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Pose Fair 2014 is Finally Here!

  It’s finally that time of year for Pose Fair! Pose Fair 2014 is underway with just about 100 designers with many exclusives. I can’t hold my excitement anymore than you can, so let’s check it out together! This year’s Pose Fair will run from today, April 19, to May 3, 2014! That’s only two weeks, so get here now! .Maddie. Teleport to Pose Fair 2014 MIA: Belle Poses, Blueberry Hill, Diesel Works, Dyer Maker, Manifeste, VR Foundry <———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———> Note: Any store without items pictured did not have exclusive items marked at the time of the Pose Fair scheduled opening on April 19th. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of an event opening, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Designers listed as MIA were “dark” (without decor or any items for sale) at the time of the scheduled opening. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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Second Life Wish Lists

The creator of the PoseAnywhere HUD and the E2V Vendor System has created a new addon for those content creators that are using his E2V system. The best thing about this addon is that it will make it a lot easier for all Second Life residents to give gifts to their friends and family, especially […]The post Second Life Wish Lists by appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Cynful Reopening Party

  Saturdays were made for partying and Cynful knows this well! Tomorrow at 12 PM SLT Cynful will have a big reopening party!  Cynful has brought us some of the hottest clothing and apparel on the grid, but they aren’t the only attraction here! Blacklace Beauty, Lil Lace Boutique, Maxi Gossamer, CnS E-motions, Blacklace, E2 Designs, Ecce Bellos, Pilot, Action, Belleza, Humanoid, Pollen Hair and The Lounge are all in the mix! Dj’s will be there keeping the music hot while you shop and gather up the free gifts! Don’t miss the fun, come shop, dance and celebrate the grand reopening! -Vio<3   Teleport to Cynful Reopening!

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Two Pose HUDs You Need

Before I get into the two pose huds and why you may need them, I just want to share a few things about what I’m wearing. The poncho and jeans are both mesh. The poncho is from DECOmpose. There’s also a mens version of this poncho which you can see the sexy Carthalis wearing in his post here. EDIT: Adding a quick note about the poncho because of Indigo Alecto’s comment below: I didn’t realize there was no demo to the poncho (which is unfortunate, all mesh clothing should have demos available), therefore here is a raw shot of the poncho and also these are the sizes it comes in: regular and large (no standard sizing availble). I am wearing the regular. The jeans are from Maitreya and these particular ones in this color are only available to Maitreya VIP group members for 50% off. Details in this post and here’s a link to the Maitreya VIP group which is free to join. Now on to the Pose HUDs. Pose Anywhere 2.5
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Can I haz Pose Fair? – Part 2: The South

Et voilá, the beautiful South sim before the event starts, I again apologize to any creators left out, if that happened is because your shops was not finished yet or I somehow missed them, please im me and I will update both blogs accordingly. In the meanwhile more can be seen in the Pose Group Flickr Group. Don´t forget it opens on the 15th at  12 pm. POSE FAIR NORTH POSE FAIR SOUTH POSE FAIR FAMILY Poses by: Exposeur, elymode, Manifeste, Phresh, Dream Print, Juxtapose, Sandry´s, ::WetCat::, Vanilla Poses, Fruct0se, [ Omen ], Eternal Bliss, LostAngel Industries, La Petite Morte, Singed Feathers, [Motivaction], VICE, Sweet Sacrifice, Isis Boutique,      Adore&Abhor, Sparrowtree Studios Poses, Y’s Art&Poses, Miamai, marukin, E2 Designs, *BOOM*, POSEbility, Inflorescence, AKEYO, CnS e-motions, Hani & Lilu, Morgane Batista Poses, Captivity Co.Read the rest