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Tweedle Dee no dum

” If you think we’re waxworks, you ought to pay, you know.” – Tweedle Dum ” Contrariwise, if you think we’re alive you out to speak to us.” – Tweedle Dee ” That’s logic.” both BODY Hair: Tameless Hair – Echo [New] Skin: Lumae – Adore – 8 – Sable//Darkling CLOTHING Outfit: Dark Passions – […]

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July 2015
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Voodoo,voodoo, voodoo, voodoo….

Okay so like, I know I’ve been slacking in the blogging process. Ya know, I’m human can you blame me? I’ve been having a wee bit of computer troubles whenever I take a picture on Second Life so it’s been kind of difficult. I’ve been experimenting with my ways on taking photos and how I […]

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MEN only monthly is back!!

Calling out all the handsome guys are the grid! Men only monthly is back and this is a guy only event….which means…ladies bring you boys out for a makeover if they need one or simply drag them around to buy need clothes…who doesnt love new clothes hmmm? From now until the 15th of June! So….hurryyyyy!! Atiya ツ Teleport To Men Only Monthly < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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The Industrial Side

Featured items available @ 6º REPUBLIC Event: Apt B // The Industrial Side – Prefab RARE [ARIA] Emmerich modular kitchen set BALACLAVA!! Camden Extra Pipe U + Camden Clip-On Light (Black B) oyasumi / industrial dining set 8f8 – Dreamer’s Box – Flock of Lights [ContraptioN] Decor: Mark’s Cobbled Goods Set B.C.C Ari Sofa – Cat RARE | Ari chair – Vintage Ivory PILOT – Wire Coffee Table Ariskea [Astronome] The Frame Maps * SORGO – Old Books / D | Old Books / C -David Heather– Industrio Book Stack1 NOMAD // Fruit & Candles Tray // .06   Other Items: Plethora – Wine Bottles  
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Some books leave us free, and some books make us free. (Emerson)

Clarysa Damiano LeLutka  // Mesh Head   ItGirls // Lelutka Skin Applier – Alessa Tableau Vivant // Shabby hair  Fishy Strawberry // Country Club Shirt – Taupe @ The Liaison Collaborative Fishy Strawberry //Feline Glasses erratic // tegan – pants  JD // Sky Leather Furnishings Scarlet Creative Arialle Converted Loft @ 6º Republic Stockholm & Lima // Industrial Desk @ 6º Republic [ContraptioN]  //  Decor: Mark’s Cobbled Goods Set @ 6º Republic David Heather //  Industrio Magazine Bin @ 6º Republic David Heather // Industrio Poster Bin @ 6º Republic Stockholm // Typewriter @ 6º Republic revival //  book pile leather brown (bell jar) @ 6º Republic [NO CONCEPT]  // industrial pendant lamp @ 6º Republic floorplan. scattered sheet music
Tagged: .:revival:., David Heather, erratic, Fishy Strawberry, floorplan, ITGIRLS, JD, [ContraptioN], [LeLutka], [NO CONCEPT], ~Tableau Vivant~

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I’ve been trying to do it right, i’ve been living a lonely life

The LookSkin Izzie's Romy PeachHair No.Match No Fear @ On9Outfit with Necklace and Earrings Gizza Scarlett Blossom @ Chapter Four
BackgroundRevolving Bookcase Contraption  Mark's Revolving Book Case @ 6 RepublicBook Shelf Contraption  Mark's Shelf w/books @ 6 RepublicCouch Theosophy Blaenavon Couch  @ 6 RepublicCello NOMAD Cello @ 6 RepublicTable Pilot Wire Coffee Table @ 6 RepublicLight on Table Revival Linen Lantern @ 6 RepublicCoasters Fancy Decor Coasters @ 6 RepublicRose Catwa Laying Rose Wine Bottle Kunst 

Now Playing Ho Hey by Lumineers 

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I love roleplay

Hello there! I was really impatient to get to We <3 RP when it opened, because it's their second anniversary and most of the amazing creators had awesome gifts or cheapies. I wasn't disappointed! I couldn't possibly show all of them, there are too many. But here are a few that, I hope, will make you want to go and visit that amazing event. Also, pretty much everything there is discounted (30% to 50%) from there usual price, exclusively during the event. Don't miss out!

The following items are either free or 10l$ (I frantically bought everything I found, honestly I didn't check ^^) from We<3RP:

Also, not free or cheap, but you might like :

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6º Republic Is Now Open!

In the mood to spoil yourself at the newest, most fabulous decor and landscaping event on the grid?  Of course you are!   Get the gears turning with 6º Republic!   All your favorite designers in one amazing industrial themed event until May 27th?  Yes!   Why are you waiting?!   Get going! Cinder & Eden Teleport to 6º Republic MIA: Apple Fall, Convair, Culprit, Domineaux Effect, DRD, Dust Bunny, Eudora, Llorisen

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The Mens Dept is All New!

The Mens Dept is finally back with a brand new round! Kick off May with these amazing exclusives that are just for you men. You only have until May 31 before this round is over, and these items are gone! ~°Maddie°~ MIA: Contraption, Gabriel, LikeA, Modulus, Nikotin, Revival Teleport to The Mens Dept < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > 

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  skin: alterego [kensi•drained•plain] @suicidedollz
hair: olive [the chelo] @thedarkstylefair
dress: ladyluck [fetish dress•black] @thedarkstylefair
backpack: creep [damned bag] @thedarkstylefair
necklace: things [thereisias] @thedarkstylefair
garter: suicidal unborn [updated for bodies] •new!
boots: a&y [deuz boots]
hand warmers: wretch [spiked set]
horns: contraption [great taurus•broken left]
eyepatch: dirty stories [dark soul]
neck tattoo: nuuna [meta•black]
nails: punci [for maitreya hands•square]
eyes: ikon [deadshine•banshee•arid]
body: maitreya [lara]
shape: alterego [kensi]
lashes: angel rock [paris show girl]
Tagged: A&Y, alterego, angel rock, contraption, creep, dirty stories, ikon, ladyluck, maitreya, nuuna, olive, punci, suicidal unborn, suicide dollz, the dark style fair, things, wretch

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Come fly with me

Let's take off in the blue

aka I totally meant to do this. >.>

A few more found goodies to share with you while I very purposefully soar through the sky and thank all that is good in the world that I put on underwear today! ^_^  Couple notes on everything: this dress and the heels also come in a show-stopping red. My super cool industrial necklace also comes with a beauty tag option. The tophat also comes in black and is stretchable/shrinkable. Finally these lil glasses from Contraption are filled with the kind of detail they always include and so many options! Very worth the stop and there are lucky boards in back yay! Okay now to figure out how to get down.... Next stop Paradise Falls! <3

Dress & heels - Cynful Sporty Mini Dress Lace Dark Aqua & Chain Heels Dark Aqau (0L Wayward hunt gift)
Pose & Props - Le Primitif Up & Away (0L Wayward hunt gift)
Ring & Necklace & eyes - 7Mad;Ravens My Eyes On You & Tagged Beast (also a Beauty plate) & iBurnout Black eyes (0L group gifts 50L to join group)
Glasses - Contraption Half Moon glasses (0L wayward hunt gift) (Crazy amount of options on these lil glasses)
Hat - SWaGGa Original Mesh Corset Tophats (1L marketplace)
Skin - The Skinnery Cristy 4 honey w freckles add on (past arcade item)
Hair - RedMint No 34'15 Redheads (not free but there is a free version in blonde as a group gift right now!)

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Join the Seasons Story for Spring!

It is time to open up a new Spring chapter of The Seasons Story! Your favorite designers have returned to one of the most cherished, seasonal, events on the grid! From today until April 30th, you can get these amazing exclusives to celebrate the Spring season! ♥Maddie and Eden♥ MIA: Boom, Cheeky Pea, Eaters Coma, Howl, Miseria, Nikotin, Oleander Teleport to The Seasons Story <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–> Note: Any store without items pictured did not have exclusive items marked at the time of The Seasons Story’s designer set up deadline on April 10. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Designers listed as MIA were “dark” (without decor or any items for sale) at the time of designer set up. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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♥Dream Awake♥

hair-Action Inkubator Hair Thomas / 1.0 ((NEW))
tattoo face-.Chu. Moonie Mark  @ROOM69 ((NEW))
monocle-*gunmetal* [ContraptioN] Gavin's Monocle
collar-Cute Poison - Heretic Collar
shoulders-*Tentacio* Rider shoulder black
wrist bracelet-7m;R KnifeFight Bloody @The Arena Mens event ((NEW))
top-Afterlyfe. Jezebe @CarnEvil ((NEW))

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Xiasumi School Festival: Spring Sakura!

We’ve got spirit yes we do!  We’ve got spirit how ’bout you?!  Until the 21st of April, celebrate spring and the sakura blossoms with the return of the Xiasumi School Festival!   Many of the grid’s most celebrated designers have gathered together, each representing a school subject at Xiasumi, and created a few things sure to get you excited about the season and school!   Teleporters at the landing point will take you to any of the 10 subjects you want to visit!   Come on down and hit the books with Xiasumi School Festival! Cinder, Maddie and Eden Teleport to Xiasumi School Festival MIA: BCC, Boom, Razzberry, Howl, Lark, Seul, Ur Favorite One, Pepper

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Spring Season Challenge

Many Mondays, Strawberry Singh posts a blog challenge or meme, and since I’m a couple of years late to the party, I thought I’d go back and join in on some of the ones I’ve missed.  This one from about a year ago is the Spring Season challenge.  The photo above called “The Birth of Spring” is actually one that I posted about a week ago on Flickr, but I think it’s absolutely perfect for this.  As part of this blog challenge, Berry posted three questions to answer in addition to taking the photograph.
  1. What is the spring season like where you live?
    This Spring was really non-existent.  I live in the north-western part of Texas in the United States, and our February was brutal (for us) – we had inches of ice on the road at times along with snow.  There were times that basically the whole city I live in shut down!  Then we transitioned straight to our normal May weather – mid-high 80 degree afternoon temperatures and very, very sunny.  
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Resting Up

I have to take a rest from all the events that started today.  Shopping is exhausting!

I still have more to buy, but yeek! I'm broke!

Check out seraphimsl.com or eloquencesl.com for great coverage of SL events!

Click for full size

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skin: alterego “kensi – honey” @skinfair2015 – coming soon!
shape: alterego “kensi” @skinfair2015 – coming soon!
top+skirt+armstraps+face mask: muka “vix outfit” new!
necklace: maxi gossamer “electra unicorn”
tattoo: letis tattoo “electra”
bangles: dirty stories “be mine cuffs”
ankle cuffs: dirty stories “cutie cuffs”
feet wraps: muka “rosa dark”
pauldrons: alchemy “ritual”
staff: zz “axe_grade 07″
hair: truth “echo” new
ears: mandala “season 5″
lashes: redgrave “diva”
eyes: ikon “deadshine – black – arid”
nails: punci “round-gesture”
horns: contraption “great taurus horns”
body: maitreya “lara”
Tagged: alchemy, alterego, contraption, dirty stories, ikon, letis tattoo, maitreya, mandala, maxi gossamer, muka, punci, redgrave, truth, zz

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Explore the Dark Arts at Genre!

The mystic and the mysterious are both aching to be explored at this round of Genre!   The Dark Arts are no laughing matter, so tantalizing and often beautiful, and if you’re brave enough to look, this is the event to do so!    Don’t wait too long, this round ends March 11th! Eden Teleport to Genre MIA: Contraption <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>

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**Lose My Mint**

poses-BellePoses  - Renata  @ROOM69hair-MONS / Mesh Hairgoggles-JF 2014 K_gs StoomRidermonocle-*gunmetal* [ContraptioN] Gavin's Monoclejacket- F.A.D. // Ladies Guerrilla Leather Jacket  ((NEW))pins-ALTAIR* pins .((groupgift.)) ((NEW))pants-D-Style - Death Spice Pants w.HUD :: ((NEW))
gloves-G.ID--Vicious Tape Gloves
boots-*katat0nik* (black) Toy Boots - rigged mesh

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Fur Jacket: Stitched – Rattleshirt (female) (gray) // @ the Secret Affair //
Skirt: Poet’s Heart – Barbaric (sable fawn)
Boots: Cellar Door – Yetti Boots (snow)  // @ the Secret Affair //
Arms & Harness: Pucca Firecaster’s Creations – Iron Arms // @ the Secret Affair //
Mask: ContraptioN: Alam // @ the Secret Affair //
Staff: An Lar Poses – AF/AL Light Staff
Skin: League
Tattoo: Essential Soul – Maori Rising
Wounds: Coca&Wolf – Blood Cuts
Lips: Corvus – Bloody Lips
Hands: Slink Casual
Pose: Poet’s Heart – PH_staff_8b Location: Woodsy
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