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Broken Vows.(Dollarbies).

They tempt you with the freebies/dollarbies/gifties etc and then sucker you into spending Lindens when you were going to stick to your guns and not spend any more. OK, this has to be bought from the Maya’s Architecture Marketplace shop only. This is all for a single Linden and I have edited the set up a little bit.  You get the lounger, table with decor, lamp, trees, bright autumnal leaves  and the lantern and they all come on a square but since they’re all unlinkable and copyable I took away the bit they were stood on, put the table closer to the lounger and copied a couple of the tree’s/leaves to make a nice setting.  Some really nice poses in this both single and couples(I think there are couples), I loved the simple sitting pose with the tea-sipping or book reading, very nicely done. This is a close up of the trees because they’re really, really good and only 2 prims each.  You do know that if you want a shrub then you can just lower a suitable tree so the trunk is under the ground and you have the shrubbery just showing? … Read the rest




February 2018
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I have it all! (FREEBIES)

Woah! So I finally got over to the Cosmopolitan event which turns out to be celebrating 5 years in SL and you know what that means?  Nope no cake but even better…OOODLES and OOODLES of gifties and even better the gifts are so good! OK ignore the room I’m in as it’s actually a Rare Gacha win from this event, yes I do spend Lindens lol, but the rest is all freebies and I was having a very pleasant time just rezzing stuff, trying the clothes on and of course seeing what is editable and then I get the heads up that this event only has a few more days left to go!!! So I snapped some basic piccies in my Nams setting of what I already had out so you can see the quality and yes this shabby chic/romantic fireplace is editable LOL.
It’s obvious whats what in this picture but if you don’t need any new decor items don’t worry, shoes, boots, clothes, nails, jewelry etc are all there as well and from well-known SL shops. The dress in the top picture is from one of my fav SL shops and I loved this metallic with sheer bits outfit as well.  … Read the rest

Visiting the ~Time Portal~ Thank You Jo Yardley!!

My one true love is time travel. To say it best, and if you know me well, I DO HAVE TO insert a Doctor Who reference…. “The Doctor: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.” There... Read More

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AlterEgo Prefab Rezzer Back Inworld

Finally … to do list getting shorter, I have put the Demo Rezzer for our Commercial Prefab buildings back inworld!
We have also, had a Sale on these builds for about a year now, heh, sorta … forgot about it, so the same price carries inworld!
699L = all builds are packed inside a rezz faux, mod/copy, some are partial mesh, but majority good ole prims. I do not accept custom builds and I am not available to help you edit it.
Exact footprints are currently not provided, but it is something I am working on. All builds were created BIG / WIDE, they are for mainstores on full regions or homesteads.
Smaller plots will be a tight squeeze on most.
Prim or LI are listed on the vendor.
Textures used are not for sale. =Marketplace= =Demo Rezzer= ♥
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