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Magda skin by WoW Skins at OLALA Event

WoW Skins 
All appliers that you would need can be found at my mainstore,  By the vendor of Monica skin, also Maitreya, omega, belleza slink and much more availble… OLALA Event April 1st – 20th 2015

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7th Rez day!

On 28th March 2015 · By Softpaw Sommer · With Leave a comment
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Seven amazing years in Secondlife. Starting the 8th year now! Wow. It does yet it doesn't feel like its been that long.

So many changes over the years and yet some things still stay the same.

 Here's to the next year! Hope it is as good as the previous ones.

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LPM @ Skin Fair

La Petite Morte is a proud sponsor of Skin Fair 2015, and for this highly anticipated event, LPM presents two brand new faces! Sadie is vivacious, fresh and youthful. Maja is sultry, lush and sophisticated. To demo or purchase either (or both!) Maja or Sadie, please visit Skin Fair. Nyam Nyam and Loud Mouth appliers are available for both skins in the Skin Fair booth. You’ll find LPM on Sim 2 at Skin Fair 2015. Skin Fair Sim 2 For all other appliers, please visit the La Petite Morte mainstore. LPM Mainstore For more information about Skin Fair 2015, please visit the official blog.

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LPM @ Skin Fair 2015!

La Petite Morte is a proud sponsor of Skin Fair 2015, and for this highly anticipated event, LPM presents two brand new faces! Sadie is vivacious, fresh and youthful.

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OneWord: Fairytale

OneWord celebrates the end of its first year, and the Studio offers one couples pose for the Cinderella in everyone and sits specifically for when there’s a big ball gown involved! The pumpkin coach is here.      

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Fifty Linden Friday, Week 7

Today’s the day! For the only time this month, every event the Studio is in is open! For Fifty Linden Friday I’ve got both old and new. New today is Arm-y, with an emphasis on … arms. :) Also, because it’s Valentine’s Day Saturday, i wanted to include something for couples, so I dug into the archives and found Repose. I tried it out and found it could use some tweaking, so I remade it. If you already own this one (this is a small number of people) you can try requesting it from the redelivery for an update. Otherwise, it’s on sale for 50L.  

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More from Enchantment

Hey all. Well, sometimes it is really hard to think of anything that looks like a vaguely interesting title, so I just went for something really, uh, straightforward instead.

The current round of Enchantment is still going strong, and in these pics I'm wearing some of the store offerings from May's Soul (the Beast horns in black) and Unrepentant (the Precious Rose corset). Both include a stamp card which you can redeem for super-exclusive prizes (more info here on the official blog).

Also pictured is the latest release from Calico - the Daphne hair style is available now at We <3 Role-Play. I love the tumbling waves... this style also comes with flexi add-ons, not shown here.

The top is from 22769, but I changed the colour completely. Sometimes, with modify items, I'll buy them in white or a very pale shade so I can play around with them later. Of course, you lose a lot of detail when you colour them yourself so just be wary of that!

Lastly, the footwraps are from Cerberus Xing and must have been a Christmas special (they're called Joyeux Noel and feature a little jingle bell) and the manicure is from La Boheme - a hunt prize freebie.… Read the rest

The Men’s Dept February

The Men’s Dept opens today, February 5th, with an amazing collection. I’m so pleased to be part of this group, there’s so many great things. This close to Valentine’s Day I’m offering two kissy kissy poses, Delicious One and Delicious Two. Neighborhood ride here.    

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 More from Enchantment!  This time out, I'm wearing BCC's beautiful gown, La Petite Morte's skin, and posing with An Lar's Beauty Series poses.

Each of these is a featured main store release, and each includes a stamp card.

Wear your stamp card(s) and visit all the stores participating in this round, and click the stamp machine in each store whilst wearing the card. Once your card has all 20 stamps, you can teleport to the prize location and and claim your prize.
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La Petite Morte’s Beauty

La Petite Morte is participating in Enchantment’s Beauty and the Beast round. Each tone of Beauty includes a special stamp card that once you’ve filled up with stamps can redeem for any prize from the participating designers at the prize location. For more information on how Enchantment works and who is participating visit the Enchantment blog. Available at LPM’s mainstore La Petite Morte is also have a marketplace retirement sale on all Gen 1 skins. They have been marked down to 400L, and will only be available for a limited time inworld before they are retired to the marketplace forever.

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Burlesque Gets Sexy

I’m super excited to announce that Burlesque opens tomorrow, February 1st, at 7AM SLT. The venue is beautifully decorated, and all ready for shoppers to enjoy the fun that is burlesque. The Studio introduces Follies, a peep show-inspired prop lit with glittering lights. It contains 11 poses built in, all positioned to fit within the lights. I checked these against Slink High feet, too, so you don’t get broken ankle syndrome. Prop is 4LI rezzed. Also at the event is the sexy mixed singles set, Adelaide. This set was inspired by the women of the Follies, and their portraits, and were originally requested by a SL photographer to use in his vintage photo studio. Now they can be yours! 7 total poses, including 1 stand, 2 sits and 4 laying. Trinetty sizzled the heck out of these in the signature image. <3

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Enchantment: Beauty and The Beast

The latest - and last - round of Enchantment opens on 1 Feb.

You can read my explanation of the process in this older post, or even better, read the instructions on the official blog - you'll find Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and German translations there also.

Enchantment in SL will also have previews of all the exclusive prizes.

The gown I'm wearing is Luminary's store release for the event. It's inspired by Beauty's fateful rose and comes in five different colours. One thing I love about this dress is how the folds at the bottom of the gown were done. Grab yourself an demo and check it out for yourself!

Caelan Hancroft has created some brand new jewelry for the event. The Belle ring set contains rings for left and right hands, and a pair fitted to mesh hands. They're hud controlled, so you can switch up the colours of the metals, the pearl, the rose, and the small gems on each.

The necklace, called Belle's Rose, is an event exclusive and will never be sold again.… Read the rest

Coming soon…

The final round of Enchantment opens on 1 February, with "Beauty and the Beast" as its theme.

Yes, you read that correctly - it's the last ever round (sob).

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Fifty Linden Friday – Week 3

The first FLF of the New Year for the Studio, Margarethe is a set of 5 sassy, movement-heavy singles poses. Enjoy!  

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Daggers at Gothmas by Gaslight

Daggers are exactly what they state: the elegant shape of the weapon turned into jewelry. The necklace carries a multitude of them together in a chaotic form, the bracelets mimic the popular assassin bracers while keeping the design still stylistic and the earrings have the simple sharp shape: one for each ear. These are perfect for the day when the world makes you hiss, when you need the attitude of weaponized accessories to get you through the day. They would also make absolutely fantastic roleplay jewelry for any rogue or assassin. All the variations of Daggers include a color change HUD, so you can choose your favourite metals for different parts of the jewelry. The jewelry is unisex and can fit either gender. The bracelets are event exclusive and will not be sold afterwards, so if you wish to look sharp in style, this is your chance! The earrings are a free gift: you can find them under the tree in Cursed. The necklaces and bracelets are in vendors that have a gifting option if you wish to send presents to your friends and family.… Read the restHoR daggers necklace poster template


  I just put together a silly, colorful look from the Silly Seven event and wanted to share with you guys this morning.  Enjoy!

Dress: Fission @ Silly Seven, 77L
Mask: Naminoke @ Silly Seven, gacha item, 27L per try
Slinky Necklace: BluPrintz @ Silly Seven, gacha item, 47L per try
Hair: Little Bones, group gift in store, 100L join fee, previously blogged
Pose: no longer available
Skin: Adore&Abhor, free

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More Photos!

Hi all! I wanted to share the final batch of ads from Silly Seven vendors.  To see the other items please click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Lots of things!  If I am dumb and  missed something I promise to update this. :P  Hope you enjoy the event.  Take THIS SLURL to check it out.

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New Fionora by WoW Skins for The Designer Circle

The Dresigner Circle: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Roxbury/156/130/23 WoW Skins: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Restful%20Pleasure/65/141/22 Hair by Truth, Lashes by WoW Skins, Eyes by IKON

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Another Round!

  Hi guys!  Time for another set of items from Silly Seven.  Remember to check HERE, HERE and HERE for the other rounds of item previews.  More previews to come!  All items at the event are from 0L-777L, with most being between 0L-77L.  Check it out at this SLURL!


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The Mens Dept December

Two snuggly couples poses for The Mens Dept this month.    

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