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Bunnies, We Have No Problem

  So I am kind of in love with bunnies.  Many of my friends know this.  Isabelli, Free*Style blogger and owner of Uncertain Smile knows this, and when she made this adorable bunny helmet available for free I am sure she knew I would be excited.  YAY ISABELLI!  Another free thing on my av is the eyes from the store Banana Banshee, made by Rosemarie Indigo who is also a blogger for us.  I have to say I feel like such a spoiled brat sometimes getting to blog with so many designers here.  It's awesome!

  The Shop Free*Style hunt is *technically* over now so people can pick up their things whenever they want but I gave the puppy dog eyes to Isabelli and Rose and asked if they would leave these gifts out for now.  They said yes, woo!  Go and grab them now before they change their mind and take them away into outer internet space.
Bunny Helmet: Uncertain Smile, hunt gift @ Shop Free*Style
Eyes: Banana Banshee, hunt gift @ Shop Free*Style (one of several from this store out)
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Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!

  We have a hunt going on at Shop Free*Style!  There are some really freaking amazing items, no joke.  Go check it out.  Look inside and outside of the shop and remember there are two floors to the shop!  Find the eggs, now through April 11th!

Click HERE for the slurl.

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Wear Gray 2012

On 6th April 2012 · By Lashae Karsin · With Leave a comment
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  Vix and I teamed up to bring you coverage for an awesome charity event that opened today.  Wear Gray for a Day 2012 is a two week event in which funds are raised for the American Brain Tumor Association.  This organization’s goal is to fund research that will lead to improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer with the ultimate goal of someday finding a cure.  Over eighty designers are participating in the event with event exclusives and 100% donation items.  There is also a hunt to participate in; the hunt object is a little gray brain.  If you would like to see the prizes you are hunting for, please check out the official Wear Gray blog. Wear Gray 2012 Wear Gray for a Day Blog Happy shopping, loves♥ < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Blog Hero Challenge – Week Nine – Pretty Woman.

You wouldn't believe how hard this one was. Strangely, I know the movie by heart, I love the song and yet, it took me days to put together that picture. And I'm not even happy with it. Week 9 (already!) of Shay's Blog Hero Challenge is the ever so famous Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman, and I chose to go with Julia Roberts' look in the movie. Imagine in a minute, a handsome man in a tux is going to enter the room to take her away...

Credits :

  • Over 100l$

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    Taxi to Taxidermia!

    Flux is back with another round of incredible, and different, items celebrating the macabre world of Victoriana and Taxidermy!

    Skin - Taxidermy Vamp Tone from Adore&Abhor
    Necklace - Melancholia Necklace from CoLLisions
    Earrings - Serpentis Gauges from CoLLisions
    Corset - Batty Mesh Corset from A Netherworld
    A - The Rat Pack (bag) and Black Widow Ring from Bang Bang
    B - Taxidermie Outfit from Casual Couture (contains Mesh parts)

    Eyes from Banana Banshee
    A - Blood
    B - Darkness
    C - Doom
    D - Oblivion

    Makeup Layers from Miss Shippe's Studio. A, B, and C come with a brow hiding makeup layer which can be tinted to match your skin tone, Eyes only, Lips only and Full Face versions.
    A - Preserving Birds in Glass: Arsenic (Full version)
    B - Preserving Birds in Glass: Dented Brass (Eyes only)
    C - Preserving Birds in Glass: Laudanum (Full version)
    D - Stay Pretty Forever

    A - Raven Gown from Eclectic Firefly
    B - Taxidermia Skin from Tacky Star

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    FLUX March Taxidermia

    Flux has a new round of goodies out, and I have to say that I am still loving this event, even though this is only the second time that I have covered it. The setting has changed from the Mardi Gras Market that was the scenery of last time and I have to say I thought this setting was simply stunning… Like something out of a dream. The theme this month is Taxidermy, one that I don’t think I have seen as a theme before, or if I have it hasn’t been recently! Never fear though it is not all stuffed animals, there are some amazingly beautiful items available! I love the feather items from le petite morte and the mounted mouse heads from Schadenfreude… The event space is worth checking out on it’s own without all the goodies available.
    OH and I haven’t included photos of the dollarbies that some stores have placed with their main items, so don’t miss those!
    I can’t wait to see what theme this event has next month, BRING ON APRIL NOW hehe!!!
    Rudh xxx FLUX

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    I Could Not Reach the Door Bell

    I hopped over the Mulholland Highway to see that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth yesterday. She moved there from 34th and Vine. It was Valentine’s Day and I had no valentine, so I thought I just needed a little of that Love Potion No. 9. However, as you can see, the doorbell was not made for me. Frankly, I thought I looked hot enough in this sexy dress from Alaska Metropolitan that I would not need a potion, but alas! Is it purely coincidental that the Museum of Sex is right next door? The doors were open, but alas there was nothing inside. I await further developments with bated breath – and these older shoes from Royal Blue. Yes, I know folks are trashing their invisiprim shoes, but you don’t have to if they are modifiable like these. I just shrunk those invisiprims down to a speck and added the alpha layer from Baiastice’s Lotus pump which has worked with several old shoes. I really jazzed up the accessories with the Purple Moon jewelry. This cubits set comes in several colors and is just luscious.… Read the rest0215_004

    Valentines, zombies and other hunts.

    The Sakide store is always taking part in a gazilion events, and that's great news! On the first two pics I actually mixed and matched outfits from two different hunts : the shirt is from the Gangster Girl Outfit for Jack or Jill Hunt, and the dress is the Heart Keeper Dress for ZombiePopcorn Hunt

    This lovely Crimson Outfit for Rotten Valentine Hunt comes in two versions, a low cut and a high cut one. I accidentally left the shirt collar on for the pictures but I think it actually looks very good with the dress, so I left it on.

    Credits :
    100l$ or under :

    Other stuff :

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    I Too Can Wear Lingerie

    I’m not doing the Lingerie Challenge. I might do the Lingerie Challenge. I don’t know. I haven’t decided.  But I AM WEARING lingerie, so this should give me some sort of partial participation points. I’m wearing the gorgeous Feathered Harlot lingerie which is from Somnia and is Mardi Gras inspired, like everything else at the awesome FLUX sale event. It’s more of a market event than a “cheap sale” event and it’s fun to see all the cool Mardi Gras things, there you even get a slice of King Cake just for walking down the street! This lingerie comes with two styles of panties, depending on how much ass you wanna show and on ALL the layers including tattoo so you know MAX versatility. If you pop over to FLUX – go in all the shops, not just the carts! The shops are chocked FULL of goodies! You can hop this virtual trolley and pop down to the Quarter to check out the awesome. I’m also wearing a new release from TRUTH as well as a beautiful new skin from Baiastice.… Read the rest

    New Monthly Event – FLUX with a little Mardi Gras.

    There is a new monthly themed event hitting the Secondlife Events Circuit this week. This theme based monthly market bazaar is well named I feel, as flux basically means constant or frequent change. It has a collection of designers with items on both the market stalls in the square and within the buildings. Prices vary greatly as do the number of items out per designer, but what is here is good quality items to fit the Mardi Gras Theme for this event’s first outing! I feel that this event will be one that is worth watching in the coming months, and I would watch this space as it is likely to appear on Seraphim every month! I wonder what the theme will be next month? Watch this space, but get over there to check out the event!
    Rudh xxx A New Monthly Event – FLUX

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    Flood of Flux!

    Flux opened its doors today so finally everyone can join in the Mardi Gras party and pick up some fabulous goodies from the amazing stores involved. Due to many SL problems over the past couple of days, the build may not be 100% done yet, so be sure to watch your step and check back to see the finished build!

    I love this sleeve tattoo from Vestigium. Called Masks, it comes in 3 tones and 4 layer versions. Love!!!

    Casual Couture has a gorgeous Mardi Gras Gown sure to drop jaws when you wear it. It comes with the mask.

    Needs some new eyes? Then check out the Beads eyes from Banana Banshee, which are sure to add a touch of fun to your look.

    Eclectic Firefly has the sparklie and adorable Carnival dresses in some gorgeous colours (come with the tights) for you to add to your wardrobe.

    I love the makeups on these skins from Adore&Abhor. On the left is the Golden tone and Deep is on the right.

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    A Very Berry Sunday

    It had been a while since my last visit to Katat0nik, and I have to say I still love the cute lolita dresses that can be found here, even if my everyday style is far more casual and close to my RL style. I went to grab the group gift and while I was there the lucky board gave me one R and one ? and I ended up with 3 dresses to show you!

    Credits :Special thanks to Sachi Vixen.

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    The Fae, The Faun and the Wardrobe… 2012-01-07 13:07:00

    Jane has a 50% off sale! The very serious blogger that I am simply had to go get as much stuff as possible, to show you... well, all right, I went on a total shopping spree... Here's what I brought back :

    Credits :

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    There is an event happening, at Mabingion and it ends soon! Like, tomorrow!! December 10th!  So grab your lindens and race… lol, forget the running.. You do not want to miss out on the yumminess that have gathered together to bring you some wicked nice items!! People like,  Mochi Milena, Sileny Noel, Evangeline Miles and many many others!! So, take this limo and get your shopping on!   Mabinogion   MIA:  A.D.D. Andle has a set of Peacock Eyes for sale but the picture wouldn’t rez for me

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    Anne, ma soeur Anne…

    Today I get to be a princess... and I love it! It's been a while since I've roleplayed and I must admit I miss it sometimes. I used to wear adorable gowns like that all the time... Well, not exactly like this one, for the Princess Shoppe's creations are quite new on the grid, but already worth talking about. This particular color is called Delectable Cocoa, and part of the new designer's third batch, Princess Anne. What makes it special is that, for the next week or so, you can get it on the Marketplace for only 99l$.

    Other stuff (not necessarily under 100l$, but worth crediting all the same) :

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    Sweet dreams.

    Hello everyone! I've finally taken the time to go to Collabor88, a monthly event with renowned designers setting up exclusive creations for a discounted price (mostly 88l$) and I grabbed a few things I want to show you :

    Collabor88 stuff :
    Other cheap stuff :I couldn't pose naked :

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    Maai & Magika

    I am trying new things, picture wise, so bear with my experimenting and please keep in mind I do not have a badass computer with killing graphic card. Maai is a new to me shop that I discovered thanks to Shayariel. It sells cute things and has treats for their group members : group gifs and a midnight mania board. The MM board gift changes on a regular basis so I'm only showing you the current group gifts, a cute pink dress and a whole outfit (it even includes the shoes)

    Also, Magika, one of the best SL hair shops, is having a short 50% off sale. The most recent hair packs are now 125l$ instead of 250l$ (2 different color packs, one with natural colors, one with more "funky" ones) and the older ones are only 100l$

    Credits :

    Special thanks to Shayariel Teardrop

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    Sale @ Elikatira

    Well, I guess the title of this post pretty much says it all. Sale lasts until the 30th, discount is 70% (that's an Essential Pack for 75l$!!!) and you don't want to miss it. Here are a few samples of what you can grab. Some I already had in my inventory, most I bought today. Elikapeka Tiramisu's hair is so adorable, it's the hair I want in RL. So much so actually that, next time I'm going to the hairdresser, I'm definitely taking pics of my avi with me. 

    Credits :

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    Sileny Noel and Eden Knoller have outdone themselves in organising this event for Free*Style's 4th birthday, called 4*44*444. Around 100 of their favorite designers have put up exclusive items for either 4l$, 44l$ or 444l$. Here are a few of them :

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    Mesh it up!

    Hello people!! After reinstalling completely my viewer, I am finally able to do some stuff on SL, so here I am and I come bearing MESH! I just acquired my very first mesh clothes and so far, I luuuurve it! Beware, you need to use a mesh enabled viewer to see mesh stuff, otherwise, well, it'll look like crap, which would be a shame, honestly. 
    Riddle just released this cute mesh skirt and sculpted top outfit for Project Themeory, for only 75l$ for the outfit! (BTW they're having a 50% off sale on the whole shop, so that's one more reason to drop by)

    Have you noticed the cute shoes? They're the latest group gift from Katat0nik , and they're mesh too... Plus I think they match the outfit perfectly.

    Other stuff  (not free or cheap):

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