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  BODY Hair: Ploom -Lula [Reds] [No Longer available] Body: Maitreya Lara CLOTHING Corset: CX -The Iron Maiden Corset – Pink Cookie: Glutz – Crude Cookies – Cunt [New] [@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival] Collar: Kosmii – Precision Collar [Silver][New] [The Coven] Candles: Occult -Lena Candle Nipple [White][New] [The Coven] FURNITURE Pose: Paper Rabbit – … Continue reading "Cunt"

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Beast kept rose

She had no clue what she was getting into with she agreed she swap places with her father.  How did her father stumble upon such a place that was horrifying and displeasing, but if it meant to live here for existences knowing that her father is happy and safe then so be it. The beast … Continue reading "Beast kept rose"

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Hearts a Flutter: Happy Valentine’s Day

Have you ever played a gacha and got what you wanted on the first try? This rarely happens to me, but it did the other day! I wanted the Pseudo relic city back drop, but I was going to go with whichever one came out. I am wearing several items from the Blush and Shop … Continue reading Hearts a Flutter: Happy Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Exploring!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I wanted to wish all of my readers a very happy one along with a big thank you for the continuous support you guys give me. I appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones. <3 On Valentine’s Day I plan to do some Second […] The post Valentine’s Day Exploring! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Red lipstick

It’s only Monday, and I have done so much in one workday that I feel it should be Friday! Gonna be so dead once the weekend comes! But, I will admit, I feel very accomplished and in an exhausting way, it also gives me energy. I’m grateful I am in an environment where the above outfit is perfectly acceptable most of the days, I do wear business/smart casual outfits mostly, but I have the freedom to wear some dressed up denim whenever I see it fit. Today is such a day! And I decided to match it in SL because Ison‘s Jessica denim jacket with built in sweater is pretty awesome! It’s available at this month’s Collabor88. I’m wearing it with Blueberry‘s Poppy leggings, which is very much my go to whenever I want to ad some color to a  blouse/shirt/jacket. They are so well made and Blueberry really does great butt! To accessorize I have chosen Zaara‘s Aria knotted scarf and the hairband is included in Foxy‘s Kels hair, which will be available at this month’s Kustom9.… Read the restRed lipstick

Philippe, where is Papa??

“Philippe, where is Papa??” Philippe neighs and bucks. Belle goes to soothe her father’s beloved companion.  ” Philippe, take me to Papa!” Enchantment has opened and this time it’s Beauty and the Beast! Please be sure to go visit and get your shopping on. The event has already started sorry that my prepost is a … Continue reading "Philippe, where is Papa??"

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Sleep is for the weak

Been shopping at Frou Frou and picked up these bandeau shorts and diamond bra and harness from Insomnia Store…only one of the many brands at this lingerie event. And yes, considered the amount of sleep I have been getting over this weekend…. I’m a wuss!

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African Pride

I’m a little late on this pre-post for Fantasy Gacha Carnival, but better late than never right?? Fantasy Gacha Carnival opened up on the 7th and it’ll be running till March 6th. You guys know the routine by now, so not going to get high def for you. BODY Hair: Emo-tions – Laty – Reds … Continue reading "African Pride"

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ROMP is upon us, another edition full of delicious erotic and kinky creations to spice up your SL! I’m lounging on Bueno‘s Love Hate chair, which is a gacha available at the event. Would I have preferred paying more for one of the couch textures I actually want… yes!  but thank goodness I didn’t get the purple or electric pink one…. that would have messed with my image! Less gacha please, creators of SL! More regular releases which we ARE wiling to pay for, and which are copy-able and don’t risk to be eaten by an SL acting up! Buyer beware, there is a lot of gacha at ROMP! BTW, I am looking super cute in Luxuria‘s Vivian body suit, which comes with and without spank marks (hurray for no alpha interference!) And yes, I do like a nicely spanked butt… it feels sexy :P. Vivian is also available at ROMP Other need to knows: I’m wearing Glam Affair‘s Delene on my LeLutka Simone head and Truth‘s Caralisa hair.… Read the restVivian

A woman’s vanity

Purses and shoes….. when a girl feels the need to shop, purses and shoes are her thing. After all, we can’t ever have enough of those (and jewelry, jewelry is in this food group as well!)
So what better than some preciously embellished shoes and clutches like the Andrea set  that Mutresse has out at this month’s Collabor88? Happy weekend, happy shopping!

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Dark Bite

She’s the ebony queen of the night. Her bite is worse than her bark. So beware whenever you’re in a dark tomb, because you might not make it out alive. BODY Hair: {Letituier} – Cazar Hair [New][@ The Coven] Skin: Amara Beauty Body: Maitreya Lara Eyeshadow: Zibska – Narcisse CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES Bodysuit: Stargazer Creations … Continue reading "Dark Bite"

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Tickled Pink over this Gift

Izzie’s released the cutest makeup kit! This is a Valentine’s Make-up Gift Set. Note the word Gift. And it isn’t just for those in her group (although we got a bonus gift). I have on the eyeshadow and liner, hearts blush, and lip gloss. The lip gloss is worn over a default CATWA lip color. … Continue reading Tickled Pink over this Gift

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Hair by Truth, Valentina
Mesh head by LeLutka, Chloe
Facial applier by YS&YS, Esther  @The Chapter Four
Dress by Belle Epoque, Giselle
Backdrop by Minimal, La Fantasia @The Liaison Collaborative

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Muy Bonita

Hair by Opale, Nicole
Mesh head by LeLutka, Chloe
Facial applier by Birth, Rose
Necklace by Yummy, Secondhand necklace
Mesh body by Maitreya, Lara
Rings by Yummy, Love spell
Dress by Bueno, Bonita @Fameshed

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Happy Sunday y’ all! I’m still under the weather with a not-quite-flu-but-more-than-just-a-nasty-cold bug, feeling pretty rotten but not rotten enough to hide in my bed for the next week or so. Can we just have spring? I don’t know, but when the news forecasts the first real bout of winter of the season in effin’ February, I am done with it. Give me winter in November through January, but do not get started only in February! *shakes tiny fist and coughs up another bit of her lungs* Hair by Mina, Audri @Fetish Fair
Mesh head by LeLutka, Chloe
Facial applier by ITgirls, Lipa
Necklace by Kunglers, Belinda
Mesh boy by Maitreya, Lara
Coat by Valentina E., Meghan belted coat @Fameshed

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Groundhog Day – Do we really want to know?

So, the cute little furry guy saw his shadow. You know what this means, don’t you? 6 more weeks of winter! Noooo!! It is too cold, and I really want to be able to run around in shorts again! Luckily we can have whatever weather we choose in Second Life. I feel like a nice … Continue reading Groundhog Day – Do we really want to know?

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This beautiful new set by Caelan Hancroft, Charlotte, is currently available at Blush, a really sweet event, with lots of pink and cute and girly stuff! Hair by Argrace, Tokiwa
Mesh head by LeLutka, Chloe
Facial applier by Glam Affair, Michelle @C88
Eyes by Izzie’s, ring light eyes
Eye make up by Izzie’s, Eye blush @Blush
Lipstick by Studio Exposure, January group gift
Jewelry by Cae, Charlotte @Blush
Dress by Salt & Pepper, Michelle @Uber

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Heart Shaped Macarons: Cute Valentine’s Day Gift

Once a month I usually post a recipe on my fashion blog. Today we went shopping and bought macarons instead. Who is going to cook these anyways. It is easier and most likely will look prettier if you go buy and them from a bakery. Let’s get on to making them look fancy. A great … Continue reading Heart Shaped Macarons: Cute Valentine’s Day Gift

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Botanisk by Cheeky Pea

To cite Isla, the creator of Cheeky Pea “It started out as just a garden and I dunno… shit happened, stuff got out of hand…” And then there was a skybox, and a snuggle nook, and furniture and deco stuff and and and…. well, Isla may call it “shit happened” personally, I think awesome happened!! I paired the awesome with some more awesome from a bunch of other creators and now I have a new getaway in the sky! Yay! Botanisk rear garden by Cheeky Pea  @Uber
Botanisk skybox by Cheeky Pea  @Uber
Animated streetlight by Dutchie
Little trees by Keke
Twinkling flower bushes by Dysfunctionality Desigs (DDD)
Botanisk Patio furniture by Cheeky Pea @Uber

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Hair by Mina, Nora @Uber
Mesh head by LeLutka, Simone
Facial applier by Glam Affair, Judith @Uber
Sweater by Miss Chelsea, Hali @Uber
Skirt by Azuchi, Lena @Uber
Boots by Gos, Monza

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