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Online Shopper (Free)

Just what I needed ! A comfy chair, snacks and a decent looking computer to do my online Christmas shopping – phew. This is the hunt prize from FlyingArts in the Get Stuffed Hunt. The chair is fully loaded with poses, typing,sitting,snacking,drinking,rebooting etc and you are surrounded by boxes and already bought gifts. Its dead cute and very useful. The desk lamp works and the other side of the desk is  a little cat that when touched – meowwwws! All prizes just $1L – thanks FlyingArts FlyingArts Get Stuffed hunt blog
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I can’t not!(Freebies).

I’ve only just done a freebie post of the gifts from La Galleria but another notice came through, slap that sub-board trust me you won’t regret it, and although I recognised a couple of the freebies a couple I didn’t. Anyhow it’s basically an excuse to revisit La Galleria. I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you the pumpkin display on the cart but at 10 prims for some it can be too many but that pumpkin with the twigs/flowers on the chair is only 2 prims which anyone can make room for.  There is more pumpkin gifts a nice one I didn’t recognise which is just pumpkins with corn on the cobs etc a rack of plates etc. You must slap the sub-board and check the “history” for yourself becuse you can get the old notices and see what it is you’re looking for as although these and some of the other gifts are easy to spot a lot of them as used as decor items in the rooms just at the LM.. So another quickie before I log off and go EAT SOME CARBS!… Read the rest

Baking Pumpkin Pie

Pie is one of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner. There is usually a pecan, sweet potato, apple, chocolate, and pumpkin pie. That is a lot of pie. Dust Bunny has a complete Harvest Feast at Collabor88. You can buy the whole thing or individual pieces. I found a recipe for you, so that you … Continue reading Baking Pumpkin Pie

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Never gets old(Freebies).

Over the years a shop called La Galleria has put out some really lovely decor item’s and I think that I’ve probably gotten them all and still have them, but I have to confess I’ve never really spent much time wandering around the shop or rather the sim and it’s about time I did. First the freebie(s) and yes this is an old one, created in 2014, BUT as you can see still total quality and only 2 prims. There are quite a few Autumnal gifts out and although you do have to look for them they’re just close to the landing spot and a lot of them are used as decor items in the show homes.  So there is this, a cornucopia, a branch with leaves dangling off them plus a little pumpkin patch which is also a really good decor item.  Slap the sub-board because this is how I keep updated on the goodies and as I said the gifts are just dotted around and when you put your pointer on them you can see they’re priced at just 0Lds. When I go back in-world I’m going to have a nice morning roaming what looks like 4 sims of builds and furniture. … Read the rest

Amelie Cottage, Swan Chaise, and Snow Add-On for Collabor88 November

By popular demand, a cottage home to match our Amelie Pavilion – a tiny delight in stone and wood, with optional patio for stretching out, and a warm fireplace to take off the chill – our new Amelie Cottage with optional Snow Add-On and matching Amelie Swan Chaise for Collabor88 November! The Amelie Cottage is a single room stone and wood ultra-rustic cottage with animated effects fireplace, optional patio model, exterior candle lighting, privacy windows, locking door, and our *home control system. Grab the Snow Add-On now with easy scripted placement too! Plus, the matching Amelie Swan Chaise is a luxurious statement piece for any room, with 14 fabric options for frame and cushion, plus animations for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Only at Collabor88 November!

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Keithia Tower, Bed and Snow Add-On for FaMESHed November

A fairy tale adventure in the woods awaits you! Our new Keithia Tower and matching Bed with optional Snow Add-On raises you high above the treetops for a wrap-around view to carry you through the autumn months! The Keithia Tower is a stone and rustic wood, three story tower build with elevated entryway, oversized fireplace, second story wraparound balcony, exterior lighting, privacy windows, locking doors, and our *home control system. Plus, the matching Keithia Bed includes two wood color models, along with 19 fabric options for the blanket, pillows, and fitted sheet, available in your choice of maturities! Don’t forget the optional Snow Add-On for those winter evenings – they’re coming sooner than you think! Only available at FaMESHed November!

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Vivienne Craftsman Cottages & Outdoor Fireplace for Uber October

Autumn means coming home to cozy warmth, inside and out – indulge in classic toasty style with our new Vivienne Craftsman Cottage and matching Outdoor Fireplace for Uber October! The Vivienne Craftsman Cottage features front and back raised porches, two levels with staircase, exterior lighting, locking doors, privacy windows, and our *home control system. We include 4 beautiful exterior siding colors as well – sky blue, moss green, natural sand, and berry red! Plus, the matching Vivienne Outdoor Fireplace is ready to fire up your fall get-togethers, with animated working fire and smoke effects, stand-alone and patio models, and couples animations in your choice of maturities for staying even warmer in front of the roaring flames. Only at Uber’s October round!

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Uniqueness comes with a price tag!

I have a folder in my invent and in it I slip in the landmarks of shops that have something I want to buy but didn’t at the time, it may be it was a piece of furniture, hair etc anything which made me go “ooooh” but I either didn’t have the money or the need for it at the time and this new to me shop is deffo in my “Buy” folder. I actually only bought this Gacha win as an excuse to tell you about this shop and at 50Lds a try I was happy I won this. The shop is called Les Sources and I had spotted one of their designs in another shop, a Pumpkin seat on the wall, and I decided to pop over and I’m glad I didn’t just buy the first thing that made me go “oooh” because over the 3 floors there are several pieces which I’m tempted to return to buy  at later date. As you will see the next lot of photos are taken in the shop, set in my Nams setting, as again I’ve just not decided which one I will buy but this one so far is in the lead. … Read the rest

Dench Designs does it again – FREE GIFT!UPDATED!

I always head straight to Dench Designs before Halloween – always such a brilliant selection of decor on offer at such reasonable prices. I bought a couple of things for my home then headed upstairs to see what other spooktacular pieces I could find – and I found the best ever FREE gift! This innocent looking patch of trees and greenery is awesomely grizzly! I actually chuckled out loud as I tried them out. I’m being gobbled up by a tree stump above… .. and here a little girl rotates with creepy music playing – always sends a chill down my spine (my animation is a fearful shake) it’s just fantastic fun ! The sound and particle effects are great and it rezzes things that go with each pose (if applicable) Group is free to join btw. The LM should land you right outside the store’s front door. Update: Take the teleport up to the Halloween section – then find your way up to the second level of Halloween goods – the FREE group gift is on the central plinth – FREE to all group members .Read the rest

Raspberry Waffles

Today we made raspberry waffles in our newly renovated kitchen. Dust Bunny has a brunch gacha at The Epiphany event. I pulled out my Dust Bunny Waffle Maker and looked up a good recipe for raspberry waffles. I found a couple on the internet that looked delicious. The first recipe I came across has greek … Continue reading Raspberry Waffles

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Timely reminder.(Freebies@Redeux).

First, let me just make it clear that the warehouse I’m showing you is NOT a freebie or a cheapie.  I personally get a bit frustrated when someone posts a picture in a freebie Flickr group only to find that it’s the tiny little pinkie ring and not the stunning outfit, hair, shoes etc they’re wearing so I like to make it clear before I start, so the building is not a freebie but you may just need it!You will find me for the next hour and a half in this warehouse because I returned to the Redeux event and OH Dear! I’ve picked up not just all of the gifts but there are so many superb bargains and I’ve spent all my Lindens! I even ran out of money before I got to the Gacha’s which I suppose is a good thing as just the freebies alone I snagged will take forever to unpack and sort out. I’ve not unpacked anything yet but I can see that it’s going to be good stuff. As for the stuff I’ve bought most of those only cost me 25-35Lds and the most expensive was a selection of wrinkled rugs for 50lds.… Read the rest

Where have all the leaves gone?(Bargains ‘n’ Freebies).

I hope where you haven’t suffered too much from the howling winds we have been battered with overnight.  We sleep with our bedroom window slightly open and during the night all the leaves got blown off the tree outside and it looked like so many of them ended up blown into our room it was funny to wake up under a blanket of leaves. Redeux is a very time-limited event and TBH I wasn’t going to go as I was going to be a good girl and save my Lindens, invent and sanity but then I spotted a few pictures of whats on offer and it was a case of “Sod That”. OK, these first 2 items aren’t free but deffo in the “Bargain” category as both cost 35Lds. A dirty, filthy, disgusting retro washing machine!  When I say “dirty, filthy” etc I don’t mean the appearance I mean the menu! This is packed with some great poses with smooth movements, single ladies, men, and OMG I won’t be using those ones!  I bought this only 35Lds, there is matching pieces ie laundry basket, ironing board which also can be purchased as separate pieces or I do believe you can buy them as a set at a cheaper price than buying them bit by bit…but check first. … Read the rest

Happy Halloween at Bondi Beach Paris METRO Couture! + Collectors Group GIFT.

A wonderful Halloween Collection is at the Bondi Beach Paris METRO Couture this year! -New Paris METRO Couture Gift “The Blood Widow” (Belleza, Omega, Maitreya, Slink and Classic!!) HAPPY HALLOWEEN! THE MUNSTERS CAR IS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND Paris METRO Couture Halloween Shop at Bondi Beach FYI: Hover your cursor over the vendors to see... Read More

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Losing the will to unpack.(Freebies).

I was such a good little AV and I stood on my platform and binned, binned and then binned some more then for some insane reason I decided to go to the latest round ot the The Gacha Guardian event…FOOLISH ME! Not just so many gifties set out for us but too much temptation in those Gachas which basically means I undid all my good work binning stuff. Obviously, as usual, a lot of the small Froo Froo sorta thing but when they come as great as this platter of tempting treats who cares.  I was hoping to find a dress or shoes but TBH when I’d unpacked a third of what I got I gave up as it was so late. I also have to say that one of the reasons I’ve not been doing any of the big hunts going on is because I’m pretty sure our readers will know whats happening plus these events have a tendency to be so busy which means so laggy so I’ve been waiting for them to calm down but this.event was so nice and quiet just a few other AV’s like me wandering around checking the Gacha’s and grabbing the goodies. … Read the rest

Delaney A-Frame Cabin, Camp Couch & Chair for Collabor88 October

Nothing says autumn afternoons like a classic A-frame – tuck away into the woods with our new Delaney A-Frame Cabin and matching Delaney Camp Couch & Chair set, only at Collabor88 October! The Delaney A-Frame Cabin is a two story build with open loft and staircase, two decks, stringlights around the awnings and railings, privacy windows, exterior lights, locking doors, and our *home control system. The matching Delaney Camp Couch & Chair set are rugged and rustic camp furniture pieces with classic plaids and funky retro patterns, scripted in your choice of maturities for singles and couples. Get them both at great C88 prices through the month of October!

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Piper Hideaway House & Hanging Chairs for FaMESHed October

The Piper Hideaway House for FaMESHed’s October round is secret hideout all your own – memories of clubhouses and childhood forts, upscaled and perfectly sized for a grown-up retreat! The Piper Hideaway House is a multi-level, ultra-rustic structure, with three decks, open-air roofing, upstairs loft with ladder, stringlights, privacy windows, locking doors, exterior lights, and our *home control panel to round out the features. Plus, the matching Piper Hanging Chair fits perfectly along the Hideaway beams, with included dark and light wood models, 25 fabric options on touch, and singles and couples animations in your choice of maturities! Only at FaMESHed October!

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The Wash 10th Anniversary ! (Free & $10L)

Oh lala its The Wash’s birthday! Zan and I both love this event and go a bit wild as we always find such bargains. Above I found a brilliant Autumn bench & table from Lunar Seasonal Designs, both $10L each, both with texture changing for the wood and both with fluttering leaves! Really low prim and some scrummy poses in the bench. I resized the table to coffee table, dead simple to do. (Free items are : Keepsake box by Pan, pearl pumpkin from The Artists Shed, gifts around the sim by designers – find them,there are heaps!) The kitties and pumpkin decor is by Kitty Creations, again – just $10L. I bought the grumpy cat sweater and the tippy toes shoes, both $10L – sweater is by Park Place Casuals and the shoes are by Lindy. The Keepsake box is a gift from Pan, the front opens and you can add your own photos, dead cute. Btw, SL was playing up for me yesterday, things rezzing in and out of focus, apologies if some items aren’t as clear as Id normally have them!… Read the rest

Beacon Hill Carriage House and Couch for Uber September

Collegiate style in a renovated brick carriage house blends New England and classic urban for a flexible and fun space to call home – the new Beacon Hill Carriage House and matching Couch at Uber September! The Beacon Hill Carriage House is a two story brick renovation – old double carriage doors are now your entryway, and an adorable exterior elevated balcony and multi-level staircase arrangement will showcase your summer plants and favorite items. Inside, fill out the two open spaces upstairs and down, with worn natural wood plank floors and ceilings, and exposed brick walls. Privacy windows, exterior lights, our *home control system, and two models (with and without front patio) round out the features! Plus, the matching Beacon Hill Couch is a fun vintage find, with caned wicker detailing and 22 fabric options – available in your choice of maturities for singles and couples! Only at Uber’s September round!

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Spring Summer Home 2017

      I am way behind showing my Spring/Summer 2017 Home. I usually make it in March and pick it up in September and I try to blog it somewhere in the middle of that. It is October and I still have not even thought about changing it over to fall which is crazy to me because it is my favorite SL season. I don't have fall leaves in RL (because I am in Florida) so I really enjoy them inside SL. My house is not available (yet), but I hope to put a fire under Hiram's booty and get it listed soon. It is 100% original mesh and will be available in the Dabble Dooya marketplace store soon. The house comes with fully decorated gorgeous flower beds all around it too. My SL family has so enjoyed this house over the last 7 (should have been 6,oops) months. Have a look inside and at the grounds around my house in this video:

[Dabble Dooya] Bethany Cottage

Road: ROOST - Grey Plain - Urban Road
LAQ Decor ~ Twin Birch (Summer) - Animated
Enchanted Woods
Botanical - T2C Linden Small
HPMD* Garden Tree07 - green a
~*GOD*~ Bellis
~*GOD*~ Tulpi - Colorful
[we're CLOSED] grass field green 01 - random
*Funky*Junk* Wildflowers in Rusted Tub
Sway's [Spring Gazebo] Gazebo .… Read the rest

This is all you need.(Freebie).

I never just take 1 picture but 1 picture is all you need of this exc gift from the Ariskea shop. I didn’t even bother rezzing the copy I grabbed as it has already been set out in a lovely setting already right next to the LM.  24 Prims, a lovely size for table and chairs or 2 big comfy chairs and a fire and you must hang a chandelier from that high ceiling etc. I also didn’t want to TP home to rezz my copy as I’ve left my AV standing there logged out to do this post and when I rezz back inworld I want a nice mooch around. PS I have a feeling, lost the notice, that the Ariskea group is usually a paid for one but at the mo, it’s free to join so don’t dawdle. Ariskea
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