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The Reasons Why We Love Autumn

Autumn will be here before we know it. I love it when the leaves change colors and the weather gets cooler. It’s nice to be able to go for a long walk. There is nothing like summertime, but I am not a fan of the extreme heat. And then there are pumpkins. I know some … Continue reading The Reasons Why We Love Autumn

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August 2015
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There’s a New Brand in Town

The fashion design team of coldLogic have rebranded themselves to Neve. This new line will carry mesh support for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Isis, Slink Physique, and the default avatar. I am very happy to hear this because I love their clothes, but I do not like to take off my Maitreya Lara body. The main … Continue reading There’s a New Brand in Town

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Jewelry Steals You Better Grab Before They Are Gone

A couple of jewelry steals that are going away in just a few days can be found at The Dressing Room Fusion. The sale started August 16th and goes on for 14 days. Which means it will end August 30th. I found these hoop earrings with a pearl drop from Kunglers. They are also available … Continue reading Jewelry Steals You Better Grab Before They Are Gone

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Balancing on the Signpost of Life – A Hanfu for the Twisted Hunt

Twisted Hunt is once again lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce in September, and eat Second Life hunters for breakfast.  If you aren’t familiar with the Twisted Hunt, it’s a semi-annual grid-wide hunt in Second Life.  Second Life’s culture is such that hunts are kind of falling by the wayside, and most people would prefer not to take landmark after landmark, and stand around waiting for things to rez in various lagged sims so they can find some object that contains a free or dollarbie gift.  However, Twisted is one of those perennial Love It Or Hate It deals that crops up twice a year, in September and March. While most other hunts are floundering and giving up the ghost, Twisted persists in its popularity because the merchants involved go the extra mile.  The gifts can be exceedingly difficult to find, due to reasons, but you will find all kinds of extra fun and goodies in most of the stores involved.  For example, some stores will have mini-hunts, some build fun labyrinths, some will have zombie killings, others provide extra fun by setting up games for hunters, and quite a lot of merchants will have more than one gift. … Read the restTwisted-Qi-Poster

Holding out for a Hero

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js I cannot stress enough how much you NEED these pants, like NEED.  In the right windlight, or around lights they shimmer like nothing I have ever SEEN and give you the best ass in the world. Well obvs second best cos mines the best.  A sportier but sexyish LoTD with a bunch of stuff from Uber and beyond!  The lovely hair from Truth comes with optional visor and with or without the hairbase bit at the front! millions of hairs (ok 3 – more if you include the lovejug ones) for you to play with!   Full credits below. Credits Hair: Truth | Olympia @ Uber
Eyes: IKON | Vanity | Poltergeist
Skin: Glam Affair | Katra Ballerina | Europa | 01B @ Uber
Piercing: Cae | Septum Piercing | Gem 5
Necklace: The Forge | Enchanted Necklace @ Enchanted
Top: Erratic | Tia | Aqua @ Uber
Pants: Erratic | Daria | Black @ Uber
Shoes: Hucci | Juti @ Uber Av Enhancements
Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya | Lara
Ears: Mandala | Steking Series 5 Pose: NRage | Warrior Princess @ Illusion Point Props: Apt B @ C88
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When I’m Still I Remember the Feel of you Breathing Next to Me

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Bad things happen to all of us in this life. It does not make us who we are, what defines us is how we respond to these events. Do we choose to sit mute in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the acuteness of the pain? Or do choose to rise up, face the sun and learn to treasure what was lost, but,  treasure the loss only as deeply as we should treasure what is yet to come. If we choose stillness, we stagnate, stunted from life, if we choose to rise above the pain, we create another multi-faceted layer of beautifully colored patina to our soul. I choose the pursuit of rich, color-filled, gloriously, messy-beautiful life, how about you? Ear Worm
Outfit Hat (mélange): *Lode*, Magic [three birds], Mone (vintage lilac), Elix (in violet)
Earrings: Kungler’s, Iracy
Necklace: Kingler’s, Triss, A Shiny Shabby
Eye Makeup: Zibska, Noir Eila
Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Peonia Available on the MP Pose: .Slouch
Flowers/Trees: Air_Magnolia @ Creator’s Collection Box

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Lace and Lounging

HI! Back from Paris was a FAB time! Feet hurt, beautiful place etcetcno1currrr! Trying to play catch up so please find a little lotd attached, TYMUCHLY PS: The shorts change to a billion (ok over a handful) of different colours and the N21 exclusives are mixed lace colours and they are AMAZING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js Credits Hair: Mina | Anais @ Shiny Shabby
Eyes: IKON | Vanity | Poltergeist
Skin: WoW Skins | Nour | Milk 01CL
Piercing: Cae | Septum Piercing | Gem 5 @ Cosmopolitan Room
Glasses: Level of Detail | Harriot Glasses | Black
Top: 20.Five | Korea Tanktop
Shorts: Moon Amore | Eva Lace Shorts @ N21
Shoes: Breathe | Suri Flats | Black Av Enhancements
Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya | Lara
Ears: Mandala | Steking Props:
Level of Detail | Seating
Kirin | Cloud Pose: Level of Detail | Shy 6
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Festival of Sin: Acedia

The Festival of Sin is back for a second opportunity for some quality sinning.  My chosen sin this time is Sloth.  I'm too lazy to clean, so there are cobwebs.

The Acedia Single Drawer Side Table comes in 3 versions with two main body options (2 shades of wood, black and white, and gold and silver leaf), or the uberpack with all that plus all the extra things I did because I wanted them even though they might be ridiculous.  Ok, they ARE ridiculous and I didn't feel like making vendors for all 14 colours.  All have a HUD that lets you choose between clean and dusted textures for the base options, and all 14 colours for the trim and drawer handle.  (Please read the instructions to use the HUD, you must touch them a particular place to activate the texture change!)  They also all include 4 versions: a clean version with an opening drawer, a clean version with no moving parts, a cobweb covered version with an opening drawer (with a web in it!), and a cobwebbed version with no moving parts.  All are 1 Land Impact each.  You can also touch the cobwebs to hide or show them, to choose just how many spiders are hanging out in your place.… Read the restfestival of sin

Our Future Looks Bright

Credits Harlow: Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing  Hair: Truth | Truth Hawks Dress: Tee*fy | Azure Electricteeth (available at this month’s N21) Shoes: Ingenue | Betty Doyle (available at Festival of Sin opening later today) Alec: Skin: Belleza | Tricky Boucher Glasses: Mad Mesh | Domsson Lean Hair: Dura | chiaki xue Suit: Adriatic Line | Ellan Verne Shoes: Adriatic Line | Ellan Verne Home Items: Cabin: Haikei | qoop (available at this month’s Kustom 9) Suitcase: Zerkalo | danielestro & anaisterpellie Body Sketches: Mudhoney | Rayvn Hynes (available at Festival of Sin opening later today) Palm Reader Sign: 7 Emporium | Agustkov (available at LTD the event) Pallets: floorplan | Tegan Serin (available at this month’s N21) Sofa: Haikei | qoop (available at this month’s Kustom 9) Loveseat: Revival | Momentous (available at this month’s Shiny Shabby) Rug: Zerkalo | danielestro & anaisterpellie  Lanterns: Revival | Momentous (available at this month’s Shiny Shabby) Magazine/Books: Zerkalo | danielestro & anaisterpellie (available at this month’s Shiny Shabby) Pose: oOo Studio | Olaenka Cheskonov 

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What Happens to Balloons That Get Loose?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the balloons that get loose from the hands of children? Or maybe the balloons were released to express love at a wedding or funeral. In my world the angels are catching the balloons and playing with them. They’re flying up high in the sky with them. … Continue reading What Happens to Balloons That Get Loose?

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I Got Dressed Up to Ride For You

“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” ~ Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire It’s been some kind of week. Work is shellacking me to the wall. But I was thinking, do you ever wonder why we fall out of love so often? Well, perhaps you haven’t, but I sure have in my lifetime of fallin in and out of it and I can tell you, dimes to donuts, if it’s me it’s because I become distracted. We live in such an information driven society, we are constantly connected and at times it seems easier to deal with that little contraption in our hands than it is to deal with the living breathing person standing right in front of us. We become distracted at that pivotal moment when our hearts have grown dull, our ears no longer listen to our “other” and instead of turning the power button off on that dam phone, we choose to shut our eyes to the person we profess to love. How easily we can be distracted by so many things, whether it’s our relationships with others or heck, simply with the process of driving a vehicle down the road.… Read the rest20441588450_a68a8a7834_o

Black Tie: The Wedding Collection

Announcing the Black Tie event, a destination venue for formal wear and all the accessories that go with them. The Studio is proud to be one of the sponsors of this shopping event, and I am introducing the Wedding Collection especially for this event. Comprised of 7 poses, this collection captures all the romance and love of the bride and groom, and I have to admit that when Trinetty came back with the pictures, I might have said “aww” more than once! I hope you love this collection. Poses are available individually, or as a discounted set of seven in one stand. The pose stand is available to try at the event. Black Tie is on from August 20th through September 5th here.                

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Body- [Head] – Genesis_Head_Chloe ~new [Skin] – from Genesis Head Sunny (Group Gift) [Hair] – little bones. Freedom [Eyes] – {S0NG} :: Toki Eyes Clothing- [Top] – KITJA – Dream Top WHITE  @ C88 [Vest] – [Pumpkin]Fringe vest(beige) [Shorts] – *Fishy Strawberry* Late Morning Shorts – Light Wash @ Fameshed [Shoes] – ISON – platform…

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Under the sea

The Enchantment Event lets say…was quite interesting. Mermaids and Under the sea type creatures are not my thing. So I had the help of my good friend Helena the owner of The Stringer Mausoleum to help me and give me some pointers. Well pointers I mean clothing, and where to take pictures and so forth. […]

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Dancing to Vinyl

Credits Hair: Red Mint | No.37’15
Eyes: IKON | Vanity | Poltergeist
Lashes: Soul | Davina
Skin: WoW Skins | V2 | Vanny | Milk CL
Piercing: Cae | Septum Piercing | Gem 5 @ Cosmopolitan Room
Collar: Insanya | Collar
Dress: Insanya | Vinyl Dress
Shoes: Insanya | Stilettos
Feet Gems: KC Couture | Diana Jewels Av Enhancements
Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya | Lara
Ears: Mandala | Steking Tattoo: Wicked Peach | Les Poissons @ Enchantment Pose: Pretense Poses | Papyrus
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Off the Beaten Track

    When I saw Eku show teasers of these QiLiN for FGC I almost peed my pants, they are SO adorable, in a mean looking way.  You can either get a rideable, or a pet, in many different flavours than the three I have shown here, but they are SO BLOODY GREAT!! They move and nod and the poses on them are just amazing.  If you like pets, or even holdables, or rezzables, you must check these out.  Two of the rares are shown (the large rideables) and I couldn’t resist having a bit of a trot along on one of them! Of course I felt I should show my less than barely there look along with them, so I went for a stroll as seen below! Gotta say this Lumae skin is just wonderful.  So beautiful.   And the Willa hair from Elika @ C88 is beyond cute!    YES! Hair: Elikatira | Willa @ Collabor88
Eyes: IKON | Ascension | Apparition
Skin: Lumae | Niska | 1 | Pearl | Sangria
Bikini: Blueberry | Tyrkini
Piercing: Cae | Septum Piercing | Gem 1 Av Enhancements
Body/Hands: Maitreya | Lara
Tattoo: Things | Paziah
Nails: Hello Dave Pose: Arsenal Props: Culprit | QiLiN @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
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Gold Bikini Dreams

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I’ve always wanted a shiny gold bikini in Second Life, and today my dreams have been fulfilled! When I saw Blueberry post the ad for the newly updated Tyrkini on Flickr, I literally squealed out loud with delight! The bikini now comes with an update, with newly designed prints for you to choose from. Also, I wanted to make mention of my hair! I’m wearing hair from Pr!tty, which is a new find for me. Thank you Melinda Childs for showing me this new hair store today, and for graciously sending the red hues my way! I am so pleased with how this hair fits! I’m so picky about my hair in Second Life and wear very few brands, so it’s a delight to find a new store to pick styles up from! Hurry along now and pick yours up. I’m off to prance around the grid in my favorite new bikini and pretty new hair! Credits Skin: Glam Affair | Aida Ewing – Yolandi Hair: Pr!tty | Karla Marama (available at Chapter 4) Bikini: Blueberry | blueberryxx – Tyrkini Pose: Kirin Poses | Caroline Sautereau   

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How to Change Your Look from Day to Night

This is a quick way to change your look from day to night. One outfit will take you through your busy schedule. Accessories can change the look of an outfit tremendously. The Secret Store Nathalie Tutu Dress will be the main piece of fashion we will stick with all day. Here are two ways to … Continue reading How to Change Your Look from Day to Night

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A dreamy LoTD today! I absolutely adore this dress from Moon Amore at C88! So bloody beautiful, especially with the Butterflies.    I couldn’t help but try and make a bit of a dreamy LoTD!  Not really much talk about it, just look at the pics, read the credits and then go shop! <3 Credits Hair: Doe | Rochelle @ Kawaii Project
Crown: Imeka | Cutie Flowers Crown @ Kawaii Project
Eyes: IKON | Ascension | Apparition
Lashes: Soul | Davina
Skin: Glam Affair | Brandi | Europa 01C
Piercing: Cae | Septum Piercing | Gem 1
Dress: Moon Amore | Papillon Dreams Dress (w/butterflies) @ Collabor88
Shoes: fri.day | Aisling Wraps | Cloud @ Collabor88 Av Enhancements
Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya | Lara
Ears: Mandala | Steking
Nails: Hello Dave Pose: Infiniti
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Credits: Head 5. Genesis_Head_Emily_2.0_Relaxe_Latte gacha – Kustom9 Body -Belleza- Venus  Eyes {S0NG} :: Sugar // Brown Eye – Kustom9 Tattoo [White~Widow] Footloose – Madpea Hair TRUTH HAIR Essena –  variety – gift Top Tee*fy Kelly Knotted Tank – White  Skirt :Moon Amore: Delicious Skirt (Black) Rings Meva Rings Set Silver  Septum piercing ^^Swallow^^  Bollywood Septum Ring/ Silver RARE gacha Necklace C L A…

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