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Signature Gianni Male Mesh Body

(click here for a raw shot) Signature has been a Second Life brand for many years now. They used to release some excellent skins and they have previously released a female mesh body named Alice and two complete male avatars named Anthony and Franklin. Now, on Friday February 26th they have released a new male mesh […] The post Signature Gianni Male Mesh Body by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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July 2016
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The Check Out

Divos Titanium:

Hair: NO.MATCH @ Men Only Monthly - NO.FACT. - Reds
Jacket: Sorgo @ Monsieur Chic - S-Way Jacket - Yellow
Pants: Deadwool @ Monsieur Chic - Peak Suit - Trousers
Shoes: Vale Koer @ Monsieur Chic - Concrete Shaman
Glasses: Zoom @ Men Only Monthly - Malcon Glasses

Saber Matova:

Hair: Dura - Valentine Group Gift Hair
Jacket: Seul Garcon @ Monsieur Chic - Bonded Croc Aviator Jacket
Pants: Gabriel @ Monsieur Chic - Bonded Strap Pants Set w/ Boots
Tattoo: Taox - Guardian Angel Never Dies
Cigarette: NikotiN - Classic Cigarette - Nextgen

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Taking It

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. ~ Roseanne Barr Continue reading →

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.You’re Late.

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Bones crackled underneath your feet with each step, each noise echoed endlessly.
His scrutinizing eyes narrowed as you approached, clearly unimpressed.
“What took you so long? Hurry up.. They are waiting ..you’re already la-“
“Boo! Kahahaha.. “
“-te…Get lost, cat.”
“No need to look startled, love. Most everyone’s mad here..”.Hair:  *Dura Anime*01(White).Watches:  C L A Vv.   Ribs Watch Necklaces, Tim’s Necklace Watch.Jacket:  xin– Maxwell Coat  Black.Pants: C L A Vv.  – Wrinkle Leather Pants – Brown  – TMD.Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots.Rabbits:  {anc} cotton bunny- sugar, & cappuccino— Below Items at The Epiphany  Coming Soon!.Ears: RO – Wonderland – Rabbit Ears.Clock: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – {NOISE} empty ticking.Cheshire: CURELESS  & [n.i]  –  aliceinmonsterland / 09 / thechesire.Bottle: CURELESS  & [n.i]  – aliceinmonsterland / 06 / drinkmebottle.Lance: CURELESS  & [n.i] –  aliceinmonsterland / 11 / lanced.Chess Boards: CURELESS  & [n.i]  – aliceinmonsterland / exclusive / thegameboard

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Samurai Cyrus Male Mesh Head

(click here for a raw shot) Samurai has been a brand in Second Life for about 3 years now creating male skins. Last November they entered the mesh head market with a release of their first mesh head named Cyrus. Then on January 1st of this year they released their Kyle head and soon, in […] The post Samurai Cyrus Male Mesh Head by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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....~Luka Requiem
.Hair: *Dura Boys&Girls 57.Tattoo: CURELESS  [+] Komainu Guardians.Necklace: MINIMAL Hook Necklace –  TMD.Hood: C L A Vv. – Shoulder Spirit Hood – DOG black – TSS (Coming Soon).Masks:  ..::( siratama )::.. syougatu-asobi – RARE – Japonica.Fan: ..::( siratama )::.. tasuki-Kazari – Japonica.Top: -00- Japanese Soul Byakko Kimono, Obi, Arm covers – Japonica.Bottom: tomoto – hoodie kimono bottom – tucked.Pants: AMERIE  – Mesh Harf Pants.Talons:  [CX] Hayop Claws, Talon Nails.Swords:  [CX]  Ninja Katana.Tail:  [CX]  Bone Tail black.Wraps:  [CX] Leg Wraps Red.Shoes:  [CX] Fang Geta

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Don’t forget to close the door on your way out!

Bye 2015, you were a total asshole. I won’t miss you one bit!   And since it’s out with the old, and in with the new, I decided to pour myself a nice glass of Champagne (Maison Dutchie) and dress up. I’ m wearing COCO Designs Double breasted tuxedo jacket in a rich burgundy color, paired with Ladies Who Lunch‘s multi bold Stilts pants. on my feet, for the occasion, a pair of Gos Chelsea sandals. Hairwise I decided for Dura again, Boy & Girl no, 62 and I am still sporting LeLutka‘s Simone head with Glam Affair‘s Simone applier! Now I think it’s time to go get another drink in RL. Catch you later and if not: Happy New Year!

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Never just black and white

Life is never just black and white, on the contrary, even on the dullest day, it’s full of colours but for my blog I have been wondering for a while…. How would I like it if I’d dedicate myself to black and white photography only for a while? I love black and white photography, i love scrolling for it on flickr, blogs that i come across which frequently use black and white photos always catch my eye before others so lets see how I am dealing with the lack of colors on this place. Maybe I get bored with it soon. Maybe you’ll ask me to PLEASE go back to colours, or maybe we all like it and this will be the new look for Graziasl.com. Let me know!! Meanwhile, I am wearing Dura‘s Girl 64 in white. I know Dura‘s white is pretty difficult. It lacks texture and is just… so very white, but I must say, up here, it looks prety good and I love the sharp cut bob of it.
My face is LeLutka‘s special edition Simone head. Special in the sense that she has her own dedicated animations and that the modeling of the head is anticipating the roll out of Linden Lab’s project Bento with more complex polygon flows than the older heads.… Read the rest

Akeruka Pablo Mesh Head

Akeruka New Mesh Head Designer KaoZ Koba of Akeruka is on a roll with amazing mesh heads for men. He is bringing so much more diversity into the mesh head market and I am so looking forward to female mesh heads from him, if he decides to make them in the future. His third release […] The post Akeruka Pablo Mesh Head by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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LeLutka is releasing (on Dec. 22nd) a new mesh head called Simone! The Lelutka Simone head will be realeased as a “Special Edition” so it already comes with 1.4 version head! The 1.4 Update includes : • Faster script time on communications between the features of the product. • Lower load for the mesh, giving you a faster rezzing time, and decreasing your mesh impact to yourself and others. • Blend/Mask mode for eyelashes (information on website) It also comes with new expressions:
• Added new sultry/bored eyes option in expressions section of HUD. • replaced closed mouth smile, half smile and lip bite with kiss, sneer, lick • And added new gestures to incorporate the new facial expressions: Kiss :* Lick :p Sad :( Smile :) or :D Sneer :s Suprised/Mad :O   I’m also wearing: 1st Pic Hair: *Dura* x’mas group hunt-(white) Necklace: MINIMAL – Swift Necklace Gold @ Shiny Shabby Fur Coat: Mimikri – Fur Jacket / Alba red @ Tres Chic 2nd Pic: Hair: .… Read the rest

#445 You cannot find peace by avoiding life..

..Virginia Woolf

I wanted to share a close-up of this stunning skin from 7 Deadly S{K}ins  which is available exclusively for the White Elephant Gacha Fair.  This beauty is one of the commons but I just love those freckles! 

 My super cute nails are from Encore and will be at The Bi-Annual Wash Cart Sale when it opens on the 16th - each pack is just $10L you get appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Eve and Omega.  

My dress is Just Because's item for the current round of FaMESHed and is a really sweet, girly dress with an unusual neckline that will work for so many occasions.   There is an array of beautiful colours (or a hud controlled fatpack) to choose from and a hud allowing you to change the belt and metal colours - you can also wear the dress without the belt.  

I had fun playing with these new props from Repose who are participating in the Winter Gacha Festival which runs till Dec 31st.  They have 10 new prop poses available to collect, each gacha prize contains both seasonal and tintable non-seasonal versions of the prop.… Read the restPost #445

I Got You

Sam Credits: coat: ::K:: - Mouton Boa Coat (@ Fameshed) jeans: Cold Ash - Nevada Jeans gloves: Aphorism - Leather Gloves hair: Dura - Boy 61 skin: Aeros - Javier
Izzie Credits: coat: ::K:: - Mouton Boa Coat (@ Fameshed) jeans: Blueberry - Mia Jeans hair: Spellbound - Chilly RARE (@ The Arcade) skin:  Izzie's - Xanthe Skin (@ Uber) gloves:  Izzie's - Knit Gloves
pose: Rack Poses - I Got You (soon @ TLC)   Other Credits: house: What Next - Winter's Cottage (@ The Arcade) snowmen: Sway's - Snow Friend (@ The Arcade) fox: The Secret Store - Winter Foxes (@ The Arcade) dog: Omen - Waiting For Santa Paws - ReinDog (@ The Arcade) jackalope: Half Deer - Jackalope - Photographer (@ The Arcade)

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The Intruder.

Credits: Hair 61 Dura. Skin/shape Javier Aeros. Jacket on shoulder, shirt and Deer horn necklace Gabriel @ Shiny Shabby. Jeans Nevada Cold Ash.  William shoes ILLI. Pose by Diesel Works. Enjoy and till next time ♥

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A Pirate Story Part Two

            When Morgana woke up the following morning she found a beautiful gown draped next to her. She has no idea who is was from or who had spotted her, but since it covered her much more than what she was wearing she put it on. Once dressed she spotted a ship in the cove below her, it felt like ages since she had been the captain of her own vessel.

           She lusted after the ship terribly and was lost to her own thoughts. She was staring dreamily at the ship as a stranger approached. He said to her, "I see you are staring at my ship.", needless to say this startled her greatly as she did not hear his approach.

               He didn't let on that he knew her to be the much famed Captain Morgana, but all good pirates knew who she was. He invited her to join him on his ship. Having few options available to her and with much caution she decided to join him. They sailed far from the archipelago that had caused her so much grief.… Read the restLonging - A Pirate Story


"At first glance, the alfajor is entirely unassuming. One might even pass it up for something with chocolate chips or frosting. This would be a grave mistake. There's a reason this simple cookie defines the cafe scene in Buenos Aires and has entire cafes devoted to it all across Latin America. It's maybe the best cookie that ever was. " Continue reading →

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The Mens Dept Has Arrived!

  The Mens Dept is back with a great round! It’s absolutely filled with amazing mens items that you will love, and some that women can wear and use too! I am just stunned by the quality and style brought by the amazing designers to this event. Get over here fast and check it out, it ends on November 31st! Indigo Teleport to The Mens Dept MIA: Howl, Nikotin, Triin < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Smorgasbord Catch Up Post!

So much to catch up on lately, so I'm just jumping on in and showing off some of my fav goodies from recent events and releases from some amazing stores!

Abby Sweater Dress from DE DesignsRain Weather Necklace from Izzie's at The EpiphanyMolly Bag with gift Coffee from Tentacio at Kustom 9Hair - Drive from Magika.  Skin - Camille from Laqroki
Gia Dress from DE DesignsTaylor Hair from Bold & Beauty Hair at The EpiphanySkin - Camille from Laqroki with eye makeup from Glam Affair
Chloe Cropped Sweater and Chloe Asymmetric Skirt from GizzA Creations at Shiny Shabby
Lilith Skin from Atomic at The Epiphany
Bones Hair from Moon at The Epiphany
Desi Cocktail Dress from GizzA CreationsLilith Skin from Atomic at The EpiphanyCinnabun Hair from Besom at The Epiphany
Graveyard Guard from GizzA CreationsHair - Girl 62 from Dura.  Skin - Grace from Belleza.

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Nice To See You

Credits Sam:  jacket:::K:: - A/W Car Coat (@ Shiny Shabby) pants: Gabriel - Ripped Pants (@ Men's Only Month) hair: Dura - Boy 61 skin: Aeros - Javier    Credits Izzie:  jacket:::K:: - A/W Car Coat (@ Shiny Shabby) pants: ISON - Wax Zip Denim shoes: Mutresse - Pinki Flats hair: Wasabi Pills - Tiffany
pose: oOo Studio - Autumnal Two (@ The Seasons Story)
Credits Other: barn: Pixel Mode - Fall Harvest Barn (former Arcade item) sheep: Jian - Maybelle The Sheep grass: Alirium - Itchy Grass pumpkins: Trompe Loeil - Ceres Pumpkin Set (@ Uber) tree: Trompe Loeil - Ceres Tree Swing (@ Uber) wreath, garland, basket decor and harvest sign : What Next

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In order for the light to shine brightly, the darkness must be present.

Francis Bacon,the great scientist-philosopher wrote, “In order for the light to shine brightly, the darkness must be present.” The truth of this is demonstrated every time I work with projectors. They are brightest when it is darkest. I thought of this quote, though, in relation to this avant garde outfit from Liziaah. It explores form and texture and through its form, the interplay of dark and light. Released in deep, dark shades of aubergine, royal blue and black, the colors provide the darkness.

Explorations of form, curving shapes and an open back reveal the light of exposed skin made brighter by their relation to the dark, rich fabrics.

Here you can see the entire outfit. Frills on pants are another way of playing with form. The curving shapes of the jacket do the same. Slight touches of red add color at the nails, the shoes and in the jewelry. As you can see, I am still using the wonderful Kalopsia Broken Floor razzed out on the water. I love it.… Read the restIn order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.

In Your Arms

Credits Sam: jacket: Modulus - Rico Jacket (@ The Seasons Story) pants: Coldash - Nevada Jeans boots: David Heather - Liberty Boots  hair: Dura - Boy 61 skin: Aeros - Javier
Credits Izzie: coat: Orange Pekoe - Nerdy Duffle (@ Geeks 'n' Nerds) pants: ISON - Tova Leather Leggings boots: fri.day - Rosie Boots glasses: Dichotomy & The Horror - Charm Bomb Glasses (@ Geeks 'n' Nerds) hair: Tram - E819 hair mesh head: LeLutka - Stella mesh head applier: Izzie's - LeLutka Applier Victoria (coming soon)
Credits Other: Garland: Sway's - Boo Halloween Garland (@ Wayward Halloween) dog left: VKC - Bloodhound

pose: oOo Studio - Sanctuary location: Izzie's

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