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Future nymph

One of Junbug’s latest releases is available at t The Seraphim Social. It’s a ‘space dress’ named for Trillian from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The gown has materials turned up to the max – part of the skirt is super shiny, perfect for a futuristic look. It’s also available in a black and gold colourway.

The tiara -  currently at at We Love Role-Play) – is one of the Dominion of the Deep tiaras from Paper Moon. There are another two aquatically-inspired coronets available and they’re all 25% off for the duration of the event. The skin – a special tone of Quiana from The Skinnery – is half price at the same event.
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(click here for a raw shot) Do you ever dream about Second Life? I don’t actually mean just Second Life itself, but the people you meet in it. I don’t dream often about it, but once in a while I may have a dream about a friend inworld or people on plurk or twitter. Recently […]

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The Liaison Collaborative – April Collection

Tuscany hills have rolled on in for this edition of The […]

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Sometimes a girl just needs to get away, to take a little holiday to refresh and recharge. If only it were just that easy to do. For this little trip I thought I would combine some soft blues can casual apparel with something a little harder, like spik…

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Her Tower Home

…continued from yesterday.Once the princess was safely ensconced in the tower the merchant and his wife revealed to her her true identity. They went so far as to return to her the tiara and necklace her parents had left with for her as proof of her p…

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Princess room

Locked Away

Once there was a beautiful young girl. Now this girl happened to be a princess, however that fact was concealed from her for her entire life. In fact she thought herself to be the daughter of a wealthy merchant and his wife. The princess was sent to li…

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Visiting the market


Some recently released shoes from Pure Poison inspired me to try something just a little different for this post. We all know Gorean slaves can’t wear high heel wedge shoes – but a courtesan from another world certainly could.

Also new are the Zaia hand jewels from Earthstones for Slink hands (note – these are fitted to the Slink Casual and Elegant1 hands, so check you have these hands, and that you buy from the correct vendor).

The clothes are from Soedara – the top is a sexy new mesh camisk, while the skirt is from a set of good ol’ flexi-and-sculpt silks. Mask from Boudoir, additional jewelry from Zaara and Lost Haven, and skin from The.Plastik.
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Mermaid Rescue

One day while walking along the beach a young man stumbled across a mermaid washed up o the beach. He scooped her up and carrier her off to his home to try and nurse her back to health.Little did he know that the once she was away from the water her fi…

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Flying a Kite

It’s pretty funny, just a couple of weeks ago I was watching Mary Poppins with a certain someone special and when it was over I said something along the lines of “We should go fly a kite!”. It sort of fell to the wayside until this weekend… As you ca…

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Let's Fly a Kite

Stargazer Clubhouse

Welcome to the first meeting of the Stargazer Society where we sit in soft things and look at the stars. I think next time I should share the meeting time and date so that I am not all alone.Oh well that just means I could go all Goldilocks on the seat…

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Stargazer Clubhouse

Princess Tea Party

What better excuse to don a tiara than to have a princess tea party? Okay I will find just about an reason to wear a tiara, but that is really besides the point here. Look at that do you see what I see? It’s pink I am wearing pink! Just proof that it i…

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Party Princess

Back to Business

I have missed blogging and I hope you’ve missed me too because as long as this urge lasts you’re stuck with me.  Photography has almost always been a part of my SL and lately I have seen some really great … Continue reading

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In Time Out

Every once in a while Lola leaves her kid with me to watch. Now don’t get me wrong he is an adorable little bundle of all things little boy and I even have a little pay area for him, but sometimes I prefer more grown up company. The other night she ask…

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If you do this

Vacation in Capri

I think I am having a Roman Holiday type moment here. Of course I am no princess and the sim I visited was not Rome, but the classic styling works for the movie reference right? I admit I have been watching a lot of older movies lately. I can’t seem to…

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Capri Holiday

On The Edge

Standing on the edge of darkness…I will admit I was feeling a little moody when I was taking these pictures if you couldn’t guess. It was nothing bad, but one of those moments, so I used it. Of course now that I am getting around to blogging these pi…

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Edge of Darkness I

Rock Chick

I missed you Second Life. I was sick all of last week and am only now crawling out of the bed and ready to face the world again. I had some fun dressing up in a LIV Glam leather outfit, playing with Embody poses I got at The Theme Park, and my huge ass…

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The Things I Do

Lola may be the best friend and SL sister a girl could have but she is also an evil task master. You see there are no free rides in the world of Arcade. Oh no I have to work for the leftovers that Lola throws my way. In fact she left me a whole list of…

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Cleaning the kitchen

Chance Encounter

I have been away on vacation for the last few days and its amazing how many new things there are in SL. I am wearing a pretty new dress by Sassy, romantic strappy shoes by L.Warwick, and hair by Truth- all gorgeous new releases.  This would make a…

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Zigzag Twiggi

Kaithleen’s has some cute original mesh dresses at Designer Showcase this month for only 99L each. I am showing you the dress in cream and it is also available in red, blue, grey, and brown.Teleport to Designer ShowcaseI am wearing Classic Pantyho…

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Siddean Munro shared a teaser pic of something she’s about to release soon, certainly had me intrigued. There is a lot of speculation of what it might be. Some people are saying it’s a mesh head that will have an option for appliers (wouldn’t that be nice?) or mesh boobs/body, etc… Looking at the pic, […]

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