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[Insatiable Fashions] @ The Outlet! 10/2/2013

Hi, loves!I’ve discounted 3 of my lace lingerie 3-Packs to only L$100 for round 24 of The Outlet!You have 2 weeks to grab them, so get them while you can!Here are the sets:Muted Gems:Earth Mother:Bejeweled:Cute, right? Hehe.Here’s your ride!Tp to The O…

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[IF] Lace Lingerie 3-Pack [Muted Gems] Ad



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Lazy Sunday @ [Insatiable Fashions]! 9/8/2013

It’s a busy week here at [Insatiable]!I’ve got somewhat of a newness preview out this weekend for Lazy Sunday! ;) This velvet skirt is quickly becoming one of my favorite items, and I hope to have more colors/styles out for you very soon, along with ma…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: Velvet Skirt in Noir

[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 8/11/2013

Hi, loves!I have two maxi dresses out now for this weekend’s Lazy Sunday for only L$75! They come in 5 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L) plus an alpha layer!Demo available!Cute, right?Here’s your limo:Taxi to the [Insatiable Fashions] Mainstore!Take care!xoxo,A…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: Summer Maxi in Floral - [Red]

[Insatiable Fashions] @ The Thrift Shop! 6/8/2013

Hi, loves!I have a few tango-friendly tanks out at The Thrift Shop, a shopping event presented by Depraved Nation.They’re only L$25 each! Lola Tango appliers are available separately for only L$10!Check ‘em out: And here’s what they look like wi…

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[IF] Thrift Shop Item: Ashlan Top in Hot Pink - Tango Appliers available separately!

Newness + Deals @ [Insatiable Fashions]! 6/1/2013

Hi, loves!There’s so much newness, and so little time, so I’m going to get right to the nub. You don’t hate me, do you? :(Anyway, the full line of the Trinity Dresses are now available at the mainstore, as well as on Marketplace!They come in 4 sizes (X…

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NEW @ [Insatiable Fashions]! Trinity Dresses!

[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 5/19/2013

Hi, loves!I’m back for yet another round of Lazy Sunday! I have four 100% mesh tank dresses for only L$75 a pop. They come in 4 sizes, and of course, demos are available!Onto the pictures!The full line of these will be out soon, along with the lingerie…

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[IF] Trinity Dress - [Lime] Ad

[Insatiable Fashions] @ Lazy Sunday! 5/12/2013

Hi, loves!I’m back, with another newness teaser…and at a discount! Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Lazy Sunday, so a TON of designers have come together to celebrate!Happy Birthday Lazy Sunday!Anyway, I have 2 gorgeous sets of lingerie available f…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: Dotty Lingerie - [2-Pack]

[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 3/24/2013

Hi, loves!I have three pairs of leggings out for this weekend’s Lazy Sunday! These items will be out until Wednesday, so no worries if you can’t get to them today!They’re L$35 each, and L$75 for the fatpack.TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!Take care, eve…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: Floral Lace Leggings in Violet

[Insatiable Fashions] @ The Black Market! 3/16/2013

Hey, lovelies!How are you? I have two EXCLUSIVE items out now at this month’s round of The Black Market. This one runs from March 15th to April 13th.These items will not be available after the event! So be sure to get them while you can! The best part?…

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[IF] The Black Market Item: Rosalie Skirt in Mixed Berries

Lazy Sunday @ [Insatiable Fashions]! 2/24/2013

Hello, hello, loves!I’m gearing up for a new release, so I’m gonna keep my time with you short and sweet! I have discounted 5 of the Rosalie Skirts to L$75 this weekend for Lazy Sunday–with demos, of course! :PHere’s your limo!TP to [Insatiable Fashio…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: Rosalie Skirt in Lilac Blossom

[Insatiable Fashions] @ The Black Market 1/15/2013

Hi, loves!It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Hahaha. I’m not gonna hold you up for too long, I just wanted to show you guys my latest release…exclusively at The Black Market.It’s a gorgeous mesh winter crop top, designed with one thing in mind: Love.It’s 1…

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The Black Market Exclusive: Winter Crops Amour in Grey

Newness + Discounts @ [Insatiable]! 11/4/2012

Hello loves!I have three new partial mesh dresses out now for Lazy Sunday! They’re L$75 each, and yes, come with demos! Check them out:Love them? Then you’ll love their sisters!The full line of Bianca Dresses is available mainstore and Marketplace…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: Bianca Dress - [Aquarium] Ad

[Insatiable Fashions] for Lazy Sunday! 9/9/2012

Hey everyone!I have two new tops out now for Lazy Sunday! They’re only L$40 each! Check ‘em out:To see the full list of participants, and to get more visuals, check out Seraphim’s post here.TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!See you soon! ♥xoxo,Alia…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: {Top} Lace - [Grey]

[Insatiable Fashions] gets Lazy. 8/12/2012

Hey guys! ♥I have two items out for Lazy Sunday! They’re 50% off at only L$60! :-) They’ll be out until around the 19th, so you have plenty of time to stop by and grab one…or both! ;-)Here’s your ride, as always!TP to [Insatiable Fashions] HQ!See y…

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[IF] Lazy Sunday Item: {Dress} Lia in Purple II

[Insatiable Fashions] does Lazy Sunday! 7/15/2012

Hello Hello everyone!I’ve discounted three of my Pocketed Shorts for Lazy Sunday. They’re only L$35 each! Check ‘em out:Awesome, right? Don’t let the price tag fool you, they’re L$35! I forgot to make the appropriate ads, hahaha. Ah, well. I’ll get ‘em…

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[IF] {Shorts} Pocketed - [Sand]

Go Go Godzilla!

I’ve been feeling a little like Godzilla lately. I stomp around and growl! But, it happens, and today I’m a little less stompy and growly with the new release for Truth District that The Sea Hole put out!The new Zilla dress is just whimsical and cute! …

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Style - Go Go Godzilla!

Sintoma Xmas Street Fair

Sintoma is home to the mainstores of [bubble] and insanya, and a mall with many well-known brands that appear regularly in events across the grid. From NOW until DECEMBER 25th, a whole host of stores will be selling a selection of their products at discounted prices. This sale is for a limited time only, after […]

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Sintoma Xmas Street Fair