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Free Gift Stained Glass Window (12 days of Christmas) Day 4

Original photo taken at a church we visited last year. If you would like to keep up to date with all our releases and goodies stop by our facebook page, we’d love to see your talented work using our textures and brushes :) See you tomorrow for more goodies :)   Hint: To download to image 1) click on the image 2) once it’s displayed in your browser right click on it and choose “Save Image As”

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March 2015
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Bluebird has a beautiful Church, so well made that I couldn't resist to take pictures here.

This is a skybox, I'm not used to blog about little places, but this one worth a visit, even not being a whole sim.

I blogged about Choice 2001 before, but now the stamps are available, so hurry up!

My hair, hair band and collar give me stamp cards, but I need to run all stores and get my stamps hehehe.

Style Card

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World End’s Garden

Well, this probably will be my longest post, with more pictures then usual, because this sim is my favorite in the whole SL, World End's Garden, at Dernier Lamento.
I found out about this place a while ago (some years ago) and since them I keeping coming back, because every season this place is rebuild-ed, and every time they get more and more beautiful.

This time the flowers grows wild between the ruins, but the beauty still there!

There are some romantic pits to cuddle, a carousel, a church and the cemetery.

The church and the cemetery have teleports ( sit on the light!!!) that leads to other scenes, The Blanc and the Noir.

Come and check by yourself all hidden treasures in World End's Garden.

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