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The Autumn Hunt 2012 starts today !

The Autumn Hunt is a gridwide hunt that starts today – all items are availabe for 5 L$. Starting point is the mainshop from [ILAYA] where you can hunt these cute poseprob I use for my pics. My dress is from 22769 ~ casual couture and my shoes are from CERO STYLE,
both are the items for the Autumn Hunt 2012 ! **hint list for The Autumn Hunt 2012** Participants are: Warm Animations, Gawk, -no wow-, CERO STYLE, ZERO COOL Designz, JE*REPUBLIC, .evolve., Gorgeous,  Calico Ingmann Creations, Sparrowtree Studios Poses, 22769 ~ casual couture, Garden of dreams, [KAMOURASKA],  Fly Lily! Poses, Angel Dessous, w e l l d o n e . a t e l i e r ,  BeautyCode, ILAYA,  CandyDoll, Milk, .::CENSORED::., Holli Pocket, Iren, FAKE I’m also wearing: mesh-hands from SLink
bracelets from Mandala
necklace from League
skin from Glam Affair
hair from Magika

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Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: Hunt prizes!

The Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves hunt kicked off today and runs until 15 August. I had a quick run round some of the stores and there are lots of fun prizes to be picked up. Best of all, they're all FREE (not even dollarbies!)

The hunt starts at Reliquia, and you can find a hint list with slurls at the Slave blog or you can visit the official Red Silk Productions blog. 70 stops in total and you're looking for a crystal ball.

Here are a few quick pics of favourites from what I've grabbed so far!
39 Bacidalucia Chicago
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Lazy Sunday!

hey guys! Qopi here, to present you the newest items and brands for lazy sunday! happy shopping! & sorry for the tardiness.  

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Hat Hunt!

The following prizes are from the You Go To My Head HuntThere's only 22 stores so it's a quick one!  You can see someof the women's hats on the website!  The 1st LM sends you toa nooby area though, so I started on # 2.

Hats from left to right...Old & NewSF DesignCero StyleGrim Brothers

From left to right...Brain CircuitHatpinsPXD Toxic

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Fachioncentric Hi5! Hunt

On 4th April 2012 · By Lashae Karsin · With Leave a comment
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  The first Fashioncentric Hi5! Hunt kicked off this past Sunday, and there are a lot of great prizes for all of you hunt lovers out there!  This hunt features over 130 stores from across the Second Life grid with items including clothing, MESH clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, skins, shapes, poses and home decor.  There are no ‘next’ hunt locations in the prizes at each store; in order to teleport to another store, simply check out the Fashioncentric blog for SLurls or wear the teleport HUD provided in the in-world kiosk.  The hunt item you are looking for is an orange triangle shaped box (it kind’a looks like a roof) with a white hand on it.  All items in this hunt are absolutely free!  As an added bonus, you have a chance to win 5000L or 1000L every week during the hunt!  To be eligible to win, you must join the in world Fashioncentric group, find five hunt items and send a notecard with the prize names and locations to Galea Yates.  … Read the restPhotobucket

Lazy Sunday Springs Us Forward!

In case you haven’t heard, time “springs ahead” by an hour today for those who observe Daylight Savings Time and all that jazz! No wonder it looks so bright out there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that this batch of Lazy Sunday goodness will be the cherry on top! Happy shopping, lovelies! ❥ Vix

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Designer Showcase

A new collection is out for your shopping needs at Designer Showcase!  Every ten days fabulous designers come together to give you amazing deals on items including clothing, shoes, jewelry, skin and shapes.  All items in the showcase are 100L or less.  My favorites from this round are the cute out outfit by Jazmyn D since it looks like something I would wear in real life, the beautiful skin by Style by Kira and the top by 1 Hundred.  Join the subscriber in world and keep watching Seraphim for information about each new collection! Designer Showcase Happy shopping, loves♥  

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Hopefully I can have a Lazy Sunday!

Time to relax I hope, drama and masses of work has kept me busy in SL over the last few days and I am really hoping that today I can take the hint of the shopping event’s name and have a Lazy Sunday! In fact if anyone wants me I will be curled up on my sofa in a blanket eating cookies and drinking tea hehe… That’s the plan anyhow?!
The items on offer this week are cute as always, with a variety of things to get you reaching for your wallets. This event is supposed to be everything 75L or less, so cheap and cheerful on a Lazy Sunday… Sounds like PERFECT SHOPPING to me hehe.
Rudh xxx

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Designer Showcase

Can you never get enough shopping?!  We are always looking for new events or new to us events here at Seraphim to share with all of our wonderful readers.  Designer Showcase is not a completely ‘new’ event, but it is something new for us to be covering.  Every ten days I will bring you the scoop on the new designs being offered.  All items are priced 100L or lower; you definitely can’t beat that!  New items are released on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month; so, be watching for the next coverage post in a few days. Designer Showcase Happy shopping, loves♥  

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Lazy Sunday won’t be so lazy!

I think I have a busy day ahead of me! I have so much to do both in SL and out of it that I will possibly be running in circles in just a few hours! My partner and I are moving in SL, moving in RL is stressful but it’s supposed to be easier in SL right? Anyway, Lazy Sunday is stuffed full and ready for your approval, I will say that the Plastik may be a little late out and that Pepper! has an item out, but it is the same that has been out for the last few times it has been on the list!
Rudh xxx MIA: the Plastik, ~Pepper!~

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.:: Designer Circle ::. 20th Collection

Now open, the 20th Collection of the .:: Designer Circle ::. !
This collection takes place for two weeks and is available from January 9 to 21, 2012.
They offer Designer Fashion & Accessories for discounted prices between 50 and 100 L$.
Also, Several dollarbies and freebies are available. New 2012 Location.
.:: Designer Circle ::.

To view my personal fashion blog:
[ BLOGGED by C H A M ]

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Lazy Sunday with my morning coffee!

I love a good Lazy Sunday morning… Sitting here in my pjs with a hot mug of coffee and some fab stores to wake up to!! As is normal for me I found a couple of things that I couldn’t resist spending my monies on, but there is always so much choice for Lazy Sunday it is so hard not to!! At the time of posting Plastik was MIA, but if that changes I will update as soon as I can!
Rudh xxx MIA: [Plastik]

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Designer Circle: 17th Collection!

Hallo! Designer Circle nr 17! Yaaaaaay Lot of cheap goodies to grab. Everything under 100L$ even some dollarbies!. That’s one hell of a deal! Jewelry, Outfits, shoe’s and more… But you have to find out yourself or… just take a peek at the pictures *winks*  Grab your wallets… It’s shopping time! Direct TP to Designer Circle

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