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Be in The Battle of Britain!! ~The White Cliffs of Dover LEA14 Grand Finale~

LEA 14 The White Cliffs of Dover must come to an end. Out with a BANG!! It has been an amazing ride all these months and I am sad to see it go. Please click the images to see them larger and for extra information. No I am not kidding. You really can be in... Read More

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It’s Coming. The Towns People Know. ~LEA 14 The White Cliffs of Dover~

As the last few days approach, I take my last look over The White Cliffs of Dover LEA14. These white cliffs stand tall and majestic to remind us all of hope. The problem with Second Life is that amazing builds such as these eventually sink into the SL sea. But we will never forget. LEA14... Read More

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~Closing Party for MOLLY BLOOM’s “Creative Inhalations”~ YOU’RE INVITED!!!!!

You are invited to attend the Closing Party for MOLLY BLOOM’s “Creative Inhalations” Exhibit Curated by Sir Walter – Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG) WHEN: Saturday – August 27th 2016 WHERE: Paris METRO Art Gallery LITTLE VERSAILLES GARDEN PMAG Little Versailles Garden LM LIVE MUSIC: 12 pm SLT – DJ BRAYTANIA 2 […]Read Post ›

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You’re Invited to AmandaMagicks “Enchantment” Installation Closing Event!!

Paris METRO Art Gallery: AMANDA MAGICK Closing Party! ADVANCE NOTICE Bonjour à tous, please save the date for Paris METRO Art Gallery Closing Party of ‘Enchanted’ an installation by Artist: Amanda Magick and curated by Shiloh Emmons, Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG) Look in the Destination Guides Editors Picks! This installation has […]

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Adorkable Poses Closing Sale: Only 5 days left!

Only at The Deck!

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Adorkable Poses Closing Sale!

It’s been a long time coming… it’s time to close Adorkable Poses.  I have had an amazing four years of making poses and getting to know some wonderful people.  My real life has just gotten so busy that I am not able to keep up with my store as I would like.    Thank you all for your love, support and friendship.  I never dreampt that what started out as a fun little hobby for a stay at home Mom could turn into something that actually helped my family financially.  I couldn’t have done it without my amazing customers and I appreciate it so much.  Thank you to the bloggers that have also been so kind to blog my poses.  You all are such an asset to store owners and I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.  A special thank you to my friend and biggest supporter, Sasy Scarborough.  Without you, I would never have even had a store to begin with.  I will forever treasure our friendship and every bit of business and personal advice that you ever gave me.… Read the restclosing salesmall

One Belle Avenue, Second Life 2012-12-04 12:05:00

So the time has come to say goodbye to my little store, Fucifino. Much has changed for me over the past few months - priorities changed and I now have new goals in my life. And when I have a goal, I focus 110% on it. And because of these goals & priorities, I do not have the time I would like to have to be able to focus on my store.

My friends know my reasons. I won't share them here, but to those who have been kind enough to ask, don't worry - it's all good. I promise!

I'll still be around SL, working on Bare and enjoying all the wonderful work created by the Home & Garden community, many whom I'm lucky to call friends.

Maybe I'll even blog again...who knows.

In the meantime, Fucifino will be having a closing sale. Starting on December 5 (My Birthday - Happy Birthday to Me!!!) until the end of 2012 (or earlier, if the Mayans have anything to say about it), everything in the store will be 50% off.

After that time, I hope to have my items on the Marketplace, but we will see (not the most exciting thing to do haha).… Read the restfucifino closing sale