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Dark Mouse for Project Themeory!

So, yet again, Project Themeory challenges me outside my comfort zone. This time round the theme is “punk.” And so, I made a necklace of buttons, which is something that I would have worn back in the day. I hope you like and enjoy it. The necklace is called, “Sedate Me” and it’s ONLY $75L. Here’s a teleport to the store!
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Creating a Slideshow Viewer, Part 1: Buttons

Recently I decided to update my Texture Vendors. If you have seen my stores inworld, you will know that the Texture Vendors display one texture at a time, with buttons to let you cycle through the different textures in the set. The current version of the vendors was created quite a while ago, and uses techniques that are now out-dated and inefficient. Each vendor uses three scripts — one for each button, and a script in the central prim to actually display the texture. Messages are sent from the script to the central prim to tell it to change textures. With some of the new features that have appeared over the last couple of years it should now be possible to reduce those three scripts into one much more efficient script, and that’s what I am planning on doing. While I am doing it, I am also going to write it up in this blog, because the basic idea of a gadget which lets you move forwards and backwards through a set of images obviously has more uses than just as a texture vendor.… Read the restBlog tutmisc 0002a