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Spring is Alive at the Black Fair!

Spring is alive at the Black Fair! From now until April 20th, some amazing designers are bringing back the power of black.  This classical timeless color never goes out of style and is always considered a modern, sophisticated color.  Update your wardrobe this Spring at the Black Fair 2018!   ღCherries & Smoke Teleport to The Black Fair 2018 MIA:  Gutchi, Lucky Elfs, Me Jewelry, Moda, Phedora, United Colors <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>  

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June 2018
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Turn Up The Heat With The Fetish Fair!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Fetish Fair is turning up the heat!  You won’t get stuck in a runt this season of love as some amazing designers have put together a sexy display of must-have items to spice up your life.  Stop by The Fetish Fair before February 16th to turn the heat up on your sexy time! ღCherries & Ginger Teleport to The Fetish Fair MIA:  Essenz, Phedora, Senses < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Grab an Umbrella, It’s a Sad November!

It’s a Sad November!  Don’t worry, your favorite designers have come together to cheer you up with some amazing items.  Although the weather outside may be depressing, you can pick up some great clothes, accessories, and so much more to keep your spirits up.  So forget the gloom, stop by Sad November before December 2nd, you will be glad you did! ღCherries & Jordan Teleport to Sad November MIA: Glitzz, Le Forme, Modern Clothing Co, Phedora, Ricielli, Yasum Design, Yokai < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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The Boho Culture Fair is open for a few more days and you need to rush over – shop and collect all the brilliant gifts. Rur Life have a sensational  pants & top out for you . Ducknipple have a lovely top with multi colour Hud. This complete look is by Vaxler – you get the belt, skirt and top – plus the Hud for other patterns and colours. Last but not least this gorgeous dress from ArisAris, with a  Hud containing 5 other patterns! (Most of the gifts I found were free, some cost $1L, and most did have fits for mesh bodies & standard av’s.) The Boho Culture Fair
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I’m just a girl, little ol’ me

The LookHead Catwa Catya Head Applier Glam Affair Miriam @ KinkyHair Monso Inni @ Sanarae Glasses Izzie's Good Old Glasses Sweater Ducknipple Jeans Aphorism Jane Boyfriend Jeans
Cup Kunst Leather Mason Jar @ UberPipe Kunst Roman Pipe @ Uber

Now Playing Just a Girl 

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Waiting for Superman

The LookHead Lelutka SimoneHead Applier Izzie's Fae NEWHair Iconic Group Gift Promise Top Ducknipple BraJeans Aphorism! Jane Boyfriend Jeans @ Fameshed
Bracelets and Rings Meva Ivey   @ Cosmopolitan Bi Weekly BackgroundSign Seven Emporium 7 - Times Square Subway SignPhoto Booth anxiety Night Vision 
Now Playing Waiting for Superman

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Hanging around the old oak tree

The LookHead Lelutka SimoneHead Applier Glam Affair Nicola @ Kustom 9 Hair Ducknipple Goldfish Top Ducknipple Outfit 15Skirt Ducknipple Outfit 15Socks and Shoes fri.day Regina Platforms  @ Blush 
Hammock Cheeky Pea Botanicals Hammock Chair  @ Whimsical Oak Tree Little Branch  @ Limit 8

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Hair: lock&tuft - jett natural @ Cosmopolitan
Ears: Swallow - Shiny Elf Ear
  Eyes: Nightmare - Salem Eyes

Outfit: Blueberry - Daisy

Necklace: Codex - Collar Ashanty @ Fetish Fair
 Hands: E.A Studio - Moray Nails @ Fetish Fair
Bracelet: Ducknipple - Witty

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose:  FoxCity - Surface (Fatpack Bonus)

Background: Isuka - Trust & Love backdrop @ Fetish Fair
Sign: Kres - Kinky Caution Signs - 29 @ Kinky

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All the ones that love me they just left me on the shelf

The LookHead Catwa CatyaHead Applier Glam Affair Tessa @ Collabor88Hair TKW Bias @ On9Top United Colors Megie  Bikini Shorts Ducknipple Outfit vs 14 Capris Shoes fri.day Romy Sandals  @ Collabor88Pose Foxcity Pool Bunny vs 2 Series @ On9Dock and all items on it Bee Designs @ On9

Now Playing Save Myself 

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No more Taleahs jumping on the bed!

The LookHead Catwa CatyaHead Applier Glam Affair Tessa @ Collabor88Hair eXxEsS : VARVARATop Ducknipple Outfit 14 TopShorts United Colors Cargo Shorts  @ UberShoes fri.day Romy Sandals  @ Collabor88
Cheeky Pea Kolymbia Cabana  @ Fameshed

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Never Look Back

        Wasabi Pills has the cutest piggy tails at The Chapter Four. This is a gacha hair and there are two hair versions available in the machine and 3 RARE multi-texture packs. This one that I am wearing with the piggy tails a bit higher and long bangs and the other one has the piggy tails a bit lower near the ears and mid parted long bangs. Both are just adorable!         Ducknipple has been making full outfits with shoes and accessories for years. She used to name them things and lately she has started to just number them, lol. I totally get that. Sometimes I have a blog post all done and can't figure out a title and get totally stuck, lol. So the newest outfits are #14 and #15 that were just released. They are both fitmesh for Maitreya, Belleza X3, and Slink X2. #15 is also fitmesh for TMP. I decided to mix n' match these two outfits and make my own look. I love moustache's so when I saw this shirt, that was a must wear. I am wearing the Shirt, shorts, earrings, and necklace from Outfit Vs 14 and the shoes and bracelets from Outfit Vs 15.… Read the rest


Head: Catwa - Catya 
Lips: Zibska - Blacktop Lips
Eyes: Zibska - Maddi Eyemakeup
Hair: Foxy - Hotline Hair @ Hair Fair
Outfit: Glitzz - Natasha Body @ anyBody
Nails: [CX] - Cerberus' Diseased Claws

Gloves: Codex - Vusenya
Bracelets: Ducknipple - Witty
Rings: Drastic - Heart Ring Set
Forehead: Katat0nik - Psyche Hole
Necklace: Supernatural - Malu Black @ Project Seven
Bullets: Bauhaus Movement - Rabbit Mode// Bellets

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose:  <K&S> - Kotya. Bento Pose 
Knife: Random Matter - Girl Fight - Pocket Knife  

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I’ve had a lot of worrying in my life most of which never happened

The LookHead Catwa CatyaHead Applier YS&YS Felicia @ eBentoHair Monso Vanilla @ Kustom 9Sweater Ducknipple Jean Shorts Ducknipple Tattoo Nanika My Life @ The Chapter FourPose Foxcity Lean Sits @ eBento
Background Bar 22769 Surfer Bar Beach Dude @ The Liaison Collaborative

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○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○Hair:  Pink Hustler - Disordered Hair 1
Hair Base: Sinful Curves - Liberty Hairbase
Top: ViSion - Lingerie Xara
Skirt: [I<3F] - Skirt 02 @ Dark Side 2
Shoes: Bishes - Helen Shoes
Bracelets: Ducknipple - Witty  
Necklace: !nfinity - Isolabella Choker @ Chapter 4

 Frozen - Against the Wall 02
Ashtray:  Sorgo - N* AshTray
Table: Fancy Decor - Table with Drawers
Headphones: Sleepy Eddy - Headphones Phone: Cosmic Peaches - Trendy Cellphone  Background: Anxiety - %algorithm (w/light)

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        My cute hair is new by Doe at Lootbox. At first I thought that was a monthly subscription box, but it is not- it is a Gacha event. The name comes from extra "loot" that you get when you get a Rare in the machines. I love Gacha! My cool sandals are also an ultra rare gacha item from Promagic at the current round of Shiny Shabby

Hair: Doe: Emika Fitted (solid) @ LootboxShoes: *PROMAGIC* SweetPoison-Flats-Black/Gold Ultra Rare @ Shiny ShabbyDress: Ducknipple: Minidress vs9/ TeleportHead: CATWA Destiny Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5Skin: Lumae : Ella Catwa - T4 Fawn / BareLipstick: WarPaint* Velvet lip cream - Dark PackEyeshadow: Veechi - Diva Smoke Eyeshadows [Catwa]Poses: aDORKable Attitude

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○Hair: Entwined - Fiona
 Outfit: Glitzz - Becky @ Cosmopolitan
Heals: Apple May - Tattoo'd Heels @ Shoetopia
Nails: Spellbound - Spooky Salon - Heavy Metal Dark 
Necklace: !nfinity - Heart Locket Choker
Legs: Supernatural - Cindy Black
Bracelets: Ducknipple - Witty
Rings: RE - Luxy Rings Set

Pose: By me
Couch: Junk - Hester's Attic Couch
Signs: Floorplan - Neon Kiss Me/Love Me/Fuck Me

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I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain

The LookHead Catwa Catya BentoSkin Applier Glam Affair - Amira  @ Lootbox (with eye makeup and Lipstick addons)Hair Vanity Hair In Your River @ The Crossroads Dress Ducknipple Mini Dress v8Pose Chat Noir Series 1703

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CLOTHINGtop: Blueberry - Loli - Hoodie Top - Maitreya skirt: erratic / pepper - skirt / black plaid (maitreya)shoes: Ducknipple: Outfit vs9 - Sneakers (Maitreya)ACCESSORIESearrings: MG - Maxi Gossamer- Earrings - Harmony Heartnecklace: [Cynful] Coax Necklace (March 2017 Groupgift) PIERCINGS/TATTOOSlabret: .HoD.- Dimpled Piercingtattoo: Letis Tattoo: Adrasteia : Maitreya HUD : FULL15001tattoo: Tattoo Art: Akemi Lower - Hud MaitreyaBODYhair: TETRA - Coconut Hairskin: *League*Ella - Catwa Applier Sunkisslashes: DeeTaleZ*Appliers* for CATWA LASHES *3 Sizes*head: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Tumble V4.9 body: MaitreyaMesh Body - Lara V3.5skin: *League*Maitreya Mesh Body Applier Sunkisshands/feet:MaitreyaMesh Body - Lara V3.5mani/pedi: Hello Dave- Nail Appliers - Stardustshape: StrawberrySingh.com -Simone Shapeeyes: -Suicidal Unborn!- Luminous Eyes /Fatpack @ AppliquePOSESpose:AppleSpice

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○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○Hair: Spellbound - Augustine
Lips: Zibska - Vic
Eyes: Zibska - Noir Pack Vol 06

Outfit: Nightmare - Zara Corset
Shoes: CX - Project Harpoon @ Shoetopia
Rings: Puki - My Short Point Nails 
 Tattoo:  Aurica - Sarah Tattoo @ Genre
Garter: Supernatural - Grace @ Mesh Body Addicts 
Bracelets: Ducknipple - Witty White @ Luck Of The Irish

Pose: DeePosed - Sitting Pretty 28
Phone: Dust Bunny - Black candlestick phoneCandle: Zerkalo - Like a Bird - Bowl Candle LightNotebook: Sorgo - NotebookStackHeadphones: Sleepy Eddy - Headphones Candle Snugger - Fancy Decor - Candle Snuffer

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Living through home renovations is a bit like living in the wild you do whatever it takes to survive!

The LookHead Catwa Catya BentoHead Applier Glam Affair Clary  @ C88Hair Fabia Dory   @ Hairology Sweatshirt Ducknipple Vest Jeans  Aphorism  Ana  Patched Jeans @ C88Shoes Ane Casual Sneakers Pose Chat Noir 1704 series Bento @ 2nd level
BackgroundSkybox Stockholm & Lima Reconstructed Attic @ Ultra Event Stud Wall Stockholm & Lima Reconstructed Attic Stud Wall @ Ultra Event Crate Sway's Jemma Crate Bench  @  The Liaison CollaborativeBoards Second Spaces - Home Improvement - scrap woodSecond Spaces- Home Improvement - caulk & puttySecond Spaces - Home Improvement - measure twice

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