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Falling Embers

Just stopping by to showcase these gorgeous lashes by no.7 available at L’accessoires until December 8th.. they include a colour-change HUD with 4 metal and 8 gem colour options and I think they are absolutely stunning! This was also another opportunity for me to buy some more of my favourite DECO hair – I love the way it works with COCO‘s doll avatar and I’m kinda pleased with the way this pic turned out in general – if you’d like to see a much bigger version just give it a click as the blog layout does tend to make things pretty small. Best wishes and see you soon! <3 Credits Accessories
Jewelry: ‘Changing Season Couture Lashes‘ – no.7 (@L’accessoires) – L$150*..
..with 4 metal and 8 gem options. Body
Head: ‘Kyoko (ClosedEyes)‘ – COCOL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]..
..all the old DOLLCOCO heads released as non-rigged versions, 9 in total.
Body: ‘Doll Body‘ – COCOL$450
Hair: ‘Hiveish Hair (Ember)‘ – DECOL$250 Photo Tools
Pose: ‘Closeup 11‘ – Glitterati -L$100 – 11-pose pack [*review copies received with thanks!]

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One of the Best Free Things This Year So Far

  2014 has been a pretty good year for awesome gifts and sales.  This month is no exception!  One of the best gifts in SL this year so far (in my opinion) is this set of doll heads from Coco.  She is giving ALL of her older mesh heads away for free.  They are meant to be worn with the mesh doll body so if you don't have this you might have some trouble using these.  I have the doll body so I could use it BUT I wanted to see if I could find a way to wear it without one.  I had to change my shape a lot, sort through a million skins to find one that matches the head, find a hair that was unrigged to fit over the head and cover the back of the neck, AND find an alpha layer to remove just the avatar head.  Sigh.  It was a lot of work.  Worth it though!

  This dress is also an awesome gift.  S@bbia always has cool group gifts so I wasn't surprised to see this great dress.  I wasn't sure what standard size I could wear with the shape I had to make for the head so thankfully this dress also had a fit mesh option.… Read the restdollalt_003

||If You Forget Me||

On 2nd September 2013 · By Clix Renfew · With Leave a comment
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             Style Card
[AD] Euridice mesh Dress NEW!!*DOLLCOCO*(snow)*BOOM* Tiare Crown (white){me.} Nippo MAXI Necklace - RED BRONZE NEW!!TOPAZIA- spring butterflyLaGyo_Amande headpiece - falling leaves-LaViere- Misa With Bangs/CandyLover*~*Illusions*~* Drow Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Wrapped Cords Drow
Additional graphics by clix

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||Wish You Were Here||

           Style Card
Boudoir Autumn Fairy  Outfit inc corset, skirt, headpiece/wreath, wings NEW!!Boudoir Madam Pompadour Hair Powder Zibska Shig ~ Necklace*DOLLCOCO*_(snow)
*~*Illusions*~* Wrapped Cords Lft Ear: Drow*~*Illusions*~* Drow Ears
Pose/Props Boudoir Crying Girl Sculpture inc 4 posesTree also Boudoir
Additional props by LISP
Additional Graphics drawn by Clix

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The Lost Doll of the Forever Tea

Many years ago, she became aware. Like any mind that becomes instantly aware, she had many questions, but alas, there was no one around to ask them. On her tiny island home, she found many things, plant life, creatures and some structures. She seemed to have knowledge of what to do with all the things she found, knew their names and function. Ingrained in her was the need to serve tea, though she did not know for whom. It became an obsession, to the point where she would stand by the teahouse door, and wait for the guests that never came. Sometimes she would stand there for days, letting the tea run cold, the food left to the insects and tiny furry creatures of the island. Her face became cracked and her porcelain tarnished with sun and age. After a while she would snap back to it, sometimes after years of standing in pose by the door, only to stare off into the horizon, waiting for something, someone. Those that did venture close, when she was off stranded inside her own head, called the island cursed.… Read the restDoll Tea 1

|| Whats Left Of Me||

  Style Card
!:Lybra:! Aarushi Pearls - Black EaRringS New @ L'Accessoires!:Lybra:! Aarushi Pearls - Black NEW @ L'AccessoiresSL GALA Mesh Gown New @   FP (Faster Pussycat)[sYs] BIRDY Hair - Sygne New @ Hair Fair
*DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow)*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_EmmaFellini Couture - white roses bustier added to hide bust from White roses outfitFocus Stair Pose (Used in second pic)Behaviorbody Pose sits first pic

                                Graphics by Clix

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||One Way Or Another||

                                   Adorkable Microphone 3 and poses
                                               Style Card                                   *DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow)                  *DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Emma                            *DOLLCOCO*_ButtonBoots_Black(cacao)*COCO*_BikerJacket(Black)-Glam Affair- Divinity 02   .ploom.Read the rest

New COCO BJD Avatar!

I’ve been waiting excitedly for this new release from COCO as I’m already a big fan of their doll avatars (I use them a lot in my Second Life art) – when I saw the word that their new Ball Jointed Doll Avatar was available yesterday I rushed over and bought one as soon as I could (a real ‘shut up and take my money moment!) I will always love my original DOLLCOCO avatar but this new one has the same bone positions as a regular SL avatar, which (I think) makes it move more fluidly with existing poses and animations. I also tried on some of my ‘normal’ mesh clothing and found it to fit much better. I confess I don’t really understand the science – all I know is she looks and moves GREAT! What you get:
Head – comes with Green and Grey eyes in small and large, human and elf ears, in addition to blink, closed eyes, open eyes and open mouth versions.
Body – has two sets of hands and bandage (modesty) or not versions and comprises of 6 parts.… Read the rest261_001

Underneath This Adolescent Sky

Ohai! One of my most favourite things at The Arcade this round was the dollhouse gacha from PILOT. It’s the only machine I actually played until I got the whole set, although I wasn’t quite lucky enough to get the Princess house, I had to trade for it (thank you again, Eve!). I joked around that I actually wanted to resize the house and live in it…I was honestly just joking…well…mostly…

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today…..

Style Card[AD]  Aliza Karu My gothly mesh dress NEW!!!!!*DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow)*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_MirielPM Swan Jeweled Brows ALL COLORS -both brows-@ L'AccessoiresLaGyo_BonTon veil BlackShoulder decoration ::  [CheerNo] Jeff Jamb [Male  resized by me] Old Special for Dressing Room[HANDverk]Pearl Necklace.black/silver[LWL] Couture Bathing Cap (Black)
BALACLAVA!! Creepy Twins - Viktor [LA] Halloween Swing  & tree - Multipose Lost Angel  Industries

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POSE::::DieselWorks Berrylicious

DOLLCOCO AVATARALB FLOWER poppy hat  by AnaLeeBalutBaroque Hair Anthrazit BOUDOIR[North West] Chunky Hearts large L (polka dots){mon tissu} Floral Disk Pendant - Gold
{mon tissu} Heathrow Boots / *Wear* Rigged Mesh Warm{mon tissu} Lacey Dress (XS) ~ Frenchy

Sway's Guitar [Love] decoration redA.G. DESIGNS - Autumn Pergola Autumn Leaves / Fall Leaves by Mosley SperberHPMD* Weasel in Tree - white(M) v1.0HPMD* StandingRabbit white LLANTERNS BY LISP

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||The Light||

Pose:: Focus PJ Set
Style Card
*SoliDea FoliEs* White Orchid*Solidea FoliEs* white orchid -headpiece:: PM :: Venice Earring *16 stones* [L'Accessoires]:: PM :: Venice Necklace *16 stones*[L'Accessoires]NYU - Bold Ribbon, Pink (Polkadot) [L'Accessoires]::DollCoco:: AvatarHair Drawn by meFlower Graphics by me

Pose JUMP By  Fly Lily

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Just a quickie, seeing as this is my second post of the day, but I was too excited to wait to show you this awesome lucky board dress by yome shoujo. It’s hard to get normal clothing to fit the stunning Dollcoco avatars but I thought this was too perfect not to at least try; fortunately the dress comes with three prims – each resizable – so with a bit of twiddling it totally fits! I’ve also been waiting for the perfect opportunity to show off this hair by Wasabi Pills. I love their stuff and, at L$250 per colour pack, it’s pretty affordable too! … Doll Body: ‘Snow‘ (rigged mesh) – DollcocoL$0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Doll Head: ‘Lena‘ (rigged mesh) – DollcocoL$450
Hair: ‘Up in the Hair (Jellyfish)‘ – Wasabi PillsL$250 (4-colour ‘candies’ pack)
Dress: ‘SI-op (Black & White)‘ – yome shoujoL$0 – Lucky Board (8mins)
Strings: Marionette Doll Puppet Strings‘ – Anara’sL$90
Photo studio and pose by HelaMiyo (L$2)

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Bad Apple

This is the second of the set of two I mentioned in my previous post. I love this skirt from SMS and the AD top which is part of her Vestalia dress in mesh. The skirt is available in 4 different designs and you can get it at the Fairy Tale event. All the taxis are below!
Pose::: Glitterati::Topless
~Plank Couture~ Sufocatium Cleircus chain only[LWL] Poisonous Apple (group gift)[Fairy Tale]FP Head dress with sparrows::Exile:: Lady in Red:Raven [Fairy Tale Event][AD] Vestalia dress / mesh Top part only{SMS}  Print Skirt Spiderweb M[Fairy Tale]*DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow)_UpperBody(smooth)*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Emily
Taxis::Fairy Tales 2012Plank CoutureFaster PussycatExileADSo Many StylesLWL
Pose:::: Miamai Abstract

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Fairy Tales ( Do Come True)

Not posted much this week, been feeling a tad under the weather! Feeling a little better today and after visiting the Fairy Tale event I felt inspired! I have two posts that look similar but the outfits are different. I couldn't choose which I preferred so I will post both. The first is another fantastic creation from Faster Pussycat called Bad Bird Dress. Consisting of a long full sheer skirt, top, headdress, latex corset, opera gloves & a lovely rose belt!

Pose ::  GLITTERATI - Backed up
Plank Couture~ Sufocatium Cleircus chain with crossFP Head dress with sparrows{Comes with dress}[FP]Faster Pussycat Bad Bird Dress[LeLutka]-JOLIE_RM hair - CoalMine{SMS} Fairy Tales Print Skirt Spiderweb {Fairy Tale Event} *DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow)*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Emily*DOLLCOCO* Elf Ears:: Group ~Gift

Focus poses ::: model pose set 32 pose 3

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Poses by Focus Poses ::: Model set 32 Focus
**Pocket Mirrors****Pocket Mirrors* Marsha Updo BlackLaGyo_LaGyo Floral blind mask monochromeAD AD[Aliza Karu] Wedding Goth down dress mesh including everything you see apart from items mentioned. (Also includes lace veil not worn)*DOLLCOCO**DollCoco*_Head(snow)Kyoko*DOLLCOCO* avatar*DOLLCOCO* Free Group Gift_Elf Ears(snow)Hana Innocent white earrings by Eshi Otawara*Eshi*

  Pose by Fly Lily::: Anne

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Fly Lily Jessie Pose
*DOLLCOCO**DollCoco* Avatar Avatar[inmonster] THANATOS Dress (burgundy) ! Bliss! Lissabel Hair - Sugar*LPD**LpD* - Eyeliner BlackMONSMONS / Big  Bangle silver&chrome[P.C]P.C ::: Reclining Feline Earrings Zibska [Zibska] :::Zeta Deux Fushia, Black, Silver set Necklace & Earrings

Fly Lily Kae Pose

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Dolly In Exile

She knew it from the start…there was no one who loved this little dolly. One day she was just thrown away and forgotten about. It wasn’t such a horrible tragedy, she dusted herself off and vowed to eventually find a new home. For now, she roams from village to village and from the shadows watches all the little girl’s cuddling their dollies. One day she will be loved……..one day. Hybie is wearing:
*DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) (mesh) (free to group members)
*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Lily (mesh)
*DOLLCOCO*_SleevelessDress_Black (mesh)
>TRUTH< Marielle – ivory
*photos taken at Innsmouth
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dolls house

    credits     1 body: DOLLCOCO, snow head: DOLLCOCO, Alice necklage: Donna Flora, Amarcord     2 body: DOLLCOCO, snow head: DOLLCOCO, Alice dress: DOLLCOCO, ClassicDress necklage: LaGyo, Roslyn boots: DOLLCOCO, ButtonBoots hair: Bliss Couture Hair, Lissabel     3 body: DOLLCOCO, snow head: DOLLCOCO, Alice dress: DOLLCOCO, SleevelessDress hat: LaGyo, Bow hat Nostalgia fur: Bliss Couture. Lecker boots: DOLLCOCO, ButtonBoots hair: [ 69 ], Bell 01          

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Beauty of Mesh

I tend to have a love/hate relationship with mesh, in the fact that clothes often change the way my avatar is shaped. However, there are many incredible things that are being done with mesh that make it an incredible and wonderful addition to the SL experience. I’m showcasing 2 mesh avatars that I personally find amazing, and makes me excited for the future of mesh. **in order to see mesh, you need to use v3 of the official viewer or a 3rd party mesh enabled viewer** Look 1
Avatar: *DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) (currently free to group members) **mesh**
Avatar Head: *DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Emma(ClosedEyes) **mesh**
Hair: [LeLutka]-EDITORIAL01 hair – ItsNotGinger
Scarves: [LeLutka]-EDITORIAL scarves/Wbelt Location: Empress and Hierophant Look 2 Ears: Titania’s Court Autumn Yellow (from Faun avi)
Skin: -CD- Dorothy for Lazy Sunday
Centaur: Beetle Bones ::BB:: Mesh Centaur Body CREAM **mesh**
Rings: Baiastice_Armour Spike Ring
Girdle, Necklace, & Head Piece: Illusions *~*Irima Complete Set
Tattoo 1: [V/INSANITY] THE RUNES Tattoo (W back) Light 2
Tattoo 2: Little Pricks LP Runes Tattoo
Hair: >TRUTH< Hazel – ivory (slightly tinted) Location: Garden of Dreams

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