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…como abeja al panal…

....como abeja al panal....

...thinking of a beautiful song for this post and this song just seemed perfect.  These shots were taken by Ms. Strawberry Singh and I must say, I think I have a new girl crush!  She is soooo amazing and talented, I mean, I was impressed before but she really blew me away!!  Thank you Ms. Berry for the amazing pictures  <<<HUGSSSS>>> Here is a lovely and elegant dress by Purple Moon.... enjoy!

(This song is great because it reminds me of being at home with my family, dancing the night away-- drinking, laughing, hearing old stories from my mother's Cuba, and just loving life in general next to the ones I love...)  

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"....drinking so much and I'm gonna call him anyways....."
ahhh who doesn't love the sexy Drake, huh?  This song is so soulful and sexy, sensual and just the right tone to get me in the mood....mmmm, oh Bel???  *winks*

These sexy lil numbers are brought to you by none other than the sexy designer known as Meghindo's.  This designer has quickly risen to the top of my list and when I want to wear a dress, bikini, or lingerie that will drive Bel crazy, this is the first place I run to. Now, I have a lot of favorites, but my out of my top 3, Meghindo's is it! 

Check these dresses out now at their super impressive mainstore and plan to stay a while-- They have great dresses, gowns, swimsuits, shoes and more--- all starting at around $300L!!


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Land of Lost Lovers & Pistol Whipped….

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.... inspired by a song that transported me back to ULTRA and into the future... here is this galatic, modern, avant-garde look brought to you by sYs....

Putting this on and listening to this song has given me strength and has enlightened me to do what it is I need to do in my SL personal life. Moving on, not looking back, confronting the future with poise and confidence, replaying the thoughts of "sh*t happens for a reason or sh*t just happens".... not giving a FCUK about anything and doing what I know makes me happy!

Lost Lovers and getting Pistol Whipped by a new feeling that had been evading me for so long... Here I am, as I am, and as I willing always be... ready for new things and seeking a better future for myself!  I wanna trip inside your love.... Thank you AFROBETA for the sudden inspiration!

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Candy Cane….

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... Introducing Mr. Cane Coba!!!!! 

Yeah, he's pretty hot...... and that's all I have to say about that.

I met him socially at a night club while I was scooping out the fashion scene and he stood out for me for some reason. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "..ohhh look Elise was flirting..tisk tisk tisk...." and to be honest, I have been notoriously accused of being somewhat "flirtacious" but I really wasn't. Atleast I didn't notice myself being flirtacious.  Anyways.. back to the reason you're reading this: Cane Coba.

He had a unique style that I really liked.. I mean seriously, how often do you run into a guy who is pretty fashionable and not gay?  There is nothing wrong with being gay but really?  Options are limited. And so I approached him and we became friends. Here we are posing in what we met in-- strictly business, people. Strictly Business!


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.... a sexy, fun-in-the-sun type of look, new from MIAMAI!!  The top is something I really was excited about-- The frilly jean looking halter top is fun and sexy, perfect a warm summer day paired with my favorite jean skirt from Berries. A staple piece that should be in every fashionista's inventory!

A new capri-looking pair of jeans from Miamai are also out, which paired with this top would have completed the look. I personally wasn't too crazy about the jeans so I didn't bother buying them-- BUT they are still very nice, so check em out while you're there.  MIAMAI


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... and rightfully so! I feel like this is it! Everything this blog is, everything this blog stands for... everything this brand is built on and much more-- its about who you really are and what you really feel about yourself. Loving yourself and being free to express that inner sexified diva is what I feel this blog is about.

To be honest, its been a short while that I can honestly say I have felt "sexy" when it comes to fashion.  I mean, everything in SL makes you look good, as long as you make sure the adjustments are done properly but..ehhh... do you really, genuinely feel "sexy"?  I mean, its SL right?.. can that really happen?  I say yes. Being "sexy" is a frame of mind-- I can wear this ultra sexy number from Meghindo' and if I truly don't feel confident in myself, I can't pull it off, no way in hell. Sorry, but its true.

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