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Nurse Betty

     According to the katat0nik designer, this is a waitress outfit. I get that, but I just see nurse- especially in this white version with red trim called Horney. You have to love the names of these outfits! So whether you are going with waitress or nurse, I think this could fit into several roles with ease. This outfit is fitted to Slink Physique and I love that because I can wear my curvy shape with mesh. You can find the outfit at collabor88 and the shoes at Kawaii Project

   These katat0nik Wingtip Pumps are so great! I had to fatpack them. I thought the fatpack was a great deal too. I am also really loving all the furniture at collabor88 this round, like this Trompe Loeil chair. 
Can I take your temperature? You seem warm!

Dress: *katat0nik* (Horney 2.2) Waitress Dress (Slink fitmesh) @collabor88 March
Headband: *katat0nik* (Horney) Waitress Headband @collabor88 March
Shoes: *katat0nik* (red/Slink) Wingtip Pumps @ Kawaii Project
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Everything I Do I Do For You – Fantasy Fair Sneak Preview

Avatar Bizarre has, by some amazing circumstances, and a bit of applying, made it into this year’s Second Life Fantasy Faire, an event created to raise money and awareness for Relay for Life.  To be fair, there have been a couple of sneak previews as yours truly jumped the gun and started making stuff just in case.  Enthusiasm, coupled with that elusive Inspiration has resulted in a few new things. You already got a sneak preview of the Goblin King and the Boudica Armor.  Now let me give you a taste of the Goblin Queen!  Of course this is mostly because my lovely model (pictured above and below) is champing at the bit for a picture or two.  The Goblin Queen, like the King in a previous post, is going to be available in seven colors and includes the pants and jacket (plus alphas) and shoulder armor (one shoulder). If you’re itching for just the jacket, don’t worry!  The jackets for the Queen and King will be available solo with a Color change HUD (all seven colors), plus the shoulder armor and requisite alpha.… Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/059c2ae08e57821c4b7f6e755cf9f5fa.png

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get To the Center of the Labyrinth?

My friends all know I have a borderline stalkerish admiration for David Bowie.  Every time he’s visited my area for a show, I’ve gone.  Sometimes multiple times for the same tour.  The music collection includes something like 800+ songs – versions and reversions, covers and originals, live and studio…legitimate and bootleg recordings of all things Bowie.  Heck, there’s even some Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Mott the Hoople in the mix for good measure.  Then there’s the fact that Bowie’s appearance in Zoolander makes me giggle every time I see it.  But then, I laugh like a little kid at Family Guy, but I digress… In short, I consider David Bowie to be a demigod of some sort, and possibly an alien with photogenic superpowers. So it should come as no surprise that some of the designs at Avatar Bizarre should be pretty heavily influenced by Mr. Bowie’s extensive wardrobe. So, without further ado, and with much aplomb, I give you an advance look at the Goblin King! … Read the resthttps://i2.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/d2aac645b90bdb600cf44be8e314d6a4.jpg

Rack Rare Rogue

    Hiram and I are having fun at Fantasy Gacha. This is a rare pose from Rack Poses in the Rogue pose set at FGC. I have already blogged my FDD outfit in black and I love it so much I am showing it again a little bit differently in brown. I am also wearing it with my curvy shape this time and before I wore my standard size shape. This is fitmesh so it adjusts to my shape. I did not get the brown ultra rare corset or gloves and thats ok. As you can see wearing just a few of the pieces is way cute also. I love the look of the half top too although the ultra rare corset is particularly amazing and if someone wanted to give me one- I would not say no! I am accessorizing with a bunch of other jewelry and items I got at Fantasy Gacha as well. 
Hiram is wearing the Reverie Barroom Hero outfit, also in brown, although he got both brown and black full sets. I told him I liked it and wanted him to have it. He spoils me way too much. Although I think this is supposed to be like an old west gunslinger, I think it can be easily adapted to a host of other fantasy roles like rogue and pirate. 

Adam n' Eve just released a bunch of make-up and body art for the regular avatar, Slink physique, and Visage.… Read the rest

Yes, Mistress

FDD is at Fantasy Gacha with this amazing fitted mesh outfit. I can't tell you how much I love each and every piece. I did have to play a bit to get the whole outfit in black, which is what I decided I had to have. The boots are rare and the corset is ultra rare. The details on the mesh and texture are exquisite. I think its supposed to be some sort of Rogue female role play character, but when I saw it I of course thought Dominant female- especially in the black. In that vein, I am using a new pose set with props by NanTra called Yes, Mistress. 
Do you watch Black Sails? I like it because it is loosly based on Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (and I am a book nerd) and has a kick ass female lead in a powerful role. This outfit definitely made me think of something that might be worn in this genre and time period and so I set out to find a "pirate boudoir" for my pictures today. I am at Moors of Elmandria which is a role play sim so please wear an OOC tag which is located in the Welcome notecard if you visit for the scenery as I did.… Read the rest

Oh the HORROR (of Nyarlathotep)

What horrors lurk in the demesnes of the Outer God?  Only Nyarlathotep, himself, a fearsome vision that causes abject insanity in all who behold him.  He is The Crawling Chaos.  He is a thousand different forms.  He walks among us as a human, a dark and stately man, who resembles an Egyptian Pharaoh.  Nyarlathotep oozes amongst the terrors of the Old Ones, to bring a fetid air of disquiet to even the most stalwart adventurer. This new avatar from Avatar Bizarre is 100% rigged mesh with a shape and an alpha.  It’s Materials enhanced to give the illusion of being a glistening scaly, elephantine-skinned monstrosity, ready to consume all who oppose him.  A HUD is included for color changes.  You can choose from seven color variations, depending on flavor and intensity of your mad desire. Do not be alarmed.  Be very, very frightened. Available on the marketplace and inworld.
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A Tattered Page – The Martian Chronicles – a Sneak Preview

“Ylla Silver” A Tattered Page is an event, an experiment, an inspiration based on a book, and a thing that happens to novels that you read, re-read, and read again.  I have a copy of Bradley Denton’s Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede that is probably held together with love and dreams at this point.  Pages are not only tattered, but falling out.  A Tattered Page: [Citation Needed] is based on a love of books, coupled with the need for inspiration, and metered out with a smidgen of “Oh Hey, A Cool Event!”. The first round has come and gone.  The next round, based on Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, begins on January 7.  It will be held in a central location, rather than in individual stores, this time – for a ton of reasons.  Not least of which is the ability to control the amount of images people need to load when they visit, and suchlike.  The other part of that original experiment (appropriately drawn from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) was to have some of the merchants put their items on the Marketplace. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/05101-605f982c-c876-4f6a-877c-433723887c07.png

Holiday Season Brings a Cornucopia of New Things – Horrorfestive, GxG, Twisted Krissmuss, Etc… Part 1

The Holiday season has blundered into our lives once again, and bludgeoned us with all the usual malarkey involving stuff and things and junk and stuff.  Of course, folks in Second Life are not immune to such shenanigans, and merchants are all over the creating opportunities like bees to honey (hey I’m being G-Rated here). I have been busy peppering Avatar Bizarre with new things, both for general new releases, and for all the various events I’ve signed up for. The first thing to tell you about, oh my droogs and devotchkas, are the Morelia eyes.
Morelia veridis is the Latin name for the Green Tree Python.  This snake hatches out yellow, red, or brown, and eventually turns emerald green as an adult.  It is non-venomous and diurnal, meaning it’s active during the day, if you can call a snake coiled up in a cinnamon bun of verdant rodent terror “active”.  The Morelia eyes are based on the python’s slit-pupil orbs, and are available in ten colors. … Read the restAB-Morelia

Spooktacular Happy Halloween 2014

I guess you can call this costume Skull Girl. I also want to note that I am wearing tattoo layer and underwear layer on my slink physique at the same time. I hope you have a spooktacular day!
Looking for fun things to do? 
If you do one thing- do the Nightmare Walkthrough!
Kirsten's List of Halloween Things To Do in SL

Costume Ideas:
Friendly Clara Witch
Sexy Black Latex Cat
Scary Vampire
Fantasy Spellbinder Character

Historical Kirstentacular Halloween:
My 2013 List of SL Halloween - it is kind of neat to compare it to this year
Kirsten and Hiram's 2013 Costume- Lancelot and Guinevere
My 2012 Costume- Wonder Woman

Tattoo: [Kharma]- SkullGirl Tattoo (Physique applier) @ OMG Room
Bodysuit: .SALT - Macabre silver (Physique applier) @ Suicide Dollz
Hair: .Olive. the Wicked Hair - Tea Stained (TAG Gacha)
Attachments: Slink Casual Hands, High Feet, Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin: ^^Swallow^^ Monia Halloween 02 Blonde @ TDR Fusion
Poses: {NanTra} Trick or Treat @ Halloween Fair

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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I am a vampire today. I love that you can be something different every day in SL. This is definitely one costume idea. Swallow has alabaster Halloween skins with Slink physique appliers at the new round of TDR Fusion for only 70L. You could use this skin for a variety of Halloween looks. I thought it had vamp potential. My dress is original mesh by Kaithleen's. You can get it with or without blood, but I surely think the bloody version is fun for Halloween! You can find this dress at The Bloody Horror Fair

Hair: +Spellbound+ Velvet // Jet Black (TAG Gacha)
Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs
Shoes: fri.day - Xela.Platforms (Antique) RARE
Dress: Kaithleen's Bloody Fae Dress - White @ The Bloody Horror Fair
Jewelry: [Tia] Gypsy Moon - RARE Headdress, Necklace, and Earrings  Nose Chain
[Tia] Gypsy Moon - Common Bracer, Bracelets, 3 Rings, and Upper Arm Band
Skin: ^^Swallow^^ Monia Halloween 02 Black @ TDR Fusion
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes - Dark Red
Pose: {NanTra} The Birds 2 *50% off SALE* til Oct 31st/ Teleport to NanTra
Picture Place: Dark Dharma Haunted Manor

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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I am a very sexy kitty cat! Putting this costume together started with this hair by lamb at collabor88. I needed this hair and then I decided the hair should be part of a whole costume. I wanted to wear my curvy shape and found this applier latex suit for my physique from Sn@tch. I paired it with some new original mesh Irena spike boots in latex. I previously blogged the leather version of these boots, here, and now the designer updated with a latex texture version. I am all ready for Halloween!

My very cat-like poses come from the Here Kitty Kitty pose pack from NanTra. NanTra is celebrating its one year anniversary and all pose packs are currently 50% off til October 31st. You should go over to the main NanTra store and stock up on great poses! Happy One Year, NanTra!

Face Paint: Ugly and Beautiful Designs + Tintable Kitty Paint +
Lipstick: .:Glamorize:. Color Twist Lips - Black Cat
Eyeliner: [Gang/Cold] - Eyeliner "Cat"
Hair: Lamb. Pussycat  @ collabor88 October
Necklace: Virtual Impressions Lucy Texture Change Pendant
Attachments: Slink Casual Hands, Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Suit: :::Sn@tch Needful Latex Suit:::
Boots: [IRENA] Spikes Latex Boots / Marketplace
Ears: {B-DaZZled} - Gacha Cat Ears!… Read the rest

Mystic Fantasy Spellbinder

The Mystic Realms Faire is currently open til the 26th and there are tons of gorgeous fantasy items. If you are looking for a costume for Halloween, this is a great place to check out. I am wearing Eudora 3D sandals, ploom hair, G*Field outfit, and using NanTra poses- all exclusive items at The Mystic Realms Faire. 

More beautiful fantasy items can be found at, Tales of Fantasy that just opened up and my tree of life jewelry set is a new release by Cae exclusive to the event. You have until November 3rd to shop Tales of Fantasy. 

*BOOM* Incubus/Succubus set (gold) RARE @ TAG Gacha
*G Field*[Mesh] Elwyn Outfit -milk tea @ Mystic Realms Faire
Hair: .ploom. Flip Side @ Mystic Realms Faire
Jewelry: Cae :: Tree of Life :: Set @ Tales of Fantasy
Sandals: Eudora 3D Asteria @ Mystic Realms Faire
Sax Shepard Designs ~RARE ~ Witch Circlet ~ Sanderson
[The Forge] Viking Bracer (Silver/Gold) RARE
Skin: ~Sassy!~ Sophie - sunkissed 04, brown @ Body Modification Expo
Poses: NanTra Spellbinder 3, 5, and 1 with crow and staff props @ Mystic Realms Faire

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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TAG Gacha

There is a new gacha event, TAG Gacha, that is a whole lot of fun and very different from anything else I have experienced in SL. On opening day there was quite a bit of lag at the start of the event, Gachatopia, but once we got going it was pretty smooth sailing. This event is located across 50 sims at each participating main store. Some of the main stores I had never even visited before, instead only seen their items out and about at various events like Arcade. So it was an added benefit in my opinion going to all the stores and exploring a bit. At each store you have to "tag" a sandwich board to mark your HUD. When you go to all 50 sims,  you open up a redemption room and if you were lucky enough to get some mystery coupons out of the gacha machines you will unlock some secret rares. For more information see the  official blog how to. It was all super fun! Take a friend, Tag you are it.

There were so many cute items in this event! Pretty much everything I am wearing is from Tag Gacha and it is all super adorable!… Read the rest

He’s Not So Gulli-Bull

The Minotaur is one of those quintessential monster types.  His story is a bit weird, even for Greek mythology.  See, back in the day, King Minos of Crete wanted to sacrifice something to the God Poseidon, so he appealed to Poseidon, who then gave the king a beautiful white bull.  Minos was so enamored of the bull that he decided to trick Poseidon by sacrificing a normal bull and allowing the white bull to live. But you know, Poseidon is this god dude, so he inevitably found out.  And in true god form, he decided to punish King Minos by making Minos’ wife Pasiphae fall in love with the white bull.  She contracted the automaton mechanic Daedalus to build her a hollow cow, which she could fit inside, so she could mate with the bull.  Yeah, I told you this one was a particularly weird Greek myth. Anyhow, she gave birth to the bull-headed Minotaur, who eventually turned pretty vicious, so Minos had Daedalus create the Labyrinth, where the Minotaur lived till he was killed by Thesius. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/0491d-0b37899b-2e3c-410f-8def-7091fc287231.png


Arcade, arcade, Arcade! I love Arcade! There were so many goodies this round, but I say that every round, lol. If you are looking for Arcade items come check out my yardsale: Kirsten's Gacha Garden. This first post I am showing you the entire erratic oktoberfest set, Tableau Vivant hair, and Glam Affair Skye II skin- all found at September 2014 Arcade. I know what we are wearing for Halloween this year!

On Kirsten:
Shoes: erratic / oktoberfest - riemchen pumps  @ Arcade September 2014
Dress: erratic / oktoberfest - bavarian dirndl *RARE*@ Arcade September 2014
Mug: erratic / oktoberfest - beer masskrug @ Arcade September 2014
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Isis Solar Magic - Choker - GOLD
Hair: Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Naturals II w/Accessory Bronte Pink @ Arcade September 2014
Skin: Glam Affair - Skye II - Jamaica 02 @ Arcade September 2014

On Hiram:
Shoes: erratic / oktoberfest - haferl shoes @ Arcade September 2014
Hat: erratic / oktoberfest - trachten hat @ Arcade September 2014
Mug: erratic / oktoberfest - beer masskrug @ Arcade September 2014
Clothes: erratic / oktoberfest - lederhosen set *RARE* @ Arcade September 2014
Skin: Redgrave CHRIS - Tan

Featuring the entire erratic oktoberfest set from Arcade September 2014

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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~Regina…the birth of the Chess Queen~

Chess is one of the oldest, most venerable, games of skill…requiring intellect and tactical precision…a game played by royalty, and laymen, for centuries. Of all the game pieces, in Chess, the Queen is the most versatile and powerful…and yet, she was not introduced into the game until 500 years after it was created! The birth of the Queen, into the game of Chess, heralded an exciting tactical proposition; with the agility in which the piece was embodied. The value and power of a queen is such that it is sometimes used as bait to lure an opponent into a trap, by a queen sacrifice; known as a “Fool’s Mate”.  Her duty is to protect the King, but the triumph of the game rests within using her allure to out maneuver the opponent.
Regina, from Lyrical B!zarre Templates is an exquisite interpretation of the White Queen.  Her curved, enticing lines draw you in and captivate…distracting her opponents from her majestic power and ruthless agility.… Read the rest~Regina...the birth of the Chess Queen~

~Exclusive Blue~

As promised…I have a sneak peek, for the Sascha’s Designs Hunger Gown, that will be sold exclusively at the Opium Evolution Hunger Games Event from August 1-10! This exquisite Cobalt Blue Hunger Gown is as breathtaking in person as it is in the photo.  All of the Sascha’s Designs Hunger gowns will come with the wings, a mask and several different skirt options.
Enjoy this sneak preview and get ready for the Hunger Games! Stay captivated! <3 <3 ~X~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hair:  .:EMO-tions:.  – *PRIA* (intensivered) Jewelry:  LAZURI Jewelry – Celeste Heirloom – Color Change- Dark Gems Shot on location at*StoryBrooke Gardens*…This gorgeous destination is one of three amazing builds from the creator of Baja Norte…thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring place Lauren Bentham <3 <3 ***NOTE that I am not a mainstream fashion blogger. … Read the rest~Sascha's Blue Hunger~

School Girl

I love cute school girl looks! Ducknipple has a new school girl outfit release that is texture change into 12 textures. Look at all the cute colors in the HUD. You can find this outfit in the main DN store. Equally as cute is this double bun piggy tail hair with color change bows from ploom that is available at Level Up
Teleport to DucknippleTeleport to Level Up
Outfit: Ducknipple Mesh: Fuka School Uniform w/ HUD
Tights: [77] Gartered Stockings [White]
Shoes: Reign.- MaryJanes- Barbie Pink
Hair: .ploom. Boomer @ Level Up
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Bernadette Texture Change Set
Pose: Sari-Sari i<3books 06 book prop
Skin: Glam Affair - Cassia - Jamaica - 03 @ Summerfest '14

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Princess Jasmine

One of the reasons that I love SL is the dress up opportunities to be someone totally different. When I get to combine my love of Disney Princesses and my look for the day, it is fun indeed! The current theme of Genre this month is Arabian and using items from there I bring you Princess Jasmine. My original mesh outfit is by Kaithleen's, poses by NanTra, and shoes by Eclectica. All can be found at Genre. 
Teleport to Genre

Sax Shepard Designs ~ Nia Moon ~ Bracelets (Gold)Sax Shepard Designs ~ Nia Moon ~ Tiara (Gold)Shoes: Eclectica 'Scheherazade' Arabian Slipper-yellow @ GenreOutfit: Kaithleen's Arabian Ruffled Top and Wide Pants -  Cyan   @ GenreJewelry: [LeLutka]-JASMINE casual necklace and earringsHair: [LeLutka]-JASMINE Skin: [Pink Fuel] Harley <Latte> Poses: {NanTra} Scheherazade 4M and 5M  @ GenrePicture Place: Kingdom of Sand (OOC Observer Tag Required, you can rez here)

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Awesome Twosome!

Just a quick catch up with K Code and GizzA Creations!  Both stores have some gorgeous new releases...casual and playful!

Casual or dressy, you can decide how you wear the lovely Scarlett Jacket from K Code.  Available in eight colours, it comes in all the standard mesh sizes and will fast become a favourite staple in your jacket collection.

Add the Sarah Pants and a plain top and you have a gorgeous outfit for bouncing around the grid on a shopping trip or just exploring.  The pants come in seven colours and all standard sizes.  Check out a demo soon!

Easter may be over, but you don't need an excuse to dress up like a sexy bunny, especially with GizzA Creations new release Bunny Costume.

This stunning costume comes with a mesh corset with fur attachments, ears, tail, stockings, bracelets, hair and balloons with built in poses.  It's just gorgeous!  Wear this and it will always be Wabbit Season!!!

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