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I hope all of you had a nice Easter yesterday whether in Second Life or Real Life or Both. Easter to me has always been about family time and remembering what the day actually is. Being thankful and enjoying family and friends is always important. In Second Life I dressed up as an Easter rabbit... Read More

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Easter Bunny

Happy Easter  BODY Hair: Sn@tch – Tempest Hair [New] Body: Slink Hourglass CLOTHING Lingerie: Clockhaus – Rachel Bodysuit – Pink [New][@ Applique] Shoes: Moda – Candy Heels [New] FURNITURE Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Pink Studio (don’t wear) Neon Sign: [Kres] Happy Easter! Rug: LAGOM – THE GALLERY [RUG] [GIFT] Lamp: EASTER lamp 2018 PINK by “sources” Bunnies: JIAN Floppy Ear … Continue reading "Easter Bunny"

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Super Duper Egg Hunt ! (Home & Garden)

A real quickie as I’m heading out the door to work – get your skates on and get over to Dench Designs ! Fantastic Egg hunt with all manner of goodies for your home ! So sorry I don’t have time to show you some of the prizes because they are SUPERB. Amanda has a really good set of clues to grab from the poster, even I managed to find them all ! Thanks Amanda Dench Designs

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New Eggs, New Friends

“Have we opened them all?” “You mean have we hidden them all?” “Um. …yes. Hidden. That is absolutely what I meant.” These fantastically festive Easter bunnies are hunt prizes in the Magic of Oz Easter hunt that ends this Sunday, so if you haven’t been to Oz yet, you better hurry! The egg with the small hedgie is also a hunt prize, the rest are gacha wins. Eggs and bunnies: perfect spring. Ozimals – Primavera & Vistoso 2017 Elite Bunnies at Magic of Oz Easter Hunt
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 31 “The Magic of Spring 2017” at Magic of Oz Easter Hunt
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 48 “Romantic Rendezvous” gacha at Magic of Oz
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 36 “A New Friend” gacha at Magic of Oz
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 34 “Jardin du Roi” gacha at Magic of Oz
MishMish – Sweet Short Grass at Collabor88
JIAN Clover Patch at Collabor88

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Spring’s Flower Holiday ~Paris Metro Couture~

I am really into timeless vintage and the spring season this year. I think the calf length style dress is so wonderful with a great retro feel. Flower Holiday is really divine and I think you should have it too! Beautiful flowers in contrasting softness and flowing skirts along with lovely shoes and hat….. Perfect... Read More

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I always love to get something Eastery to wear and I found this glorious outfit by !Go for just $99L. Standard sizes only but I found a perfect fit to go over my Slink Physique body.  In the box is the outfit, the ruffle and the ears – dead cute. Teleport to the discount & group gift area to find it. Lots of other colours/patterns to choose from! I turned around and boooom – I was staring at a vast pile of group gifts, some are free some are $1L. This outfit “ragwitch” comprises of two parts, the top and the overall. Standard sizes only, but I got a good fit from them. Totally adore the little plushie toy in the pocket! !Go
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Shhh dont tell Zan (Freebie inc)

Zan and I usually drop each other a notecard to say what we are going to blog and basically to issue a “paws off” to one another – howeverrrr I really do love The Wash event, it’s a great chance to cop a few bargains and every day essentials – oh and some FUN bit and pieces. So despite her telling me to back away I sneaked off to The Wash and grabbed a few items! I’ve known of Anachron for a while but never knew they had opened a big store – et voila, I snagged one colour version of their dress for just $10L, it’s just delightful and dainty and a brilliant fit to boot. I also bought the shoes from Sage, just adore the style, so useful plusss I bought an add on Hud for florals – had to be done right? The Huds are massive, seriously. Popped over to the Anachron main store and w-o-w, sooooo much to buy! I trolled the gacha machines for bags and nifty items at just $29L a pop it would’ve been rude not too. Found a trailer load of group gifts too!… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire 2016 Sim – Breeze

Breeze | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by Solarium
Breeze (Kayle Matzerath)
A very bright and pastel watercolored village that harnesses the wind to turn it into magical energy.

Breeze is a lovely sunny and simple build. But there is still a lot to see. The tent that holds the Sponsors store is just fabulous, as is the giant fish fountain in the middle of the sim. Look around spot little things! Enjoy the sun!

You can see all my photos of the sim at this link here

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Serenity designers – Plastik, Rainy Fey, Sakide, Curvosity, andTayren’s Fantasy Fashions

Click here for a list of all the stores on Serenity with SLURL's to their main stores I will not be posting SLURL's individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I'll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire items, or items by FF vendors only. SLURL to the sim

Click for bigger

First outfit from the creators of Serenity I have to show you is Tayren's Fantasy Fashion's Caera dress. A wispy princes dress that is a mix of mesh and flexi prims. So it still has a bit of that flow about you from the normal prims but fits like mesh. It comes with the tiara I am wearing. And not shown is a complete avatar, skin, hair ,shape eyes. All for one low price that goes right to the ACS.

I am also using in this photo a pose from Curvosity's Winged Pose Set .

Click for bigger

Next is a gown by Sakide called Lienna. The top has a hud that lets you switch between a solid and a subtle pattern, like on the skirt.… Read the rest

Spring Secrets

“But how do the eggs get into the hooman world?” Cheepy the Third inquired. “We work hard all year with the eggs and flowers and butterflies and the exact right tone of yellow, and then one morning they’re just gone!” “It’s the Guardians of Spring Secrets,” chirped Squee the Fifth. “Once we’re aaalmost ready, they send out someone to check our work and when they approve they’ll magic the eggs away, just like that! One wiggle of whiskers and swoosh!” “Not just a swoosh,” Goldiedots the Guardian spoke up, startling the chick workers. “It takes careful calibration of each bush and hiding spot and extremely patient channeling of spring energies. But that-” He paused for a moment, the official tone changing into an excited squee as he hopped next to the tiny bird and egg tree. “Whoooo did this one? This is brilliant!” Cheepy the Third plopped down next to the Guardian, shamelessly proud.Read the resteastereggs3bs

Easter Hunt

There is a Spring Fair and Easter egg hunt happening right now at Ostermarkt, tons of things to buy and heaps to hunt. I think I’m correct in saying that there are one hundred and three eggs to find *faints* – I got to about 40 and needed a nap. Anyway this outfit caught my eye, it’s from milky way, only one size in the box , which is medium and its all one piece. Dead cute for Easter and a great fit over my Slink mesh body. My lipstick is also a gift I found from M&M, especially for the Catwa mesh head – lovely gentle tone. I also liked this lovely little pink frock from Vee’s, all sizes included plus a fitting for a couple of mesh bodies yay! My natty spring bag is from GLH  nice hold animation included. There were lots of guys hunting as plenty of blokey gear is in the hunt, plus home & garden. Collect your egg collection basket on the way in, and just touch the eggs you see around. The total on your basket will show how many eggs you’ve found , it also tells you if you’ve found the egg before (handy!) Spring Fair & egg hunt
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Happy Easter from Seraphim

left to right: Eden, Del, Mocha, Floopsy, Atiya, Maddie, Naughty, Heidi, Cinder, Tara, and Alice

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!  While your Seraphim Bloggers are busy hopping around the grid, bringing you the best coverage of your favorite sales and events, we hope everyone celebrating has a happy and peaceful Easter!  Enjoy Sunday! 


~Alice, Atiya, Cinder, Connie, Eden, Heidi, Indigo, Maddie, Mocha, Tara and Del

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Hoppy Easter!

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A Year of Themes – Week 14 – Easter

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info click here!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 14 Theme

Click for bigger

OutfitVita's Boudoir Happy Easter DressSLURL
Hair""D!va"" Hair "Yunie" SLURL
PoseEmbody Prop Pose Pack F SCRAMBLEDSLURL
Sim2015 Easter TownSLURL
SimBotanica's A-Mazing Easter Egg HuntSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Easter, I am fully aware of the importance of this holiday to some, heck my Dad's a preacher. But I am now of another faith. So, for me, it no longer has that meaning. Now for me its about springtime, colored eggs, chocolate, bunnies, and flowers.

And so to revile in those, I chose two areas, 2015 Easter Town and Botanica's A-Mazing Easter Egg Hunt to explore. You can see all of the photos I took here .

Easter town is on the sim that for every holiday they change the theme. I'm not sure what the next one will be, possibly not open till they do it up for the 4th of July.

It was bright, colorful, and cute, with many things to do and buy.… Read the rest

What’s Up, Doc? Definitely not your run of the mill clean room bunny suit!

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way – G Autry Easter is roughly a week away, so of course there’s a great need for bunny costumes, right?  Even if there wasn’t a burning need for them, here they are, because it seemed like a fun thing to make and inflict upon the huddled virtual masses in Second Life.  Not only do we have a prime Easter Bunny costume here in lovely rigged mesh, and knitted from the finest virtual Angora rabbits, but this number can double as jammies for that sleepover you’ve been aching to have.  The cool thing about this costume (apart from it being a bunny and all), is it comes with a color HUD that gives you six delightful Springtime Eastery color choices. I’m sure you already that that this might entail pink.  But not to worry, there’s also purple, yellow, blue, green, and white with pink bits.  Hey, bunnies are fluffy and cute, and come in pastel colors, apparently. … Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/grabilla.com/0531c-ff165d04-4b40-4d0c-a36e-8138ae4367ea.png