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Genre and The Ancients!

Genre presents: The Ancients!  These Mayan ruins hide a […]

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December 2014
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Obsessed About Slink

Its another month and another round of My Slink Obsession has started.  Once again it is full of goodies for your Slink body parts.  Here’s a look at some of the goodies just waiting for you.Folded from Miamai – available in six colours with …

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My SLink Obsession!

Another great round of My SLink Obsession has started! […]

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My Slink Obsession Logo FINAL

Winter Time at Totally Top Shelf!

  Totally Top Shelf is opan again with a brand new […]

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The White Lady of Warm Whispers

The eldest of the Dream Guardians is the one we meet the most and never remember. She’s the Hazebringer, the Mist-Dweller, the Feather Fall in the Fog. She sends out her summons every eve, the call for the exhausted to come and join her in rest, to whisper their burdens, their worries, their secrets to her. […]

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The Apoplectic Post Apocalypse

The Apoplectic Post Apocalypse

“I’m a fuel-injected suicide machine! I am a rocker, I am a roller, I am an out-of-controller!” Continue reading

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The Apoplectic Post Apocalypse

FLF reminder

Super quick post to remind you to take advantage of Fifty Linden Friday before it’s too late.

There’s another outfit pack and Slink nail appliers from The.Plastik. I’m wearing just one version of the corset, boots, and horns in the pictures, but there is so much more included. A rough count suggests 22 different items, including jewelry, long skirt, and five different styles of the corset. As always, a ridiculous steal for 50L!

Other offers you shouldn’t miss –  a smokey-eyed skin from Belleza, and poses from oOo Studio and !bang.
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… in a dress

One of Junbug’s most recent releases is the Vintage School Dress, which is not only super-cute, but dedicated to a very special cause.

The proceeds go to the charity Do It in a Dress, which supports the education of girls in Africa, and you can choose to pay between 250L and 400L for each dress. You should definitely visit their site – not only is it informative and inspiring, but there are some hilarious visuals of people undertaking activities in school uniform dresses.

You can pick up a special pink edition at the current round of Kustom9 or choose from one of five colours at the Junbug mainstore.

The Junbug campaign page, showing the running total raised by this outfit, is here. The campaign itself runs until 7 December.
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The Seelie Court is Ready for Winter!

The Seelie Court ushers in an all new winter season!   […]

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A Tattered Page Presents: Frankenstein!

A Tattered Page is an all new in-store event brought to […]

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And THIS Is Why 6 AM Shopping Is A Bad Idea

So this happened. I went to the CHAPTER FOUR because I saw a pic of a cute sweatshirt that FISHY STRAWBERRY had out, and I HAD TO HAVE IT. I’m all SL broke right now bcse QAVIMATOR went to hell but that’s a different story. So ANYWAY – had to have it, I had a […]

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Oh Boy, Do We

We <3 Role-Play is back and it’s bigger than e […]

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Bliensen + MaiTai – La Fanette

La Fanette – Art Nouveau inspired jewelry, each pack includes three metal colors (gold, silver and dark silver) and two gem colors. Necklace and matching earrings. 100 % original mesh. Available at the mainstore in Essex or at the marketplace

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Bliensen - La Fanette - Garnet & Pink - Necklace Kopie

The Crazy, Mixed-Up Elf

The Crazy, Mixed-Up Elf

“It’s easy to believe in magic when you’re young. Anything you couldn’t explain was magic then. It didn’t matter if it was science or a fairy tale. Electricity and elves were both infinitely mysterious and equally possible – elves probably more so.” ~ Charles de Lint

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The Crazy, Mixed-Up Elf


“Your little boat goes west and you congratulate yourself, “What a navigator I am!” And then the wind blows you … Continue reading

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Week of Nails – Peachy

Slink Nail Applier – Peachy – L$10 Instore DealRing – Bliensen + MaiTai – L$1 SL Marketplace Deal

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The Flight of the Dragonfly

“Lady Anisoptera, you are one of the more upstanding citizens of the current Spiral, how would you describe-“ “Oh, you can call me Anise, titles are terribly tedious business. Or Lady Dragonfly if you absolutely must, it has a nicer ring to it.” “I did notice that people referred to you as such when I […]

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Visit South Asia with Genre!

Genre is back again this month, and this time we’ […]

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Bliensen + MaiTai: Limited Edition – Scary Clowns Mask

Only available at Totally Top Shelf’s mini September Round – these masks will be gone after Sept.25th, hurry if you want them! Available for men or women and also as transferable gift. Totally Top Shelf – Limited Edition Round September

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Bliensen - What's so funny- - Mask for women Kopie

The Seelie Court says hello to autumn!

The enchantment of the Seelie Court has said farewell t […]

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The Seelie Court