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Back on the Attack!

Phew! It's been a while, but here we are!
Hoodie : Vicarious Youth - Monster Doodles  100LThis is a PG kids shop, please be sure to dressaccordingly! One size fits all, just comes with onehoodie and the alpha.Pants : LRD - Men's Jeans with Suspenders w/HUD  375LThese jeans are great! They have 8 different fabrics, 18different suspender fabrics, and 10 belt colors.The sizes run from XS-XL so everyone shouldfind a size that fits!Hat : Rerty - Foolek Snapback Design 3  270LHat comes with a HUD to change the colorsof the different parts and change the size.Sneakers : Flite - Adidas HardcourtI got these at an event awhile ago and it seemsas though the shop no longer has a mainstore.They are involved in monthly events though!Right now they are in Project Limited.Backpack : Aitui - YoYo Bag Darks  225LThis bag comes with a HUD to change an assortmentof items on the bag, and the bag itself. There areonly 3 color options though, you have to buy theother version to get the 3 colors offered.… Read the rest




June 2018
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Quest Fur Cover Hunt!

It's the Quest Fur Cover Hunt! Have a furry friendly shop and want to join in the fun? Click the link below for the application! There's already a ton of shops involved, you should be the next on the list! Check the hunt out on Tumblr here http://questfurcover.tumblr.com/
InfoThe hunt will run from July 14th to August 11th.
Quest Fur Cover is a hunt aimed specially at Furry/Furry Friendly stores to get them more recognition and have different communities working together! 
All you need to do is create a prize to hide in the QFC hunt item, which will be given to you along with a landmark to the next store and hide that item in your main store!
If you are interested please fill out the application here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1G8YgNpetfW1SG6BnWmUhkg1CB5ncyqMt8IiuVnlvASs/viewform?usp=send_form
We will send you a message back as soon as possible to let you know that your application was received, and that you are added to the list!… Read the rest

Green Lantern’s Light!

PJs : R3volt @ Mens Only Gacha - Green Lantern PJs  100LThere are a bunch of PJs you can grab,I got the one I wanted 1st try!  There areNO DEMOS at this event, so beware!This outfit is a little big, but still looks nifty!

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Back From the Dead

Jacket : Gabriel - Zip up Tweed Jacket Olive  380LI bought this at the Mens Dept for a little cheaper,but it's worth the Linden!  It come with the bag yousee around me as well.  Comes in 5 sizes, I am wearingXXS, and you can get a few other colors.Pants : Cheerno - Leather Brown Pants FIT Cream  275LThese come in 5 colors and each come in 3 differentsizes so be sure to try the demo first.  Also grab thefree gift while you are there, it's a huge scarf!Hair : Cheerno - Salvio Grays  275LThis is a mesh hair so try it out first!  You can resize itto fit your head though!  You can get each color with5 shades, or get the fat pack for 1155L.Shoes : Eudora 3D - Bugsy Classics Brown  500LThese were another purchase I made at theMens Dept, but at the main store they have a black/blue set.These shoes come with a HUD where you can changeeach part of the shoe, the laces, and the size.Nose Ring : Ellabella - Rondure Gold and Charoite  35LThe next set of Mens Only Gachas are up!… Read the rest

Our CMFB! Giveaway Winner!

Some lovely pictures from our giveaway winnerMsmydaisy aka Lollipopandlock on Tumblr!Her choice for avatar was a Raawr Pink Snow Mew and therest are from the Wilds of Organica extras from The Arcade events!They have a nice mini fox right now in the newest arcade event at100L per play!Grats!!!

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Eye of the Tiger

Kinzart Kreetures day 14 prize is aFrostbite Tiger!
I'm also doing some funky dances gottenfrom Abranimations day 14 prize!
(sorry for the not so spiffy pics, I am on my laptop andit truly hates Second Life.)

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Calendar Finds Day 9!

Kinzart Kreetures day 9 present is asitting Central Dragon Plush!
Abranimations prize is theCollegiate Shag Couples Dance!

Coepio prize, Jacket with Tie : Men Only CalendarMust join group but at least it's free!
If you want a giant list of Advent Calendars that are filledwith Womens as well, go check outTHIS HUGE LIST!

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Day 7 Prizes!

New Kinzart Kreeture prize for Day 7!  Peppermint Rift Dragon!

Abranimantins Day 7 Prize Eye Poser

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A Little Arcade and a Plushie!

Kinzarts Day 6 Prize!  Gryphon Plushie!So cute!!

The Arcade Event!
Raccoon hat and gloves 8f8  50L each per try
Nordic Hoodie Forest [Dynasty]  75L per try

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Abranimations Day 4!

Get your free Squirrel at Abranimations!  You can grab a special squirrel twerk animation too!
Kinzarts day 4 is a set of Tundra Dragon Ears!

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Day 3 Gifts!

Kinzarts day 3 gift is a super cute Central Dragon Plushthat hangs out on your head!
Abranimations day 3 gift is a set of all very differentdances.  There's hip hop, drunk, and yes an air horse dance!

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KZK Day 2!

Kinzart Kreetures prize Day 2!Peppermint Dazzle Bat!

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Kinzart Kreetures Day 1 Freebie!

Frostspire Horns!Go get yours here, be patient!

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Sit Your Furry Butt Down!

Check it out!  We have a Head Quarters now!Come check it out and hand out, grab a seat, graba drink, lounge around!  We will be adding freebiesand an assortment of info for furries!We will also soon be in the Furry Fashionhunt coming up!

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Free AOs!

Go grab some free AOs at Abranimations while they last!

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We Need a Furry Doctor!

It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who so I thoughtI'd grab the nifty 11th or 12th Doctor (if you watchedthe anniversary special you'll understand the confusion!)outfit at the Geeks 'n' Nerds fair going on right nowthrough December 8th!
Outfit : FatePlay - Matt Future  500LThis mesh item comes with the jacket, shirt,and pants!  Grab the demo to try it on, it comeswith 5 sizes each!  You can also get past andpresent Matt at the same price... OR getDavid, Karen, and Billie!
Fez : Abracadabra - The Doctor's Fez  50LSimple hat, easy to resize!  This shopsells a bunch of funky hats for all occasions!
Sonic Screwdriver : NLS - Sonic 11  200LSo this screwdriver does quite a bit!  If youhave other items from NLS it will interactwith them, like a K-9 unit!  It's click to bring upa menu of things to do.. like turn the light on andother fun stuff!  They sell a few other screwdriversfrom other doctors as well.
Hair : Uncleweb Studio - Boz Hair Black  180LSuper easy to resize and to mod!… Read the rest

Kinzart Freebies Coming Soon!!

Check out Kinzarts latest announcement on somegreat XMas goodies you'll be able to find in their SIMcoming up starting December 1st!

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Free Standing Animations TODAY ONLY!

FREE right now!!!
5 stands from the new Abranimations AO!Go!  Hurry!  Get!

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Join the Furry Fashion Hunt!

Quest Fur CoverA Furry Fashion Hunt!
Furry Fashion is looking for furry related and furry friendly storesthat would like to be included in their December hunt!It's short, but furries do love a good hunt with extrashiny things!!  If you are interested, please see the informationbelow and send it to the appropriate folks!
You can also go check out their site on Hunt SL
Join the Hunt Group Here
Hunt ContactsAmethyst Crystaland Shukie Galicia
(CMFB! is a part of this hunt, but we are not contacts!You will find us somewhere along the hunt route!)

..::Objective::.. To provide a hunt that brings as many furry and furry friendly places across thegrid together as  possible through one hunt. Each location will hide a hunt item within their store/area/communitywhich will contain a prize from them and a landmark to the next area.
..::How it will work::..Once you are accepted into the QFC Line Up you will be added to the list.The list will go in order of when people have joined and this is the how the hunt from store to store will go.The list of participating stores/communities will be kept updatedvia the organizers and every merchant will be sent the hunt item nearer the time.… Read the rest

The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Here are just a few of the items found along the way in The Dirty Turkey Hunt!

Glasses - Etham : 8 Bit Glasses Brown  FREE!These come with a HUD to change the lensshading and the size.Nose Piercing - Aitui : Septum Ring Horseshoe  FREE!This comes in blue and it is click to resize.Lip Piercing - A.S.S. DeLuxe : Screwed Kiss  FREE!Comes with a male and female version anda HUD to change sizes and the color of the gems.Center T Shirt and Jacket - UnderDogsTalk Smack T Shirt, Saso's Aviator Jacket  Free!T shirt comes in 4 sizes and the jacket comesin 5 sizes, 5 open and 5 closed.Right Jacket - Aitui : Frontlines Toy Soldier  FREE!This jacket comes in 4 sizes, you can buy othercolors at the store.Poses - Elephante : O' My Darlin' Clementine #2 and #3  FREE!

Pose Prop - Ty'd and True : Leaf Pile  Free!This pose prop comes with 5 different posesin it and a pop up so you can easily switch spots!

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