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Poolside Beautiful! ~Paris METRO Couture~ Bikinis and Swimsuits

Swimsuit and bikini collections wait for you! They all include a hat and shoes so your look is complete. All for the Collector’s Intro price of only 450L Each! Fits ONLY Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Bodies. Paris METRO Couture LM The Tinnies & Swimsuits     You can also shop in real life for Paris... Read More

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June 2018
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Oh yes – I hope you’re bikini ready – cause right here, right now in the U.K its SUMMERRRR! B.D.R are all roaring to go with a giant release of bikini’s – one pack patterned and one pack solids – $120L per pack – with 20 choices on the Hud – erm…$6L per bikini?! Blimey steal deal huh. The totally cool thing is the Hud also allows you to decide whats on top and whats on the bottom – so you can play around with the colours yay! Fits: Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya, Tonic Fine & Curvy plusss standard sizes. Heres the Hud for the pattern pack – as you can see plenty of flexibility. I’m also wearing one of my Argrace discounted hairs – the military cap and curly hair – you know these hair styles have really stood the test of time – at $50L a pop totally worth grabbing. All sorts of styles there – men and chicks ! B.D.R Argrace Discounted hair   

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Memorial Day Weekend Abstract Swim Sets! ~Paris METRO Couture~

You deserve to wear the best and feel amazing. There is nothing like wearing Paris METRO Couture with these lovely swim sets. Remember you are beautiful and don’t anyone make you feel otherwise! Happy Memorial Day Weekend in the USA to All! And…. to be poolside beautiful in a swimsuit dripping skinny chains, oh so... Read More

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Not free, not new(?)but a place you can go.(Super Bargain & Dollarbie).

I am pretty sure that this 20Ld bikini set is a reblog as the style of it is so familiar and yet I can’t remember if the one I had, from oodles ago, came with a sheer or non-sheer version and add to that you get a MASSIVE hud option for the colours.  It’s one where you can select preset colours or use the slider to shade it to the exact shade you want. As it happens we have placed this pool in our old LM and I’m going to assume Faith has kept the LM the same, will check with her later, so if YOU want to dip your AV toes into some cool water or just sit and chill you know you’re all welcome. Our sim is open to all and anyone is free to roam and wander, but if they get too close to Faith’s house her security boots you to the other side lol.  My home, however, is open to all and it’s easy to work out which one will give you the boot and which one you can wander in and out of and that’s because Faiths is up on the hill and mine is down on the land. … Read the rest

Bella Bikini

        Blueberry just released a bikini with a cute top and denim skirt cover up that all coordinate perfectly. I am so ready for summer and now Blueberry has delivered a perfect set, Bella. Pink Fuel released a new full skin, Minji. I am always so excited about new Pink Fuel skins and this one is no exception. The nude lipstick that I am wearing is so pretty! My jewelry is new by Cae and is part of the faMESHed Go event. All of these new releases can be found in their main stores. 

Top: Blueberry - Bella - Knotted Top/ TeleportBikini: Blueberry - Bella Bikini/ TeleportSkirt: Blueberry - Bella Skirts/ TeleportJewelry: Cae :: Ximena :: Collection/ *faMESHed Go*/ TeleportHead: CATWA  Kimberly Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Hair: Runaway April Hair @ Shiny ShabbyTattoo: Izzie's - Metallic Floral TattooSkin: Pink Fuel Minji/ TeleportPose 1: . MILA . POSES // Sunset Beach 6RPose 2: Le Poppycock-Everyanything

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Not a happy bunny!(Freebie).

I got out bidded on the eBay items I really wanted but won the items I didn’t really want and was hoping I would be out bidded on!  Serves me right for going bid crazy on eBay LOL.  Add to that my coffee has gone bitter, just like me some may say but not to my face and then this gorgeous and simple little bathing suit only comes in Maitreya and SLink HOURGLASS fits! So OK I know that apart from that little gap at the top of my leg this looks like a good fit but if I moved you’d get a complete crotch shot and if I turned around my whole backside is falling out and what a bloddy shame as this is a superb gift from Poppy.  Limited in fits but a nice 4 choice of colours and of course you may just have either the right mesh body or there is no reason this can’t be worn with a standard system AV because although it doesn’t have an Alpha it will be easy enough to dig one up out of your invent. The shop “Poppy” isn’t a big one but some really nice, summery clothes which do stand out.… Read the rest

Its Fab(oo) & Free!

As most of you know I rented a little lighthouse on the Style Central sim – and its working out brilliantly for taking photos. I made a little spot beside my home for lazing about on and decided to show you a couple of items I picked up from Faboo (a shop on the sim) for FREE! There are quite a few group gifts on offer, I plumped for these gorgy sandals “Oahu”- they have a Hud for the wedge texture and also this sweet wrap around bikini “Puerto Rico” that also has a Hud with various texture for the outfit. Heaps of mesh body and traditional layer fits for the bikini btw plus Omega. I seem to recall the group was free to join – or at least it was during the recent hunt we blogged. Faboo
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Summer Sale!! ~Paris Metro Couture Summer Shop~

Summer is speeding along so fast so we have a great sale for you. In one little store where the Eiffel Tower, Paris is too, we have everything you need for a great summer and all for 200L this week! Mesh String Bikinis-Applier Swimsuits-Gowns-Shoes Too! Most designs fit Classic, Maitreya, Belleza, Omega & Slink Bodies.... Read More

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Reign Summer Essentials at Epiphany July

        Reign is at Epiphany with an amazing set, Summer Essentials. I could not just show one shot of this set because it is so varied and contains so many items- crochet bikinis, dresses, shorts, tops, shoes, and drinks- just to name a few. They are all amazing, but I am particularly in love with this crochet bikini. It is gorgeous and I really love how the top center looks like a sandollar (the part over the boob). You have got to get to Epiphany to play this Reign machine! It is ESSENTIAL!!  TELEPORT TO EPIPHANY From Left to Right:
Top Left (on the boardwalk by the ice cream stand)
TRUTH HAIR Xantheanne
Pose: Kirin – My Popsicle Pose 4 / Mango Sitting on the sand:
Pose: Kirin – My Popsicle Pose 1 / Watermelon
Magika [Hair L] Curious
TRUTH / Tori At water’s edge in front of the tree: 
Doe: Spring Breeze

Magika [Hair] Lemon
[elikatira] Aubrey
Pose: {NANTRA} Beach Illustrated 2017 3 @ The Liaison Collaborative In All:
CATWA HEAD Kimberly v2.11
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Skin: Glam Affair Guisy

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Wrap it up (with Free gift)

Sarong…wrap…what DO you call those little scraps we tie around our hips in the summer? I’ve got no idea howeverrrrr Neve have them out at the latest round of The Liaison Collaborative hurrah! The “peaches sarong” is a one piece deal that you can remove all three pieces using the Hud. It really does make life super simple, each pack has four versions included with the ability to make the sarong sheer or not. I’ve not used one single alpha and the fit is truly fantastical. I chose to bare the bum, so you can see how sweet your derriere will be in sheer mode. There is a bikini bottom underneath! Don’t forget to pick up your FREE Lei with multi colour Hud at the event! Fits included: Freya, Slink hourglass & Physique, Isis, Lara – mesh bodies only TLC Neve blog for all pack info
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Bad Girls, Drop Dead Gorgeous ~Aubry & Amanda~

Awwweeeee Hellll Nawwwwwwww! Aubry and I are livin the haww lawf right cheer! Come on out and sit a spell and grab a beer! (Aubry Fisher/DJ A.F.I. & AmandaMagick) This shoot we did was Aubry’s idea and all her inspiration and set up. Thank You my dear friend Aubry! Aubry’s Links: Aubry’s Coffee House AFI... Read More

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Bathing Beauty

        Ok, full disclosure. When I first put this bikini on, I still felt naked and said, OMG, I am not sure I can pull this off! I loved the hologram texture but it is soooo tiny. So I decided to ask my guy what he thought and well, he loves it. He reminded me that you don't buy this kind of a swimsuit for yourself- you buy it for the one that is lucky enough to get to look at you. This swimsuit is for him/her. You have to think of this bikini as more of a bow...to be unwrapped, lol. So get yourself to N21 and buy a sexy new BOOM bikini for the one you love! They will thank you for it! 

Bikini: *BOOM* Anse Lazio Bikini  (Maitreya) holo @ N21
Rings: Amala - The Robyn Hand Bracelet and Stacking Rings @ Kustom 9
Hair 1: Doe: Cherry @ Lootbox
Pose 1: Le Poppycock *Stay Cool* Bathing Beauty @ The Liaison Collaborative
Head: CATWA Kimberly v2.11
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Skin: Essences Serenity #Pale02 @ Powder Pack June 2017
Eyeshadow: A R T E - Tropical Eyeshadow @ Cosmetic Fair
Hair 2: *ARGRACE* TSUMUGI - Platinum
Pose 2: Le Poppycock *Stay Cool* Quick Dip @ The Liaison Collaborative

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Itsy Bitsy

Ohhhlala an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini ! I’ve seen a few around but this one rocked my boat for sure. Something about giraffe print I adore , so thats what I chose to share with you. Of course the stonkin BIG Hud has plenty more you can play with, from florals to block colour, pastels & bolds! There is another pack which is crochet so a little more daring. Packs are just $100L each – dont forge to join the group and snap up the group gift I mentioned in an earlier post! Fits included: Bikini set: Triangle bra and panties, can be worn together or separately.
– Compatible with Maitreya Lara, Belleza (Freya-Venus-Isis), Slink Physique & Hourglass
★ HUD Driven.
⊹ 30 mixed styles. Top and bottom textures can be changed separately, matching solid colours included next to every pattern. I really like that you can wear these as separates and also mix and match the colours and patterns. The Hud works hard for you, giving you the ability to match plain tones to the patterns – perfect!… Read the rest

Summer in the Sun

        Reign is at Arcade with two great gacha machines. I am showing items in the "Summer in the Sun," set. There are 19 items to collect in this machine including 2 rares- house and beach bug car- and common swimsuits, bikinis, bags, ukuleles, and a gorgeous modular closet. There is also the Reign braided beach sandal gacha set that you can play too. Make sure you get to the Arcade before June 30th and may the gacha gods be ever in  your favor!

Teleport to Arcade
Teleport to Arcade 2
Teleport to Arcade 3

REIGN.- BEACH BAG DOGGY (PATTERNS)- #14 @ Arcade June 2017
REIGN.- BEACH BUG #2 RARE @ Arcade June 2017
REIGN.- BEACH HOUSE CLOSET  @ Arcade June 2017
REIGN.- BEACH HOUSE #1 RARE  @ Arcade June 2017
Head: CATWA Kimberly v2.11
Hair: Magika - Itch
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Doe, Other Goodies at Arcade

        I finally got to Arcade June 2017! I usually play on day one every round (cause I am totally gacha addicted), but I went out of town and played other kinds of RL machines at a casino last weekend, lol. So I am just getting back and trying to catch up on all things SL, and getting to Arcade was top of my list. There are so many great things! A new designer this round is Doe and she has two adorable hairs- Faye (shown above) and Maye- available. I am also showing Arcade items from: Birdy, The Horror!, JIAN, #EMPIRE, Astralia, Sway's, HEXtraordinary, ARIA, brocante, and Tres Blah.

Doe Faye and Maye, Arcade June 2017

        N-Core has been churning out tons of amazing shoes in the last week. There are so many new releases! I am showing you the new Isla Tropical shoes that are at Tropical Summer Fair. I adore the fun summer patterns on these shoes! Stay tuned for more N-core shoes and news including great new deals and gifts in a future post.… Read the rest

Gacha Garden – the gifts

ohmailawd – The Gacha Garden is SO full of gifts for you – as well of course those enticing gacha machines chocka-block with pretties! I haven’t finished unpackign yet but a few items grabbed my attention so I thought Id share. Hair is by Analog Dog, it’s a fantasy blondes pack with a brilliant Hud with squillions of colours! Even though it says “blondes” there really is something for everyone . Bikini (is it? I’m not a role player so it might be something else entirely ) is by broken style, mesh body fits – snug over my Slink Physique body for sure. The hair flower is the gift from Supernatural and you get a shed load of colours via the Hud – really useful piece! Also snapped up these sweet heels from Essenz as a gift. All major mesh body fits included – head over and check it all out – make sure you join the group just as you enter and you will be able to take the gifts (its free to join) The Gacha Garden
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Tidal wave!

o.O! Mainstore release from Neve to share. Loving the soon-to-be-summer vibe happening all over the grid, and Neve have got this new collection of separates to tempt you. The “Tidal” set is so versatile, slip into the skirt and top – you’re good to go for the day. Super pretty and ever so feminine, flared skirt and cropped to fit top. Various patterns and plains are available and of course each pack gives you four colours! Day at the beach or pool? No worries, wriggle into the Tidal bikini briefs! Lovely delicate swirl to the trim and a really REALLY snug fit. Standard and mesh body sizes included . Thanks Neve team ❤ Neve Store Neve market place Neve blog for all pack info All hair by Argrace
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Because Nothing Else Matters! ~Jewel of the Sea~ Paris Metro Couture

Jelly dolls all around me so I can see clearly….. this summer dress… Nothing Else Matters!!!! I feel so fun and bold in this unique cute little masterpiece! I comes with applier bikini…. Don’t worry… PMC has the best appliers in SL and that is my well informed opinion! They are so good I kid... Read More

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Get Beach Ready at Mesh Body Addicts May 17

       Looking for something new to wear to the beach this summer? Mesh Body Addicts has you covered! I am featuring three new original fitmesh swimsuits that you can find at the event in this post. From Left to Right: Belzebubble, Riot, and 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The BB is fitmesh for Maitreya Lara only, Riot for Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Isis, Venus, Freya, and TMP , and 1313 Mockingbird Lane for Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Isis, and Freya. That is a lot of different mesh bodies- so whatever you are addicted to, you can find something just for you at MBA! I am also wearing two exclusive skins in the above picture: Left is the new WoW skin Reema and in the middle is 7 Deadly Skins Hester. The 7DS is actually made for Akeruka, but it has an Omega face applier and I like it on my Catwa too!
        All of the hair I am featuring is new and sexy! Left Doe at Momento Mori, Middle- Exile main store release, and Right Wasabi Pills at Rewind.… Read the rest

Bikinis on the Beach ~Paris Metro Couture’s Life’s a Beach at Paris!~

Warm summer fun with cute bikinis and casuals from Paris Metro Couture! You can find these super duper cute and sexy things in  The NEW Paris shop right next door to the main PMC store All of Paris Metro Couture’s summer fun is mesh body friendly whether mesh for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink or... Read More

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