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Tell Me Again…….

The Look: Tell Me Again
Hair-Truth Hair- Sally
Skin--Glam Affair - Sia Europa
Body-Maitreya Mesh Body - Lar- Collab 88
Head Piece-Bauhaus Movement - Anais - Headscarf- Collab 88
Dress-Nylon Outfitters- Lace Sweetheart Dress- Collab88
Violin-Bauhaus Movement - Anais's Violi- Collab 88

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Fat Bottom Girl

"Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round"- Queen

The Look- Fat Bottom Girl
Hair-Truth- Sassy 2- browns
Skin- Essences - Taurus 03-brown
Outfit- Apparel Hideaway- Wildflower Ivonna Kiss Bodysuit
Shoes- Hucci- Choose Love Pump- Electric Sugar
Earrings- Eclectica-'Solaria' earring in Turquoise&Silver-left
Bathroom Fixtures- Artilleri - Stanfield bathroom- Pink
Pose- Bang!-Stand 340

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Here’s Looking at You.

The Pose fair of 2013 is now officially open and I am so excited to share with you some of the goodies I picked up. To me, the pose fair is such an important event because it highlights the wonderful creators who give us the gift of movement. Their creations help us express the full range of emotion.

The Pose fair of 2013 will be open until April 14, 2013. There are so many designers at the fair I found myself head over feet in awe looking at every store. In today's post I am highlighting a pose from Grafica, a store I discovered at the pose fair. Grafica brings fashionable male and female poses to your Second Life.

Scylla, is one of Grafica's newest pose set available for the pose fair. (each designer of the pose fair has new items available for this special event.) The entire Scylla pose set contains ten different poses all with the inclusion of mirrored sets. I picked the Scylla set for today's post because it provides the flexibility to explore different points of views.… Read the restHere's looking at You....


"What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover? A rash of good luck." ~Author Unknown
St. Patrick's day may have come and gone, but you still might be in need of a little luck. If this is the case you should stop on by Pididdle and pick up the Southern Comfort Headpiece while it's available (It will only be available until the 21st). For only 40L this mesh headpiece can be yours.

 The Southern Comfort Headpiece is copy/ Mod and of course No Transfer

The Look- Lucky
Hair- Tram-A816 hair- Cork
Eyes-Shakeup- Paris Eyes
Skin- PXL- Faith- Sunkissed
Green Shadow- LuJu- Eyeshadow- Mint
Moles- Okkbye- Moles- Fashion Week -3/2013
Headpiece- Pididdle- Southern Comfort- Headpiece
Dress- Ivalde- Gina Emerald Velvet Dress 1930
Pose-!Bang-Simple Series

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Candied Pop Star

She sings so sweetly, her voice is like candy. She's the candied Pop Star. 
Today is the last day for the Pop star event at my attic located on The Deck sim. All items at this event are in the theme of Pop Stars. Items are priced very economically for those that are looking to stretch their lindens. I picked up a couple of dresses from the Pop Princess dress line created by Anessa Stien of DCNY. Each Pop Princess dress is mesh and has several sizing options available both for the top and bottom portions. What I enjoy most about this dress is the mix and match ability. Each dress can be worn as a separate shirt or skirt in combination with other designs. 
Hurry on in to The Attic and pick up your Pop Star items before the event closes. 
The Look- Candied Pop StarHair-Lamb- Breeze- Chewed Bubble GumSkin- PXL Creations- Kate- Valentines Day Gift 2013 for VipChoker-Boom- Precious Bow/ Choker- Tiffany Dress- DCNY-Pop Princess- Candy Cutie Princess- The Attic EventShoes- House Of Hucci- Choose Love Pump ShapePose- !Bang-Hairbrush Microphone-Pose onlyStage- Pilot- Borovsky Stage-Global Domination Prize (ends today)

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Recently, in my blog posts I've been showcasing PXL creations' 7 sin skin line. This set of skins is available in a Gacha form a 99L a play. Wrath (shown above) is one of my favorites out of this skin line. While I was trying to pull together a look I decided to use Wrath to revamp my profile photo. There are so many thing I love about Wrath; however, if I had to give my favorite feature I would have to say the rich deep glossy lip color is a major win. It was the feature that won me over completely. If you have never had the opportunity to wear a PXL skin I would highly advise you to stop into the shop and play the Gacha machine. Currently PXL creations has three female Gacha skin lines available for play and one male skin line. The skin line variety in style from fantasy, futuristic, beauty.

There is one final new item that I'd like to draw your attention to, BOOM has recently released the Precious Bow Choker. This choker is ideal for hiding mesh head seems. The Precious Choker is available in both a regular and scripted collar version.… Read the restWrath

Cutie Cupid

Happy Valentines Day, Wishing you lots of Love and chocolate. XOXO Bells
The Look- Cutie Cupid
Hair- Elikatira- Again-White: then tinted blue
Skin- PXL Creations- Faith- Sunkissed With tattoo makeup: Cat Eyes, Wing Eyes and Red Lips
Mesh Breasts- Lolas with PXL Creation skin-tone sunkissed and 
Wings- Boom- Found at Collab88
Lingerie- Ooh Lala!- Valentine Playsuit- Red
Prop- Glitterati- In the Clouds

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Hot Cinnamon with a dash of pumpkin

Hot cinnamon with a dash of pumpkin. mmmm sounds like a delicious recipe combination, but this is a recipe of fashion for Luna's 52 weeks of color challenge. I'm still very far behind but I'm not letting it get me down one bit because I know eventually I will catch up or at the very least finish this challenge even if I am behind a bit.

So what's today's fashion recipe?  It's a combination of Tres Blah, Piddle, Magika and PXL Creation. Just the perfect blend of yummy goodness for fall.

Next color challenge post is on Royal Blue, I hope I can find a regal look to match this color.

The Look- Hot Cinnamon with a dash of pumpkin
Hair- Magika- Candy Corn Faint- Halloween Gift
Skin- PXL-Faith Sun kissed with Cat Eyes and Gold Lips
Dress- Tres Blah- Camille Outfit- Orange
Collar- Piddle- Decor Collar- Faux Fur Brown
Stockings- Friday- Glitter knit stockings
Shoes-Tiny Bird- Wanderer Boots- Russet- Store no longer in Second Life
Home- *Funky*Junk* Harvest Autumn Shed

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The Candy Man Can….

"Who can take a rainbow....Wrap it is a sigh.......Soak it in the sun.......and make a strawberry lemon pie? The Candy Man Can. "

There's something about the Halloween season which makes, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" a must see movie. I think it might be related to all the candy and the fact that several elementary teachers would allow us to watch it on Halloween as a free activity, never the less, it's still a movie I enjoy during this time of year.

I'm also waaaaay far behind on Luna's 52 week of color challenge so I am skipping week 31 and 32 and moving right along to week 33, Tyrian Purple. The next color challenge is week 34, Russett. This makes me oooh about 10 behind everyone else. Hoping I can catch up soon.

The Look- The Candy Man Can
Hair- Lamb-Bang Bang-Ink
Skin- PXL- Faith-Sunkissed with Wine Lips
Shirt-Glam Affair- Dorota Shirt Baroque- Indigo
Pants- Tres Blah- Leather leggins
Shoes- Arimdi Gisaci-Vidalia Pump
Hat-New Vermont Enterprises- Elegant Top Hat-(tinted purple)
Glasses- Intrigue Co.Read the restThe Candy Man Can.....

Cool Tones

Cooler temperatures have recently made their way to my hometown which means early mornings and late nights are suddenly turning into "sweater weather" to keep comfortable. Not that I'm complaining I'm loving the break from the extremely hot temps. Although I'm going to enjoy the last small bit of summer we have left by trying to squeeze in a beach day or two. Truth be told I'm looking forward to the season change, Fall/ Autumn happens to be my favorite time of year mostly because of Halloween and Fall clothing.

Today, I'm wearing the color Aqua Island and moving on in Luna's 52 Week of Color Challenge, Week # 30. I'm not sure if Luna is aware of this, but her Color challenges really keep me motivated to continue blogging. They provide a different goal and challenge in finding a new color for each post and help create a theme I didn't have before. I have send a big Thank you to Luna for continuing these color challenges for such a long time. Even though I'm behind I will continue posting colors.… Read the restUntitled

Gotta have Faith


I'm totally making a "Wham" reference in my blog post title because not only is PXL Creations new skin line called Faith, but It has me singing the song too......you know the part about the sexy body. Faith is in my opinion the best skin that Hart has created so far. I absolutely love the makeup options, brows and freckles. Faith is my new everyday skin so expect to see more blog posts in the future using this skin.

Faith is a gorgeous, sensual soft skin that is available in 8 skin tones. Inside each skin tone color purchase you will find a total of 18 base skins.  These skins include different features such as, cleavage enhancements, eyebrow color and freckles. There is even a full body freckle tattoo, and buzz cut tattoo available. Additional make up options can be purchased in build your own packs or in an entire fat-pack selection. PXL Creations VIPS will receive 10% off their purchase when wearing their PXL group tags. It's definitely a must demo skin.… Read the restGotta have Faith

Gangnam Style

This week I was introduced to PSY and his song "Gangnam Style".  I have no clue what is being sang in the song (because I don't understand Korean) yet I am finding myself unable to stop playing this song over and over again. Seriously, I have a "Gangnam Style" problem and might need an intervention soon. The main reason I love this song so much is because it's hypnotic beat and extremely catchy chorus. In order to attempt to purge the song from my OCD loop I am stuck in I've decided to make, "Gangnam Style" today's theme. I'm also tying in Week # 29 of Luna's 52 Week of Color challenge, Persian Rose. Next Color Challenge post will be on Aqua Island.

There are currently two version of the Gangnam style song out.
1) Psy Version
2) Psy featuring Hyuna (My favorite Version)

I've even found a mash-up between Sexy I know It and Gangnam Style I am enjoying.

The Look- Gangnam Style
Hair-Exile- Nomi- Frost- (Tinted Pink)
Skin- PXL- Kate-Sunkissed
Closed Lashes- Slink- Mesh Lids and Lashes- (Shadow Tinted)
Eye Tattoo- L.Read the restGangnam Style

Scenic Summer

With my summer vacation drawing to a close I think it's time to get back into the swing of blogging. I hate when I let things fall to the side. Today's post is about the color Astronaut Blue, It's week number 28 of Luna's 52 weeks of color challenge. Next color challenge will be Persian Rose.

Originally I wanted to pull together a look that was sort of a Barberella type, (you know Sexy Space Vixen look) but when I found out about the new release from Boom I just had to showcase their new Miami Linens because they are utterly fabulous. Available in over 35 color options, Boom has what seems like the entire color spectrum covered. The Miami Linens are 100% mesh and utilize the standard sizing method which means even some Gents might find these trousers to be a perfect fit. As always when selecting a new set of clothes you will want to pick up a demo and stop by your virtual dressing room to make sure you get a good fit. Remember you can always stop by Boom on the SLMarketplace.… Read the restUntitled

Caravan Nights

  During the Summer it seems the only relief I can get from the heat is at night when the temperature dips. These cooler temperatures feel like heaven because for a couple of hours everything is in a balance. The night brings a certain stillness, where a quiet whisper can be heard and sleeping is almost impossible at this divine time. Swaying in the moonlight becomes a must and one can't help but dance to song of summer.

*Special Thank you to Rokoloco72 Zapatero, who allowed me the use of his Gypsy Wagon for today's post. Please feel free to visit his store in world or on the marketplace to find other goodies. The Gypsy Caravan is a cozy fully equipped caravan complete with working kitchen, seating, lamps, and bedding. Not only does RKTF create specialty transportation vehicles, but he also creates castles and old style homes. I highly recommend anyone looking for a quality castle, spooky home of specialty vehicle to visit RKTF.

I'm still catching up on Luna's 52 Week of Color challenge, today's color is Cadmium Red from Week 27.… Read the restCaravan Nights

Vacation Time

Summer is here which means it's time to pack up your suitcase and head to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. For me planning seems to be the hardest part of any vacation. Deciding what to wear, what to bring and where to go. It's so stressful, but I guess that's the price to pay when your taking a week off.

Since we're planning a beach vacation I knew packing a swimsuit or several swimsuits would be necessary. Luckily, Boom has just released "Ellio", a new set of mix and match bikini separates. So I knew I would be packing these cuties in my inventory. "Ellio" is 256 mix and match separate bikini pieces so choosing from the entire set and picking only one bikini was going to be tough. In the end I choose a couple of bikini sets because when I purchased a full set I received a small discount. (Gotta love a bargain.) One thing I'd like to mention is each bikini set has tin-table tan lines included which help show off your glorious time on the beach and all the hard work you did on your tan.… Read the restvacation1

I am a Leo, Hear Me Roar!

 My Birthday just recently passed this week and now I'm proud to say I'm 30. In order to celebrate my birthday and Zodiac sign Leo I took a trip to SL's newest sales event, "Zodiac".

Zodiac is a new monthly sales event which is showcasing designers from all across the grid. Each month designers will create according to the Astrological Signs used in the Zodiac. The Leo Astrological sign will be available until August 17th and currently has an assortment of Leo themed goodies.

Zodiac is created by, "Hottie cooterati" for more information please visit the main site.

I'm currently wearing three designs found at the Leo Zodiac. My outfit is from Miamai and is called, "Amari Lion" It incorporates mesh and drawn designs to achieve a Leo-riffic cat print dress. My favorite piece of the outfit are the shoes are from, HANDverk these "Claw Pumps" give my look an animal feel bring out the inner Roar. Finally, Studio Sidhe has released The Lion tribute pose prop. The Lion has three poses within it and each pose can have variations depending on The Lion's position.… Read the restI am a Leo, Hear Me Roar!

52 weeks of Color- Week 23- Pistachio

My summer vacation has started early and I can't think of a better way to spend the extra free time on my hands than by finally playing catch up on Luna's 52 Week of color challenge. Currently Luna's challenge is on week 29/30 which leaves me roughly 6 posts behind the group. I already have outfits for the upcoming colors and my recent hair fair purchases will make a great addition.

Today's look is all about paying tribute to the color Pistachio. I had almost forgotten about this cute retro dress from Ivalde I had hidden in my inventory. Ivalde no longer is available in world as Neferia Abel is currently taking a break from SL, but purchases can be made on the SL Marketplace. The Maisie dress was available for a limited time as a special item during the Witch Hunt of 2011, so my apologies for showcasing an item that is no longer available for purchase.

One item that is available for purchase is the gorgeous up-do from Miamai. Lika, is a braided classic bun that utilizes a hair base to achieve it's sleek elegant, and stylish look.… Read the restUntitled

52 Weeks Of Color- Week 21- Lemon Chiffon

This color challenge was a very hard because lemon chiffon is a color that I don't have in abundance. I really looked hard within my inventory...sorting..and sorting. I even tried to go shopping for Lemon Chiffon, but it wasn't entirely easy. I almost skipped this color all together and went on to the next color block, Cobalt. Thankfully, I found this cute bathing suit hiding deep in my inventory and It was a very close match to this posts color challenge. Luna you are a tricky devil when picking these colors.

Today's look was actually brought together by the Wooden Sand Castle earrings from Intrigue Co. These earrings are totally cute, totally mesh and sizable to fit your ear and head shape. Intrigue Co. has released these cuties as part of this month's Collab88, which is Bleached Themed. If you're on the fence on purchasing the Sandcastle earrings I suggest you try a demo pair to see if they are for you. Oh and if you're wanting a complete set to go with the earrings.… Read the rest52 Weeks Of Color- Week 21-Lemon Chiffon

Dark Tails of Dragons

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” G.K. Chesterton

Today's post is a bit of Fantasy. The whole look was prompted by two things, The Evita Headpiece from Glam Affair and a photo of Angelia Jolie as Maleficent I found on the web.

For those that haven't seen Disney's Sleeping Beauty you are missing out on a childhood classic movie. It's one of the original Disney films back when everything was hand drawn. Maleficent is the Villain in Sleeping Beauty. She's pretty wicked cool too because she has the ability to transform into a dragon.

I want to point out some newness in today's post. First The Evita Headpiece from Glam Affair, this headpiece is available at the Dressing Room. Once I saw it I knew I would create a look centered around the darkness. It's 100 percent Mesh and a great addition to an Avant-garde or Couture look. 

Next, is a skirt from House of Fox, Also purchased at the Dressing Room.… Read the restDark Tails of Dragons

Mad Pink- 52 Weeks of Color-Week 20- Deep Pink

Every week I wait patiently for Mad Men to show. It's been a show I watch regularly since it first aired. I first became attracted to the show because it was in my favorite time period,  The 1960's. My love of retro fashion initially got me hooked, but now it's the characters and story lines that have continued to pull me in. A current favorite location featured on Mad Men is the Draper home. Ever since Megan sang the, "Zou Bisou Bisou" song I have wanted to step into that same scene. 

Fortunately, Trompe Loeil has made my Mad Men dreams come true with the NYC66 Skybox. The NYC66 is a replica of the Draper penthouse apartment. It's mesh and comes furnished with chairs, bar stools, dining room table, kitchen, couch and lights. The floor plan is exact to the Draper home and includes: An Entry Way, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Terrace, Master Bedroom and Hallway. For extra personalization to give the NYC66 your special touch nine photo frames are scripted to allow your own photos.… Read the restMad Pink- Week 20-Deep Pink