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Hipster Animals

I’m back on blogging! I finally got my new modem back and ready to get back into the blogging spirit! I’m mostly wearing new items from Sn@tch, Tameless Hair, The Horror, Death Row Designs, Le Primitif  and Birdy/Alchemy from The Arcade September round 2014! Thanks everyone being so patient and sorry for the random MIA…

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September 2014
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Its’s Complicated

Hair: Elikatira ~Perrie

Hair Base: Kmadd ~ Music Is My Life

Outfit: Envious ~Complicated {Thank You}
Comes with Goggles with wings & Bracelets

Shoes: Death Row Designs ~Whoreheels

Necklace: Riske ~Ambrose Steampunk Necklace In INDUSTRIAL @ District 5 ::New::
Rings: Scene ~Purgatory *Sold Out*

Nails:ZOZ ~  Wild Black Silver Polish

Head Piece: Forever Young ~Heathen Head Piece

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos ~ Live For Today Tattoo

Eye Makeup: Glamorize~Drama Black ~Heavy Black Combo

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

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School At Night

Hair: Elikatira ~Perrie – EssentialsTop: Ricielli ~Mini Top /blackSkirt: L&B ~Swear “Candy”Zipp Mini Skirt /Tartanin  in the INDIE @ District 5::New::Shoes: SwaggedOut Femme ~Britt Heels in SIN CITY @ Di…

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Choose Your District with District 5!

Whether you belong in Sin City or even the Hamptons, Di […]

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District 5 Flyer 2014 v2

Nordic Warrior

Today I felt like a nordic warrior and most of the items I’m wearing you can find from We Love RP event. I’m also wearing a hair which is available at The Fantasy… Continue reading

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It’s Not Just A Crush, We LOVE Role-Play!

It’s time for more incredible items and exclusive […]

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We Love Role-Play Logo

Girls Night Out

Hair: Truth ~Honey ::New::Dress: Fashionlicious ~black clubber dress @ Fashion For Life  ::New::Shoes: Death Row Designs ~Whore heels blackBracelets: ReveRie ~Selkies BanglesNails:Dark Passions ~Shades …

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Suicide Dollz is Sassy!

Suicide Dollz is open again with hot new items from sex […]

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Suicide Dollz

Dark Pryncess

” Turn of he light, the show begins; we hide ourselves in innocence.” “Enough is enough.” “The Truth is hard to comprehend; accept the lose of common sense.” “Enough is enough.” ” First when the rain keeps falling and our world stops turning.” “Another candle-light still burning, even i the tide won’t turning.” BODY Hair: […]

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Let It Fall

Small absence! Lack of inspiration kept me occupied but i’m back!   Shirt – Deadwool @ TMD (new!) Jeans – Balkanik Shoes – Candydoll (new!) Bag – Faenzo @ TMD (new!) Glasses – SORGO Watch & Bracelet – Death Row Designs Necklace – 2Lag Skin – The Shops – Yves

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Let it fall

Unusual Drow

” I see blue lights in your eyes.” “Reflections of another land.” “Our golden sun will rise.” ” I will wait until the end.” Hair: Elikatira – Early Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Vampire Eyes [Ex-Hunt gift] Skin: Pink Fuel- Drow [New][Shown in Dusk][@ We <3 RP] Ears: Trap- Vamp Ears [New][Mesh][@ Fantasy Faire 2014] Armor […]

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Duchess and Irina Reporting from Fairelands, Day 2

Our second Fairelands report is done, read the tale here: http://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/duchess-and-irina-reporting-from-fairelands-day-2/ Photography by Duchess Flux So, what am I wearing today? I have three items from Fantasy Faire. My tunic and skirt are… Continue reading

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Duchess and Irina Reporting from Fairelands, Day 2

Fairelands calling, Fairelands calling! It’s time to continue our journey through the Fantasy Faire and our next stop is Blackwater Glenn. This untamed woodland settlement is breathtakingly beautiful, although I’m a bit vary of the marshes, there just might be eels waiting for an opportunity to attack me, and I don’t find the thought of […]

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Happy Birthday, We Love Role-Play!

Come join in the celebrations for this amazing event […]

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We Love Role-Play Logo

Meet Our Sponsors: Death Row Designs

Jaimy Hancroft, the creator of Death Row Designs and one of the creators of Dwarfins is also the sim builder of Hope’s Horizon. She shares with us her love for fantasy and the Faire, her development as a builder and the story behind Hope’s Horizon. This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Fair. What made you […]

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The New Punk

  “This is the new shit” “Stand up and admit it” Hair: Magika-Such Collar: Virtual Nirvana- Overload Collar [Shown in Light][New][Mesh][Collab 88] Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo- Pure Sin Top: Zombie Suicide- Forsaken Halter Top [Shown in Black v1][New][Mesh][Available @ 100 Block][LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/122/129/23%5D Shorts: SAKIDE- Hallow’s Shorts [Mesh] Bracelet: OMEN- Spiked Bracelets Upper Arm: Cobrahive- Arm […]

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Access and Amplify

“Embrace the wings that they gave you.” “I know you’ve felt the emptiness” “Behind your empty words.” “Your silent screams confuse me.” ” And now you feel the pain is real.” “You got no one else to blame.” “Don’t let your rain fall down on me.” “Wish I was there to prove you wrong.”  Hair: […]

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At the Core

Landing at the data core was a remarkable experience. It’s surprising how intact it still is despite all the stubborn attempts of the surrounding world trying to cover it up, grow around it, suffocate it, hide it away… who knows how the global plantmind works. I managed to connect rather easily to it, just had […]

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“I, being of legal age, of my own free will, after having been duly advised and warned of the meaning and consequences of this oath, enroll n the Federal Service for not less than two years and as much longer as may be required by the needs of the Federation.” –Starship Troopers [a bit photo heavy] “They’re doing […]

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Sn@tching Destiny

I admit I’ve been slacking on my blogging. I have a lot of time off from work, because yet again I’m sick in real life. So I am gonna try to balance my time between Swtor, Roleplay and blogging. So thanks for being patient and enjoy my look I have on. Hair: Tameless Hair- Giana […]

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