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Mistress of the Wild

The annual meeting of the elven council is approaching and this year it’s being hosted by the moon elves. The wild elven representative, the daughter of one of the clan chiefs, is the first to arrive. These elusive, feral elves are not keen on these gatherings and they tend to have little to say regarding […]

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We Love Role-Play is open and waiting for you!

We Love Roleplay is open and there are a lot of goodies […]

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Blowing in the Wind

A lot of life’s answers are blowing in the wind, as the Bob Dylan song asserts. But what does that mean? Some people think it means the answers are right in front of our faces – answers we could pluck from the air if we only chose to do so. Myself, I think it means […]

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What to do when they don’t make your color?

  Not every hair designer makes colors that are a perfect fit for all of us. Redheads encounter many Japanese designers, for example, who do not make red hair.  I really loved this .Shi hair style called Blown when I saw it on Strawberry Singh’s blog .  Joy LaPerriere is just beginning to create hair for […]

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Opium’s Gatsby

Hello Readers! One of the events that has kept me rather busy of late is Opium Evolution’s Gatsby. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing production.  I greatly enjoyed Opium’s Halloween production and I knew I just had to be a part of this agency.  Ana invited me to join Opium soon […]

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Opium's Gatsby

Under the Sea with Genre!

  Time to take a journey under the sea with Genre […]

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Rambling of the Day

I’ve been the past few days in a “zombie-mode”, which means I’m tehcnically awake but my mind’s in slumber, at least partially. That is due to the weather changes at this time of an year, it’s warm in the sun but the underlaying air is still cold, and thus every single March I’ll catch a […]

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” Do you believe in the beauty of love?” “Or that heaven is vengeance disguised, he sees” “Do you believe we will pay for our sins?” “And I believe everything’s learned from the scars of man.”  ” I see you” “I see you” Hair: Milk- Butterflies [New][Mesh][We <3 RP Event] Skin: The Plastik- Astrali-Gyatala [New][Skin […]

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Another Reason You Should Visit Fashion Pride — Featuring 22769, Kyxe, [orage], A*S, AIDORU, Bliensen + MaiTai, Ch

I’ve had a great time working with items created especially for the Fashion Pride event in Second Life.This playful jumpsuit is just one delight you’ll find there.I pulled a few items from boxes I had not yet gone through and had fun with the items, a …

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Nothing Can Be Better Than We Love Roleplay.

We Love Roleplay has just opened for another glorious r […]

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Her fragrance and her radiance

February’s almost over, which means it’s almost time for this round of We <3 Role-Play
to end, before another new round starts on 4 March.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival will be finishing up on the 28th February also, so now’s your chance to hit those machines up in search of those elusive rares!

In these pics, the kaftan and moon necklace are both to be found at W<3RP (from Apsara and Bliensen + MaiTai respectively) while the choker I’m wearing is actually a circlet from Black Pearls, the gacha ultra-rare at FGC.
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The Brutal dresses from The Plastik

New from the The.Plastik – the Brutal dresses, a two-part outfit that could work as anything from an alternative camisk to clubwear, as the textures range from grungy leathers to brash colours. (I’ve ‘borrowed’ the previewer and added at the end!)

The top and bottom parts of the dress are separate meshes, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content… or make your look a lot more risque.

Accessories – Wimey’s Medusa arm band and Bliensen + MaiTai’s Cassis earrings – are from the current round of We <3 Role-Play.

Slurl to The.Plastik  
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The Little Fairy

Let the little fairy in you fly! ~ Rufus Wainwright

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The Little Fairy

More from We Love Role-Play

Super-quick post tonight, but a whole bagful of goodies from We <3 Role-Play to show off.

The gown is new from Roawenwood and I love the texturing on this. The skirt’s front panel looks so deliciously taffeta-y (apologies for my murderation of the english language).

Iren have put out a  hair and skin for this round, and the skin includes its own matching mesh hands.

The tiara is from Tea.s, and necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai.

As always, the featured items at W<3RP are 25-50% off until the end of the month. And if you’ve already been in the early days, why not check back in again – a couple of designers have just put out their items.
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We Love Role-Play!

We Love Role-Play, yes we do, We Love Role-Play, how ab […]

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When Spring Comes….

When Spring Comes...

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

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When Spring Comes...

Settled in For The Morning

I forgot I had this COZY chair from Fri.day and decided it was just the touch my bedroom needed. It’s a great piece for snuggling and unwinding when you don’t feel like heading out into your pixel life. It comes … Continue reading

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Morning Rush

I was once at a bridal shower, and all the married ladies were asked to give the future bride a word of advice. Her mother’s advice was, “Always do the dishes before you leave the house for the day.” I … Continue reading

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I Started Out So Artsy

I was cruising a spot I’d seen on Honour McMillan’s blog and taking those “I’m fancy and standing in this place where I don’t belong, LOOK ON ME” sort of photos, when my friend London (whom I’d been chatting with) … Continue reading

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Baiastice recently released an adorable cozy winter set that goes well together but also works gorgeously for separates.  The suede skirt and rich warm tights come with a belt that you can choose silver or gold version.  The sweater is … Continue reading

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