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Unless you are at a picnic life is no picnic

The LookHead Catwa CatyaHead Applier Glam Affair Ellen for The EpiphanyHair Damselfly Tulip  @ FameshedDress Meva Denise Dress Rose @ The Seasons Story
Shoes fri.day Stella Sandals and Socks @ Kustom 9Pose Foxcity Sits Series  @ Pose Fair 
Background Second Spaces Spring Day for Bloom Spring Time Market

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I love when a song fits my mood perfectly

DetailsHair Damselfly Michelle @ Fameshed Feb 01Jacket APHORISM! Easy Rider Jacket
Pants Gawk Suede Leather Pants
Boots fri.day Callie Boots

Thor Lazy Weekend Gacha @ Cosmopolitan Bi Weekly
Skybox Thor Lazy Weekend Skybox
Sofa Thor :.. Vintage Chesterfield Sofa
Table :THOR::.. Handmade Coffeetable
Book Thor Sketchbook with Sheets
Lamp Thor Oil Lamp
Jar Thor Jar of Brushes
Rug Thor Rug
Cushion Thor Old Cushion
Music Holder Thor Good Music Holder
Speakers Thor Wood Speakers
Turntable Thor Wood Turn Table
Trunk Thor Trunk
Log Shelf Thor Old Shelved Log
Heater Thor Vintage Room Heater
Table Thor Refurbished Hobby Table
Lamp Thor Old Hobby Table Lamp

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I Couldn’t Stop Caring – Featuring NEW Chop Zuey and [SWANK] DC Designs

I wouldn't want to be able to stop caring, no matter what. However, I do understand the emotion behind the song by The Spiritual Machines "Couldn't Stop Caring" because I have had some really dark moments in my life where people have just let me down, and let me down, and let me down again. It's hard. I think the song speaks to the emotion of watching someone who loves drugs, probably heroin, more than they love others and more than they love self. Heroin takes everything and then some from whoever gets hooked and leaves death in its wake. It might not be actual death, but ultimately it leads there, and in the meantime the shell of what was once a person little resembles the person who was once in the body.
I've battled up my own hills and faced my own addictions. Every moment, every single second, feels like it lasts forever and then the next second finally arrives and its harsh and demanding and intense all over again. It's very hard to see beyond the addiction, beyond the pain, the pills or the powder.… Read the rest

Laying Low

The LookHead LeLutka AriaHead Applier LeLutka YS&YS Hara  Applier 3 @ Shiny ShabbyHair Damselfly Dallas @ The Mix Event July 01-29Top C'est La Vie Frill Tube top Zigzag Jeans Gizza Nico Skinny JeansShoes fri.day Izzie Sandals Cherry for Maitreya @ Summerfest 15 
BackgroundPiano Seven Emporium Piano PE-9A 1946Guitar Seven Emporium Unstrung Guitar

Now Playing Lay Low by Josh Turner

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The Quiet Hush Of Christmas Morning [FLRN] at Winter Market Event, BaoBa at The Couturier’s Docks and New NOYA Gifts

I went late late last night to the party Mr. Marcus announced for those who didn't want to be alone at Christmas. It was far too late to find party goers but I did have the pleasure of marveling at the beautiful layout and decor of the club. I felt like a little girl tiptoeing around the house after the grown-ups had turned out the lights and tucked everyone in bed. It was beautiful.
I've only begun to know Mr. Lefevre... and the more I know of him and the more I know him, the more I realize how he's impacted others' lives. It's truly a treat and a blessing, something you couldn't wrap and tuck under a tree, but a gift nonetheless. Baoba created this adorable hat made of poinsettias and ornamentation called "Rudolf" for The Couturier's Docks.
The new sweat and mini skirt set, which I love love love for the details and quality of content is from [FLRN] and can be purchased at their Winter Event and NOYA sent out a set of gifties to loyal customers (in my opinion she does far too much but I'm grateful for those gifts) and this box included some snowflake type lashes.… Read the rest