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The World below Sanctum

She’s a crossroads demon and her residence is just below the great fortress of Sanctum. Majority of her time is spent at fiery pits of her home, but there are moments when she visits the great fortress, for there are always those who are willing to sell their soul to gain what they most desire. So, what am I wearing today? From Fantasy Faire, which is still open a few more days, I’m wearing an outfit from Niekra’s Dreams, which is located at Medhir Woods, and horns from [LNS Designs], which you can find at Wiggenstead Mooring. We Love RP event is also open and it’s where my hair is from and it’s made by Calico. My shoes are from The Annex and part of the Enchantment Event, but they’re not a prize, so you can buy them without taking part in the event. Lastly, my spear’s from Primus Weapons and it’s in Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Okay, so I’m repeating myself like really badly, but the sims look amazing, so I’m making all my blog pictures at the Faire to be able to show you the work of the talented builders as well.… Read the restFF2014_06



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Yoda of the Jungle

Deep in the jungle lives an attractive elf-maiden who possesses magic. Despite of the barbarians’ dislike towards spells, her alluring appearance warrants her plenty of attention from the males of the nomadic tribes. A few of them settle for attempts to impress her to win her affection for a night or two, but the most simply try to take what they so desire by force – only to regret it a moment later when she unleashes her fury. Her spells all seem to be of a natural origin; swarms of insects, lightning strikes, ensnaring vines, predators appearing out of nowhere, even heavy storms. It’s rumoured somewhere in the jungle lives a curious, small woodland creature who passes his knowledge of the nature and the spells tied into it to those who he deems worthy to learn, but despite of many attempts to search the creature, his presence has not yet been confirmed. A few brave ones have asked the elf-maiden whether she’s met such a creature, and while she never graces the question with an answer, a mysterious smile makes its way into her lips nonetheless.… Read the rest0131_RPJAN_FGC

What happened to the Spirit of Yule? (part 2)

Greetings from Fairytale Land! My name is Irina and I work as a reporter for Fairytale Gazette, or usually I do. We’ve had a heinous crime here – the Spirit of Yule has gone missing in We <3 RP event which opened just two nights ago – and the town’s detective is battling against the most vicious flu, so the mayor hired me to solve this mystery. I’ve already spoken to two suspects – a demon and an ice elemental – but I’m still clueless of what has transpired. I’ve managed to find out she had a heated exchange with a local damsel and also a little dispute with the tavern wench, so I’m now on my way to speak to them both. As one’d expect, I find the tavern wench from the tavern, cleaning the brand-new tables from Aisling. It’s still early and most people are not yet done with shopping, so there’s only a few patrons and she has a moment to speak to me. “Aye, I yelled at her when she spilled milk on me new dress.Read the restWLRP_DEC_LGEBEM

Rambling of the day

It seemed just like any other Saturday afternoon in the town of Sparrowdale. The pale autumn sun gave away just enough heat for people to feel a slight discomfort in their thick overcoats. The bustle at the marketplace had not yet quieted down from townsfolk doing their grocery shopping for the weekend. The Dreaming Dragon Inn was still almost deserted, save for a few elder men who sat there every afternoon having ale and playing with cards. This Saturday, however, was far from ordinary. She was about to give a performance. Crimson, the sorceress who dabbled with the dark magics, had crawled out from her secluded hiding place and come to town. As always, the sorceress was dressed impeccably and it earned her many admiring looks from the young lads of the town. Crimson ignored the looks and made her way to the Dreaming Dragon Inn instead. She ordered a goblet of red wine and then sat down in a seat which gave her an unobstructed view to the stage. She doubted the girl would be even half as good as the rumours said, and she took secret pleasure of the thought of sprouting clever insults to mock her after seeing the performance.… Read the restJBG_2

Glitter Shimmer Glam

There is reason to be thrilled when any formal invitation arrives this fall… Black and White and everyshade of the monochromatic spectrum are being seen at white tie events. Mohna Lisa Couture has a selection of wonderfully designed gowns that will do wonders to show off your figure and are amazingly inventive! This is the Erotica Mesh gown seen here worn by Sequoia. This silhouette dress will amaze both the one wearing it and those who see it passing by. The sheer sides of this optical illusion gown actually have colour change panels. These panels, under the sheer fabric, are able to match all skin tones, so they achieve that silhouette and remain modest like dancers costumes. Secondly, the skirting glimmers and shimmers as you move a unique effect perfected for this gown. This is not scripted or particle in any way, it is entirely accomplished by how Mohna textured the gown. The included Fascinator rises above in a flourish with optional veil and adds an adittional flair to an already very fascinating gown.… Read the restAll that glitters . . .

MASAI MARA Closing September 30th

This may be your final warning to run over and get these designs from some of Second Life’s most amazing designers at Masai Mara: The Solidarity Store, many which are exclusive to this event! It is rare that so many ethinicallly and geographically selective items are available in one spot so better grab now before they go poof tomorrow at midnight. So many have sung you the praises of this charity and the orphaned children it will help. So…. i will only gently remind you that you will be helping those who have so little and you will look fabulous in the process of doing so. Sequoia has chosen the brilliant colours of the Serengeti outfit and turban by Tres Beau to close out her african continental experience. The mesh harmem pants have a wonderful hip hugging fit and the disc hoop earrings and bracelet set is a spot on match to the flow of vivid hues and patterns of the turban to the top to the pants bringing a beautiful balance and exposure of skin. What a delicious way to show off the exclusive skin Delirio from Yoa Divine Spell.… Read the restPrincess of the Serengeti

Blues from London to St. Louis

Life was so busy this summer and we couldn’t quite make it to London in RL for the debut of Meiling’s 24 Hours Collection but, we have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the SL counterparts to this fabulous collection. Meiling has embraced the mesh media in designing these new outfits and the results are enchanting. Sequoia is showing the Starlight Blue Lace Dress with the matching lace Dress Pants, an eye-catching combination, further enhanced by the addition of the new Sails Jewelry ensemble from Tosy Xue of WTG Jewelry. Scarlett Heels from Kalnins finish the look with an especially unique and elegant touch. Wearing – Starlight Blue Lace Dress & Blue Moon Lace Top Dress Pants NEW from MEILING
Jewelry – **Sails** earrings and necklace from +:+WTG+:+
Nails – **denim-USA** jeweled nail by +:+WTG+:+
Hair – Riley – mahogany by >TRUTH<
Skin – Tasha2 by LAQ
Shoes – Scarlett by Kalnins (*left SL)
Poses by Body Talking
Meet me in St.Louis?… Read the restStarlight Blue

L’accesoires meet LD Major

There is a new unique shopping experience on the grid called L’accessoires and Kym and i are pretty excited by the first batch of adornments and ornamental accoutrements being offered. The most interesting hat i have seen in ages comes from Glam Affair offering marvelous shade and a fashion forward look and is also available in many shades to match up with that late summer look. The Colorful Glasses by ~Tableau Vivant~ Kym featured recently in traditional black – i show just a sample of the many colours availble, as i easily by touch menu turned the bows gold and the frame red to match up nicely with the floral hues. For me the introduction of these “L’accessoires” was the perfect opportunity to wear one of my favourite and most colourful floral mesh minis and matching shoes from Loovus Dzevavor, otherwise known as LD Major. I picked up this outfit at the Ashraya Project awhile ago and was thrilled to find that the full selection of Vikeejeah Xevion’s vibrantly coloured minis and shoes were all availble at the LD Major Main Store.… Read the restL'Accessories Jolie!

For Fabulous Ensemble … Add Baiastice, Sprinkle Generously with L’accessoires

Shopping opportunities abound this month! Not only are we enjoying the grand opening of the new unique shopping experience L’acessoires, but Vintage Fair 2012 is also in full swing. Sequoia was thrilled to find the perfect jewelry set at L’accessoires from PurpleMoon – Venice 16 Stones – to match her new Vintage Fair “Origami Suit” from Baiastice. Of course she had to pick up the fatpack of the Santigold, those fabulous pumps in mesh also in the Baiastice booth at the fair. Wearing – Origami suit-green/cian NEW from Baiastice at Vintage Fair 2012
Shoes – Santigold Mesh Pump-mint NEW from Baiastice at Vintage Fair 2012
Hair – Dima Hair Style/Chocolate from ^;^CaTwA^;^
Jewelry – :: PM :: Venice Necklace & Earrings *16 stones* NEW by PurpleMoon for L’accessoires
Nails – Painter Nails by Finesmith
Skin – Tasha2 by LAQ
Poses by Body Talking
Kym similarly discovered her perfect match to her ensemble in the White/Rose Pearl Necklace from HANDverk at L’accessoires and chose the more traditional color option of the Tableau Vivant’s Colorful Glasses – they come with awesome multiple color change we will feature in future post.… Read the restSis is sophisticated too!

Hope for Emilia – Miss Darcy

Hope for Emilia event is drawing to a close and it was a smashing success for organizer Anna Saphire and friends, but she would want me to remind you the sim and the shops are not closed yet. There is still time to run over to pick up what we think are two of the loveliest mesh exclusives from Miss Darcy. Sequoia wasn’t a fan of mesh at first, but is coming around quickly. It is hard not to love what mesh offers when you get such lovely texture and skirt flexibility. The lines of the Marilyn dress from Miss Darcy are so clean, and the floral embroidery of the sings with a flourish only silk thread could manage. Certainly worth a last minute look and all to benefit people displaced from their homes.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Marilyn Gown EXCLUSIVE by Miss Darcy for Hope for Emilia
Hair – Tinsley/Tropic Warm by *~*Damselfly*~*
Jewelry – Flower set from Virtual Impressions
Nails – Naive from je suis
Skin – Tasha2 by LAQ
Shoes – Flower Pumps “Eve” from G Field
Poses – DieselWorks

KymSara looks all sunny and bright in the Marilyn Gold gown which shows just how sculpted and form fitting the mesh fabric is.… Read the restHope flows

Hope for Emilia

Vivien Emerald – of Desir – is not only designing phenomenal gowns, but is creating them specifically to support some very critical and important causes. Her signature cultural awareness is reflected in Athena – her offering for the “Hope for Emilia” program [ View Video Here ]. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration, certainly three traits of those who have put forth their effort to help the people of Northern Italy, many thousands who were left homeless after the earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks in late May to early June of this year.

The flaming red color and figure-hugging silhouette of Athena remind us of not only of the lines of ancient Roman dress, but also of the great Italian sirens of the silver screen. Vivien’s homage to the rich heritage of Style Italia helps us stay focused on the objective of providing relief and support for the people of the Emilia-Romagna region. All of the proceeds from sale of this gown and the designs of other participants, you will see stamped with the Hope For Emilia logo, in this and other blogs, will go to directly to the people of Emilia-Romagna.… Read the restAthena for Emilia

Catching up with EMO-tions

After SL is still bitching me with pictures I have a bit of delay, as I can only shoot sometimes without crashing. For today I have one of the latest releases of EMO-tions. The wonderful black “Sharon” dress is a wonderful dress for all kind of occasions. The elegant top part with the sheer pieces makes an awesome cleavage and the flexible parts at the chiffon skirt let it move dreamy. The amazing “Yula” hairstyle, as well from EMO-tions, matches perfectly to the style of the dress. I just added the “Return to Nature” hat from Lode and the “Love doesn’t grow on trees” jewelry from Finesmith. The super cool, long and sharp “Isis” nails from Miamai added some more mystic to the whole outfit. The wonderful “Black Forrest” face tattoo from White Widow went so nice with the Finesmith jewelry. Details Outfit: EMO-tions – “Sharon” – NEW HAir: EMO-tions – “Yula” – NEW Jewelry: Finesmith – “Love doesn’t grow on trees” Hat: Lode – “Back to Nature” Nails: Miamai – “Isis” Face Tattoo: White Widow – “Black Forrest” Poses: Body Talking Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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Vivien does Vivienne!

I would strongly suggest you make some time to swing by the MANIERA sim before Sunday. MANIERA is hosting a Tribute to Vivienne Westwood Exhibition, as part of their launch as a real life digital publication. The exhibit is a fascinating glimpse into the artistic creations of the amazing British designer – Dame Vivienne Westwood. Now in her 70’s, Westwood still manages to shock and surprise and amazingly has remained at the forefront of fashion design for 40 years. As part of the exhibit, eighteen SL designers were invited to create a tribute piece inspired by Westwood’s work. Of the many exiting and exclusive designs my hands down favorite is Vivien Emerald’s Vivienne Dress. Surprising, in so many ways, pink plaid being just one! The Vivienne dress will certainly get you that wow factor and many will do a double take at the magnificently definitive cut and standout style.

There are just a few day left for the show items on the MANIERA sim.… Read the restVivien on Vivienne

Kente Magic!

As many of you know i am a real life quilter and i love a variety of textile art, so the other day when a friend told me of a new gown had seen made of Kente cloth i had to go see for myself. Vivien Emerald is a relatively new designer in SL Fashion, her store Désir is one i hope you will take time to go discover for yourself.

Kente cloth is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is unique to the people of Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo. Originally it was considered a royal and sacred cloth, worn only at very special occasions. Over time, the use of kente has became more widespread. As more fabric and couture artisans have discovered the rich colours and incredible textures of this fine fabric, we have seen this African craft spread literally around the world.

The Ghana Kente gown from Désir far exceeded my expectations! Vivien has not only managed to capture this exquisite fabric in a glowing texture, but integrated the flavor of original West African design as well.… Read the restKente Magic

This could get Meshie!

While so many other designers are struggling with the basics of the mesh, Poulet Koenkamp of PurpleMoon is already leading out in some innovative exploitation of this new fashion potential. My favorite advantage is the death of the mini skirt coverage prim. It seemed forever impossible that we would have the solution for a perfect seamless match up in pattern and texture we can have with mesh! I have had my struggles, like others, of acceptance of mesh, but mesh in the right hands is really bringing my opinion full circle. A really good example of this is PurpleMoon’s new selection of Urban Mini Dresses. I love the fit and no fussing or body adjustment was needed! I matched it up with one of my Nena sets from Aurora Borealis and off i went. Oh did i mention the Nena sets are all on sale now for only 123 lindens at the Aurora Borealis Four Season Plaza store. That’s more than 50% off!

Model/Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Urban Mini Dress [Mesh] Black/Blue by PurpleMoon
Jewelry – Nena (Teal/Brown) Necklace & Earring set by Aurora Borealis – 50% Off Sale at Four Seasons Plaza
Hair – Coralee ~ Brown Sugar by Amacci
Shoes – “Aulii” Blue from R2 Shoes
Skin – LAQ
Poses – Morgane Batista Poses Shop

Among Poulet’s delightful mesh offerings in this latest release is the Lyn Cocktail Dress.… Read the restMesh Mini

Flirty to elegant . . . and beyond

Oh to be in Paris in the springtime!!!
Cabin fever got the best of us for a bit, but with the Ides of March and bikini season soon approaching it is time have a Caesar salad and do a bit of holiday catch-up…not “ketchup”, ewww that would taste terrible on the salad. Anyway… Let’s begin our trip back in time with a visit to Paris Metro! I have always found Rose’s designs to be most innovative, so very wearable and well matched to the way we move. She has consistently brought fresh approaches to SL fashion in the line of her designs, as well as her choice of fabrics and fine textures.

I just love the subtle animal print she chose for the Tu An Animal Panther Cocktail dress. That big cat’s eyes seem just right with the flirty off-the-shoulder look of this little dress. The long sheer gloves, from the same fabric as the bodice overlay, are a perfect accent. I’ve just added the Ruby Pepite earrings from Orage Couture’s 2010 Christmas Collection and matching Sydney Stiletto’s from SLink and let my hair go appropriately loose with the new Darilynn from Damselfly.… Read the restCocktails in the Garden

Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 082

Ok, you took a pic. Can we go shopping now please?

Hello my fellow readers!

It has been a while, but today I felt some of my blogging mojo coming back. And cause I didn't want to waste it, I blogged!

First of all is this cute top by ufo. Well actually it is a dress, but I modded it to a top because I wanted to also showcase this sexy new skirt from Whippet & Buck which has been out today for FLF. Both are pretty good work and worth your money!

Some not so new, but still really awesome things are my elikatira hair, hat by mon tissu and this adorable bag by Orta. It looks so real to me! Those textures are fantastic, aren't they? I just had to use it here, though I think it was released for the Culture Shock event.

Now, that is all for today. Hope to see you here again soon with a new blog by me :D

hair - little - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
makeup - glam lipstick (coral splash) - Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)

tunic - dotoro dot one piece (lemon, modded) - u.f.o (charming Meiler)
skirt - ayla leather skirt (creamy) - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)
gloves - half glove (nude) - Royal Blue (Marni Grut)

hat - feather wrapped fedora - mon tissu (Anouk Spot, Elie Spot)
glasses - augie glasses - Reek (Riq Graves)
necklace - love in letters (gold/red) - undefined lilies (Liliana Barrs)
bag - natasha (light tan) - ORTA (Valena Glushenko)
shoes - citron (cherry) - Ingenue (Betty Doyle)

Body Talking (top) (Arisia Ashmoot)
estetica (left) (Anastasia Trefusis)
ado (Read more...)

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Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 079

GlANCE Front Row 2011

Hiding from you and yourself.

I won't say a lot today, because I said everything neccessary about GLANCE Front Row and POSE FAIR in my last blog already.

Just: I had fun doing this outfit today and I love the way it turned out! Thankfully I had matching poses, thanks you lovely creators for your work :D

hair - breathe - [elikatira]

dress - lucidity (cream, Front Row Exclusive) - JANE
skirt - obsessive (auld blue chocolate, Front Row Exclusive) - Vanitas Vesture

hat - borghild (wood) - LeLutka
necklace & earrings - macaria (rosa, Front Row Exclusive) - Lolapop
belt - obsessive (auld blue chocolate, Front Row Exclusive) - Vanitas Vesture
shoes - alexa (bronze, Front Row Exclusive) - Felicity

hush/hush - doremi (big pic)
model abc 2 - body talking (left)
a shy suggestion & bunny - doremi (middle, right)

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Shop ‘n hop with Lilie 078

GlANCE Front Row 2011

Two events are starting as of today! And I'm blogging both, trying to put parts of them together so you can see the big variety available :)

First of all is GLANCE Front Row Event that has 100% proceeds going to Relay for Life. Creators did a wondeful job and made exclusive items only available for that event. Please read more about Relay for Life here :)

The other one starting today as well is POSE FAIR 2011! I am featuring three creators with new releases at pose fair today. It's really big again and I'd say with more creators than last year, but I am not sure honestly, lol. Please go take a look at all the goodies!

hair - comfort - [elikatira]

shirt - zoe (banana) - Ingenue
bustier - front row bustier (Front Row Exclusive) - Nemesis
skirt - anna (skirt and belt, Front Row Exclusive) - JANE

necklace - pearlset (Front Row Exclusive) - MINA Bijoux
shoes - flower pumps eve (red) - G Field

fresh 2 mirror - estetica (big pic, Pose Fair)
dapper 9 - adorkable poses (left, Pose Fair)
twggy 4b & 9b - body talking (middle, right, Pose Fair)

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