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Windy Somnia

Hai there you fluffeh unicorns, ♥ Leaf on the Wind is a fundraising event that will benefit Scarlet Chandrayaan in hopes of helping her make a wish come true of visiting London. Scarlet has cancer and has been given 2 years. To learn more about Scarlet/Amy and Leaf on the Wind please visit their website here. I am very proud to be able to support this wonderful cause! The theme is all things London! All of these items can be worn together or separately! You can mix and match them however you want! All of them are 95L and donating 100% for the duration of the event!

Only at Leaf on the Wind ♥ My Slink Obsession is open and this will be the last round until April so be sure to stop by and get your Slink fix before it closes on the 22nd. These tanks have been updated and are only 95L per set. They will work for the normal avatar, Slink Physique, Belleza Venus, Omega, Lola’s, and Banned. For Slink they come on both the underwear layers and top layers in all combos. For Belleza Venus they come in shirt & pants or undershirt & underwear.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Squidgy Jumpers Darks Ad



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Holiday Somnia

Hai there you jolly mistletoes, ♥ I am having a Gift Card Sale!!! All gift cards are 50% off until Jan 5th. Grab them as a gift or for yourself!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ I am having a mini holiday hunt at Somnia’s main store. You can find 6 different colored ornaments scattered through out the store! In the below you can see 4 of the prizes and there is 2 mystery prizes!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ The cart sale has started again and I have several new items for you all for only 10L each set!!

Only at Somnia @ the Cart Sale Winter 2014 ♥ Depraved Nation’s Frost has started and I have some super cute maxi skirts there for you at 50% off for the duration of the event! As is everything else there from Somnia!

Only at Somnia @ Frost ♥ Make sure you grab these dresses from day 7 of the KittyCatS advent calendar and grab the other days as well! There are some great prizes!
Only at the KittyCatS Advent Calender ♥ And be sure to grab these dresses from the Fab Free gift tree!… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Gift Card Sale Dec 23rd - Jan 5th

Silly Somnia

Hai there you minty snowballs, ♥ Free*Style is celebrating 7 years and holding a special event with everything priced from 0-177L and the theme is SILLY!! So I have a very silly outfit for you guys sold as separates! And best of all they are only 77L a set!!

Only at Somnia at Silly Seven ♥ My Slink Obsession is open and I have some super cute things out for you! These cute simple suede shoes will work for all your holiday party needs. They will only work with the Slink High Feet. Only 95L a set!

And these super cute festive nail polishes which will work not only for Slink but also Belleza and the Omega applier system!

Only at Somnia at My Slink Obsession ♥ I am excited to be apart of the KittyCatS Advent Calender again and you can get this dress set for FREE on Day 7!!! These may or may not be available in the main store afterwards so if you like them be sure to get them just in case!
Only at the KittyCatS Advent Calender ♥ If you like the above dress you just might want the full set and you can grab the rest at the Fab Free gift tree!… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Mewling Darks Ad

Obsessed with Somnia

Hai there you gawjus catapillers, ♥ It is time for Lazy Sunday again and you can grab these sexy yet preppy dresses for only 75L a set!!

Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ My Slink Obsession is open and I have some super cute things out for you! Loving these sexy yet sweet tops. They come with all system layers as well as appliers for Slink Physique (Shirt & Underwear huds), Belleza Venus (Shirt and Underwear Huds), Wowmeh and Lola’s. Only 95L a set!

These jeans were always pretty popular and I had been meaning to do a ripped version for ages and well I finally did them LOL They come with all system layers as well as appliers for Slink Physique (Pants & Underwear/Stockings Huds), Belleza Venus (Pants & Underwear Huds), Wowmeh and Banned. Only 95L a set!

Also these cute shoes which will match this weeks Lazy Sunday dresses. They will only work with the Slink High Feet. Only 95L a set!

Only at Somnia at My Slink Obsession. ♥ The Dirty Turkey hunt from Depraved Nation has started and you can get this exclusive set for FREE!… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Kimella Darks Ad

Ooooooo New Sn@tch

Hi hi and happy Saturday! We have NEW Releases up on the wall at Sn@tch for you including some slinky & some cozy too. I hope you like! 

Anddd the special this week is still up for sale next to the new releases. Only $69 L for this big pack of Reject Tees. 
Also this week, a NEW Fishing Outfit. Well a few of em lol Fish for FREE for all 20 parts to make these outfits. Bring your 7 Seas pole with you or get one at the Sn@tch Aquarium!

So Come Over to Sn@tch SOON and See What's NEW!

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Empress Gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Empress is a regal look of luxurious dominance with feminine ornaments. It holds the symbols of wealth and nobility within it, beginning from the fur collar all the way to the peacock feathers in the crown and belt, crowning it all with indulgent jewelry and gems worth a small kingdom. Each piece is delicately detailed and exquisite in their own right, but when put together they form an absolutely stunning visage of the ruler in control of any situation. The gacha consists of eight pieces: belt, collar, crown, sleeves, undershirt, staff, dress and makeups. The staff and the crown are the rares. The belt, collar, crown, sleeves, staff and dress prizes all come with a HUD to change their colours, see the picture for the multitude of options and separately textured details! The shirt prize includes three different colours of garment layer shirts and a HUD for Slink hands to give you even prettier gloves. Slink hands are not included. The dress is rigged mesh and includes seven sizes: the five standard sizes and also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M.… Read the restgacha main poster

Uber Sexiness from Blacklace and Haste

Time for some scrumptious goodies from two fabulous stores known for being uber sexy and uber fabulous - Blacklace and Haste.

Leave Your Hat On (LYHO) - this week's TGIF special from Blacklace.  This sexy lingerie set comes with mesh shirt, tie and fedora hat.  Grab it Instore or on Marketplace now!

Briony Lingerie and Briony Heels (sold seperately) - this gorgeous set is available in four colours and is available only at Sad November.  Complete the look buy snapping up the heels as well and you have a stunning look for your significant other!

Tyne Harness and Collared Bracelet - its almost Erotigacha time again and Haste will be there with these amazing goodies available in a range of colours to collect by playing the gacha!  No URL yet as the event is coming soon!

Lovely Mage Dress - its almost Fantasy Gacha Carnival time again too, and Haste will also be there with a stunning dress available in all standard sizes and some amazing colours.… Read the rest

DE Awesomeness!

DE Designs has some wonderful releases out now, so if you haven't swung by recently, its the perfect time to pop in and check out the great new shoes and clothing just waiting to jump into your wardrobe!

Kelly Corset - comes in six colours with a HUD to change the belt colour and hardware.
Loren - this hot dress comes in six colours and includes a HUD to change the colour of the laces and the buckles.
Karen Pumps - for Slink high feet.  The HUD gives you seven colour choices, three patterns and two chain metals.  Includes a chain-free version too.
Stacy Mules - for Slink high feet.  There are three colour packs, each including two different wedge colours - black and cork.  

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[LeeZu!] Cala Dress

On 9th October 2014 · By LeeZu Baxter · With Leave a comment
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The NEW Cala's hourglass form from [LeeZu!] hugs all the curves of a woman's body and with its seductive sweetheart neckline highlights all of her best attributes.
Radiant and relaxed, this little number is a real show stopper. Available in 11 sassy shades.

TP here

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Callon Armor Sets at Mystic Realms Faire

Callon armor set takes combat gear to completely new level! Covered in chain mail with just enough fabric to flare your House colours out proudly, this is the outfit for the Queen on the field of battle. She might not wade into the fray herself, but as she marches through the encampments with her personal guard, she’s the figurehead, the symbol of hope, the reassuring sign that the lives of the soldiers are in good hands. She’s protected from neck to toe without forgetting the demands of style that her status sets on her. Her whole aura radiates of determination and certainty, it will be a challenge to meet her gaze in the negotiations for she knows who she is, that she is in the right and that the day will dawn victorious on her. Callon armor set consists of several parts and we warmly recommend trying out the demo to see how it all works together and what all is included. The sizes for the rigged mesh parts (cloak, skirt, straps layer, corset) include the five standard sizes and also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M.… Read the restMRF Callon black(1)

Cart Sale Goodies From Somnia

If you haven’t hit The Cart Sale yet at The Wash, here’s a quick reminder of the fabulousness waiting there for you, uber cheap, from Somnia! Seriously so cheap only 10L each!!! Main Pic - Pussy Jumper in Brown
Inset - Zebilicious in Peach
From Somnia @ The Cart Sale Main - Poofcake in Lime
Inset - Melodramatic in Olive
From Somnia @ The Cart Sale Grumble Tee in Light and Dark Rainbow
From Somnia @ The Cart Sale Main - Athytia in Lavender
Inset -
Hot Toddy in Cream
From Somnia @ The Cart Sale Main - Flutter Swish in Rose (Gifty from Somnia)
Inset -
Tyasri in Ice
From Somnia @ The Cart Sale
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Somnia gets crafty

Hai there you nommy sparkles, ♥ Lazy Sunday time again and I have got out the cute Grumble tees in a darks and lights pack. Each only 75L until Monday.

For a little understanding of these tees there is a someecard below.
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ My Attic has opened and the theme for this round is “Between the Lines” I went with coloring outside the lines. Some simple tees with fun colored dots. These come in standard sizing and are controlled with a HUD.

And some Matching leggings. These come on all layers and with huds for Slink Physique, Banned Butt, and Wowmeh.

Only at Somnia @ My Attic ♥ The Washes Bi-Annual cart sale has started and I have got some cute singles there for you!
ANd remember EVERYTHING there is only 10L New are these Grumble tees in rainbow colors!

Also available.

There is also a free gifty here for you guys so be sure to grab it!
Only at Somnia @ The Cart Sale on The Wash ♥ Thrift shop 6.0 is running until October 1st! Everything there is at least 50% off.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Grumble Darks Ad

Somnia is thrifty!

Hai there you glittery stars, ♥ Thrift shop 6.0 is open and run until October 1st! Everything there is at least 50% off. And I have several new items for you there at a discount! Cute tops with a hand drawn anchor on the front. Only 95L each set!

Flirty skirts with a hand drawn anchor pattern. Only 95L a set.

Slink nail polishes with a hand drawn anchor for both your fingers and toes. Only 75L a set

I love these shoes they are so pretty and stylish with a fun floral print and tiny sewn on buttons. They are fitted for the Slink High Feet!* Only 95L a set

Slink nail polishes with simple flowers on them for both your fingers and toes. Only 75L a set

There is also a free gift for you here so be sure to grab it!
Only at Somnia @ Thrift Shop 6.0 ♥ My Slink Obsession is still going until Sept 22nd so be sure to stop by before we close! Tops with all system layers, appliers for Slink Physique, Wowmeh, Lola’s and Banned all for only 95L a set!

Nail Polishes 75L a set!

Shoes they come with a HUD for texture change.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Azuka Darks Ad

Unleash Your Dark Side

Its time to get sexy and dark with some fabulous new items out from some of my fave stores!  These goodies are just too awesome to miss out on, so get your running shoes on and be sure to check them out asap!!!

Hat/Hair - Barony from Tableau VivantDress - Tears of Lys from PeqeWings - Waiting for the Night from OrsiniRedBook - Spellbook from May's SoulAll these items can be found at The Fantasy Collective

Hair - Kyary from Tableau Vivant - available at District 5Outfit - No Escape from GizzA Creations

Jacket - Ronda Jacket from DE DesignsPants - Ronda Pants from DE Designs

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Beware the Sirens

"First you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them. If any one unwarily draws in too close and hears the singing of the Sirens, his wife and children will never welcome him home again, for they sit in a green field and warble him to death with the sweetness of their song. There is a great heap of dead men's bones lying all around, with the flesh still rotting off them."

-Homer's Odyssey, book XII

This month, Collabor88 is an extra big birthday round: all the guests from the past year have been invited back, and we are holding it in the larger venue from last year.  There's a lot to see!  The birthday theme is Homer's Odyssey, and I drew my inspiration from the Sirens who lure sailors to death with their songs.  While they've become equated with mermaids, the Sirens were actually bird women, not fish women, companions of Persephone who failed to save her from abduction by Hades.  Their song is their lament at their loss of her, achingly beautiful but full of terrible longing that breaks the hearts of all who hear it.… Read the restsirens

Catching Up With GizzA and DE Designs

Its racing like a madwoman blog catch up post time again!  Starting off the mad rush is new goodies from GizzA Creations and DE Designs.  Both stores have some really amazing new releases you are sure to love.

GizzA Creations has some new sexy hotness sure to bring out the naughty girl in you!  Back in Black is a complete outfit with everything you need for your look.  It includes a mesh vest and hotpants, cuffs, glasses and sandals for Slink flat feet.  Get your hot biker look on now!

And the rest of the goodies are from DE Designs.

Marianne Heels - these hot pumps come in two versions, Day Dream (above) and Night Out (below) and each one has two options - adding a bow to the front or diamond detail.

There's a HUD included to change all the parts so you can create your perfect pair of heels for your outfit.

Guardian Heels - super hot boot like heels for Slink high feet that you can change around using the HUD so whatever you are wearing, you'll have heels to match!… Read the rest

Bluebeard and Jeune Mariee

The Muses takes part in this month’s Enchantment which focuses in the tale of Bluebeard. Enchantment is a stamp rally event, which means you should acquire a stamp card by buying a product that is marked as having one from one of the participating stores. You then visit all the participating stores to get their stamps and when your card is full, you can choose a free prize from an excellent selection, made by the participating merchants. You can acquire the stamp card from The Muses by buying the Jeune Mariee gown. This silky creation glows of delicious luxuries in the form of golden lace and countless delicate bows and is absolutely perfect to adorn the young bride wrapped in the illusion of wealth and rich life. If you choose our prize after filling the stamp card, you will receive the Bluebeard choker. It’s heavy in symbolism with a key at the back and a lock on the front, a delicate silk band with blood red jewel drops hanging from it: the deadly price of curiosity and the whole story in one beautiful piece of jewelry.… Read the restenchantment jeune mairee poster

Summer Sale Sn@tch!

Yes it's that time again - Summer Sale time at Sn@tch!!!!!  If there was something you always had your eye on, then now is the perfect time to run on in and pick it up for at least 50% - 75% off.  There's even some bigger discounts hiding instore for you to hunt out and find.  This sale runs till July 28th and excludes new releases, giftcards, already discounted items and Marketplace.  Grab the Taxi to Sn@tch...get motoring!  Here's just a few of my fav items that you will save big lindens on....

Ava Swimsuit
Paula Ribbed Dress
Ally Halter Dress
Illora Outfit
Sorcha Sequin Sweater and Sammi Velvet Mini
Palazzo Bianco

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Sexy Summer Goodies!

Time for a quick update with new goodies from GizzA Creations and DE Designs.  With so much great stuff out in store now, you'll be looking sexy and great this Summer.

The Erika Halterneck Dress from GizzA Creations is delightful and sexy at the same time, and with five versions - Leather, Denim, Floral, Camo and Brodeire.  Each one also comes with a HUD for three colour choices, so its like three lovely dresses in each pack!

DE Designs has some sexy newness out now too!  The Ruby Skirt is adorable and so versatile.  Use the HUD and you can change the fabric, metal detailing, leather straps or add a lace detail to the skirt.  

If you want super hotness, then the Gytha Leathers are for you!  These sexy pants come in two versions.  There's the leggings which need to be worn with the Slink high feet...

...and just pants.  Available in three colours - black, red and old leather, there's also a HUD included so you can change the belt!… Read the rest

Paiva, Bard and Dragon Now In Main Store!

The new releases from Fantasy Faire 2014 – Paiva, Bard and Dragon – are now all available both in the main store and Marketplace. This is your chance to either prance and preen about as the Queen of Peacocks or don yourself in some stylish armor. Bard and Dragon are available for both genders. Please try the demos. Journey to the Main Store | Marketplace: Paiva | Bard | Dragon

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