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The Healing Power of Sprites

  We can imbue talismans with tremendous power through the powers of faith and suggestion. If you believe something will work for you; it often will. Monica Outlander of MiaMai has created in real life and now in Second Life®, a collection of talismanic sprites that  can bring health and happiness to those who invest the power of belief in them. If your worldview is more prosaic and devoid of supernatural beliefs, they can also be enjoyed for their quirky adorability and the come with a magnificent free shelf that can be used to display these sprites, but I think I will also rez a few more of these shelves for otters things as well. There’s also a home protection sprite hanging on a branch that is equally adorable. The gorgeous house is the Hudson Townhouse from Scarlet Creative and can be found at Collabor88 this month.

  I put together a new top from Glam Affair with the Cael shorts from Baiastice. Both the top, the shorts and the Baistice necklace can be found at Uber.… Read the rest150225_003



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More Uber stuff! It’s time for spring, I am fed up with this so called winter that has brought us barely any real winter weather, so lets soak up some sun, grab a guitar, kumbaya and make love not war! I am wearing Truth‘s Uber release Delphine, and put some flowers in my hair.
Also I picked up Zenith‘s Bohemian tie a knot long skirt, which is really a dress. It fits pretty great with my Maitreya Lara body. From Collabor88 I used the Jesus is Lord sign from 7. I’m not religious and 7‘s signs usually crack me up. My guitar is from Tartessos arts, and I adjusted wearing it to fit the pose from Frozen‘s Guitar series.

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Always Here

Good morning! I took advantage of a late day at work to wander around SL a little and take some photos. I am so happy to see spring popping up around the grid! The Elysion sim recently changed seasons and it is gorgeous. It gave me the perfect excuse to show off some of my new favorite things from some of the latest events. I have to say, I love this dress from Atomic. It is so feminine and comes with a color change hud with several options. Make sure to check it out! Shopping List Hair: Tram – c407 Skin: Glam Affair – Rose Dress: Atomic – Rosey Posey (N21) Socks: Atomic – Slouchy Knee Socks (Collabor88) Shoes: Fri.day – Darcy Flats (Kustom9) Pose: Marukin – Daisy Photo taken at the beautiful Elysion sim

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A Personal PSA — Take More Pictures

      Before I say one word about my outfit, I want to urge you to take more pictures. When you are with your family, arrange yourselves in a huddle and take a picture. When your grandparents are visiting, cozy up and take a picture. When your sister is over for coffee, take a picture. Take more pictures, take them in abundance. Take too many. Take so many you can throw away the bad ones.   I say this because I spent yesterday with a difficulty and heartbreaking task. My friend’s daughter died, her body rejecting the heart she had been given. For whatever reason, that family is not a picture-taking family. In all there were 5 recent pictures of her, all selfies and one good photo taken by someone else. There were no pictures of her with her grandmother, her aunts, her baby brother. This was a close family that spent many weekends and holidays together, and there was not a picture to be had. So I was asked to take those selfies and photoshop them into old photos with her grandmother, her aunts and other family members.… Read the rest150221_004

Uber Boho

Oh come on.. it only took me 1.5 hours of continuous tp-ing, before i made it into Uber. On the first day. That ain’t oo bad, no? /me facepalms But so worth it!! Look at this Delilah bed room from Cheeky Pea!! If all the blossoms are a bit much for you, there is a more demure “earth”edition as well! Available in both PG and Adult because  oh well, we’re all perverts I am wearing League‘s contribution to this edition of Uber, the Ananda outfit, with the Ananda scarf. Matched with Maxi Gossamer‘s Violette Cut Bead Boho, which comes texture change.
This pretty Willow hair which comes with hair beads is from Olive and also part of this month’s Uber.
Barely visible, but so good with this outfit, I am wearing BOOM‘s Tired sole sandal which is an old Collabor88 item, and most likely available in the mainstore now and last but not least, I indulged myself and got another Skinnery skin, Blair, which is the newest in store.… Read the rest

My Shabby Bedroom

Featured items available @ Shiny Shabby: [ keke ] the pea princess’s collection [ zerkalo ] Draughts [PM}Pixel Mode  –  Bird Cage | Victoria Chandlier | Victoria Hutch | Victoria Side Board =EliBaily= Patchwork Table & Patchwork Cubbie 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Shabby Decoration Pack – white GA Home – Ballet Shoes on pillows | Hanged Towels | Decorative Pitcher HIDEKI – Morning Coffee | Hallway Rug | Shabby Chair Décor | Shabby Closet junk. cream animal rug. | little white cabinet. books. | walking sticks. rose. | window frame lights. | plant stand. Pure Poison – Toto Frame – DECO   Featured items available @ Collabor88: +Half-Deer+ Climbing Rose Vines (Pale) Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases Con.&floorplan. Branch Light llorisen // lils shotgun cottage   Featured items available @ TLC: MudHoney – Alicia Vanity Set   Other items: MudHoney – Relaxed Roman Shades  
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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Hello Lovelies! In a few hours a new Uber round will start with the theme "Bohemian" - I love this theme so much  and I can tell you it's going to be an amazing round again! Please find all credits below: Credits: dress: Zenith- Bohemian Tie A Knot Long Skirt (@ Uber) bag: Zenith- Bohemian Leather Small Bag (@ Uber) jewelry: Izzie's - Coin Jewelry (@ Uber) sandals: Zaara - Janya Jeweled Sandals tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Bohemian guitar: Seven Emporium - Unstrung Classical Guitar (@ Collabor88) hair: Truth - Avena skin: Izzie's - Qopi Skin  mouth: PXL- SweetLips  mouth applier: Izzie's - Sweet Lips Applier for Qopi Skin
pose: Marukin - Light - Checked Pants location: Hazardous

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To Where You Are

Lelutka recently made some huge changes to their textures and huds. They are promising big new changes and I am super excited to see what they have in store for us. Until then they are keeping our curiosity somewhat at bay with several new hair releases. I am wearing Rebel which is 1 of their 2 new releases due to be in the store on Wednesday. Just one day away!

I know I keep blogging Shiny & Shabby but it is such an awesome event. Especially for those of us who love decor. Fantastic stuff. Book lovers need to get down to the Zerkalo booth at the event and play for those books! They are so great!

Uber is opening in a few days and Glam Affair is back with Alice Cygana. Sweetlip lovers will be happy to know that there will also be more appliers available for this skin release.

Don't forgert Collabor88 is still open for about another 10 days, so do pick up stuff before designers put everything out in their stores at regular prices! Dress I have on is from Teefy and soo perfect for the upcoming season change.… Read the rest

Light Shine

Featured items available @ Shiny Shabby: :Fanatik Architecture: ANNEX [ zerkalo ] Pillow 2 & 3 | Pile of books 2 & 3 {Reverie} Honey Pie Aged Coffee Table Apt B // Shabby Chic Chair concept} Nao WallFire Glam Affair Home – Chai Latte Tea Set for 2 RARE | Antipasto Italiano |  Table Chandelier junk. cream animal rug. | little white cabinet. books. N4RS Siena Landscape | Siena Weathered Zinc Lamp | Siena Table   Featured items available @ Collabor88: +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtains Apple Fall Masculine Bar | Banana Tree | Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust) Con.&floorplan. woven rug | bean bag chair (blanket) / grey PILOT – Romantic Candlesticks [GOLD, tintable candles]  
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Room Additions

I’ve shown you this room before. But, since Collabor88 opened I have added a few new things to it. First is the Trompe Loeil Amelia Loveseat. It comes in three colors and they are loaded full of animations. Also, the pillows are texture change. I really love this piece. Above the loveseat is a Theosophy Beaumaris Mirror. I can see this mirror being used in several different room settings. The gorgeous curtains are from Half Deer. The roses on it are color changing, which makes it perfect for matching your bed set. MishMish and her cute little bears in the suitcase sitting on a bench are irresistible. Dust Bunny collaborated with her on this cute bear set. One last thing I am showing you here is my Schadenfreude Deer in the Forest of Leaves book. I could never cut a book up like that irl. But for SL it is cute and no real books were harmed. The other things in the picture have been blogged before, but I’ve listed them again in case you missed it. Happy dreaming!… Read the restRoom Addition


This gorgeous sexy Antique gown by Dead Dollz is out at The Fantasy Collective right now. Yes, it leaves the boobs uncovered.  I like my boobs, what can I say. If you don’t like yours… then you might want to pick out some gorgeous lingerie or a body suit to wear under it.  I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Because of the beautiful details on the gown, I decided to keep accessoires simple. I am weaing Yummy‘s  Embellished key necklace which is currently out at Collabor88. Some modesty is maintained with the choice of LeLutka‘s Kayla hair and some contrast I have created by picking Glam Affair‘s Alice skin no, 4 from the Shiny Shabby edition, because of the beautiful blood red lips. The background consists of several of Anc‘s Printroll screens, also from Shiny Shabby.

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Sunday Casual

LOOK 1 Body: Belleza – Venus Mesh Body + Glam Affair – Skin Applier Skin: -Glam Affair – Alice America – 06 D @ Shiny Shabby Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Lottie Non-Rig Mesh @ N.21 Top: Blueberry – Tube Top – Belleza PushUp @ N.21 Shorts: KITJA – Ava Shorts D.BLUE @ N.21 Socks: .Atomic. Slouchy Knee Socks – Navy @ Collabor88 Boots: Eudora 3D Quatermain Boots (Male/Female) @ The Mens Dept Backpack: Bleich – Mesh Unisex Back-Backpack – Ebony Tattoo @ N.21 Glasses: *Fishy Strawberry* Feline Glasses – Reading Lenses @ The Chapter Four Necklace: (Yummy) Small Crystal Choker Necklace – Gold @ N.21 Nails: Nailed It – All in One Pack – Dark Set – Brown   LOOK 2 Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara + [theSkinnery] skin applier Skin: [theSkinnery] Julie – Bare face(honey) CB+H CL2 @ Shiny Shabby Mouth: [PXL] SweetLips  v1.2 + [theSkinnery] Julie SweetLips applier @ Shiny Shabby Hair: !Oleander ~ Willow.… Read the rest

Half Way down the stairs.

Credits Sam: Hair Better Days Exile Skin Symon tone 3 Hermony Sweater Bubs with undershirt and sunglasses Cool Nerd Jeans Nevada Cold Ash Loafers Anton for Slink mesh feet Shai  Socks for slink feet Izzie's  Pose Zerkalo by Bauhaus movement for TLC.
Credits Izzie: dress: Coquet - Bailey (@ Fameshed) socks: Izzie's  - Knee Socks flats: Ingenue - Cecily Flats (@ Collabor88) hair: LeLutka - Kayla skin: Izzie's - Qopi Skin pose: Bauhaus movement- Zerkalo (@ TLC)

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The Sweetest Next New Thing

Hart Larsson of PXL Creations has released some new mesh lips and as you can see from Gidge’s post, they are The Next New Thing. For this post, I have only used raw shots, with absolutely no photoshopping because I want you to see why folks are excited about SweetLips.  Interestingly, the look was seamless in Second Life®. I think the bit of shadow is actually my fault. I accidentally tinted the skin instead of the lips and while I thought I brought the tint back to white on top of the Natural applier, I must not have clicked to completely white, so the skin is just a tiny bit darker than it should be. There is a support page at PXL Creations web site  which if I had looked at first, I would never have made skin red. But I don’t like reading directions. I like to figure it out for myself and it turns out to be easy enough that I figured it out anyway.  As you can see, there are no weird gaps, cracks and alphas from the side. It looks good from all angles. All you need to do to get a good fit is copy your usual shape and adjust the mouth to the measurements in the notecard that comes with the SweetLips package.… Read the rest150220_007

February 22, 2015

Pants ≫ !APHORISM! ≫ Wool Pants ≫ @ MEN ONLY MONTHLY ※ can be worn with or without the pants cuffs. Boots ≫ !APHORISM! ≫ Leather Boots ≫ @ The N° Twenty One open soon Bar Wagon ≫ Apple Fall ≫ Masculine Bar ≫ @ Collabor88 Filed under: Events, Male, Second Life Tagged: !APHORISM!, collabor88, … Continue reading February 22, 2015

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Tea Time

I feel like I am in a Fairy Tale in this picture which I could not be happier about. Harlow Heslop has decorated her sim for Spring and invited all her blogger friends to come take pictures there. I loved looking around but when I saw this adorable set up I was entranced. It is so cute full of Apple Fall's new gacha set at the current round of Chapter Four inside Lisp's Persimmon Summerhouse. 
I got all 20 stamps on my Enchantment stamp card and went to the prize location to pick up this free Exile hair, Tea Time, that comes with the adorable chipped tea cup in Beauty and the Beast. I love the tea cup so much and you get the hair in a fatpack with ALL the new Exile huds!

My dress is new by Kaithleen's at Thrift Shop 8.0 which ends at the end of the month. You have about a week left to shop the event with the discounted event prices. This dress is a simple basic T-shirt style dress with a lot of great shading and wrinkles in the texture. 

Necklace: (Yummy) Heart Shaker Necklace
Shoes: Hucci Zunyi - Moonlight (Slink) @ collabor88 February
Hair: Exile::Tea Time with Tea cup hat/ Enchantment Prize with full 20 stamp card
Dress: Kaithleen's Basix Dress - Sky @ Thrift Shop 8
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly II - Jamaica 05 A
Poses: aDORKable Poses - Blooms 1 and 4
Picture Place: Harlow Heslop's Blithe

Furniture and Decor: 
House: LISP - Persimmon Summerhouse - Mellow v3

Apple Fall Dolly @ Chapter Four February
1.… Read the rest

Busy Mode

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 + [theSkinnery] skin applier Skin: [theSkinnery] Julie – Bare face (honey) @ Shiny Shabby Beauty Marks: [theSkinnery] Beauty Marks – style 1 @ The Chapter Four Mouth: [PXL] SweetLips  v1.2 + [theSkinnery] Julie SweetLips applier @ Shiny Shabby Eyes: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Coyote Hair: little bones. Lady @ N.21 Top: PEQE – Twentyone Blouse (red) @ N.21 Leggings: ISON – tova leather leggings (tan) @ Collabor88 Shoes: JD – Anastasia Maitreya – Lacq. Clutch: E-Clipse Cupido Clutch Red/Gold @ L’accessoires Necklaces: (Yummy) Hamsa Necklace – Gold @ N.21 (Yummy) Shining Crystal Necklace – Gold @ N.21 Rings: ieQED jessi.rings.gold [SLINK – Casual] @ Shiny Shabby Nails: Nailed It – All in One Pack – Dark Set – Red Poses: Ma Vie. – Inertia Location: Le Quartier Francais  
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It whispers to me softly

Pose: Lookbookf five L - Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Illuminate - Lamb [Collabor88: 8th February - 6th March]
Skin: Sylvia - Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Vintage lace pearl head piece - Zenith [Shiny Shabby: 20 February - 15 March]

Top: Betsy halter tank - The secret store
Pants: Chleo leather pants - Rowne
Feet: Flat - Slink
Shoes: Marsali flats - Fri.day [Collabor88: 8 February - 6 March]

Springtime fence - What next
Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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Yes, Mistress

FDD is at Fantasy Gacha with this amazing fitted mesh outfit. I can't tell you how much I love each and every piece. I did have to play a bit to get the whole outfit in black, which is what I decided I had to have. The boots are rare and the corset is ultra rare. The details on the mesh and texture are exquisite. I think its supposed to be some sort of Rogue female role play character, but when I saw it I of course thought Dominant female- especially in the black. In that vein, I am using a new pose set with props by NanTra called Yes, Mistress. 
Do you watch Black Sails? I like it because it is loosly based on Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (and I am a book nerd) and has a kick ass female lead in a powerful role. This outfit definitely made me think of something that might be worn in this genre and time period and so I set out to find a "pirate boudoir" for my pictures today. I am at Moors of Elmandria which is a role play sim so please wear an OOC tag which is located in the Welcome notecard if you visit for the scenery as I did.… Read the rest

Silent Morning

I'm super late with everything lately, computer has been acting up and blah…SL likes to log me out or rerezz EVERYTHANG when I'm trying to take a photo. It's a miracle sometimes that I get a shot at all. But I DO and so I thought I'd share some more decor pieces from C88 because they're pretty great. Kinda thought I'd make a spot that I'd like to snuggle up in when I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Early and late at the same time and just very quiet, surrounded by things that make me feel like I'm home.  7 – Jesus is Lord * @C88 *
Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases *
@C88 *
junk. vintage camera light. *
@C88 *
=EliBaily= Recycled Plates Trolley = Red *
@C88 *
junk. redfern chair.  mint chocolate. *
@C88 *
7 – Help Box *
@C88 *
Stockholm&Lima: My Love, My Beard Signs *
@C88 *
junk. wooden garment rack. *
@C88 *
=EliBaily= Flip Clock *
@C88 *
7 – Unstrung Classical Guitar *
@C88 *
Con.&floorplan. Branch Light *
@C88 *
7 – SevenClox *
@C88 *

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