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How YOU Doin’?

I said hi to Bubbles. He told me that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. I used to feel bad about never ever getting “hit on” in SL. For the entire time I have been in SL, I have heard people all over the grid complain that, “So-and-so hit on me!…

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December 2014
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Strawberry is Berry Nosy This Week

That’s me on the far left, waiting in the audience for this week’s Lauren Live show to start. (Tuesdays at 5 PM SLT on the Cookie sim) I kept trying to sit on that stack of pillow near my friend Haley, but SL wanted me to sit here. 

This week, Strawberry Singh has given us the OK to pick and choose which of the nosy questions from her SL Firsts meme to answer. But, not only will I do that, I’m actually going to substitute in some questions of my own! 

  1. First time I got up on stage at Lauren Live variety show: It was last week! It was a bit of a surprise to me, but it was fun! Her show is always fun to watch and even more fun to participate in. This is a link to a video of the show. If a get brave enough and find some material, I might do it again next week. 
  2. First SL Friend: Molly something-or-other? I have an awful memory and she left SL a long time ago. I met Molly one day when I was shopping for textures at Esprit Decor. (Awww! Remember that store?) She came in looking for someone to help her buy a wall. No one else was in the store to answer her plea for help, so I did. I’m glad I did because meeting her led to a series of events that led to meeting my husband Jerremy. 
  3. First Date with Jerremy: We went to the Swirl Cafe that was built by Nestlé to promote Coffee-mate brand. (Awww! Remember when RL companies wanted to be associated with SL?). Jerremy spilled coffee on his pants; I hel (Read more...)

I’ve never met a meme I didn’t like.

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Hi – I’d really, really love to see/read about your versions of this meme! (By the way, add me!)

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