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Prep me up!

Ahh lazy weekend. However, looking at the in-world notices it was anything but lazy where shopping was concerned with the all events that are going on (Arcade, Collab88, Fameshed, Kustom 9The Mens Department, The Chapter Four, Skin Fair, Genre etc.). I played with items from some of these events to bring you this look today. The focal point of my outfit was this blazer from ISON and the shoes. I toyed with several options on the shoes and decided on these quirky Baiastice mary janes to keep with the preppy look. I am always on the lookout for poses especially sitting, walking poses. So when oOo Design Studio’s owner Olaenka asked for pose suggestions on plurk the other day I quickly requested for more sitting and moving poses. Little did I know that she would actually take my suggestion seriously and be kind enough to make them. A BIG thank you to Olaenka for making these, much needed. Do checkout her store for more fun poses, here’s the landmark.… Read the restmiaarebane_112_01



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spaced out

On 27th September 2013 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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The boots and gloves from Domina's Duo come in a fatpack at a serious discount. 
the spaces
between us
verge from
nothing to
sian cannot adequately express how much she likes the helmet.
sian wears:
[Domina's Duo] High Elegance boots; Elegance Gloves
[duboo] space wanderer helmet (from Designers United)
[Latex Web] Hidden Agenda; TransGloss
[Glamorize] Jaded Blizzard Makeup Combo
[Lolas] Tango ::: Mesh Breasts [MaxiGossamer] Eyelashes - Party - Inverted Crown; Eyelashes - Party - Swallow Wings
[Pure Poison] Brandy Earrings Silver
[League] Aria Walnut -Natural
[Real Eyes] Sclera

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Designers United

Designers United is an annual event and is making its 5th appearance in Second Life with the theme “Surrealism.”  Each of the incredible designers participating this year have created content which will not fail to impress.  The attention to detail and the uniqueness of thought that went into preparing the items is bar none.  Check out Designers United before October 4th.  It will be an entire year before you see anything like this again, and it is truly worth the trip! ♥ Adriana Teleport to Designers United < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Little Arc of Dreams

The arc to dream land departs in ten minutes or possibly an hour unless it already left! Time to check the weather — picturesque with a slight drizzle of fish — put on your best bowl for breathing on the surface and tiptoe aboard. It’s good to check that the navigation tomes are sailing to the right direction and the gramophone plays the best of rains. Double-check that the couple under the instrument is waltzing and not trying a tango and then you’re all good to go! Make sure the ice cream stays smiling in the sun and that the apple house keeps steaming, then count every paw and tip of a tail before nose-wiggling at the oar-operator bunny that the journey may begin! Onwards to the best of dreams. Only the very best. Most of the items are from Designers United that just opened. This includes the mochi ice cream critters by Ohmai, the boat by Vespertine, the gramophone by *bbqq*, the apple house by Poche, hair by Pesca, dress by Tee*fy, fish bag by Beetlebones, fish bowl helm by duboo and the first pose by marukin.… Read the restdreamarc1cs


Are you excited about Designers United Cycle 5?? Are you ? DU is hands down the one SL event that fills my mind like chocolate fills a soufflé ;P Well, it really is that appealing! I still cherish my DU items from cycles 2,3, & 4. They are old and prim-y but still stand out. DU is not just about the fashion, visiting a DU event is like walking through an art exhibition. Everything around you is a work of art. I’m blown away by the tremendous thought that the designers put into their clothes, beautiful pictures, and piecing together everything in the DU sim. So many people work hard to make it magical – and that magical experience is what I love about DU. Designers United Cycle 5 opens on Sep 15th midnight / DU Landmark , Event details / Official website. This year’s theme is ‘Surrealism’.
Helmetduboo – Space wanderer w/glass (DU 5 Exclusive)
DressLa Penderie de Nicole::My Little Cocktail Dress::Scarlet (NEW!)
ClutchLa Penderie de Nicole: My Pump Clutch (NEW!)
MakeupMONS – SAVAGE / Makeups – Eyeshadow Wild – fierce (NEW!)  & *LpD* – *Surreal* Gem deco
Nails / Nailed It 
Hairbase / Paper Couture
Skin / theSkinnery
Have a great weekend!… Read the rest85_miaa-rebane_01

Wanna go out?

For some problems the site on my previous post is not displayed anymore, a shame … and so I decided to make a new one to replace it.
A preview look completely made by Culture Shock an event that really brings together many styles and many shops to help a Medicins Sans Frontieres, this look will be the tip of the iceberg, I’ll do the others because there are really lots of things to show and I hope to do it. Ps: for now i don’t punt lm of item so plz waiting 4 May at 4 pm SLT LISTEN Click for Credits ::Body:: Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Kaljya:::*LightSkin* !NEW! at Culture Shock
Shape: <3
Hair: ::Exile:: Groove Theory: Extreme !NEW! at Culture Shock
Eye: .ID. Light Sensitive Eyes – Ice
Ear: AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ears
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/curl
Teeth: [ PXL ] OpenMouth addon
Nail: PIDIDDLE Manicure – Group Only Set ::Outfit:: Top: Izzie’s – Tri Color Top teal (Culture Shock)
Pants: Miamai_Mahvi CS_SequinedBlue At Culture Shock
Neclace & Earrring: [HANDverk] Bauhaus Face Jewelry Set at Culture Shock
Glasses: DUBOO*Autumn glasses
Shoes: *YS&YS* Brera Pumps At Culture Shock
Bag: Tee*fy Street Parker Shoulder Bag Illustration
Pose: (marukin) Kere Millar
{Funny Shoop}
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Seasons Gatcha Event : WINTER!

When the seasons hunt ended, many people were saddened! It used to be one of my personal favourite hunts and it was stuffed full of quality items. However, the brand that was the Seasons Events hasn’t been allowed to die. A small team has pulled the designers back together for a different type of event… The Seasons Gatcha Event! This will run 4 times a year, one for each season, and so now I am proud to announce THE SEASONS GATCHA EVENT: WINTER!!!
I know I’ve covered gatcha events before but as a reminder, a gatcha machine is like a game of chance. For a set fee, you will get one of the prizes offered in the items display board, for example if a gatcha contains 12 pairs of shoes in different colours at 25L per try, then when you have paid your 25L you will get one pair of shoes shown in one of the colours shown. Unless stated otherwise, these prizes should be Transferable, so you can collect and trade the items, and many of these things will make great gifts!!!
The event is set up so that all gatchas are located around the edge of the central ice-skating pond, and there will be 1 store per tree stump, so if you are only looking for one store then you only need to find one stump!… Read the restAdorkable Poses – poses, 15L per try

When The Monkey Is High You Do Not Stare

Ello! I got sent the best Christmas present today. Seriously. Brace yourselves ‘cos I’m not sure you can take how awesome this present is….check out…my hat! IT’S A MONKEY! An Epic monkey too. Know why? It’s from *Epic*. See what I did there? It’s available in a ton of colours and it’s just so silly but amazing you all need to get one. It also gave me an excellent opportunity to wear my new top from d.Select and my new skirt from {mon tissu}. I love pink and brown as a colour combination so any excuse to wear them together is not going to pass me by. Looking at my shoes huh? Can’t say I blame you. These are the release this week for Fifty Linden Friday from *FIR & MNA* and they come in 2 packs, 2 sets of colours in each and male and female versions. Everyone’s a winner. This cute necklace is from .:CoLL:. and it’s a Neverending Story Necklace. The book is scripted to open and close on touch but the pack includes a non scripted version too for the lag conscious amongst us.… Read the rest

Still Falling~

More cute autumn things! I thought I’d wait a little, but then Chandra Masala of {bilo} dropped cute shirts on me and there I went again, building looks and squeeing my way through the settings. Have you ever noticed how in real life autumn goes from still-sort-of-summer into yey-pretty-colours-for-two-days and then into dark-cold-rainy-misery-for-months? Fortunately in SL the pretty-colours-phase stays all the way until the pretty pixel snow settles in. See, cutesy shirt is cute! It went perfectly together with my new favorite autumn boots from Lassitude & Ennui and I had to continue the patchwork from the boots to the heart-patched tweed pants by Concrete Flowers. The golden face tattoo is by White Widow and the hair is the latest subscribo-gift by Exile. I love how mesh makes it finally possible to wear long hairs without them clipping through the body. <3 Speaking of hearts, why yes, yes I’m wearing more of Coyo’s shinies in both pictures, .( bewildebeest ).Read the rest

Bad Sun: Study in Pixels

I’m not a huge fan of sunshine, more of the hiss-bright-melting variety. Not that I’m that big a fan of -30 Celsius frost either, mind you. But. This is about sun and how I suddenly knew exactly what kind of a post I’d make with the three hunts and some I’ve been meaning to blog. The hunts in question are: Seasons Hunt: Summer, Waffle Fox Hunt and Poupee Hunt, all full of awesome things that I’ll no doubt return to later. Let’s start our story! Here’s our oblivious heroine on her way to the beach. She has a new summer dress by Paper.Doll (SH), hair covered by butterflies by Shag (SH) and a new bike by What Next (SH). What could possibly go wrong? Skin is by AddiCt (SH) and the adorable waffle rings are by EY.NO (WFH). The house is by L2 Studio (SH), the paintings, deck chair and pillow by LISP Bazaar (SH) and the adorable puppy girl doll by Naminoke (PH). Settling on the summer swing by Glitterati (SH) and indulging in a berry drink by Poche (RandoMuseum), lounging about in the sun, ignoring the worried looks that the lifeguard gives her, perhaps even dozing off… Yes, I know, Gmok the Wise by Herbalys is an old hunt gift and has nothing to do with all these hunts, but he was so perfect to play the lifeguard part!… Read the rest

Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 074

Oh the friends.

Once again I'm blogging after some days of nothing. There is still a lot going on in my real life, so don't expect too much in here, haha. Anyhow, here's my outfit.

You're probably already done with the Seasons Hunt winter, but if not, here I am featuring some goodies right before it ends on January 29th. You will have to pick up cute snowmen to get your gifts.

Like this fab shirt and sweater combi by Tres Blah. I recently blogged a jacket with that same pattern and I love it, therefor I had to get that hunt gift to complete my collection.
Or those cool sunglasses by Alphavillain. There are three different glasses included and every comes in big and small size, so you have a really good choice what fits you best :)

Another really awesome accessory not from Seasons Hunt is the bag by Tee*fy. It has been out for one of the latest fifty linden friday's and maybe you still can get it in store for a higher price, please just take a look by yourself, it's worth it.… Read the restundefined thingies 074b