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Lace Me Up!

Dress - Farrah Lace Up Dress from GizzA CreationsGloves - Chanel Gloves from Codex (Ebento)Choker - Morgan Choker from RealEvil Industries (coming to Epiphany)Hair - Jaylee from Doe (Lootbox)Skin - Ella Applier from League

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October 2017
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October is Crisp and Fresh at eBento!

It’s time for pumpkin spice and everything nice at the October round of eBento and it’s full of some wonderful items for you to get – from makeup, to shapes, to poses and much, much  more (as always)! So wrap up in that toasty scarf and get ready for some hot deals – just get here before the 31st, because that’s when it all disappears! ♔Alex Teleport to eBento MIA: Nessmarket, Vista Animations <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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Eyes: Az Design - Gore Albino Cat  
Hair: Foxy - Morgana Hair @ Salem
Face Tattoo: PMS - Gypsy Tattoo @ Bodyfy 

Outfit: Agata - Nouen Underwear 
Neck: CerberusXing - Badlands Silencer @ Season Story
Body Tattoo: The Horror! - Corpse Scars & Bruises - Shattered
Gloves: Codex - Bento Vicious Rings

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: <K&S> - Lolita poses. Standing 3 @ Sugar Hideout
Crosses: VileCult - Satan's Graffiti - Inverted Cross
Fire: E.V.E - Big Bubble {Fire}

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Hair: Entwined - Jana @ Black Fair
Ears: Swallow - Darkness Ears @ Black Fair
Eye Shadow: Izzie's - Gloom Eyeshadows
Lips: Alaskametro - Wytch Makeup @ Salem

Outfit: Glitzz - Luxueux @ anyBody
Shoes: Apply May Designs - Sophisticated Heels @ Black Fair

 Gloves: Codex - Medea Bento Gloves @ Black Fair

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Reve Obscura - Soft Touch
 Speakers: David Heather - Stereo System
Guitar: Anachron - Acoustic Guitar  

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Nights in White…Corsets!

Wearing - Eternity Corset and Panties from United Colors (coming to The Black Fair)Gloves - Medea Gloves from Codex (coming to The Black Fair)Collar - Perception Collar from CodexRings - Luxy Rings from RealEvil IndustriesEarrings - Hoop Earrings from IzziesHair - Iroha from ArgraceSkin - Rosie Applier from BellezaEye Makeup - Rosie TLC Eyeshadow from Belleza (coming to The Liaison Collaborative)Lipstick - Rosie TLC Lipstick from Belleza (coming to The Liaison Collaborative)Pose - On Pointe from FoxCityBackdrop - KPop Star 3 from FoxCity

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Hair: Stealthic - Paradox

Outfit: Codex - Harness Lyla @ Kinky 
Gag: Caboodle - Heart Shaped Silencer

 Pasties: Tentacio - Let Me Breathe -Nipple Black
Cuffs: Kibitz - Dali's Leather Hand Cuffs
Tattoo Marks: Identity - Sassy Marks @ Kinky 

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Ama. and Nais - Bondage Bar 

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Hair: Truth - Apple @ Uber

Outfit: [I<3F] - Corset 06 @ Frou Frou 

Anklet: Supernatural - Anya Anklets @ Shiny Shabby
 Necklace: Avenge - Life Circle
Bracelet: Codex - Bracelet Kirby

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Foxcity - Steamy 6  

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Hair: Truth - Apple @ Uber

Outfit: Glitzz - Sabrina Lingerie @ Frou Frou 

Bracelets: Supernatural - Romance Bracelets @ Cosmopolitan
Rings: CerberusXing - Salient Talons @ Project Se7en
Necklace: Codex - Set Pilgrim @ Tres Chic
Headphones: !nfinity - Music Junkie Headphones

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: By Me

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Hair: Stealthic - Jealousy
Ears: Swallow - Gauged Ears 

Jacket: Addams - Abby Leather Jacket 
Bra: Violent Seduction - Dionysus Lara  
Necklace: Codex - Gacha Sensual Metal @ Shiny Shabby
Gloves: Belle Epoque - Intense Power Glove  
Rings: E.A.Studio - Moray Ring Set○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: By Me

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Make Room for Shiny Shabby!

Shiny Shabby is opening up another great round today. Beautiful new designs are waiting for you, grab a friend and head on over to Shiny Shabby. Clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, and much more can be found at Shiny Shabby!  Stop in before October 15.  Smokeahontis & ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Sabs Teleport to Shiny Shabby MIA: American Bazaar, Eve, Kunst, Mons, Pumec, Straydog, Varonis, < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Stay Forever 21 at Tres Chic!

Stay forever 21 with help of this round of Tres Chic!  Age isn’t but a number and if you have to pick a number, why not be 21?  Some fabulous designers have everything you need to look young or at least be young at heart.  While you are there make sure to stop by the Decor Circle, a new feature, for your Autumn home & garden needs.  So stop into Tres Chic before October 5th to stay beautiful and your home seasonally fresh. ღCherries Teleport to Tres Chic MIA:  Betrayal, Ersch, Varonis < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >  

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You’ve known well who am i

Hair   Stealthic - Fatal @ Kustom9

Shirt    Indented: Madison l Wash 2
Skirt   Indented: Cherry l Black

Shoes   LUVI   Black Sneaker

Pose   Le Poppycock  Comfort Zone A

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Will You Brave The Man Cave?

People!  It’s time to grab your significant other, male friends or that guy you know in need of a makeover and drag him over to Man Cave for some awesome shopping and great new looks!  There really is some fabulous items all for him!  Friends don’t let friends look bad, so come on in before October 3rd and let’s make the men of SL shine! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Man Cave MIA: 220ML, Betrayal, Drot < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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       4Mesh just opened and I am really excited about this new event. It will be replacing Mesh Body Addicts, but it's not just a new name. 4Mesh is a completely new event. It will start on the 12th every other month and run til the end of the month. It features 4 distinct rooms of themed items: Fashion, Roleplay, Bento, and Skin/Body. Basically everything that I am wearing and using is from the event. I am featuring 9 items from: Codex, Scandalize, United Colors, KC Couture, Image Essentials, 7 Deadly Skins, Alaskametro, Carol G, and Dark Passions. You have until September 30th to check out the new event 4Mesh.

Rings: Codex Maristel @ 4Mesh September 2017
Top: Scandalize.Anabelle @ 4Mesh September 2017
Skirt: United Colors Jeans skirt @ 4Mesh September 2017
Shoes: KC Couture Belize Wedges @ 4Mesh September 2017
Pose Prop: Image Essentials - Promenade  @ 4Mesh September 2017
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - SALT  omega FACE&BODY marshmellow @ 4Mesh September 2017
Lipstick and Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 "Rose Gold" makeup @ 4Mesh September 2017
Polish: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Noticeably Nude @ 4Mesh September 2017
Tattoo: CAROL G Cute Country Black  @ 4Mesh September 2017
Hair: TRUTH / Athena *FREE Group Gift September*
Head: CATWA  Kimberly
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Hair: RunAway - Jennifer @ Hairlogy
Ears: Swallow - Shiny Elf Ears  
Outfit: CerberusXing - Na'amah's Chains @ Frou Frou 
 Jacket: Gabriel - One-shoulder Riders

 Gloves: CodexChanel Rings
Head: Gabriel - Head cross chain
Face Piercing: CerberusXing - Lance Piercing
 Nipple Piercing: Mossu - Kinky Piercing Bad Girl

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Background: Foxcity - KPOP Star - I Am The Best

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Mesh Body Addicts Has Become 4Mesh!

Mesh Body Addicts has become 4Mesh!  You heard me right, your favorite event has evolved.  They now have 4 themed rooms; fashion, roleplay, bento, and skin & body, however, the best things is you get the same great, quality items from your esteemed designers.  Grab your pocketbook, stop in and check out 4Mesh before October 1st, you won’t want to miss this! ღCherries Teleport to 4Mesh MIA:  Chysanthemum’s, Insurrektion, Lx Essentials, Lybra, Meva, Narcisse, Psycho Byts, Riot, Yasum Design < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Hair: Entwined - Becky   
 Rings: Codex - Maristel Rings @ 4Mesh
Necklace: Supernatural - Sachi @ Kawaii project

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Focus Poses - Couple 150 68 main event
 Background: Glitzz - Bathroom Gacha
Shelf: David Heather - Metrosexual Shelf

Hair: Stealthic - Hysteria
Beard: Volkstone - Keanu  
Ear: Swallow - Drop Ea

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes at eBento!

It’s always an event whenever eBento opens a new round – and this round is no exception, especially with some new shops (and favorites from previous rounds)! So get yourself ready, set, and get going with the shopping – because the 30th will be here before you know it, and then it’ll be too late! ♔Alex Teleport to eBento <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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I Couldn’t Help It…

Wearing - Sade Strapped Set from GizzA Creations (Kink(y) Event)Choker - Starlight Choker from CodexRings - Elektra Nails and Rings from RealEvil IndustriesEarrings - Hoop Earrings from Izzie'sHair - Viozzi from Tukinowaguma (coming to Hairology)Skin - Ella Applier from LeagueLipstick - Jewel Lipstick from Amara BeautyPose - Digital Alchemy from Bauhaus Movement (The Liaison Collaborative)Backdrop - Backdrop Scene #1 from Wetcat

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Play It Loud!

Wearing - Susie from JF Design (Kink(y) Event)Gloves - Arsenica Gloves from Codex (Kink(y) Event)Headphones - Bad Kitty Headphones from RealEvil IndustriesHair - Kimberly from Doux (The Darkness)Skin- Ella Applier from LeagueLipstick - Mistress Lips from ItGirls

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