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Beware the Sirens

"First you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them. If any one unwarily draws in too close and hears the singing of the Sirens, his wife and children will never welcome him home again, for they sit in a green field and warble him to death with the sweetness of their song. There is a great heap of dead men's bones lying all around, with the flesh still rotting off them."

-Homer's Odyssey, book XII

This month, Collabor88 is an extra big birthday round: all the guests from the past year have been invited back, and we are holding it in the larger venue from last year.  There's a lot to see!  The birthday theme is Homer's Odyssey, and I drew my inspiration from the Sirens who lure sailors to death with their songs.  While they've become equated with mermaids, the Sirens were actually bird women, not fish women, companions of Persephone who failed to save her from abduction by Hades.  Their song is their lament at their loss of her, achingly beautiful but full of terrible longing that breaks the hearts of all who hear it.… Read the restsirens




February 2015
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Catching Up With GizzA and DE Designs

Its racing like a madwoman blog catch up post time again!  Starting off the mad rush is new goodies from GizzA Creations and DE Designs.  Both stores have some really amazing new releases you are sure to love.

GizzA Creations has some new sexy hotness sure to bring out the naughty girl in you!  Back in Black is a complete outfit with everything you need for your look.  It includes a mesh vest and hotpants, cuffs, glasses and sandals for Slink flat feet.  Get your hot biker look on now!

And the rest of the goodies are from DE Designs.

Marianne Heels - these hot pumps come in two versions, Day Dream (above) and Night Out (below) and each one has two options - adding a bow to the front or diamond detail.

There's a HUD included to change all the parts so you can create your perfect pair of heels for your outfit.

Guardian Heels - super hot boot like heels for Slink high feet that you can change around using the HUD so whatever you are wearing, you'll have heels to match!… Read the rest

Bluebeard and Jeune Mariee

The Muses takes part in this month’s Enchantment which focuses in the tale of Bluebeard. Enchantment is a stamp rally event, which means you should acquire a stamp card by buying a product that is marked as having one from one of the participating stores. You then visit all the participating stores to get their stamps and when your card is full, you can choose a free prize from an excellent selection, made by the participating merchants. You can acquire the stamp card from The Muses by buying the Jeune Mariee gown. This silky creation glows of delicious luxuries in the form of golden lace and countless delicate bows and is absolutely perfect to adorn the young bride wrapped in the illusion of wealth and rich life. If you choose our prize after filling the stamp card, you will receive the Bluebeard choker. It’s heavy in symbolism with a key at the back and a lock on the front, a delicate silk band with blood red jewel drops hanging from it: the deadly price of curiosity and the whole story in one beautiful piece of jewelry.… Read the restenchantment jeune mairee poster

Summer Sale Sn@tch!

Yes it's that time again - Summer Sale time at Sn@tch!!!!!  If there was something you always had your eye on, then now is the perfect time to run on in and pick it up for at least 50% - 75% off.  There's even some bigger discounts hiding instore for you to hunt out and find.  This sale runs till July 28th and excludes new releases, giftcards, already discounted items and Marketplace.  Grab the Taxi to Sn@tch...get motoring!  Here's just a few of my fav items that you will save big lindens on....

Ava Swimsuit
Paula Ribbed Dress
Ally Halter Dress
Illora Outfit
Sorcha Sequin Sweater and Sammi Velvet Mini
Palazzo Bianco

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Sexy Summer Goodies!

Time for a quick update with new goodies from GizzA Creations and DE Designs.  With so much great stuff out in store now, you'll be looking sexy and great this Summer.

The Erika Halterneck Dress from GizzA Creations is delightful and sexy at the same time, and with five versions - Leather, Denim, Floral, Camo and Brodeire.  Each one also comes with a HUD for three colour choices, so its like three lovely dresses in each pack!

DE Designs has some sexy newness out now too!  The Ruby Skirt is adorable and so versatile.  Use the HUD and you can change the fabric, metal detailing, leather straps or add a lace detail to the skirt.  

If you want super hotness, then the Gytha Leathers are for you!  These sexy pants come in two versions.  There's the leggings which need to be worn with the Slink high feet...

...and just pants.  Available in three colours - black, red and old leather, there's also a HUD included so you can change the belt!… Read the rest

Paiva, Bard and Dragon Now In Main Store!

The new releases from Fantasy Faire 2014 – Paiva, Bard and Dragon – are now all available both in the main store and Marketplace. This is your chance to either prance and preen about as the Queen of Peacocks or don yourself in some stylish armor. Bard and Dragon are available for both genders. Please try the demos. Journey to the Main Store | Marketplace: Paiva | Bard | Dragon

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Cheap Dresses

On 6th July 2014 · By Dakota Lubitsch · With Leave a comment
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Today I looked for cheap Dresses on the marketplace. Seeing as Hair Fair is coming up, I don’t want to spend too much money right now. Here are three dresses that I particularly liked. I’m also wearing my new hair from Analog Dog and the current group gift skin from Lara Hurley. My Dresses:
Left: Group Gift – Mesh Dress – VCM (0L$)
Middle: Frida – Pirate Dress – Lady in Red (0L$)
Right: Autumn Night Casual Dress – Coquet (5L$)

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My Lady at We Love RP

The Muses bring a sneak preview of an upcoming release to the We Love Roleplay Event. My Lady outfit is available in two colorways at the event: brown/silver and red/silver. The later full release will involve a HUD of many colours and will be roughly the price of these two together. My Lady is not your traditional damsel in distress: she’s more than capable of taking care of herself without compromising her femininity or sense of style. The gown is made of leather strengthened with chain mail and the added chain mail corset enhances the silhouette while still providing extra protection. The cloak is also chain mail to keep her back safe and the pauldrons are both pragmatic and good-looking. This is the look for warrior queens, for noblewomen in arms, for empresses that lead by example in the battle-field as well. The outfit consists of a mesh gown, cloak, corset and left and right pauldrons. All of these are separate items that can be worn without the others.… Read the restWHRP july red

Freshness From DE and GizzA

It's time to update your wardrobe with hot new pants from DE Designs and an adorable dress/jacket combo look from GizzA Creations!

Rock out in the amazing Gloria Leather Pants from DE Designs.  These super fabulous pants come in four leather textures, so snap up your fav or grab the fatpack!

With your pants is a HUD for changing the belt so you can change up your look and stay stylish!

Fresh out from GizzA Creations is the Dakota dress.  This uber cute dress/jacket combo comes in a variety of dress fabrics and their is a HUD to change the colour of the biker jacket.

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Imogene is a luxurious satin gown, designed to draw gazes on your silhouette as the soft fabric both covers and accentuates your shape. The upper part forms a classic v-neck that turns into a scandalously daring back, tantalizingly bare for all to see. The skirt part flaunts its deco flavor, rooting the style firmly into classy vintage. This is a dress for fantastically fancy parties, for classy shindigs, for celebrations where taste runs paramount with just a promise of frivolous decadence in the air. Imogene comes with a HUD of twelve colours, giving you in essence a fatpack of dresses at the price of one. This is a rigged mesh item that moves with your avatar. In addition to the five standard sizes there is also a fitmesh version. Please try the demo. Permissions are M,C,NT. L295. Visit Volstead to Shop | Purchase on Marketplace If you wish to share your sophistication in pictures, please feel free to contribute to Volstead’s Flickr group.

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Daylily is an exquisitely elegant, deco flavored dress of delicious details. The underdress is classic in its silhouette, vintage in its pleating and beautiful for any occasion. The top covers you in stunning lace, adding softness and romance to the otherwise stylishly simplistic lines. This is the dress for cocktail parties, for summer celebrations, for drinks in the warm night. It can be dressed up to the fanciest of occasions, but for the romantics at heart it can also be worn with barefeet and flowers in your hair when the sun sets over the horizon. The underdress is a linen chemise with pleating at hem, crowned by the delicate net top with lace appliques over it. The lace top and the underdress are separate items that can be worn together or on their own. The top is included in both black and ecru versions in all sizes and the underdress has a HUD of twenty colours for it. This gives you in essence a fatpack of forty different dresses, easy to match for any look and mood.… Read the restposter _ daylily

Somnia Goodies at FFL 2014!

Somnia is taking part in Fashion For Life and helping to raise money for the American Cancer Society by releasing some items new items to the event with 50% of all Somnia’s items donating to the cause. Amore Top – available in dark and light packs at the FFL Somnia Store Get Lucky Top - available at the FFL Somnia Store Melody Top, Skirt and Shoes (all sold seperately, and shoes for Slink Mid Feet) - available at the FFL Somnia Store There are other donation items available at the event from Somnia, which are also donating 50%, but I have just shown you the new items!  Be sure to check them out before this event closes on June 20th and donate to good cause while you stuff your inventory with gorgeous new clothes!
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Fashionable Somnia

Hai there you squishy love bugs, ♥ I am so excited for to have not one not even two but SIX brand new releases for Fashion For Life!!
50% of every item at Fashion for Life is donating directly to Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.
I couldn’t resist doing these tanks in more colors so you get a lights and darks pack! They are texture change via hud.
These tanks were just fun to do. They are texture change via hud for both the laces and tank.

Now these three sets can totally be worn together or separately. They are all texture change via HUD.
Please note the shoes only work with the Slink Mid Feet and the feet are NOT included. Only at Somnia @ Fashion For Life on the Wander Sim. ♥ It is time for the Cart Sale at the Wash already and as always everything there is only 10L
There are some cute basic items there as well as as a brand new kini set that I am so in love with!!
This is the new kini set and comes with appliers for both the lola mesh breasts as well as the ghetto booty mesh butt and legs.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Amore Lights Ad

Think Outside the Sn@tch

Think Outside the Box used to be our official tagline. I think I need to bring that back lol it's a good one. NEW releases today at the Sn@tch Main Store and they're prettiful. Check out the pics below and come over soon! We'd love to have you!
   And don't forget we have a NEW Fishing Outfit this week too! Bring your 7 Seas fishing pole and fish for all the parts to make this sexy outfit for FREE!

Here's your ride to Sn@tch!

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Sn@tch is the Best Part of the Day

The Wednesday Specials at Sn@tch are all ready for ya: a Woeful Wednesday Mani/Pedi, New Riot Vendor Items, and a NEW Fishing Outfit in Purples! Come on over and see and don't miss out on these Sn@tchtastic Deals!
These 2  sets of Nails and Toenails are for Slink Mesh Hands and only $50 L this week for Woeful Wednesday!
New Riot Vendor things are ready too. Bring some friends over, gather around the Vendors and drop the prices to rock bottom on these 3 adorable outfits!
There's a brand new Fishing Outfit and it's purple and wicked sexy! I wore this combo in a store poster and I've had so many people ask about it, it was time to put it together officially. Pretty Poison comes with 22 parts including Latex Lingerie, Mesh Tank, Ribbed System Tank, Leggings, Boots and all the Mesh body part applier huds I could make lol. Fish for all the parts for FREE or you can just purchase it from the wall over the fish tank :)))
So come to Sn@tch Soon and See What's NEW!

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Maybe She’s Born With It…Maybe it’s Sn@tch!

New Releases at the Sn@tch Main Store today lovelies! Check out the pretty pics below for all the details!

 And don't forget to grab the Special this week. This set of system tops with Lolas Tango Hud & Wowmeh Hud included, are cheap cheap for a limited time!

So if you see something you love, come to Sn@tch soon!

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Refreshing Your Somnia

There’s one adorable new release from Somnia out at the moment, and Sanura is trying a new thing – a colour changing HUD.  If you’ve grabbed Tasaos from the My Attic event, drop her a line and give her your feedback! Tasaos – available in Dark and Light packs, with new colour change HUD at My Attic And now for a reminder of some of the fabulous goodies at the Somnia Mainstore.  I hit the Lucky Boards and grabbed some goodies, and also put my store credit to work and stocked up! Pussy Sweater and Zhevios Pants – in the Lucky Letter Boards at the Somnia Mainstore Kawaii Comfort and Pansie Jeans – available at the Somnia Mainstore Sensuous Glitz – available at the Somnia Mainstore Classy Perennial – available at the Somnia Mainstore Mr Pop Tees and Tight Squeeze skirt – available at the Somnia Mainstore Poofcake and Bunker Pegs – available at the Somnia Mainstore
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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Sn@tch!

New Releases at Sn@tch today to make you look Scrumptious! Check em out! 
 An there's a HOT Special this week. These scripted multi texture Monstah Platforms are only $100 L! 
So come to Sn@tch Soon and SEE What's NEW!

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Yummy New Sn@tch!

If you have been hiding under a rock and missed the latest releases from Sn@tch, here is your catch up post full of the latest yummy releases from this amazing store!  Be sure to swing on in and shop till you drop!

Melody Eyelet Dress
Maxie Ruffled Top and Shelly Suede Pants
Poppy Platform Sandals (for Slink Mid Feet)
Lady Killer Strappy Platform Sandals (for Slink Mid Feet) - Sn@tch and Grab Special this week!!!
Viva Dita @ World Goth Fair
Shanghai Corset @ World Goth Fair

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Not Your Average Sn@tch

It's that time again! Get your Sn@tch on with Hot New Releases Today!

The Sn@tch-N-Grab Special this week is a cute one! Only $69 L for all the colors, just try on a demo and choose your size! If you would prefer to have all sizes in a No Trans/Copy Version just send me a note in world! 
And there's a New Fishing Outfit too! Bring your 7 Seas Fishing Pole and fish out all 23 parts to make these full outfits!
Come over to Sn@tch SOON and See What's NEW!

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