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Red dragon

Dress: deviousMind – Sakura – ShibariDress **RUBY DRAGON** (Fantasy Gacha CarnivalHair: Bliensen + MaiTai – Sand Snake – Browns/GoldHeaddress: May’s Soul – mei mei headpiece (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)Bracers: May’s Soul – mei mei cuffs (Fantasy Gacha Car…

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September 2014
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Seelie Court is Now in Session!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to present to you, Seel […]

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The Seelie Court

Meanwhile out for a walk

In the sunshine, I walk a lot in RL, I walk pretty much everywhere I don’t think you can really know a place by driving it, you only know the quirks, the shortcuts and the feel by walking it. So new stuff now from Ison, the Divine Bustier and Bolero @ Collabor88, they are 2 […]

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Get Petite with Genre

Genre is back for a brand new month of 100L or less exc […]

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Tales of Fantasy, Obsession, and Toast

I don’t like my toast too done. I prefer to be able to shove my thumb directly through it and wear it like a ring. Doesn’t everyone? Today is Friday Eve and I’m lazy as hell. That’s why I think I love that I am growing my collection of SLINK PHYSIQUE clothes. Click the hud […]

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Strength and Honor

I covet things I see released, in fierce ways sometimes. These earrings from Bliensen + Maitai for instance were a must have the moment she plurked them. The earrings are available at We <3 Roleplay event. The coordinating jewelry is available at…….I forget. Now I have to blog it again so I can say the […]

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Meanwhile it’s another day

Still more from Collabor88, this time a beautiful dress from Ison, see under the cut for a close look at the bodice, the detail is incredible. New Shoes for the slink Mid feet from Ingenue at My Slink Obsession.  I love a cork heel i do. I do like Bliensen + Maitai jewellery, I think […]

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Meanwhile on Mount Olympus

Togas and arm chains are very much in style, just like the last 5000 years! Loads of new stuff from Collabor88 and I am really enjoying the theme of this round. Also not quite in theme, but they look great and do work is the jewellery from Bliensen + Maitai @  Tales of Fantasy event, […]

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It’s War with Tales of Fantasy!

  Tales of Fantasy is back for a brand new round a […]

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Tales of Fantasy LOGO

Defy Science with The Dreaming Tree!

The Dreaming Tree is back for another theme packed week […]

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Anxiously Awaiting COLLABOR88

It’s coming it’s coming, COLLABOR88 opens soon and all the amazing previews will be there for everyone to grab up. I can’t wait. The birthday celebration is sure to be an extravaganza. I’m resting now, so I can save my strength for the running of the fashionistas. It’s almost here. Are you ready? Gidge Is […]

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My Slink Obsession!

I confess – I have a new obsession…a Slink obsession.  If you have one too, then My Slink Obsession is just the event you have been waiting for!  Filled with everything you could think of for your Slink bits, its a one stop shop for feeding…

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I’ve Got Great Gams

One of the things that I’m liking most about the MY SLINK OBSESSION event is that there is something for everyone. Don’t own the Physique? No problem, there is stuff for your hands. Need stuff for feet? (Shoes, Pedicures?) Got it. From appliers for your face to your feet and all the places in between, […]

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My SLink Obsession! *New Event*

A new event has hit the grid! My SLink Obsession caters […]

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The French Connection

I put on my rouge and wash my hands in front of the whole world! ~ Marie Antoinette Genre opened … Continue reading

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Early AM At Flo’s Trailer Park Jamboree

Everyone else is still snoring in their campers but I’m up early because there is so much going on! Hair Fair still goes until tomorrow and I’ve forgotten to go pick up the dollarbie Kavar from EXILE put out. It’s sort of a silly rainbow hair and I have to have it. There is still […]

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Meanwhile at Club Tropicana

Drinks are freeeeeeeeeee…… I don’t know why, but I’ve had that on a permanent loop in my head all morning. and sharing is caring right?   Ok, new stuff now, shoes by bliensen + Maitai and dress by Emery, and as you have probably noticed.  A HAT! I am wearing the elua Shena hair from […]

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Sunny Days are Here with The Dreaming Tree!

It’s time for a brand new weekend with The Dreami […]

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Hair Fair is Finally Back for a Brand New Year!

It’s finally that time of the year once again for […]

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Hair Fair 2014 Logo with dates

Meanwhile it’s the annual OMG ITS HAIRFAIR post

Hair Fair, if you didn’t know, opens tomorrow! (12th July) and the demo group is now open to join and I highly recommend joining so you can choose what you want to buy without fighting the lag. So here it goes, I am going to blog hairs as I go along over the next few […]

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Hair Fair 2014 Logo with dates