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Clouds in My Coffee

Clouds in My Coffee

“I had some dreams. They were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee.” ~ “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon

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Clouds in My Coffee



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Skin: Belle Natural NEW – AIMI Skins Hair: Eden NEW – EMO-tions Eyes: Crystal Rose (ES12) – Tokyo.Girl Top: exclusive release by Legal Insanity for the Summer Of Love Fair (colorchange HUD) Sunglasses: Heart Sunglasses – Bens Beauty

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~Exclusive Blue~

As promised…I have a sneak peek, for the Sascha’s Designs Hunger Gown, that will be sold exclusively at the Opium Evolution Hunger Games Event from August 1-10! This exquisite Cobalt Blue Hunger Gown is as breathtaking in person as it is in the photo.  All of the Sascha’s Designs Hunger gowns will come with the […]

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~Sascha's Blue Hunger~

Tomorrow, Who Knows? — Featuring ECRU from Designer Showcase, WTB, Chop Zuey, EMO-tions and **Feel**

I warn those who are close to me that my life has been on a veritable roller coaster since the day I was born. I came into the world and became a ward of the state instantly. I spent the first year and 3 days of my life in the University of Virginia’s ICU for little tiny people. I’ve heard off and on through my life, and long before I understood words, “You’re not going to make it.” I suppose I just took it as a dare. “You wanna bet?” So here I am, 45 and I’m still making it, one day at a time, and hopeful that you out there, reading my words, are taking the same dare life gives. I know it’s tough sometimes. A special person dies. A loved one gets injured or ill. A baby is born with special needs. I know that you can make it. If you need to take it one small step at a time, you CAN do it. When I hear your stories, turn a listening ear into a virtual hug, I also know deep down inside that if I could make the conscious decision to survive this roller coaster we all call life, YOU CAN Too!!

I love evolution of self. It happens off line and online. I also love History, a fanatic about it really. It helps to see where we’ve been so we can figure out what we are and where we’re going. SL turned 2 shortly after I joined. There was a team pulled together of Lindens and users, creators, and important figures of that generation. Now we’re in the midst of turning 11 and there’s going to be an SL-2 somewhere (Read more...)

Summer Fashion Festival (Last Day): ArisAris and Blue Couture – Designer Showcase: [Opal] and Moondance Boutique – Plus Zibska and KANDINSKY

Today marks the last day of the summer fun event, Summer Fashion Festival and I’ve two more items to show you from there before the day ends. If you’ll notice, there’s a simple black dress with white dots as the basic element of my styling. The dress is ArisAris, and its simplicity with just a few fine details like those around the bust are one reason I enjoyed this dress despite the fact that it looks similar to many I have worn. The accessories I used are from Blue Couture, and they were designed to accompany a night gown / lingerie set. Instead I pulled one of the feathered arm pieces, the unique belted posture collar and the belt and added them to spice up the dress.

Designer Showcase runs a month at a time and always brings new designers to the table, as well as providing a great venue for more well known designers to offer special prices and expose new faces to their great quality items. This styling includes items from two different jewelers, both with several pieces at Designer Showcase July. Moondance Boutique’s Gaia earrings shine just a bit and lit my cheek up just a smidge when I was standing with the sun setting. It was a neat lighting effect. The ring comes in several color options from [Opal] and worked well into my shades of grey styling.


Zibska made this ‘ball and chain’ type hat for an event that occurred recently and I had not quite f (Read more...)


The newest round of We <3 Roleplay for July has begun! Once again, the sim is chaulked full of RP goodies for all your happyfuntime needs. Male as well as female items can be found, and demos galore. Try everything! Get some thangs, have fun   {Dead Apples} Lora – Bone DB *Available @ We [...]

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The new round of We <3 RP opened last night and as always there’s lots of neat goodies to be found. Today I’m wearing a mermaid gown from Peqe and it’s available in… Continue reading

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It’s Not Just A Crush, We LOVE Role-Play!

It’s time for more incredible items and exclusive […]

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We Love Role-Play Logo


Mutresse is one of those brands that has occupied a nice niche in the world of SL fashion with their super customizable and very wearable mesh clothing. I’m wearing their newest dress Netagli, out at this month’s Fameshed and all dress panels are color change!! I’m wearing it with Emo-tions‘ …

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#671 Ombre furtive dans la forêt profonde

My look of the day is a new preview of the July round of We Love Role-Play which will open its doors on July 5th.If you’re a fantasy/medieval/roleplay addict and if you’re in love with gacha events, you shouldn’t miss the Era Of Vikings event which is …

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New Folklore

Hello Readers! Coming back from a vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things can certainly be a challenge. Here is a look I did for Ferosh’s casting before I went on vacation.  The theme was “New Folklore” which I took to be an edgy and ethnic take on boho.  I was […]

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Ferosh_New Folklore 2k

Wounded Angel

My today’s look was inspired by the new EMO-tions hair, Heaven’s Gate, which will be available in We <3 RP event in mere two days, and the neat angel-ish headpiece comes with it,… Continue reading

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JUMO new releases

Skin: Donatela Fair – JUMO Hair: Mabel – EMO-tions Jewelry Set: Diaphanous Set NEW – JUMO Gown: Beauvais Gown NEW – JUMO

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It’s Not Over — Featuring EMO-tions, Essenze at Designer Showcase, !Lyrical B!zarre Templates at Art in Hats, and [AD] – Angels and Demos

Designer Showcase comes around new every month with new temptations, and new ideas from designers you might recognize and sometimes designers who you’ve never seen previously. The shoes from Essenz have a color change HUD so you get 6 tones for the price of one pair of shoes and at a reduced price because it’s a sale room. They have a range of colors that will work with every season as well. **Important News Designer Showcase has moved: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Corrupted%20Innocence/163/57/23

I got so invested in the project earlier this Spring put together by the team at SAVIAD that I had the choice to pick a few items I’d like to blog as a ‘prize’ and still have a few of those items. This Louise dress from [AD] Angels and Demons was one of my choices. I liked it’s elegant texturing and the fact that it was a knee length skirt. Not too fancy, not too casual and tres chic. New hair and jewelry from EMO-tions, the hair called Roxeanne and the jewelry called Beloved come as the last pieces from my blogging for EMO-tions specifically and as I work through all the pieces from each designer who’d helped make my blog successful, I counted each piece with the joy that designer brought. Mirja Mills keeps her products up to date, with fashion and with what crafters can do in SL.

The little mesh pieces of the hat from Art in Hats by Lyrical B!zarre Templates seem to flutter away, almost like little life crit (Read more...)


Skin: Mariah Fair – JUMO Hair: Kendra Natural (group gift) – EMO-tions Dress: Spring Mono (Recolorhunt prize) – Finesmith

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A Little Bit Of Everywhere — Featuring [Liv-Glam] at Designer Showcase, *Stars*Fashion* at Summer Fashion Festival and !:Lybra:!

[Liv-Glam] already has items out for the next Designer Showcase. I used the same dress here but two different color combinations from the HUD that had six options to choose from…

The jewelry from !:Lybra:! added one more reason why I love this store. If you haven’t been lately, you might want to pop in and see what’s new.

A whole array of items have been added, from hair and makeup to purses and other accessories thanks to the new addition of items from Natzuka Miliandrovic.

This blog was possible as a result of these amazing designers:
Featuring from Summer Fashion Festival *Stars*Fashion* Aurora Rigged Mesh Heels
Featuring from Designer Showcase [Liv-Glam] Love Never Felt So Good
Featuring from !:Lybra:! Aarushi Pearls Set
1. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
– Female High Feet
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Mocha Skin Tone + Makeup 11
3. Gaeline: Fantasia
4. EMO-tions: Greece
5. Apple Spice Poses
6. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes

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As Old As a Dinosaur In SL-years — Featuring Carrie’s Lingerie and {{BSD Design Studio}}

I shot this first set of photos that I’m sharing today just before bed last night. I was unpacking another item from a business that has an owl rest on your shoulder instead of a bag appear in your hand (or box) and it was the second time I’d had something from them. The owl fascinated me, and it made for a fun pose to share this Carrie’s look. Lingerie with a tiny little skirt, a separate piece that’s the corset, wear all the pieces or mix and match.

I put on a pair of BSD Design studio heels and then worked with pieces of jewelry from several different sets. The shape I use with Carrie’s Lingerie, and a few other designers who focus on nightwear or swimwear is a bit different. She’s got curves to go with her hot sawssss… and she knows how to use them. I even pulled out a pair of earrings I received as a gift and kept, and the designer no longer exists in world so there are no creators. I’m as old as a dinosaur in SL-years!

I’m so thankful for the designers who support my blog:
Featuring from Carrie’s Lingerie Katie Blue Ornate
Featuring from {{BSD Design Studio}} Love BSD Silver/Purple
1. Eclectica Relic Necklace Silver
2. ((SS)) Chrysalis Earrings – Designer No Longer In World
3. cae.b: Starfall Bracelet
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Mocha Tone w/ Makeup 11
5. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
6. EMO-tions: Greece
7. Noya: Silver Music Manicure
8. Image Essentials: Accessorise Set

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Lovers In The Moonlight

Skin: Nell (luckyboard prize) – Mother Goose’s Hair: Antoinette – EMO-tions Jewelry Set: Maylea – EMO-tions Dress: Myeongwol Autumn NEW – Senzafine

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"I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow"

I am dedicating this post to someone who will probably never read it as she has left SL.  When I was looking for quotes for the title, so many of them reminded me of her as she possesses much of Scarlett O’Hara’s fire and drama, as well as her bea…

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"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow"

Flying Away

Skin: Celine natural (Freckles version) – AIMI Skins Hair: Cameron – EMO-tions Top and shorts: Limone in Roses NEW – !gO! Shoes: Muri Wedges (for Slink feet) NEW – MAAI Balloons with poses by {what next}

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