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Newness @ [Insatiable]! 8/20/2011

Hello Hello Insatiables!

How are you? I hope you're doing well this week. I have quite a few things to show you today, so I am gonna get down to business and keep things super short.

I know, it's a miracle!

First up, I have two new tops out now for Taste of SL. This week's theme is Freestylin, which means that we can make whatever we please. :D Obviously, I had to take advantage of this immediately. Both tops are L$20 each, and the double pack is L$25.

Full list can be found here.

I also have a few more bikinis out now at the mainstore! More colors/patterns/styles will be out soon!

Don't forget about the bikini gatcha! Details on that can be found here! Told you I was keeping it short!

Finally, I have the entire line of Ruca Tops (Two were freebie in the Taste of SL Hunt!) out now at the store as well! I didn't want to picture overload you, so I took a nice lil snapshot in world.

They're L$50 a pop, and the fatpack is L$250, 50% off!

Click the photo for a larger picture!

In the mood for some Midnight Mania?… Read the rest[IF] TOSL Item: Trust in the Sound Top - {Aqua} Ad



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Newness @ [Insatiable Fashions] 1/15/2011!

Hello Hello Insatiables!

I am back, and with LOTS of newness waiting for you at of course, the mainstore and SL Marketplace. First though, I wanna correct a little statement I made in my last blog post!

I *accidentally* posted the wrong version of the Lea Dress when I excitedly explained how it was free, because it was a hunt gift for The Whiz. This is the actual dress (sorry for any confusion!):

The um, right dress is available now until Jan 31st, so you have plenty of time to snag it!


Anywho, I wanna keep this short and sweet, so here's what's new this week! I finally finished putting out ALL of the Lila Tops in their respective colors! They're L$50 each and available in all layers! I hope you like them… Read the restTHE WHIZ Hunt Gift: [IF] Lea Dress {Paisley}