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Can I Hold That?

On Romeo  Snapback / BUC Hair / Xin [Group Gift]  Tattoo /  SwaggedOut *Neww* Bracelet / Sabotage Backpack / Benjaminz @TheGachaMania Flask / FLite @Secret Affair  Watch / FLite @Kustom9 Shorts / Grandeur  Sneakers / FLite @Kustom9Filed under: Events, Fashion, Group Gift (tag), Male, New Release, Second Life, SL Tagged: !Grandeur, Benjaminz, BUC, ForeignIdentity, Kustom9, […]

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September 2014
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I was working on this picture in PS while my 5-year old daughter came standing next to me and asked what I was doing. I told her I am making a picture. I pointed at the screen and asked what she see… “ooooo I saw a fairy!!” She exclaimed. “Can you make her move??” “Sorry darling, […]

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collabor88 contest 3096

lassitude & ennui Steampunk Wayfinder choker for A Clockwork Spiral

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Are you a fan of all things steampunk, dieselpunk or dark victorian? A Clockwork Spiral is running until Oct 1st, showcasing the best steampunk designers in SL, and benefitting the National Kidney Foundation. lassitude & ennui brings the Wayfinder…

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lassitude & ennui Wayfinder choker for A Clockwork Spiral

Steam to the Punk

A Clockwork Spiral has started a couple of days ago and my apologizes for not blogging soon enough! Real life has taken over and I’m taking this weekend to catch up on blogging! A Clockwork Spiral is dedicated to those that love Steampunk, Dark Victorian, Diesel Steam Wild Wild West meets Post-Apocalyptic. The Charity event goes…

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Tea Party

Here I am waiting for Gogo to stop setting (or sitting on) the table and join me for tea. The tea cups are from Apple Fall. These cups are simply…

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Tea Party

The Wrench Hand

“Miss Abigail, a moment of your time?” “Abby. By Gear and Gadget, do I look like a nob? ‘m a wrench hand, you can drop the blasted misses.” “Abby. I was just wondering what exactly it is that the… wrench hands do in the Spiral?” “What does it look like we do? Pick daisies? We […]

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Bricks and Mortar

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. It’s time for one of my favorite events in Second Life, the 2014 Home and Garden Expo benefitting Relay for Life. I don’t normally blog interiors but when my friend Moco Scribe (http://mocoscribe.com/ ) or Moco … Continue reading

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September 20, 2014

Hoodie ≫ LikeA ≫ included in Hoodie & Knit cap ≫ @ creation.jp Event Start ≫ Sep 20th, 2014 (0:00SLT) Creation.jp Official Site ≫ http://www.i-m.mx/creationjp/Creationjp/ Hat ≫ Entente ≫ Castro Hat Noodles ≫ Love Soul ≫ included in Cup NoodlesFAT PACK Water ≫ VOONER ≫ included in MARI Bag_bagle ≫ Store not found Pants ≫ […]

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Darcy Cottage

This cute little cottage is offered by Funky Junk for the Home and Garden Expo. The Darcy Cottage has two rooms on the main floor and a loft. A couple…

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Funky Junk Darcy Cottage

The Covenant of the Cog

In the name of the Cogto whom we can trust,we beat you down,and return you to dust.Those, the unbelievers,who ignore the cries,of steampowered angels,in the skies.Your sins they will carry,with well oiled wings,to a place full of gaslightand well oiled…

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It’s Our Secret Affair

On Romeo Mask / FLite @ SecretAffair Chain / Ryca Suit / Kauna  *Neww* Shoes / Kauna *Neww* Hands / CheerNoFiled under: Events, Fashion, Male, New Release, Second Life, SL Tagged: CheerNo, FLite, ForeignIdentity, Kauna, Mens, mens fashion, Mens Styling, MensStyle, MensStyling, Ryca, Secondlife, SecretAffair, SL

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Isn’t Gold

There are only 2 types of computers in the world: Those that waste your precious time and those that waste your precious time faster ~Unknown   Yep, that up above is my day. Gotta go, have a good one! “All that glitters is not gold; Often have you heard that told: Many a man his … Continue reading

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The Flight of the Dragonfly

“Lady Anisoptera, you are one of the more upstanding citizens of the current Spiral, how would you describe-“ “Oh, you can call me Anise, titles are terribly tedious business. Or Lady Dragonfly if you absolutely must, it has a nicer ring to it.” “I did notice that people referred to you as such when I […]

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Body Party

(click here for raw shot) I dropped by the Genre event this month because their theme is South Asia, and of course I couldn’t resist that. Majority of the items are around L$100, I picked up a few things. This Indian themed wall unit from Mirage is texture changeable and comes with 14 animated couples […]

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- Anuska – Skin: ** [PUMEC]  – .:TANYA:. – SKIN – Autumn ** – NEW Tattoo: Infected – Mafia Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Willow 2 Cap: [CA] Unisex Hash Bag Leather Fitted Noir – @TSF2 – NEW Jacket: MoDANNA [Graphique Collection] Hooded Sweatshirt Golden @TSF2 – NEW Jeans: .:villena:. – tucked up jeans Black Boots: [NikotiN] SplitRock […]

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lassitude & ennui new shoes and jewelry for The Secret Affair

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I’m super excited to be part of The Secret Affair for the September round – and this month’s dark romantic theme was perfect inspiration for lassitude & ennui.mod.copy original meshtexture change menu with 5 choices each for featherand laces option…

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lassitude & ennui for The Secret Affair

The Captain of the Gaze

“Captain Lupine, I’ve been told that you’re the one in charge of the Gaze, the local law enforcement unit. Is that correct?” “Yes. You would be the recently arrived journalist, snooping around already.” “Reporting, Captain. Reporting. Misinformation is a dreadful thing.” “Granted. But so is rumor-mongering. You have five minutes. Speak.”  “It seems to me […]

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Returning to the Spiral

“It’s been a year since I joined Captain Gearsworth’s crew as they left the Spiral. A year of journeys, flight, adventure and experiences such that I could not reliably scribe them for the fear of scandalizing my audience to death.” “One year and here I am again, stepping onto the Spiral. I knew I would […]

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Meteora Jacket & Diesel Capri at ACS

The Meteora jacket and the Diesel capri pants go perfectly together to form one cohesive dieselpunk look, but they are sold as separates in case you want to mix and match them with other items. Both the jacket and the pants have strong accent lines in bold gem tones, creating a pseudo-militaristic vibe to the […]

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Poster Meteora

A Time Before Gown for A Clockwork Spiral

  A Time Before is a vintage inspired gown that combines several enticing elements in it. The deco styled fabric of the skirt is partially covered by delightfully gothic skull patterned brocade, held together by a row of feminine ribbons in the back. The corset top surprises with its adventurous leather strap lacing. The whole […]

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Poster A Time Before(1)