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Hair: Red Mint - Hair, No.41'16
Ears: Swallow - Gauged Ears
Lips: Zibska - Blacktop Lips
Eye Makeup: Zibska - Eye Makeup 02 Set A @ PocketGacha

Outfit: Glitzz - Seduction @ Romp

Necklace: Codex - Chocker Essence
Smoke: NikotiN - Holder Princess - Vintage
  ○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: By Me

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August 2017
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Hair: Stealthic - Paradox

Outfit:  American Bazaar - Confess - Black Palm @ Mesh Body Addicts

Muzzle: Naberiud - Masamang Aso @ Romp
Garter: Supernatural - Lolly Garter @ anyBody
Necklace: Codex - Cjpler Starlight @ CosmopolitanRings: Drastic - Heart Ring Set

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: CW Poses - Lionne
Toys: Deadpool - Lust Decore V2.2 & Fun Pack
Cages Toys: The Horror! - Candy Collection  

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Hair: Stealthic - Paradox

Dress: [I<3F] - Dress 16 @ Romp
Nipples: Mossu - Kinky Piercing.Bad Girl @ Kinky

Rings: Codex - Bento Dyana Rings @ EBento
Necklace: Supernatural - Frida Necklace @ The Fantasy Collective
○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose:  <K&S> - By myself. pose 2 @ anyBODY
Halo: Nightmare - Lunar Halo Set @ The Coven

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Making An Early Exit

Divos Titanium:
Hair: Stealthic @ TMD - PsychoBeard: Volkstone @ Man Cave - Keanu BeardShirt: TonkTastic & Hermony @ Man Cave - Cotton TeeNecklace: Codex @ Man Cave - Messiah NecklaceTattoo: Dappa @ Man Cave - Rise TattooPants: Deadwool - Broberry Jeans - Washed PitchBracelet: Cold Ash - Rowlett BraceletBottle: Imitation - HennyCup: Gutchi - GCup

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Enter…The Man Cave!

It’s time to return to the Man Cave for all things manly and awesome.  So grab your friends, your significant other and your lindens and come on in and enjoy some shopping just for him!  So get here before September 1st, or you will miss out! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Man Cave < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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New Date, Same Great eBento!

Even though it’s got a new opening day and time, eBento is the same great event with all those great designers offering you bento-enabled products! So let the link below point you in the right direction and get down there before it all shuts down for the next round on the 31st of this month! ♔Alex Teleport to eBento MIA: Arte <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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Hair: RedMint - Hair, No.41'16

Outfit: Bueno - Jun Tank /Bikini Top
 Ears: PMS/DramaA  - Megalodon Ear Weights @ Bodyfy

Bracelets: !nfinity - Braided Bracelets
Gloves: Codex - Bento Vicious Rings @ Kinky
Necklace: Supernatural - Brooke @ Fetish Fair
○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Foxcity - Cute But Psycho @ On9
Lamp:  Sorgo - N* Lamp
Phone: Pilot - Phone w/ Earbuds
Ashtray: NikotiN - Lumberjack Ashtray
Lighter: Bad Unicorn x Birch - Mary Janes 'Lisp Lighter'

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Hair: RedMint - Hair, No.42'16  

Dress: [I<3F] - Dress 15 @ Fetish Fair
 Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t - Spirit Legs Tattoo @ Bodyfy

Bracelets: Codex - Bracelet Kirby
Necklace: Supernatural - Nyx Set Silver @ Somber Sheild: RealEvil Industries - Lux Venus Shield V4

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Focus Poses - Beach Shack Lost and Found


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Hair: Beusy - Vendetta

Top: [I<3F] - Blouse 02 @ The Chapter Four
Shorts: Gabriel - Ruched pants
Shoes: 1313 - Rockabilly Pumps @ Gothic Garage Sale

Garter: Supernatural - PaigeNecklace: Codex - Necklace Messiah @ Man Cave
 Hands: E.A Studio - Moray Nails @ Fetish Fair
Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t - Love Hate Sleeve Tattoo

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: <K&S> - Smoking. Female Bento Pose 1

Case: Swallow - Handbag Killer Bag He
Light: Hive - Camp Lantern
Barrel: Kunst - Wine Barrel Cabinet 

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Getting Uber Kinky!

Gloves - Vicious Rings/Gloves from Codex (Kink(y) Event)Choker - Malu Choker from Supernatural (The AvenueHair - Molly from Mina (Uber)Skin - Ella Applier from LeagueLipstick - Beth Lipstick from Glam Affair (The Epiphany)

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Hair: lock&tuft - jett natural @ Cosmopolitan
Ears: Swallow - Shiny Elf Ear
  Eyes: Nightmare - Salem Eyes

Outfit: Blueberry - Daisy

Necklace: Codex - Collar Ashanty @ Fetish Fair
 Hands: E.A Studio - Moray Nails @ Fetish Fair
Bracelet: Ducknipple - Witty

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose:  FoxCity - Surface (Fatpack Bonus)

Background: Isuka - Trust & Love backdrop @ Fetish Fair
Sign: Kres - Kinky Caution Signs - 29 @ Kinky

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Hair: Beusy - Vendetta @ N21
Ears: Swallow - Gauged Ears
Outfit: Glitzz - Emma Set @ Tres Chic

Necklace: Codex - Collar Carfax
Leg: Le Fil Casse - Leg Ribbon, White
Bracelet: !nfinity - Skull 'n Bones Leather Bracelet

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Spartin Parx Pose - Lifted
Flash Shot - A Monthly Pose Box here

Sign: The Horror! - XXX Sign

○•○ON ALEX○•○
Hair: Dura - B78  @ Uber
Jeans: Kalback - Original Jeans M2 Ripped  
Necklace: RealEvil - Primal Necklace & Bracelets  

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Let’s Get Kink(Y) This Weekend!

Thank goodness it’s Friday and Kink(Y) is here just in time to spice up your weekend!  Until August 19th, you can shop your favorite kinky designers giving you plenty of time to play before Monday.  You work hard, you deserve to play hard.. and Kink(Y) is here to help! ღCherrie Teleport to Kinky Monthly MIA: Lybra, Mossu, Phedora < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Hair: Pr!tty ~ Minka
Ears: Swallow - Shiny Elf Ears   
 Eyes: Lotus - Tealight Eyes 06
Lips: Zibska - Valen

Horns: Punch ~ Demon
Necklace: Codex - Osyris Chocker @ Shiny Shabby
(Comes with Earrings/ Not Pictured)
Face Tattoo: [CX] - Bakemono Make-up Set
Bracelet: !nfinity - Letter Chain Bracelet @ MOM
Body Tattoo: The Horror! - Corpse Scars & Bruises-Shattered

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose:  <K&S> - Female Bento Poses. Pack 1 @ Limit 8Decor: {RW} - Bindings Too Wall Decor

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Hair: Blues - Saphira

Top: [I<3F] - Blouse [01] @ BishBox
Panties: Miss Chelsea - Gena Lingerie

Rings: RealEvil - Luxy Rings Set
Bracelets: Codex - Bracelet Kirby
Glasses: Blow-Up - Hipster Eyeglasses
 Necklace: Codex - Izzy Necklace @ Hipster Mens Event 

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: By Me
Desk: Epia - 'Big Boss' Desk & Chair
Light: Sorgo - N* Lamp
Laptop: Random Matter - Dorm Life - Laptop
Books: Mesh India - Apple Book
Cell: Pilot - Phone w/ Earbuds

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Post #1085 not so bad.

Hair: DOUX – Ethan hairstyle | Men Only Monthly Skin/Applier: Avi-Glam Vincent Skin | Men Only Monthly Mustache: [Deadwool] Moustache – brown – V1 Facial Hair: {Fe Style} Beard v.2 | Darkness Monthly Event Necklace: CODEX_Izzy Necklace | Hipster Men’s Event Overalls: not so bad . XAN overalls . dirty | TMD Watch: :::NOIR::: Trautman Watch | Men Only […]

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Hair: Spellbound - Augustine
Skin: Glam Affair - Tessa/America @ Collabor88
Face Glitter: Izzie's - Silver Glitter Freckles
Eyes: Zibska -Lilian
Lips: Zibska - Izumi

Top: 1313 Shiver Me Timbers Top @ Genre
Tail: Astralia - Thessalonike Tail

Bracelets: Bubble - Cut Heart Cuffs
Necklace: Codex - Kahir Choker @ Limit 8
Head Piece: [CX] - Hinotori Kanzashi @ Japonica
Crown: Cute Poison - Clockwork Crown Black

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Something New - Mermaid 1@ Indie Teepee 

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Things are Fabulous at Shiny Shabby!

Shiny Shabby is back!  All your favorite Shiny Shabby designers are back once again showcasing must have items for your home and body.  Stop by Shiny Shabby before August 15th, to stock up on some amazing items! ღCherries & Ginger Teleport to Shiny Shabby MIA: Diram, Eve, Pumec, The Little Branch < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Hair: Entwined - Ashley
Skin: Glam Affair - Tessa/America @ Collabor88 Outfit: Apple May Designs - Jazi @ N21
(See 2nd Picture for full picture of outfit)

Rings: Codex- Flora Rings
Nails: RealEvil - Elektra Nails
Necklace: #187# - Leashed Collar
Tattoo: PMS - Love Hate Sleeve Tattoo

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: <K&S> - SelfieTime. poses 1

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I Introduce to you…. Limit8!

There is a pretty new event out there that I think you all should know about! It’s called Limit8, and it’s been around for about four months. It’s super exciting because not only do you get a brand new release from each of the designers, but you can get a limited item too! That’s right! An item that will never be sold again will be released each round at this event which happens every month on the 18th and ends on the 13th. I hope you have a great time checking it out, because I know I thought it was an awesome surprise when I stumbled across it. Ginger <3 xoxo MIA: Glitzz, Shogun, Toro, Varonis Teleport to Limit8 < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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