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With Silent Confidence I Prowl — Featuring Artizana from Designer Showcase and October’s 4Seasons

I always know when a design comes from Artizana. The designer has a specific point of view and remains consistent, from piece to piece, since I began to blog her items. I’ve seen a few in various special events around the grid and often find items at Designer Showcase from there as well.

This is another of those instances. The choices Artizana added to this cycle offer a range that even includes an outfit for the guys, which is awesome because I know that menswear might be much more difficult to find.

This outfit Koutiala (Savannah) has a tribal vibe with earth tones that I thought melded well with the new release of the skin tone Mocha for the Angelina face that’s just about to come out at October’s 4Seasons. This sneak peeks shows how beautiful this darker skin tone really is, and I chose the natural skin, no makeup added, because I knew I’d use the face wrap, and because I believe this Angelina face continues to be the absolute best yet ‘face’ line at 4Seasons.

With no makeup, the eyes have a passion that speaks confidence silently and if you choose to wear the skin options that do have makeup, that passion remains, with a flair. (I thought the set of poses called ‘Confidence’ from Image Essentials Props and Poses were apropos for this pair of photos!)

Featuring Artizana Koutiala (Savanna) Sari from Designer Showcase
Featuring October’s 4Seasons Mocha Skin Tone (Angelina)
1. Image Essentials Props (Read more...)




December 2014
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Just My Imagination

Hair: Mimi – EMO-tions Outfit: Noemi NEW – SeVered GarDeN Boots: Weky Boots NEW – SeVered GarDeN Poses: Del May

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Oh Boy, Do We

We <3 Role-Play is back and it’s bigger than e […]

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When I See You Smile

Skin: Anna – AIMI Skins Eyes: SeverEyes #2-4 – SeVered GarDeN Hair: Ela – EMO-tions @ Sneak Peek (until Nov 5) Jewelry Set: Flower Set – Meva @ Sneak Peek (until Nov 5)

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Are You Ready For Holidays? — Featuring Sabra Style, -LOUX- and E C R U from Designer Showcase; Featuring Zibska and PosESioN from The Instruments

Some years, I truly struggle with the emotion of the holidays and by November 3, I’m buried somewhere down deep inside myself and bracing for the storm of the supposed “HAPPY” holidays that sometimes seem so far away from reality. It’s something significant and not something only I struggle with, so I hope as you read this, if you know others who do, you might be a breath of gentle air, a warm hug, a cup of hot cider, a blessing of hope, and then just wait, and be there, because those of us who’ve learned how to hibernate through emotional seasons also wake. They’ll want you there when they do wake and they will remember your touch and heart while they couldn’t respond to you.

So I went over to a Winter Sim and found some precious displays and this little snowman standing in his own huge snowfall caught my eye. I know it’s a bit early to think of Merry Christmas, but it’s not too early to think of love, a love to touch the whole world, regardless of faith, and peace, enough to spread like a fire, and bring a calmness like the snow to every single of the 8 billion souls you’ll find out there this year.

I’m wearing a new Charisma gown in red from Kylie Sabra at Sabra Style. You’ll also find E C R U Ritz Heels and this bold yet elegant luscious new  lipstick from -LOUX- both at Designer Showcase

, excellent deals, and every new month that passes brings multiple reasons to return to enjoy this (Read more...)

Turn Around

Skin: Onix (with The Mesh Project appliers) – JUMO Hair: Princess 2 NEW – EMO-tions Outfit: Hannah NEW – LoLa Creations Includes wool top, pants and earrings Bag: Messenger Leather Brown Bag –  ANE Location: NorderNey

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All The Times

Outside Hair: Faith (group gift) – EMO-tions Dress: Leather Dress Zooey NEW – Pink Cherry Shoes: Strapped Platform Rhianna NEW – Pink Cherry

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Tales from Grimhaven

Inspector Smith was not pleased at all. After the drinking contest at the Forged Sword tavern, there had been sightings of a drunken dragon who was causing ruckus and apparently making his way… Continue reading

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The Witches Warn — Something Wicked This Way Comes — Featuring Chop Zuey and !Lybra!

The scene opens, and a fearsome group of witches chant and prophecy, whispering words in an Olde English tongue, and MacBeth enters. One of the great stories of William Shakespeare, and fraught with all the excitement of earthly gasp and second-worldly wisdom, inspires this new set of jewelry from Chop Zuey. Thank you Belle for making more than jewelry. You always have a story to share, a tale to tell, and an adventure for us to take with you when we wear your ingenious pieces.

Second Witch:
“By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.
Open, locks,
Whoever knocks.”

Karina by Lybra made me smile because during the years I took Russian in college, I had to sign my name КАРИНА – which when translated to the alphabet more of us recognize, Karina. There are a thousand ways to make something flexible and something traditional in Second Life clothing design, but it at times feels like only two or three ways may be used by many. When I put on this dress, there were layers of skirt that moved with unique flair, something fresh and different, around a sweetheart bodice, and I loved it. I really enjoy the artistry of the fashion industry, and when artists like those behind the name Lybra create a gown, I know it’s not just another gown but something special.

Featuring Chop Zuey Something Wicked Set
Featuring !Lybra! Karina Gown
1. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
2. October’s 4Seasons Angelina Milk Sk (Read more...)

Introducing SNEAK PEEK!

We are thrilled to introduce to you PENUMBRA’s ne […]

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Without Trust, There Is No Love

Listen: El Tango de Roxanne Skin: Anna – AIMI Skins Hair: Stormy Lana NEW – EMO-tions Gown: Janieke Scarlet – Leri Miles Designs @ Sneak Peek (until Nov 5th) Earrings: Briolette – Indyra Originals

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Finesmith Halloween Hunt

The outfit I am showing you today – Ghost Story – is a Finesmith creation for the Halloween Pry Hunt (until Oct 31). TP to Finesmith Mainstore and search for 11 white pumpkins (each cost L$ 50) which contain pieces of beautiful halloween jeweled outfits and body jewelry pieces. Collect all pumpkins and build complete […]

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Bright White or Dark Night — Featuring *Whimsical Imaginarium* and NOYA

Bright and white or dark as night, that’s what dreams are made of… Whimsical Imaginarium offers that and so much more.

This week, the new White Swan gown came to The Couturier’s Docks.

Terror Couture released to The Instruments. Both of these offer fun options for this time of year, and with Terror Couture, you can save the little horror pieces and still wear the rest of the ensemble for other events and look oh so sexy with that waspish waist.

I paired Noya’s new White Pearls set with the white gown and added other brightly white bits and pieces to complete the overall effect. With the Terror Couture array of items, few accessories were needed to make this look complete.

Whether light or dark, I enjoy the opportunity to play and the exquisite quality of *Whimsical Imaginarium* by Bodza E Tucker aka Bodza Mubble. Thank you!

Featuring *Whimsical Imaginarium* White Swan from The Couturier’s Docks
Featuring NOYA White Pearls Set
1. Chop Zuey Octopussy White Bracelet
2. -{ZOZ}- Dark Spring Silver Nail Appliers
3. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
– Female Feet High
4. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
5. Lybra Foreen Hair
6. blackLiquid Feline Glitter
7. Avante Poses
8. Glitterati Poses
9. OB4S Walnut Angelina

Featuring *Whimsical Imaginarium* Terror Couture from The Instruments
1. Chop Zuey Halloween
2. Indyra Originals Garbo Collar
3. E C R U Corrup Stilettos Frost
4. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
– Feet Female High
5. OB4S: Angelina Evil
6. (Read more...)

Bring Me To Life

Skin: Vega – JUMO The Mesh Project appliers available! Hair: Roxanne – EMO-tions Jewelry Set: Candice NEW – EMO-tions Dress: Elaisse Gown – Senzafine @ The Mystic Realms Faire (until Oct 26th)

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Thank You Jamee! Featuring Lybra’s COO, ♛ Miss V♛ SWEDEN 2015♛ – Lybra, Wicca’s Wardrobe and October’s 4Seasons at The Couturier’s Docks

Last night was a rough night. On nights like that, I do my best to distract myself and make it one moment at a time. I was working on styling the new dress from Lybra at The Couturier’s Docks. Mr. Rage has sold out his new dress at TCD within the first few days for 3 rounds, so I didn’t want to miss out on it this time. I glommed over and grabbed mine the moment I saw the notice.

So I have on two different outfits to show you. The first is an unusual pant suit dress combination like nothing I’ve seen before in SL which makes it exceedingly interesting and fun. Libra’s Mizuki may be purchased at The Couturier’s Docks at the moment, and is shown as it was created in two photos I shot, then with only the pant suit on, as I turned a cartwheel in the ocean.

Wicca’s Wardrobe also has some great new items at The Couturier’s Docks, including the heels you can see in the photo of the cartwheel. There are several items from her including brand new mesh she created, something significant to her as her second ever mesh design, and something that no one else has, as a result of her creating it herself. She’s very excited to offer this to her faithful customers and all who pass through The Couturier’s Docks who might become new customers.

The brand new line of skins begins with Angelina. October’s 4Seasons Skins and accessories has its first ever display at The Couturier’s Docks. The Milk Skin Tone has never been sold pre (Read more...)


Skin: Anna Natural 06 NEW – AIMI Skins Mesh Body: Venus – Belleza Hair: Aquaria NEW – EMO-tions Bikini: Hello Sailor Two Pieces – Mag<3.B The pose is part of the Underwater Poses set (5 mirrored poses), mini hunt prize by HelaMiyo. Here is your taxi, enjoy :)

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Open Up My Eyes

Hair: Arielle NEW – EMO-tions Sunglasses: Clelia with HUD (gacha item) – Legal Insanity @ The Boho Culture Fair (until Oct 25) Top: Josy Tank Top Hipster Cat – Legal Insanity @ The Boho Culture Fair Pants: Meadow Bell Bottom Jeans – Legal Insanity @ The Boho Culture Fair Bangles: Boho Bangles (fair gift) – […]

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Whos The Best Friend Now

Hair: Milk Hair (now Soonsiki) ~Bang! Bang

Hair Base: Kmadd ~ Music is my life

Teeth: Whatever ~Teeth 2.0

Eyes: BabyDoll ~Crystal Eyes

Breasts: Lolas ~Delicq

❤ Booty: BANNED ~Petite

❤ Top: Aphrodisiac ~Bones Deep @ Bloody Horror Fair 10/15
Available in Black, Blue,Hot Pink, Orange, Purple

❤ Knife in Back: Aphrodisiac ~Best Friends @ Bloody Horror Fair 10/15

Pants: Perch ~Selene Jeans 

Belt: <3Heartistic ~ Pop Topz Retro 90’s belt @ The Body Modification Expo ::New::
This belt has so many options and a must have for any outfit!
Necklace: EMO-tions ~Pearl/back

Necklace: EMO-tions ~ Inverted Cross Necklace

Rings: Scene ~Purgatory ::Limited Sold Out::

Nails: The Little Bat ~Gradient Tips

Bracelets: .K-Otic. ~Chain Links Arms

ArmBands: .K-Otic. ~Spiked Arm

❤ Face Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t ~Vampire Eyes @ Halloween BlackOut 

❤ Chest Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t  ~Caught In A Web Tattoo

Eye Makeup: Glamorize~Heavy Black Combo

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Pic 1 
Something New ~Butterfly Chaise (Includes 4 Poses)
Pic 2: From L to R
KaTink ~Kiana 5
Glitterati ~094
Glitterati ~039
I normally only do 1 picture.  But Omg these Items are just so great I had to do 2 to (Read more...)

Upon My Return — Featuring !Lybra, h.m.a.e.m., Morphine; American Outfitters at The Promenade; and [[Modern Couture]] at The Instruments

It’s always a little odd to have to be away a while, then return to this shared virtual world and virtual life that criss crosses so many peoples’ worlds it astounds me. My world gets very very small indeed when I get to a point where I turtle into my shell and invest more energy into making it through a day than anything else. When I finally peek out of that shell, it’s unusual because I often feel like sooo much time has passed, and it’s only been a few days, and because in some cases, even those few days make and break people, and some names I will never see again.

I have the true blessing to know so many of you via different forms of art and artistic discussion, the same passions, the same energy and drive. Lybra recently went from being a well known high end designer to an off the charts oh my goodness WOW designer. I think there are several reasons for this, but ultimately, it’s a good team, people at each level working together to accomplish a really great result. The gown I have on called Isamu, recently released, shows exactly my point. It’s hot, yet elegant, culturally relevant yet unique. I love it.

When I saw the [[Modern Couture]] jewelry set from The Instruments this month, I was thinking, “What an awesome look for that gown I want to blog.” So you have it to accessorize. American Beagle Outfitters created the wire cuff on one wrist for the Promenade, Morphine made the heels, and h.m.a.e.m. created the ne (Read more...)


Stylecard: Gown & Collar: Bite&Claw – Ivana @ Mystic Realms Faire Earrings: Empyrean Forge – Grace Adornment (black) @ Mystic Realms Faire Shoes: The Annex – Impossibly High Heels (evil queen ed) Hair:… Continue reading

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