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It’s in the Destination Guide’s Editors Picks! The White Cliffs of Dover

I am happy to announce that LEA14 The White Cliffs of Dover is in the Destination Guide’s Editors Picks! The cliffs are a majestic, beautiful and contemplative masterpiece built by Zimp and LEA artist. The build of the town and seaside cliffs by Tahiti Rae create a story, of a place, a rich history, memory of... Read More

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October 2018
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Courtesan Series ~Art of Dreams~ AmandaMagick

This is the beginning of an idea. Maybe a dream of courtesans…. the stories form slowly in my mind or maybe yours…. Please click the images to see them larger! taken at: Le Poppycock Stay tuned for more…. I am also wearing… if you can tell or even see it…. #12 MC.Necklace.Moon #EMPIRE – Virginia... Read More

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On your mark, get ready, go Shop Hop!

Who knew that baby and kids items in SL were soooo cute????  I sure didn’t.  Come and see for yourself if you didn’t and grab them while they’re hot!  This event is HUD based, so get that HUD going, people, before the round ends July 8th! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ sabs < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Swept Away Wedding Collection ~Paris Metro Couture~

Have you ever been Swept Away off your feet in love? Then you may be planning a beautiful wedding this Spring or Summer! In Paris we have three beautiful new gowns made with appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega… And always your classic bodies. Happy spring to all! Enchanting, dreamy beauty is an understatement... Read More

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Snuggle on Up to the Newest Ninety-Nine!

The newest round of Ninety-Nine has just started so make sure to grab your parents or your piggy bank with all that allowance in it to get yourself some of the newest designs this side of the grid. There’s so many things that you can snuggle in and be all toasty warm while making it through the last little bits of that cold winter that’s hanging on. You’ve got plenty of time to visit, but make sure to get here before the 29th! ♔Alex Teleport to Ninety-Nine MIA: Muriel, Plum

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Love is in the Air at Ninety-Nine!

Love is in the air and all around, especially at the newest Ninety-Nine event where the designers have all come together to spread the love and get you ready for the sweetest day around! And this time? They’ve made it extra sweet for everyone. Just make sure to poke your head in and look around before the 28th because then it’ll be just a little too late! ♔Alex Teleport to Ninety-Nine MIA: Buttercups

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Welcome to a New Land ~EVRE Far Far Away~ ❤LEA27❤

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I went to go visit EVRE LEA27 to see the new memory Tah has built. Here are some words from her. As for from me, it truly is a step back in time where you can feel, breathe, see and almost taste how it must have been when our forefathers arrived […]Read Post ›

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❤In My Dream I Wore Milk Glass Shoes.❤

Hiding in the back of my grandmas hutch carefully filled with milk glass treasures lay the beautiful hobnail shoes. No one has ever seen them other than a very few collectors that one cannot find. In my dream I carefully pull them out amongst the gentle tinkle hoping not to brake them. I don’t dare […]Read Post ›

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Magick Thoughts on Believable Film Footage, Virtual Worlds, Sansar and Second Life.

What I am about to share with you got me thinking about things that are just outside my grasp. Its about how our mind works and how we believe things that are so outlandish and surreal but so well done that your brain says… “Thats real? Can it be?” then against your better judgement you […]Read Post ›

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What is this Dream? ~The Twilight Zone~Election~Avi Choice Awards~

There are uncontrollable thoughts dancing around my mind. …”My tummy is sick. What episode of Twilight Zone is this?” (Please click the image to see it larger). What is this dream? Everything in my picture is from the November round of Collabor88 Collabor88.com Blueberry-Cory, Lamb-Poppy, Scarlet Creative-Spellbound Skybox   …”Who’s making bomb shelters and survival […]Read Post ›

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Dragons Dream

What do dragons dream of? There are many theories and suggestions, many answers even from the drakekin themselves. Some claim that it’s gold, some say conquest, some higher planes of magic, perhaps simply the joy of flying.
It may or may not be all of those things, but one dream always returns: the one where they are whelps once more, just specks of magic floating around within their very own plane of slumber, the one where they live before they are born to a more physical form.
They remember their guardians and caretakers, the warm glow of golden magic that they so hard try to reproduce in their hoards. They remember the humanoid feminine beauty, one of the first things they ever see and therefore try to recapture.
They dream of the gentle sway of flora made of magic, feeding their existence with each radiant spark of colour. They remember fluttering their small wings, floating on the currents of arcane energy.
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EVRE is coming. There’s a new meaning to “Call any time.” ~a new LEA Tahiti Rae Build~

The mind tickles in a far back spot few seldom recall. That one instant moment when Déjà vu takes over when familiarity tingles all ones senses with no explanation. Stepping in and out of the same dream knowing it’s something more… memories…. EVRE is coming. Her heart races… she daren’t touch the phone. The ringing […]Read Post ›

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Until We Meet

Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye. Ouida I won’t say bye, I just won’t. How many people say that and then don’t leave? So for now I will say “until we meet again.” I’ve been wrestling with the urge to move on, to leave the virtual world Second Life and for now, it’s what I need to do. I won’t forget a single one of you. Not one. You have all touched my heart in different ways and raised me up to adulthood just fine. Our second world has changed so much in eight years and I am sure it will continue to improve, so don’t be surprised if I sneak in every once in a while just to have a look about. If I show up on your radar, give me a hallo from time to time. I couldn’t leave without a picture from one of my best friends Skip Staheli and I appreciate so much all that he has meant to me, as well as all that each of you has meant to me. I want to post up one word of advice I always try to live by.… Read the restCao~Cherry Blossom...

While I Was Doing Something Else

“When darkness falls upon you, turn your face to the sun and your shadows will fall behind you.” ~ Daniel Wicomb Okay, I admit it. I am one of those “perky” people that some MOST find annoying. Heck, I find myself annoying on most days, but in reality I have my grouchy moments. I reckon at some moments I can shock and awe with the same discerning grace of a toddler who earlier forwent the afternoon nap and is currently choosing to wait up for Santa. Have you ever witnessed that sort of meltdown? It’s more frightening than a group of Hell’s Angels parked on the front lawn wielding guns, chains and other sorts of sporting objects. But, as usual, I digress. Last week was a bit of a pill. Okay last week was a humdinger of a pill. It finally culminated into the Friday from hell. It rarely ends well when right out of the gate, rushing not to be late for work, and you can’t seem to locate the car keys. When I finally located them and drove in, I was about 15 minutes late.… Read the rest27505907895_4e3463452f_o

Wait for Me and I Will Go With You

Me: I’m finally happy
Life: Wait a sec Hold on a second, I will go with you. I think one of the reason’s I’ve been single for so long is because quite oft I don’t want to hold on a second. Especially by the second day of a weekend spent in a tiny condominium on the beach. When Taylor and I are spending time at his house there always seems to be just enough room for me to have alone space and for him to do, you know, whatever it is a gentleman farmer does on the weekend. As an aside, there is a new bunch of young bulls in the pasture behind the house and always wanting to please, I googled “treats for cows” and it mentioned strawberries are an “extra special treat.” Being an “extra special caretaker” I purchased a carton full of them and went out to introduce myself to the new moos. Having only the use of a left hand due to my broken right elbow I underhand threw one out in the direction of the bull. He kind of stared at me, I kind of encouraged back with something like “come on, try it, it’s so good.” He bent down and ate some more grass.… Read the restWait for Me and I Will Go With You

Broken Bits

Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they’re looking for ideas. ~Paula Poundstone It’s been a while since I’ve spoken of my pirate princess. If you did not know, she is the daughter of a besty and as her Godmother, or as I prefer to call myself, her fairy Godmother, she spends scattered weekends with me at the beach or more often than not these days, Taylor’s house. We’ve been doing the weekend routine since she was about 18 months old so having just turned nine years old, I can’t really recall a time when she wasn’t with me. If you can’t have children, godmothering is the way to go. You can spoil them up and then all of their bad social habits are attributed to the parenting of someone else. As she has grown up she has loved walking along the surf and picking up scattered bits of flotsam and jetsam and hiding them in her sand bucket. At the end of the day, she rinses them off and after they dry she places them in a glass pitcher I bought just for her.… Read the restkunglers on 9 a


Fashion is a tyrant from which there is no deliverance; all must conform to its whimsical ~ French Proverb
I have to say, it’s been a rather interesting sabbatical from Second Life. As I painfully slowly type with my left hand and the middle finger of my right it makes me long to give the real world a middle fingered “FU”. But I won’t because this too shall pass. I’ve started the new job, admittedly hobbled due to the cast on said right arm due to a compound fractured right elbow. The funny thing is, my mama once told me “trouble comes in threes.” Have you ever heard it? The Friday of the week I started my new job someone rear-ended a vehicle and pushed the vehicle into my Jeep. Though unsettling, being the final destination of the crasher’s trip, the damage wasn’t too bad and I certainly wasn’t hurt. The Jeep is being fixed as we speak. Easy in, easy out, right? Well, apparently not hurt enough to please the Fates.… Read the rest25152760505_b4899b4cdf_o


I’m sure they were probably called ‘Jumpolenes’ until that first accident. ~Bill Lindsay Outfit: Hair: Vanity Hair, Flow **NEW**
Jewelry: Kunglers , Amora **NEW**
Dress: Clef de Peau, Valentine dress **NEW** Ear Worm dedicated to my dragon, Draakje Dailey

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On Kudzu

Like Kudzu moving over the landscape,  A pall is cast over our aspirations, Channelizing dreams to nigh nightmares; ~ Tom Wright I’ve been a bit adrift in the Second Life recently, my first life is taking over like the insidious kudzu vine choking the last breath out of every living thing around it. I kept thinking I would blog about my current life, but then, something new calls me away. I wrote a notecard to explain my absence to some close friends inworld, even took a pic for a blog post, then nothing. I mean, I have logged in, I’ve landed at my platform in SL a couple of times these past weeks, but I just stood mute for an hour, gazing into cyber-space before logging off. This breadth of space on my blog was the same, I stared at a white sheet begging for word, then turned my eyes away and signed out.
Somewhere among these past nine years I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, I know grown people inhabit Second Life, heck, I myself am not “leaving,” at this point, just somewhere along the way, life happened.… Read the rest25742571682_632f0d1007_o

Time is Taking Me Away

Time is the longest distance between two places.  Tennessee Williams I love you my friends, you know who you are. Yeah I know, no words were needed, it just is, but there it is, out loud, invading air space. Outfit:
Hair: Vanity Hair, So Hard @ Hairology
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai, Trinity @ Fashion For Life
Top: [AR], Polly Top **NEW**
Ring: (Kunglers), Assira @ On9
Shorts: Blueberry, Belted Denim short Ear Worm

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