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Purple Shine

Hey guise, I have a nice little post for yall today. Nothing much to explain here really. I just wanted to try a new like angle look of just doing like bust or knee up shots. In all honesty, I wasn’t even wearing feet when I got dressed up and I was like hey, I … Continue reading Purple Shine

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Love at First Glance Proposal Venue from -Hanaya-

I am told I write way too much in my blog posts, so I will try to contain myself. I will say though, that I have been working on the Love at First Glance Proposal Venue for several months, so today is life giving birth to a baby — triplets in fact! -Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue [mesh]The idea with this is that you rez it out in a nice location, and with a few clicks you have a wonderful venue to pop the question to your love. Or if you are a public sim that caters to romance, you might want to offer a wonderful place for proposals for your visitors. The base module consists of a romantic structure created from a round base with lace panels flowing from a domed cupola medallion. Gothic windows, pineapple finial and an extraordinary crystal chandelier complete the piece. Love at First Glance contains 6 seamless, synchronized couple animations that can easily be adjusted for each avatar. The menu can be driven by either person, but the one doing the proposing sits first.… Read the rest-Hanaya- Love at First Glance Proposal Venue [mesh]

But On Good Days I’m Charming as Fuck

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So, I felt a major Taylor Swift vibe when I was doing this photo.  I felt charming, and classic, and everything beautiful! That’s how I always feel when I wear anything from The Secret Store. The place just oozes class and elegance. This gorgeous skirt and top can be found at this amazing round of Collabor88. I paired it with a cute pair of sunglasses from Noodles which are also found at the event this round. Credits Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip – Annie Skin: Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley  – Laura Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks – Carmela Sunglasses: Noodles | Natalie Oodles – Kelly Sunglasses  (available  at current round of Collabor88) Outfit: The Secret Store | Maylee Oh – Peggy Pleated Skirt & Honey Cotton Shirt (available  at current round of Collabor88) Pose: An Lar Poses | Katya Valeska  

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Now I’ve Got Your Voice In My Head

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It’s Collabor88 prom time and so many amazing and talented designers are featured in this round. I’m mildly (ha mildly..) obsessed with this dress from Pixicat. The way it hugs my body and gives me amazing curves is awesome. It comes in a wide range of colors, and I normally gravitate towards darker tones, but the white really spoke to me. I also want to mention that Truth is now making various sizings on his new hairs for mesh heads which is AMAZING NEWS! I was so pleased when I saw the optional sizes. I found a size that fits my Catwa Annie head perfectly. Credits: Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip  Skin: Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks Tattoo: Bolson | ChewbaccaNotDead Dress: Pixicat | Areve (available at this round of Collabor88)

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Waiting Game

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I’ve been trying to have a little more fun with my photos lately. It’s fun to try and tell a story in a single image, and I certainly made an effort to do just that with the image above. In a world where fantasy should come to life, it’s fun to create art to represent it. I’m really digging Bolson tattoos lately. I keep stopping by and picking up more of them, and pretty soon I think i’ll own the entire collection that they have to offer. The detail and quality is fantastic, and I love that I can apply it directly to my Maitreya body. This gorgeous dress from Dead Dollz is a release at The Liaison Collaborative this month. I absolutely love the back on this dress. It’s so sexy and fits so perfectly on my mesh body. It’s making want to go check out Dead Dollz mainstore to see what else they have to offer because I think I’ll like what I find! Credits On Guy: Shirt: Noche | Danny0ryan Suspenders: Gabriel | Takuya Jinn Arm Cuff: Hoorenbeek | Limer Fredriksson Jeans:  Pumpkin | yukio osei Tattoo: Bolson | ChewbaccaNotDead On Me:  Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks Dress: Dead Dollz | Kiddo Oh (available at current round of The Liaison Collaborative) Tattoo: Bolson | ChewbaccaNotDead Both poses: An Lar | Katya Valeska (separate static poses i placed together)

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And Then Life Happened

I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars. ~ E. M. Forster Photo By: Feint Delusions If you follow me regularly you probably have noticed my blogging has become less this past few weeks. If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you’ve probably been told a story or two about my five foot nothing tiger mom who scares the heck outta me. Seriously, when she says jump, the Cao jumps over the moon. A few years ago before my father died my mom wanted to package up and slim down their current lifestyle from a 5000 square foot home to a 1400 square foot villa in a gated retirement community. The move helped my mum at the time because my father was in the throes of dementia and their was a nursing home on the site should my father need assisted living. My father passed away a little over 2 years ago and my mum has strongly suggested she is tired of being surrounded by a bunch of old people. Yeah, random right? She is in her mid 70’s.… Read the restPhoto By: Feint Delusions


Click through for full color version How epic are Mutresse‘s new Kaisia boots??? They are just over the knee, with a killer heel, NO PLATFORM (!) but so friggin’sexy! They come in Mutresse’s usual change-everything-to-a-truckload-of-colors texture change system (click the link for all the options, seriously, do it!) and are fitted to match Maitreya‘s Lara, SLink‘s Physique and Belleza‘s Isis body (as well as 5 standard mesh sizes) Currently available at Collabor88! Also at C88 the Eunice bikini from Erratic. If you’re looking to channel your inner Bond girl, and rise from the sea like Ursula Andres in Dr. No, then this is your go to item. It’s fitted exclusively for Maitreya‘s Lara, and while I understand the frustration of people who are sporting other mesh bodies, I also understand creators making choices and avoid catering to an increasing amount of bodies. Even creators need to sleep, people!… Read the restClick through for full color version

Sogno (ma forse no)

Click through for full color version Sogno (ma forse no) or in English “I’m dreaming. But am I?” is a single act play by Italian author and Nobel prize winner Luigi Pirandello from 1928. I love Pirandello for his ability to make you feel estranged from daily life through his protagonists, and Sogno is special to me because I had the incredible honor to play the female lead -now years ago- when I was still young and uhm… oh well hahahaha. Anyway, the title of this play came up when I was taking this pic, so hence the name of this post. I’m wearing a couple of items from the current Collabor88 round! You may have tried (and failed) to get into this super duper prom edition, but don’t give up, because it’s epic! I know i say that often about Collabor88, but seriously people, this edition is to die for! Hair by Moon, Code Uma (C88)
Head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Eva by YS&YS (C88)
Body Lara by Maitreya
Vintage nightgown by Zenith (C88)
Dogs and sparkles by Anc

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The Passion at TMD

This month is all about love and the Studio is tapping into all the love with the Passion poses, One and Two. One is for male and female couples, Two is for male couples. Both are half price for the duration of the event here.

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The Yorkshire Moors / Manicure Monday

The Yorkshire Moors is a peaceful and relaxing area of Second Life. I visited this place today to take some pictures. It is filled with beautiful nature and is home to a few horses and sheep. The whole area is picturesque. My favorite area had a canoe that I ended up taking a nap in. … Continue reading The Yorkshire Moors / Manicure Monday

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Click through for a full color version I’ve been waiting anxiously for Blueberry to release their amazing Lida body suit and once I learned it was in the store, I went over and fatpacked without thinking twice about it! Yes, it’s that awesome!! For this pic, I am wearing the tan version, with Reign‘s Marylin thigh highs in cognac. Also, I’m wearing Iconic‘s Kira hair which is currently out at Cosmopolitan as well as LeLutka‘s Simone head, Glam Affair‘s Simone facial applier and Maitreya‘s Lara body. Shot on location at Ison, with the VR mobile pose HUD and one of Le Poppycock‘s great poses

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Low Life

Accessories :  Roth Beanie V1 / Bad Unicorn Juice Chain / Benjaminz @Monsieur Chic Juice Watch / Benjaminz @monsieurChic Juice Bracelet / Benjaminz @MonsieurChic Outfit:  Hooded Jacket / Benjaminz @MonsieurChic Destroyed_Jeans [Fitted] / ::LP:: @MonsieurChic… More

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Belle de Jour – Objets d’ amour

  click through for full colour From the organizers of ROMP, there is currently an amazing, cute, naughty and not to mention kinky gacha event running, right in time for Valentine’s day. It’s called Objets d’ amour and ….uhm…. yup, it’s pretty awesome!! You absolutely should go take a look if you’re still looking for some nice gifts for that special someone! Your taxi to Objets d’ amour You probably will have heard from the 1967 French movie Belle de Jour, where stunning Catherine Deneuve in the role of Séverine Serizy/Belle de Jour spends her afternoon as a prostitute. It’s Luis Brunuel’s masterpiece where fantasy and reality end up to be so mixed up, that it’s impossible to distinguish the both. For this scene, Belle de Jour came to mind, although it’s probably a bit too dark to be an afternoon. Anyway, I am wearing Luxuria‘s Corazon lingerie, which is available at the above mentioned Objets d’ amour event.… Read the restclick through for full colour

Going into Battle Wearing Pink

Role-playing battle games usually require a tank, a healer, and a damage dealer. I have always dressed up my character as cute as I possibly could. Always female gender and usually short in stature going out in to battle with my pink outfit on. When I popped over to check out the new sim, Gates … Continue reading Going into Battle Wearing Pink

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new from lassitude & ennui for the Gacha Garden – Flutterpaws cat companions

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Within the Gacha Garden, past a mossy garden wall,Along the leaves and flowers, sleepy Catapillars crawl.Their bellies full of Tunaleaf, they find a spot to sleep,And, in cocoons contrived from cardboard, they curl up and slumber deep.
Slowly, magic happens in the misty moonlit air.
They stretch, they yawn, and greet the dawn as something new and rare.From fluffy bodies now emerge bright wings as thin as gauze -They mew, they spring, and now take wing to soar as Flutterpaws!
The Tabby and the Tiger glide as regally as hawks,The Sealpoint and the Snowshoe both admire each other's socks.Sakura, by the cherry tree, tucks blossoms in her hair.
Savannah bats at all the bugs that come too near her lair.

Curled up tight, the puffy White drifts like a tiny cloud,
Sleep-flying just above the grass, his purring long and loud.
Bashful beauty Vintage grins and preens a lacy veil
'Til rough-and-tumble Calico tries dive-bombing her tail.
With Russian Blue, and White-Grey too, they play among the trees,As Moustache bows to Jewelled and takes her dancing on the breeze.Rainbow sprawls to catch the sun and watches their ballet,And, far above them, Galaxy laps at the Milky Way.… Read the restlassitude & ennui Flutterpaws companions for Gacha Garden

I Always Get What I Want

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Credits Top Pic: Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip Hair: Truth Hair | Truth Hawks Skin: Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley Tattoo: Bolson | Chewbaccanotdead Bodysuit: Blueberry | Blueberryxx   Bottom Pic Head: Catwa | Catwa Clip Skin: Lara Hurley | Lara Hurley Hair: Truth Hair | Truth Hawks Tattoo: White Widow | Julie Hastings Dress: Baiastice | Sissy Pessoa  

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Kinky for Love at Objets d’Amour (NSFW)

The folks that brought you adult with style (ROMP) have created a gacha event just in time for you to stock up on lovely kinky things before V-day (I’ll let you decide what the V means to you!). The Studio has two machines available, both offering sexy ways to Self Service. Seven commons in each machine, and one rare. I’m especially in love with the rare for men, a two-handed venture into the best that stroking has to offer. I recommend a lovely ride in a gondola to the event.

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“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”  ~
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh I logged into Facebook a second ago and found it was “Friendship Day.” So to my friends here, there and everywhere, Happy friendship day, I am so blessed to be surrounded by you all! You are the smartest, funniest and wisest people I know. “I think if I’ve learned anything about friendship, it’s to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don’t walk away, don’t be distracted, don’t be too busy or tired, don’t take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff.”
― Jon Katz Outfit
Necklace: Kunglers, Carys @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room      Taxi!

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I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who’s insecure.  ~Shay Mitchell I was going to write a longwinded commentary on this topic, luckily for me, and more probably for you, my work is taking over my life. As you know I rarely, if ever, speak of politics on this blog. I find the subject to be very private to an individual and very polarizing to a group. That said, I want to just throw something up here for you to think about. As you know cyber-bullying is the use of electronic technology to torment, threaten, harass, humiliate, embarrass or otherwise target a victim.  I’m sure you find this behavior abhorrent, I know I sure do. Heck, the sad part is, when it’s someone in authority doing the bullying and his followers find the behavior acceptable. This kind of “group think” typically creates a rather hostile atmosphere, don’t you think? Not sure what I’m talking about? I was reading The New York Times  over the weekend and ran across an article on Donald Trump.  … Read the rest24103391384_427847639c_o


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Today is the last day of The Epiphany Event. Don’t forget to visit it and get some great goodies. Head Genesis Lab Nelly Emotions RARE- @Kustom9 Body Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.9 Hands Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant… More

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