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The Secret Store Clearance Sale

The Secret Store is retiring all sculpted clothing and is waving farewell with a clearance sale.  Although not technically beginning until tomorrow, the clearance room is already open and will remain so through June 1st.  If by some chance you have never visited The Secret Store, items available include a variety of women’s clothing and accessories. Teleport to The Secret Store’s Clearance Room Happy shopping ♥

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Exposeur Clearance Sale

Exposeur needs to make room for new poses that will be released during Pose Fair 2013 and is having a clearance sale as a final goodbye to many pose packs that will be permanently retired.  Many fatpacks of male and female single static poses have been marked down to 75L each and a few pose props have been marked down as well.  The sale starts today, March 11th, and lasts through the end of Pose Fair.  Demos are available, and sale items are clearly marked. Teleport to Exposeur Happy shopping ♥

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Step inSide 50% Off Clearance Sale

Step inSide needs to make room for new inventory and has decided to clear some space with a 50% off sale.  Through December 15th, you can pick up all old skins at 50% off their regular price; the products included in the sale are clearly marked with a red and white 50% Clearance Sale sign.  After the 15th, the skins will be retired.  Free demos are available for your convenience. Teleport to Step inSide Happy shopping, loves♥

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JANE Clearance Sale

JANE is having a miniature clearance sale on all mesh clothing that she created before the release of standard sizing.  These designs include four sizes and an alpha layer; free demos are available for you to try before purchasing items.  Prices have been cut in half for the next two weeks; after this time, the ‘old’ designs will be gone forever.  Grab the goodies while you still can! JANE Happy shopping, loves♥

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Pink Outfitters Clearance Sale

Pink Outfitters needs to make room for new inventory and has decided to permanently retire select items currently available in store.  You will have until June 25th to grab any of the items to be retired at a discounted cost of 40L – 50L.  This designer carries female dressy casual clothing.  Look for the ‘Clearance Sale’ sign to know where reduced priced items are located. Pink Outfitters Happy shopping, loves♥

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Kouse’s Sanctum Spring Cleaning SALE!

Kouse Singh is having a HUGE Spring Cleaning sale!!
Everything on the second floor of the store is 75L (except fatpacks). And that covers ALOT of gorgeous dresses!! From now until the end of May!
So hurry!! Don’t want to miss out!! See you there!!! xoxo for Kouse! Kouse’s Sanctum

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Aleida 50L Clearance Sale

  Aleida needs to make some room for upcoming items and has decided to have a retirement sale.  All items that will not be retired have been temporarily removed from the store, and all the items that remain have been reduced to 50L each.  You will find both women’s and men’s clothing at Aleida as well as some amazing group gifts and a Fashioncentric Hi5! Hunt prize!  The sale ends April 6th. Aleida Happy shopping, loves♥

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DeeTaleZ Clearance Sale!

Hey you guys!  I have a treat for you today!  So, it’s Friday, which means the beginning of the weekend and we all love our weekend shopping in SL.  To kick off this weekend’s shopping, DeeTaleZ is having a huge clearance sale on some of their older items! There are tons of really adorable DeeTaleZ items marked down to amazing prices, so don’t miss it!  This is definitely a great way to kick off the weekend! Happy Friday, ya’ll! <3 TP to DeeTalez TP to DeeTalez

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Kalnins Closing Sale

  Kalnins was one of the first places that I ever picked up a quality pair of shoes in Second Life, and I always hate to see stores of exceptional quality close.  Kalnins features women’s footwear, men’s footwear and sunglasses.  All items have been reduced in price by 50%.  The closing date is March 27th; so, be sure to stop in before then to take advantage of the closing sale. Kalnins Happy shopping, loves♥

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A.D.D.Andel Spring Cleaning Sale

A.D.D.Andel is a store that makes a wide range of items, from buildings and garden decor to eyes, this is a place that is bursting with quality items – literally bursting!! We have been passed information to say that there is a SPRING CLEANING SALE going on NOW until MARCH 24th on a selection of items reduced to 50% off at the A.D.D.Andel Mainstore! These items will be removed from the store to make way for some new items during the spring and summer months.
Any item that has been reduced in price for the duration of the sale will be marked by the sale logo (pictured), so all you need to do is spot the bargains, and trust me there are some real bargains to be had! Taxi to A.D.D.Andel

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Happy Face Shapes 50L Sale!

Happy Faces is having a bit of a clearance sale, to make room for the new creations soon to be coming your way. Some of these shapes will be revamped and sold again, others will disappear for good but until MARCH 4th, a selection of shapes will be reduced to 50L each! All reduced priced shapes are marked with a red hover text over the pictures that reads “50L Clearance Sale!!”, but they are also the biggest pictures in the store so you won’t be able to miss them hehe…
Demos are available for each shape, and each shape also includes StyleCard, Custom Eyebrow Shapers & Physics, and Pregnancy Bases.
If you want a new shape, now might be the time to go get one!!! Taxi to Happy Face

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