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I’m here.(Freebies,Dollarbies,5Lds,10Lds ETC).

This is a super quickie because since this is an Easter Event and Easter is now over I don’t know how long there is left plus yet again my SLing time is limited today, I’ve still not even managed to get back to Big Bully to check it out, I thought I would get this up now. So I’d spotted this event in my notices but didn’t really pay much attention to it which would have been a mistake because hidden among all the stalls is not just gifts, dollabies, 5Lds, 10Lds gifts etc is a BENTO HEAD for just 10Lds. It’s not a massive event so you so should find it really easy. Since most of the gifts here come with a small price tag some do have pictures of what they are and some don’t.  I’ve risked a few lindens on the unpictured stuff because it can be fun to see what turns up. As soon as I click “Publish” I’m off for my very needed second cup of coffee and then I’m relogging in right where I left off to continue snagging away.… Read the rest




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Quickie cos I got a busy.(Super Bargains).

Sentius has a BIG discount event going on.  A whole BIG room of reduced everything, hair, shoes, dresses, basics etc A lot of the outfits come with Demos but a lot also don’t. I think you can see from this picture that the dress has that painted on look which is fine exp when it costs only (I think it was 55Lds) and has a (I think it was 5 shades) hud and comes in (I can’t remember which) mesh body fits. As you can tell this is deffo a rush job but the details of the colours, prices, and fits are all there for you to check before you buy. If you don’t like the style of dress then don’t worry as I noticed everything from good basics shorts n tops sets to Posh Do’s outfits and all at bargain prices.  The shoes are the winners, I only bought the 1 pair I’m showing you but there. OK RL is screaming for me and I have to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. “Cheap Market”
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Hashtag this.(Oodles of Bargains).

Last time I stumbled upon the Hashtag event it was literally hours before it was over so I was relieved when I again stumbled upon this event but we have till the 30th WOO HOO because it means I’m going to be able to have a nice leisurely wander around. This is where you rezz and if you squint you will just be able to make out Alice’s legs as she disappears down the rabbit hole and yes it is an Alice in Wonderland themed event. Walking into the hole you fall down the tree trunk and land in the shopping area. People have spend a lot of time and yes money making this a really nice shopping event.  I’ve taken the pictures in the sim setting but when I go back I will be changing it just so I can see things clearer because I basically don’t want to miss anything esp now I have the time to have a good look and not the mad rush I had at the last event. So what is there for Cheap B*’s like us? the same as the last event in that lots if not all of the shops have gift bags out but they all come with a price tag but those price tags are for tiny amounts ie 5Lds, 10Lds etc and a lot of the shops have more than 1 gift bag.  … Read the rest

It HURTS so badly!(Freebies n Cheapies).

I’m drowning in FREEBIES, but the dress I am going to show you is the “cheapie” and you can have a lovely time grabbing and unpacking all the freebies. I popped over to Asteria Creations, not even sure why but I did and as the LM started to rezz I spotted all these “tombstones”, I was a bit laggy yesterday, but as soon as everything rezzed perfectly I spotted that they’re not tombstones but clothes stands.  The ones I first checked first were the ones to the left  and it turns out those are discounted outfits but I’m glad I continued looking at them all because the ones on the right turned out to be all FREEBIES. I ended up going click crazy because the freebies also come in so many different colours/textures etc I just lost control.  I am going to have to be really strict and bin as much as I can but it’s going to be hard and I still haven’t been able to unpack it all.  One thing for sure is you’re going to spend a very pleasant time trying this lot on and deciding what to keep yourself.… Read the restxxxarlause

Sweet Revolution(Freebie).

Oooo a nice and simple super Sunday giftie.  The first notice I opened was from “SR” (Sweet Revolutions) and once I saw it  it took me all of 4 mins to TP, group join, snag, tp, slap it out, take 3 pictures and Voila! 2 frosty tree’s with stringed lights hanging down.  As you can see they make a great simple way to create an entrance to your home, garden etc I took both piccies in our sim setting and I’ve not had a chance to play around with the settings to see how these lights change but I can only imagine they just get better. 10Li’s for the pair BUT they’re unlinked which means each tree is only 5Ls,(did you see what I did there?)  So if you don’t have space or Li’s for both then one has enough visual impact on its own.  I didn’t notice if it was mod, too busy rushing to get this posted, but I did notice they’re non copy. Sweet Revolutions is one of those shops that may lean towards, RP, Gor, Medieval etc you will be a FOOL not to slap the sub/group boards because this shop has so many bargains, discounts, group gifts etc and both Faith and I have quite a lot of stuff from this shop and use it for sim decor.… Read the restxxxsnowuse

It’s heartbreaking! (New Mina, Freebies,Bargains).

A very simple picture of a simple and lovely Autumn look a new Mina from the newest round of FaMESHed.  Called Farah and although it’s at FaMESHed the price hasn’t been bumped up so it’s the standard 250Lds for a shade pack.  As always I will put the link to the main shop because TBH FaMESHed will be packed and this way you can check out the demo iin Lag Free heaven in Mina’s main shop but yet again I must mention that if you’re after a woolly knit hat/hair and or unisex/men’s hair this IS the shop to go.  PS FaMESHed does go on till the end of the month so you have plenty of time. Yet another excellent GG from FA Creations, I always grab the freebie from this shop but this is also one of the shops I actually spend lindens in having said that I’ve dusted off the woolly’s I bought last Autumn and they have stood the test of time so that’s me sorted.  Oh and this look is a linked top/pants with a colour hud that changes the colour of the woolly but the pants stay the same shade.… Read the restxxxriceuse

999&9=Kustom9 and a whole shed load of 9’s

Finally got myself over to Kustom9 not only because there is a new Mina but also a SHED load of gifties out for just 9Lds each.  So I clicked and clicked and I even treated myself to a couple of Gacha’s and won not just a cute deer for our sim but the Rare skybox from Heikei(anyone wants a skybox? I have way too many so if you want it just drop me a note). I didn’t buy everything as when you click on the gift boxes for the most part they tell you what is in them so since I’m not a big jewelry or bag wearer I gave those a miss. So I’ve got some of the decor items scattered around but check out my “look of the day”. Ignore the eyes! not from this event and I don’t think I will be wearing them again as they’re just weird.  OK believe it or not that’s a MINA for just 9LDs and as standard even with her special offers you get the full pack of brown shades and that might just be 5 shades but they are different, I’ve had hair colour packs where you couldn’t even see any difference.  … Read the restxxxkustom

Go BACK! (Lucky Chairs n Stuff).

I’ve seen 2 pretty interesting films this week the first which is called “The Swiss Army Man” and it’s notorious because Daniel Ratcliff plays a farting corpse and it’s the best performance I’ve ever seen him do, I’m not a Harry Potter fan lol.  I hate to tell you girls and boys but “Harry” now has a great big hairy arse! The other film is called “The Greasy Strangler” and that’s why I’ve not been posting for the past few days and the least said about that film the better but I’ve finally managed to recover and the first thing I did when I got inworld was to go over to the shop Faith has just blogged to grab the full outfit and esp the boots that come with it but I also want to give people a link to another shop with some more exc Lucky Boards but also an excellent monthly Group Git which I did blog not too long ago but it seems a good time to do a quick, lazy, repost as the GG may go soon and I think we have a couple of LB fans…myself inc.… Read the restxxxgobackuse

Good Morning Monday (which means even more FREEBIES).

Dayumn it’s still blasting winds over here in the UK but at least I can crank up the central heating and snuggle down for a day of nothingness. One thing I’ve sadly noticed over the past years is the lack of second looks ie seeing an AV who has created an outlandish, sexy, unique look.  I never thought I would say it but I miss seeing Masters with their slaves on chains kneeling as they do a bit of SL shopping, or of course Mistresses with their slaves.   Occasionally I put on my own freak look as I go shopping just for the Hell of it and then I came across so many Beautiful/Ugly things in Aii (princessaii) shop. BUT before I go on the Freebies I’m showing you are just the make up and wings, I hate it when people SCREAM FREEBIES and it turns out that the freebies is just a small portion of the look and you get excited that you’re going to get the skin, outfit or build etc only to be disappointed that the Freebies is a lippie or a piece of jewelry so I’ll make it clear that all the freebies I’m going to show you are just face tattoos but I had a Hell of a good time rezzing one of my fav builds and putting on my gorgeous but freaky PumeC skin.… Read the restXXXDusk2

Honestly! (Gifts, Cheapies and New Mina Hair).

OK you’re going to have to put up with a mini rant before I do my post just so I can basically vent and then hopefully feel better for it, but of course you could just scroll by this first bit LOL.  I’m closing my business down in RL, don’t worry I’ve got a new career lined up, but it means lots of stock taking and packing tape.  I’ve just remembered that I’ve forgotten to buy 2 gifts for 2 people I don’t like and who have never liked my gifts but I have no choice but to buy them gifts, families you gotta love em! The icing on the cake is I’ve lost my mousematt which isn’t just a major deal until you are driven crazy by the lack of control of your pointer! On the good side is that I went over to the Christmas on 34th Street and picked up a shed load of 10Ld goodies.  I’ve mentioned this event previously because everything here is Trans, but of course non copy, which means you don’t have to drag your loved one/friend over then give them the money and tell them what to buy for themselves, it takes the suprise and fun out of it. … Read the restXXXStrop

Lazy and busy and FREEBIES.

WOW it’s SNOWING in RL, ok very wet snow which will have gone in about half an hour once it stops but at this moment I’m snuggled up in front of the fire with some Christmas music playing in the background and outside my window pretty snow is falling.  The small things in RL are always the best things. OK a lazy post because I took a day off work yesterday to do my big Christmas shop and today once I click “Publish” I have to do some RL catch up work, no work no pay no pay no cat food! Sadly yesterday I was so short of time not only didn’t I get time to do the FLF I didn’t even have time to log in and grab the !gO Advent Calender gift!  So the first thing I did when I logged in today was rush over to !gO and snag todays Advent Calender gift which is this absolutely gorgeous woolie. So if you haven’t joined the 50Ld group which gets you not just some amazing gifts but also a regular monthly GG and a slashed priced item in the New Releases they DO IT! … Read the restXXXShoppinguse

Casual Cute Sexy

I have a trio of awesome to show off today from three great stores.  If you are looking for something comfy and casual, or something to add a dash of sexy to your wardrobe, be sure to check these new releases out asap!

Mercy Tunic and Boyfriends with Mercy Bag from !gO! - look cool and casual in this great outfit that comes with jean leg attachments that you can wear, or not, and remember, one colour is 50% off for a limited time.  Grab a bag to complete the look.  Hair - Boy 61 from Dura.  Skin - Amber from Belleza.

While you are shopping at !gO!, be sure to check out their new 50% off Zone!  They're having a clear out and you're the winner with older items reduced to make room for more awesome new stuff.

Wendy Knotted Shirt and Wendy Denim Skirt from GizzA Creations - a necessity for any wardrobe, this cute top comes in six colours and will add a dash of sexy to any look, team it up with the skirt and you have a great outfit.  The skirt comes in packs of two in six denim fabrics.… Read the rest

[Insatiable Fashions] @ The Outlet! 10/2/2013

Hi, loves!

I've discounted 3 of my lace lingerie 3-Packs to only L$100 for round 24 of The Outlet!

You have 2 weeks to grab them, so get them while you can!

Here are the sets:

Muted Gems:

Earth Mother:


Cute, right? Hehe.

Here's your ride!
Tp to The Outlet Sales Room!

To see all the items available during this round, check out the full list on Seraphim!

Take care, loves!


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Lazy Sunday @ [Insatiable Fashions]! 9/8/2013

It's a busy week here at [Insatiable]!

I've got somewhat of a newness preview out this weekend for Lazy Sunday! ;) This velvet skirt is quickly becoming one of my favorite items, and I hope to have more colors/styles out for you very soon, along with matching tops!

This skirt is only L$75, so grab it while you can! This item will be out until Tuesday.

Want the top in the picture? That's also up for grabs this weekend as well, at the same price!

Here's your limo:
TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!

Until next time!


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[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 8/11/2013

Hi, loves!

I have two maxi dresses out now for this weekend's Lazy Sunday for only L$75! They come in 5 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L) plus an alpha layer!

Demo available!

Cute, right?

Here's your limo:
Taxi to the [Insatiable Fashions] Mainstore!

Take care!

AliannaMarie GossipGirl

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[Insatiable Fashions] @ The Thrift Shop! 6/8/2013

Hi, loves!

I have a few tango-friendly tanks out at The Thrift Shop, a shopping event presented by Depraved Nation.

They're only L$25 each! Lola Tango appliers are available separately for only L$10!

Check 'em out:

And here's what they look like with appliers:

The Thrift Shop runs from June 8th to the 29th, so you have plenty of time to snag these goodies! EVERYTHING at The Thrift Shop is 50% off, hence the low, low, prices! :)

My spot is in the back on the far right, near the exit door. To help you, look on the walls for logo for 1 Hundred's store logo! My spot is directly in front of it!

Here's your limo:
TP to The Thrift Shop!

See you soon, loves!

AliannaMarie GossipGirl

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Newness + Deals @ [Insatiable Fashions]! 6/1/2013

Hi, loves!
There's so much newness, and so little time, so I'm going to get right to the nub. You don't hate me, do you? :(
Anyway, the full line of the Trinity Dresses are now available at the mainstore, as well as on Marketplace!
They come in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L) and over 20 colors!
They're L$200 each, or L$3,000 for the fatpack, which is a L$2,700 savings!

Demos are available!

Taxi to the [Insatiable Fashions] Mainstore!
Taxi to [Insatiable Fashions] on Marketplace!

On a budget? Not a problem! I have two more versions available for [Room69] an event where everything is L$69! That's right, two dresses for only L$69 each!

Demos are available!

You have until the 20th to grab these, so don't worry if you can't get to them this weekend!

Taxi to Room69!

Still not enough newness for you? Have no fear! I also have a 2-Pack of leopard lingerie for only L$85 at The Outlet Sales Room! This cycle runs until June 14th, so get it while you can!

I've also discounted two of my favorite items as well!… Read the restNEW @ [Insatiable Fashions]! Trinity Dresses!

[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 5/19/2013

Hi, loves!
I'm back for yet another round of Lazy Sunday! I have four 100% mesh tank dresses for only L$75 a pop. They come in 4 sizes, and of course, demos are available!
Onto the pictures!

The full line of these will be out soon, along with the lingerie I teased you with last week, and hopefully (FINALLY, really.) some Lola Tango-friendly clothing! :D
Here's your limo:
TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!
Take care, loves!
xoxo,AliannaMarie GossipGirl

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[Insatiable Fashions] @ Lazy Sunday! 5/12/2013

Hi, loves!

I'm back, with another newness teaser...and at a discount! Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Lazy Sunday, so a TON of designers have come together to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Lazy Sunday!

Anyway, I have 2 gorgeous sets of lingerie available for only L$75 a pop! That's right, you get TWO styles for only L$75!

Check 'em out!

Love? Then get your but down to the mainstore, silly!

Here's your limo:
TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!

Take care, loves!

AliannaMarie GossipGirl

P.S. While you're there, check out the new mainstore! It is fabulous, if I do say so myself. ;)

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[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 3/24/2013

Hi, loves!

I have three pairs of leggings out for this weekend's Lazy Sunday! These items will be out until Wednesday, so no worries if you can't get to them today!

They're L$35 each, and L$75 for the fatpack.

TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!

Take care, everyone!


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