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These Shoes Were Made For Wokkin – Hanfu Warped Head Shoes

All you speak and all you hear
Hand that’s strong and voice it’s clear
An unforgotten memory when the moon begins to call – Red Rockers, China Okay, so really, really bad title pun. Fine, I see the pun jar, and happily pay the tax therein.  Meanwhile, take a look at these awesome new shoes I’ve just made! Honestly, when I was doing research on Chinese Traditional Footwear for men, not a lot of interest came up, till I found some photos of Hanfu Qing Dynasty Warped Head Shoes.  They were traditionally worn by men (along with the Hanfu robes), and generally made from silk or satin with cotton soles.  In more recent times, these shoes have been adopted by both men and women, as a Traditional fashion choice.  Since the thought of making Lotus shoes feels repellent, it’s safe to assume these unrigged shoes are for everyone with SLink flat feet in Second Life. The Hanfu Warped Head Shoes, which are copy and modify, include a color HUD with six color choices. … Read the restAB-Hanfu-Shoes-with-Color-HUD




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Jade Girl – The Dark Heavens Cheongsam

“At only twenty-eight I felt no great rush to settle into anything boring.” – White Tiger, Book 1 of the Dark Heavens Trilogy In the Dark Heavens trilogy (Kylie Chan), Emma, an Australian living in Hong Kong, suddenly finds herself working as a nanny to the Dark Lord of the Four Winds, Xuan Wu.  He is the black turtle god or Shen, ruler of the Northern Heavens.  He’s a dark creature, the master of all Martial Arts, destroyer of Demons, and the owner of Wudang Mountain both on the Celestial plane and on the Earthly plane.  Five years prior, he had married a mortal woman and they had a child (half Shen, she would grow into a powerful force of nature).  Demons killed the wife of Xuan Wu and her family, leaving the Turtle Shen with his small daughter. Emma works as a nanny to the Shen’s daughter, but eventually trains in the Arts, discovers she has an innate talent for both physical and energy work, and is able to protect the Dark Lord’s child from Demons, who would kidnap her in order to have power over Xuan Wu. … Read the restAB Dark Heavens_017

It’s been a long time

Wow! I hadn't realized how long it had been since I did a blog post. A long, loooooooong time! In my defense, I haven't been slacking - just extremely busy. Holidays, 2 sim rebuilds, and my store. Ugh! Also, my inventory had gotten so bad, I didn't change clothes for weeks at a time, because it would of taken me an hour just to find an outfit. wheeee Luckily, I've had a little extra time this week, and I finally got my crap organized. Go me! *nerdsmile*
Anyhoo, I saw this dress on someone while I was on a routine shopping trip a while back, and I was all OMGZTHATISSOCOOL! It's from Peqe. I absolutely love the way the sleeves are. Totally awesome. I had gotten the wire collar from Zibska back during Mystic Realms Faire. I think it gives the dress an edgy flair.
As for the location of the photo, I looked all over, trying to find a spot with the right vibe. I found a sim called China. It is very minimalistic, but totally fabulous. The very few items on the sim look like charcoal drawings, of sorts.… Read the rest