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He was always a foxy kind of guy…

The Fennec fox is normally a tiny desert creature that eats bugs, lizards, and small rodents; however, the great thing about Second Life is you can find various species in any habitat, and it would be completely natural.  This Fennec, for example, has a knack for finding mermaid clubs simply by trying to get to … Continue reading »

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Candy Corn Witch

Beautiful Dirty Rich has recently released a bunch of new costumes that are mesh or partial mesh and all only around 150L. If you want a new mesh costume, but have been turned off by the usual 400-500L price tag for an outfit you will most likely wear …

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Scary Monster

On 30th October 2013 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
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I have no idea what’s going on in this picture. I just seem upset. Do I seem upset to you? Maybe it’s because I specifically bought candy I don’t like so that I wouldn’t eat it myself before Halloween. But then, I ate it anyway, because CANDY. But sinc…

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Butt Paint

On 28th October 2013 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
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I heard that you were looking for something like this to complete your costume this year. Only $15L. You’re welcome! 

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Halloween 2013 FUN in Second Life

In this post I will be sharing 5 fun Halloween themed places in Second Life (with a bit of fashion mixed in of course). I went to many different places and quite a few were boring, unoriginal, or just not well done. So I have waded through the huge lis…

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Throw on those costumes, Halloweenstock starts now!

Halloweenstock is starting at Noon SLT on the Cynful/Bl [...]

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Help a Ghoul Out?

I’m doing a hunt. I am always doing hunts, aren’t I? This one is one where you are encouraged to wear a costume for the chance to win extra prizes. So, I put on my Frankenstein-chic outfit and started looking. (I think I need to add neck bolts.)I’ve fo…

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Lancelot and Guinevere

It was a time of magic and mystery. Lancelot and Guinevere shared a love so strong that we still talk about it today. A love that surpasses time and distance. Hiram and I have decided on Lancelot and Guinevere for our couple Halloween 2013 costume…

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Pink Angel

      Have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween? Hiram and I are actually going to be Lancelot and Guinevere, but I had fun putting this cute angel look together for today. I actually wear quite a few costumes around Hallow…

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I am so getting into the Halloween mood! I went to Horrorfest and barely made it past the walkway, that is LINED WITH GACHAS, alive. Yeah, cause of course I had to play them…..all. I did eventually find my way inside though and got a few spooky thing…

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I Enjoy Being a Ghoul

Deathly Silence from Gizza is ghoulishly delightful, curvalicious and macabre, slinky and scary, spooky and sexy and perfect for those of us who enjoy being a ghoul. I’m a ghoul, and by me that’s only great! I am proud that … Continue reading

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LookBook 24

A Clockwork Spiral opened today. It features steampunk wear and is only open till Sunday, so be sure to drop by and check it out. Taxi to A Clockwork Spiral Top: .la petite morte. peasant top cream A Clockwork Spiral Hair: !Ohmai : Chloe [Ginger] Capris: .la petite morte. steampunk capris brown leather A Clockwork […]

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Lookbook 24a

Kirsten marries Rodvik

It is pretty simple ladies. The reason you are all having such bad dates with Rodvik is because he is head over heels in love with me. See how happy I make him! In fact, last night we went to Vegas and eloped. He insisted. This time what happens in Veg…

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All Dressed Up

I was planning on going to an SL party last night with the theme of Internet Celebrities, so I put a little outfit together. I make a good Rebecca Black, if I do say so myself.I couldn’t find any t-shirts that said anything about Friday that worked, ex…

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Toga! Toga! Toga!

It’s time for a Toga Party in Second Life!  Of course the differences between real life Toga parties, and those in Second Life are vast and varied.  First of all, it’s a lot harder to get an avatar drunk so your own avatar can get laid in an empty room upstairs at Delta House.  Second, … Continue reading »

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Ole! Traje de Luces!

I was approached a while back by a guy who wanted a “traditional costume of my country”.  He was from Spain.  As he had left me a note card without any details, I sent him a message asking him for the specific costume he wanted.  Then I ended up on Plurk.com, asking people what they … Continue reading »

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The Arcade Gacha – June

On 1st June 2013 · By Dani Saerwen · With Leave a comment
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Hey lovelies! It’s that time again for some fun a [...]

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The Arcade - June's Gacha Event Poster

Bliensen + MaiTai – News for Pixies and Elves – Attention Petites!

Made of love and leaves: These shoes are available for grown normal sized Elves, Pixies or Jesters – and for the first time I am also offering a version for Petite avatars! The Petite version fits Yabusaka Petites but also is resizable to be adjusted to other brands. As usual, everything is handmade 100 % […]

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Bliensen + MaiTai - Pixie - Shoes Kopie

Genre – Goth: Beauty in Darkness

Genre is back again with us this month with items including clothing, accessories, skin, shapes, furniture and decor.  Genre seeks to celebrate the many different cultures of Second Life; each month a genre and theme are chosen as the inspiration for creation.  March’s genre is Goth and the theme is Beauty in Darkness.  Each collection is available for [...]

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01 la petite morte - shape/appliers/skin, 50L/100L

Gypsy girl (and psst, there’s a sale at Nomine)

When I saw these new mesh tie tops from Nomine, I immediately thought ‘gypsy’ as I’m very literal like that. Paired with this headscarf hair from Oblivion, now available at the Genre event, it was the basis for the look. (The scarf is colour-change, with seven different options available.)
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