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If you get lost, you can always be found

A little from here and a little from there equals a cozy little nook of a bedroom.

Trompe Loeil is forever one of my most favorite designers of home goods. Cory released this gorgeous Kezia drape bed along with the Kezia Bench with pillow for Fameshed. They are both really fantastic. The bed comes in either silver or dark metal canopy frame with plain or two different drape models, and lit or unlit versions of all models plus texture options. She didn't skimp at all on features! There is even more. She included an AO map pack which also has a texture menu and optional AO map pack. The bed comes in either PG or Adult options and the bench has great single animations. You can purchase both of them in the January round of Fameshed.

The build is from Cheeky Pea, and she hasn't done one in a while so be sure to check it out at Fameshed also. It is a really cute winter cabin, perfect for winter scenes. The wall facing my image is a huge two story window that is gorgeous. The build also has a large stilted porch that is perfect to sink into snow and set out sleds and other outdoor winter furniture.… Read the rest



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On my own, this is where I build my home

Trompe Loeil released this gorgeous skybox at Collabor88 and it is just to die for.  Three gorgeous rooms, fireplace in each room and just beyond lovely. I filled it with the other Trompe Loeil items; Wingback chairs, also from Collabor88 and the Paxton set from Fameshed.

Several of the other items are also from recent events; Lantern clock from Floorplan,  simple light from Oyasumi, Sway's Fall Jars from The Seasons Story, Moby storage table from Second Spaces, and a tinned plant which is a group gift from Junk.

I added a few other faves and that makes up one of the rooms from this lovely house. I am determined to finish the other two rooms by this weekend so stay tuned!

Sophia Harlow

Trompe Loeil - Attic Skybox  - NEW @ Collabor88
Trompe Loeil - Wingback Chair  - NEW @ Collabor88
Trompe Loeil - Paxton Couch Set (Table, Couch, Ottoman and Canvas) - NEW @ Fameshed
floorplan. lantern clock / brass - NEW @ Collabor88
oyasumi / simple light - NEW @ Collabor88
Sway's [Fall] Jar with Acorns and Candle - NEW @ The Seasons Story
Second Spaces - Moby storage table - NEW @ TMD
[ARIA] Gretchen dry leaves shadow box 
Sari-Sari - Twig Chair A
Sari-Sari - Twig Table 
Dutchie Chamaedorea erumpens
{af} Elephant Photography
junk.… Read the rest


Who doesn’t like puppies….. I know I do! I love grown up dogs too, but puppies… any baby animal for that matter… they are something special! I found these puppies’portraits at a little shop  called BBQQ and it shares the sim with Node and shops like Bitter Vanilla. This alone should be an indication of the cuteness to expect, really. But yeah, it’s full of cute stuff and gachas. The “real” French Bulldog puppies are from a previous Chapter 4 gacha by Alchemy. I can’t resist their gacha machines ever, even when I think that at 100 L$ per play, they are on the steep side, pricewise. Fortunately I am able to limit my plays, but I think I would spend more over all if they were slightly less expensive. There is a huge psychological price difference between 100L$ and lets say 75 L$! And then on to the clothes. This little black dress Amos is by ColdLogic. Masters of extremely wearable every day stuff, I always tend to get lost in their massive releases, but luckily I took the time to go through all of them this time or I might have missed this one.… Read the rest


Happy Monday, people! I hope the start of your week is as smooth for you, as it is for me. Ok, I realise I am still on vacation, so I have nothing more to do than relax and uhm… relax some more, but still! Spellbound released this amazing Jezebel hair and you know… I may actually go back and fatpack. I have bought the natural selection yesterday but wow, it’s so pretty that I may want to prance around in all the fantasy colours as well! My outfit today is pretty simple. I have paired Tres Blah‘s Open collar blouse which is currently for sale at Uber with Maitreya‘s boyfriend jeans, which are my current fave jeans on the grid. Not much else is needed here, the belt comes with the jeans, and I am only wearing one of Gizza‘s scarfs attached to my belt for a color accent.  My flupflops are from L. Warwick, and are also out at Uber as we speak. My only other accesoire are my Azure teal earrings from Zenith, which have been out for ages, so you will find them somewhere at their mainstore.… Read the rest

Spring has bloomed at The Seasons Story.

Hello pretty ones! The Seasons Story is open for a beautiful Spring round, if you want adorable… Adorable is waiting for you at The Seasons Story. Such as bunny avatars, some spring wear, decor for your home or garden and most of all, just goodies galore. We tried our best to not squeal, but we squealed… A LOT! Happy shopping! Del & Elvi Teleport to The Seasons Story. MIA: BCC, Fri.day, HOWL, Monso, NYU, :pesca:, Sleepy Eddy, ur.favorite.one, Vespertine < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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3.5.14: The Men’s Dept. and other newnesses!

The March 2014 round of The Men's Dept. opened today. One of my favorite events, though I am not a male in SL or RL, but I have a penchant for clean lines and menswear so watching this collection come together every month is one of my joys.  Mikel Monk, the talented organizer (don't tell him I said that) of TMD, has been at this now for 2 years and he has really brought together a wonderful set of designers.
I have a few fetishes in SL.  Three of them are chairs, lighting and stuff that looks like store fixtures.  I was able to indulge them all at TMD this month with Theosophy's new Denim Trois Chairs that are available in 3 colors (I am so happy to see you back around, Trace), Oyasumi's workchair with it's awesome industrial lines (other pieces also available) and Mudhoney's Benson Chair (part of a larger set that also includes the rug and mirrors shown), which also has a clean design reminiscent of van der Rohe's Barcelona chair. BBQQ is offering the very handsome Clothing Rack V6, which has most excellent worn wood and metal textures.… Read the rest

Breaking into spring at The Mens Dept.

The Mens Dept has opened with another amazing round. There are a lot of items for the men and females of Second Life! Time to come pick up some his and hers boxer shorts, some shirts, jeans, shoes or some new accessories! A lot of great items for you and waiting for you to come look! Happy shopping! ♥Elvi♥ Teleport to The Mens Dept. MIA: Aphorism, Etham, Eudora, Nivaro, Turnip <———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY———->

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Fashion and Furnishings

This gorgeous new Belted Dress from Gizza demonstrates how much textures affect clothing. Giz Seom made this with a casual, everyday argyle as well as this glamorous club-hopping snakeskin. The argyle has a turtleneck collar as well while the snakeskin has a jeweled necklace that I decided not to wear – going for something simpler. You can see the options from the vendor picture below. Meanwhile, The Arcade has inspired me to have a vacation home in the mountains. The lodge from Scarlet Creative is a snug, small little cabin which is what you want. You don’t want such a big vacation home that you spend all your vacation cleaning. I have been decorating it with lots of items from The Arcade, including the wonderful ISPACHI wood carvings. There were some excellent electric signs from Seven Emporium and you can assume what you will about the one I chose. Slink released new pumps – glittery sign pumps for the high Slink feet – and they are what all other glittery pumps aspire to be someday.… Read the restmar01_004

Books, Books and More Books

As interesting as many of Berry’s memes may be, I skip most of them because I have my own voice and don’t want my own posts and ideas lost in weekly memes. However, this week’s meme is about one of my favorite things – books! I cannot resist.
  1. Are you a bookworm? – Yes, I usually have two books and a magazine in the process of being read at all times.
  2. Which do you prefer: hardcover, paperback or electronic? – Paperback. I like the size, they are lightweight which is nice since I have had arthritis in my hands since I was twelve. I like my Kindle, but when I fall asleep reading it and it drops and hits me on the nose, it hurts more than a paperback.
  3. Which book is your favorite? – I have many favorites for different reasons, but one that go back to again and again and have re-read more than any other is Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West. There is a singular precision to her prose that I love. If you read it, you will know that the common “we didn’t know” excuses from the Allies about the Holocaust are untrue.
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PREVIEW – The Arcade, March 2014 edition

  Get those clicky fingers ready!  It is time once again for another round of The Arcade.  Sadly we were not able to squeeze into the event early for a live preview of the items, but we have scoured the internet to bring you up-to-the-moment coverage!  Check back to this gallery often, as we will be constantly updating prior to the opening of the event.  Get those shopping lists ready ladies and gentlemen…here’s your Arcade, March 2014 preview!  Have fun and happy gacha’ing! Del, Adriana, Elvi & Vio THE ARCADE GACHA EVENT DOES NOT OPEN UNTIL MIDNIGHT SLT ON MARCH 1, 2014 Teleport to The Arcade < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Comfy Cozy

​ It was time for a little change, but I felt out of practice while I was decorating. I started with something completely different, finished it and when I stepped back to focus and take a picture of all I'd accomplished…well, I hated it So, I started all over again and eventually I came up with this. I like it. It's comfortable to me, it's cozy like home should feel. Suppose it's not what everyone would love but I do…it's simple and pretty, with a little 'tude. Kind of what I hope to be, but don't quite live up to lol.  Scarlet Creative Woodsman Cottage
floorplan. heels print
floorplan. french plates
[PM]Pixel Mode – Flower Wire Floor Light *Available @ FaMESHed – Jan*
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Northern Lights Ottoman Violet *Available @ The Garden*
*bbqq*-Butterfly Sewing Machine-Clean *Available @ TSS*
.Olive. the Forget me Not Bedroom – Nightstand (Full)
Kuro – Flushing bowl
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You’ve missed your chance

Pose: singing your song - flowey. [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Fernanda - Truth
Skin: Cleo - Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones

Necklace: Princess - Donna flora
Lingerie: Desiderio - Fishy strawberry
Bracelet: Princess - Donna flora
Feet: Medium - Slink
Shoes: Lydia slingbacks - Ingenue

Curtain v2 - *bbqq*
Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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The winter chapter of The Seasons Story begins

  The Seasons Story opens today with the winter, 2014 edition.  Whether you are looking for clothes, decor, furniture, hair, skin, accessories, shoes, tattoos, cosmetics, or really anything your heard desires, The Seasons Story is where you will find it!  The event itself is like walking through a winter paradise, from the snow-capped mountains to the glistening frigid water.  While you stroll through the snowy wonderland, be sure to check out the gorgeous original creations from among the finest designers on the grid.  This is an event not to be missed.  This round will end on January 31, so be sure to head over before then to pick up all your favorite designs. ♥Elvi♥ and ❇Del Teleport to The Seasons Story MIA: bbqq, BeetleBones, Color.Me.Hof, D!va, Teawood, YUKI < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > Note: Any store without items pictured did not have designs available at the time of The Seasons Story’s scheduled opening on January 10.  … Read the restThe Seasons Story

Lindens Go Poof

Wow! Has this been an expensive weekend in SL. The Geeks'n'Nerds event is still on, the Arcade has opened, there were 10 billion Black Friday sales but it's been fun.  My outfit is an amalgamation of those two events plus other purchase from my 5 day shopping binge.
Credits:From Geeks'n'Nerds:
Glasses: Ison: Pegley Glasses
Slink Nail Appliers: elephante poses: Once Upon a Dream
Poses: bbqq: from the Believe Set
From The Arcade:
Coat: Elate: Willow Coat: Solid Burnt Orange
Hair: Clawtooth: Closer: Coco
Necklace: Katatonik: Carousel Necklace: Sunny
Purse: Coco Animal Clutch: Dochi: Glitter Rare
Boots: Sleepy Eddy: Engineer Boots: Camel
Skin: Essences: Dyana: from last week FLF
Shirt: Pig: Dollinger Tank
Skirt: Maitreya: Leather Mini Skirt: Eden
Stockings: Izzies: Overknee Socks (incl. Slink Appliers): New Release

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Fuel Your Inner Child

December 1st, The Arcade is open and in full swing!  The chiming and clanging of the machines, the music from the carousel, the smell of cotton candy and confections, and the flashing of colorful lights paint this inner childs dream event. I hope you were able to save up that gacha money and the machines are generous with their rares.  If you see me kicking a machine, do not fret, it likely isnt being nice and giving me something rainbow!  My inner child has a great time at the Arcade and I hope you do as well, the event takes a great deal of time and the creativity is boundless.  What treasures will you find, what is that one thing on The Arcade Shopping Guide that you must have? This round my must have was the Love camera you see me wearing in the photos below.  Skillfully crafted from bbqq, it was a must have to capture the precious moments with Gabriella. To make your Arcade experience more enjoyable, consider wearing a full body invisible alpha and taking off all those huds and gadgets to lessen your own lag.  … Read the rest

The Arcade – December Edition

On 30th November 2013 · By Del Ectonite · With Leave a comment
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It’s time for another round of The Arcade – and once again we are able to bring it to you a little early!  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get advance access to the event, but knowing how much our readers are waiting in anticipation for the opening of The Arcade, we scoured the web to find pics of all the goodies in store.  We had them ready before the event officially opened, so why not give our loyal lovelies a taste of what is in store?  Tuck the kids into bed, and turn down the lights.  It’s gacha time! This event does not open until 12:01AM SLT on DECEMBER 1st! Happy shopping, .Arianna. ✿ Callie  Peace~Madi.B  ❇Del Teleport to The Arcade < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Autumnal Home

So I’m getting ready to switch over to winter at home, and as usual I wanted to capture my home before it gets torn apart. It has taken me a long while to do this blog post due to the fact that for some odd reason the contents INSIDE my home were constantly de-rezzing. So thanks to Elysium Hynes, I am able to share it all with you! I’ll try to list every item shown but I might miss a couple! *warning* Photo Heavy! Outside: Culprit Neva’s Rustic Cottage Pine Tree Patch-Tobias Novi
/artilleri/ Old wagon (with pumpkins)
Old Betsy
[DDD] Bunch of Roped Logs LG+M
[DDD] Saw Horse Prop
. a i s l i n g . Old Fountain w/stoneground
[Tia] Spring Birdhouse – Colour
[DDD] Hollowed Forest Log & Mushrooms
Old Wooden Dock or Bridge by Akira Kinomis
Botanical – Rustic Fishing Chair with Pole
Basket of Crabs – Mesh
*~MMG’s~* Handcart_3prim
*~MMG’s~* GardeningTool-Shovel_1prim
*~MMG’s~* Bucket-standing_2prim
[Tia] Spring Garden Planter
*~MMG’s~* Watering pot-Jorro_2prim
All Garden Veggies-[DDD] Lil’ Garden Plot
[DDD] Rock Path
[Tia] Vulo Manor
:CP: Alice Horseshoes
Three Old Doors-Mesh
POST: Old Spigot / Water Trough (sculpty)
{what next} Bicycle Decor (Girls)
/artilleri/ Pumpkin
Zinnias Potted Spring Plants – Nest Easter Egg Hunt Giift
*SHOP SEU* 2prim anim cat -gray-
The Loft – Wrought Iron Planter Walnut
.a i s l i n g.… Read the restStalking Voshie

The Mens Dept.

Remember, remember the 5th of November! It applies here too because, today, the 5th of November The Mens Dept. opens with another collection. There’s a great variety this round, from decor items to furnish your bachelor pad to the latest in men’s fashion to wow all the gals. And, as usual, there’s something for the ladies too – lots of items are either unisex or include a female version. Check out our gallery and visit The Mens Dept. it’s totally worth the trip. ♥ Adriana Teleport to The Mens Dept. MIA: Lucien Marcielo <———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Introducing Kustom9 – Exclusive Preview!

Kustom9 is a fantastic venue that is just opening its doors for the very first time at midnight!  20 of SL’s hottest designers have gathered and are featuring items for sale at no more than 90L each!  Each round of Kustom9 will only be available for two weeks, so make sure you head down soon before the savings on these amazing designer specials are gone! ❇Del Teleport to Kustom9 This event does not open until 12:01AM SLT on OCTOBER 15th! < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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The Men’s Dept.

It’s a full house over at The Men’s Dept this month and it’s all just for the dudes! But don’t get jealous girls, there are some unisex items too – there’s something for everyone, even the house. Go check the October collection and enjoy. ♥ Adriana Teleport to The Men’s Dept. <———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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