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Prep me up!

Ahh lazy weekend. However, looking at the in-world notices it was anything but lazy where shopping was concerned with the all events that are going on (Arcade, Collab88, Fameshed, Kustom 9, The Mens Department, The Chapter Four, Skin Fair, Genre etc.). I played with items from some of these events to bring you this look today. The… Continue reading

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December 2014
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spaced out

On 27th September 2013 · By Sian Pearl · With Leave a comment
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The boots and gloves from Domina’s Duo come in a fatpack at a serious discount.  the spaces between usverge fromnothing toinfinity sian cannot adequately express how much she likes the helmet. sian wears: [Domina’s Duo] High Elegance boots; Elegan…

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spaced out (i)

Designers United

Designers United is an annual event and is making its 5 […]

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Designers United

Little Arc of Dreams

The arc to dream land departs in ten minutes or possibly an hour unless it already left! Time to check the weather — picturesque with a slight drizzle of fish — put on your best bowl for breathing on the … Continue reading

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Are you excited about Designers United Cycle 5?? Are you ? DU is hands down the one SL event that fills my mind like chocolate fills a soufflé ;P Well, it really is that appealing! I still cherish my DU items from cycles 2,3, & 4. They are old and prim-y but still stand out. […]

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Wanna go out?

For some problems the site on my previous post is not displayed anymore, a shame … and so I decided to make a new one to replace it. A preview look completely made by Culture Shock an event that really brings together many styles and many shops to help a Medicins Sans Frontieres, this look […]

Seasons Gatcha Event : WINTER!

When the seasons hunt ended, many people were saddened! It used to be one of my personal favourite hunts and it was stuffed full of quality items. However, the brand that was the Seasons Events hasn’t been allowed to die. A small team has pulled the designers back together for a different type of event… […]

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Adorkable Poses – poses, 15L per try

When The Monkey Is High You Do Not Stare

Ello! I got sent the best Christmas present today. Seriously. Brace yourselves ‘cos I’m not sure you can take how awesome this present is….check out…my hat! IT’S A MONKEY! An Epic monkey too. Know why? It’s from *Epic*. See what I did there? It’s available in a ton of colours and it’s just so silly […]

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Still Falling~

More cute autumn things! I thought I’d wait a little, but then Chandra Masala of {bilo} dropped cute shirts on me and there I went again, building looks and squeeing my way through the settings. Have you ever noticed how in real life autumn goes from still-sort-of-summer into yey-pretty-colours-for-two-days and then into dark-cold-rainy-misery-for-months? Fortunately in […]

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Bad Sun: Study in Pixels

I’m not a huge fan of sunshine, more of the hiss-bright-melting variety. Not that I’m that big a fan of -30 Celsius frost either, mind you. But. This is about sun and how I suddenly knew exactly what kind of a post I’d make with the three hunts and some I’ve been meaning to blog. […]

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Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 074

Oh the friends.Once again I’m blogging after some days of nothing. There is still a lot going on in my real life, so don’t expect too much in here, haha. Anyhow, here’s my outfit.You’re probably already done with the Seasons Hunt winter, but if not, he…

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