at We Love RP - follow the main street to the south and you'll be at the lassitude & ennui booth

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A Knight of the Round Table

Looking for a nice medieval sim in Second Life when your connection has decided to go back to the 1200 BAUD days is really, really difficult.  Really, it is.  That said, one quagmire lag filled thirty minutes, then a fifteen minute hiatus from the Internet later produced this picture and blog.  You see how dedicated some people can be to this stuff? The Gawain, named for one of King Arthur’s fine Camelot knights, is the latest outfit from Avatar Bizarre.  It features a color HUD with seven color choices (red, green, teal, blue, purple, black, and white), an Omega pants applier HUD for the various mesh bodies out there (check out the Omega blog for a list of compatible bodies), seven system layer underpants, an alpha, five sizes, and materials.  This is available for women, as well. This will debut at Genre. As Genre is one of those super awesome shopping events where you can get deep discounts on new things, you can buy this wonderful outfit for 100L, starting March 15. … Read the restAvatar Bizarre Gawain for Genre 1

If I’d Only Known Then

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it. ~ William Feather This week just flew by. On January 1st, if you had told me we would be three months past Christmas in a blink of an eye, I’d have called you a dirty dog liar. But looky there, it’s March 3rd. I wonder if that means I am finally of the age where, in the old days, I’d look at a person (insert parents name here) and think to myself “boy are they old and out of touch.” If only I’d been wise enough to know that, no, I was the one who didn’t quite know life yet. Anyway, I digressed from a simple have a happy weekend to geezer speak. I don’t know about you, but I think I am going to find me an old person this weekend and let them glean a little knowledge on me. Wishing you a fun weekend with a little wisdom tied to the back end. Outfit
Hair: Truth, Polilla @Uber
Head: The Mesh Project, Babydoll
Makeup: Zibska *Just Buy them All!*
Dress: =Zenith=, Ballerina @Uber
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Sk8 Is Life

Lookbook Don C Yankees Strapback ( Backwards ) / FLI. BapeChain-Gold / Bum.  LeanCup-I / Bum. T Shirt Smile TMP / Excellence @MOM Suspenders Smile / Excellence @MOM Jeans Smile / Excellence @MOM Sk8 “True… More

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It’s Super Tuesday!

For us Americans, it’s ‘Super Tuesday’ today. ‘Super Tuesday’ is the unofficial name for a Tuesday (March 1st this year) during the US Presidential Primary election when the largest number of states hold their primaries or caucuses. These are the States participating today: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia for […] The post It’s Super Tuesday! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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