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I´m pretty new at blogging, so I thought I should do at least one post on how the blog works, affiliations or lack of them, that sort of stuff. Well I blog whatever I can and have available time for basically, I try to give time to special events in SL, like I have these past few months with, Back to Black, Festival of Sin, EPOCH Legend, Mix+Mesh, March Mesh Madness, and also the regular monthly or weekly events like, COLLABOR88 Flux, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Room Blue, Lazy Sundays and a few more others. I also try on top of that to add a few hunts to the list, like I did with Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt, and soon The Twisted and Steam Hunts, as soon has I have the available time. This of course is not easy there are always so many events I can cover and there is also so many available lindens to spend, and that brings us to my next point. 99% of the items I review, use on photographs come out of my pocket, meaning I rush to the events (usually on Sundays mornings, when most US folks are still asleep) and spend my lindens on things I really like or would look good in pictures, so I can end up with a few things in my inventory that won´t be blogged right away, but will sit there waiting for the right opportunity to come out in the future.… Read the rest:D



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Sounds of Spring

  Bodysuit | Jack Spoon Skirt | plank couture Shoes | R.icielli Hairbase | Vanity Hair Make up | Baiastice

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Bring in the clowns

I did my usual event visit on sunday morning, which for me is always the best time for shopping, most of the US folks are still asleep, and i can run about big events almost lagless, and oh boy i had two of them to see this weekend. EPOCH Legend and Spring Fashion 2012: Mix+Mesh and i also had to stop by at The Dressing Room. I have been trying to keep up with most big event´s like Back to Black and The Festival of Sin since i started blogging more seriously, so my posts have featured items from these events regularly I will start with EPOCH Legend, and what i can say is wow it involves 3 locations, a lot of amazing creators, a lot of imagination and 3 separate themes i fell in love with totally, and i probably would have ended up buying everything if i could. You can also follow their blog, shopping guide, or their Flirck group, or visit the Creator´s Café. I did do some shopping from all 3 locations and will try to post to each of the 3 themes, so here it is the first one, clowning: I have to confess one thing, I hate clowns, they terrify me, i get shivers and cold sweats when i see one, a picture of one, and sometimes a simple red nose.… Read the rest


Skin: *YS&YS* Cara 06 Cool Teeth Hair: (epoque hair) Runway Monarchy Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Midnight Oil) Outfit: [LWL] Hautepack Zoology (Bird of Paradise) – new Spring 2012 Collection will be out tomorrow! (Feb 29)  [LWL] Zoology Cropped-Knits (Bird of Paradise) [LWL] High-waisted Pencil (Bird of Paradise) [LWL] Zoology Pumps (Bird of Paradise) Earrings: .:: BenS Beauty ::.. Lena Earrings Necklace: LaGyo – Mink fur necklace brown @ EPOCH Legend – Beast Clutch: MONS Croco Clutch Bag – Sephia @ Back to Black Ring: { Rangs. } Africana Ring- Longboat Nails: Izzie’s – French Nails Poses: *EverGlow* (marukin)   Pictures taken @ Black Kite      
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Last chance for Back to Black

Back to Black ends tomorrow, so if you still have shopping to do there, this is the right time! Here’s a quick look with some items available at the event. And remember, some designs are B2B exclusives! Also, Exile released three adorable mesh hairstyles. Moniq is wearing one of them, called Queen Bee. Styling: Fauna Tan-Brown by Adore & Abhor for Back to Black Skin:Hair: Queen Bee:Moreno (MESH) by Exile Dress: Serena Gown by Mashooka (MESH) for Back to Black Jewelry: Ouroboros necklace and bangles by Adore & Abhor for Back to Black Pose:  Wish by AUSHKA & CO for Back to Black

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[Event] Back to Black – Look #07 + MINA @ Festival of Sin

This post closes my series about Back to Black and gives a very small glance to Festival of Sin. Please forgive my few words these days, it is a quite hard period in my RL. I know I'm not at my best in writing, in taking pictures and even in following events and catching up with all the things I would like to blog, but at this time I can't really help it. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
Outfit: Miamai @ Back to Black - SurviveHair: MINA @ Festival of Sin - Moriko (at Festival of Sin only till March the 3rd, all color packs)Cage: Mamai @ Back to Black - My body is a cage

Other credits: Skin: Glam AffairEyes: Poetic ColorsLashes: [glow] studioNecklace: LOULOU&Co

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ChouChou is back!
What? Do you never heard about it? So is about time to know it.
ChouChou was the first “art” sim I ever saw in SL (2008), when I started to blog about places I looked for it, but the sim had vanished.
But it is back and you need to see it. This place is almost empty, with few objects over it, like a piano, a birdcage and a huge ladder, that is a teleporter for other ChouChou sims.
Is beautiful see this few objects reflecting in the water, the simplicity of this place makes it perfect for pictures.
At the landing point you will find a hud, that makes you see ChouChou as a movie.
In 2008 I never thought about it, but this time I wanted to know more about this sim, about the creators and I discovered that in fact ChouChou is a music group ( a duo, actually )formed on July, 2007 to search for new possibilities of music.
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The Forbidden City – FOS and BTB

TheForbidden City is a RP combat sim with urban decay theme. There is some great buildings to explore and take pictures.
At landing point you will receive the sim’s rules, any person under 18 years old will be considered a trespassing. You can grab an observer tag or a combat meter, the system used here is the CCS, which is free.
After read the rules you can use the teleporter to reach the ground. The language spoken here is Spanish, so if you don’t know Spanish use a translator for RP.
At the ground you will arrive at a “rezz area”, which means it is free of combat. At this area you will find on line boards to GM if you are interested in join the RP.
This time I mixed and matched items from Back to Black (ends 24th at 4pm SLT) and Festival of Sim.
Unfortunately my time in SL is getting shorter, which means I won’t be able to cover events as I would like to, but I will do my best!
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52 Weeks of colour – Dandelion

I have never did 52 weeks of colours, Luna´s jubilee challenge, because i just happened to have this lovely dress with the perfect colours and mood for a waiting for spring blog. It as been extremely fun to do pictures with snow and winter colors, but i guess everyone in sl is already a little tired of the cold, so here it is my first participation in 52 weeks of colour., Dandelion. I love this dress the colour is gorgeous and vibrant, i had also never tried couvertoure before and was delighted to see their shop with quite a few lovely mesh items, their pillows are gorgeous, in the meanwhile i had just recived this lovely necklace from CoLLisions available for Taste of SL, Wearing:
Shape: mine
Skin: Mynerva – Kianna
Wasabi Pills – Monique
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones: Mesh Lashes
Dress: couverture - Vintage one-piece
Leggings: couverture - kiyoshi-leggings (gatcha at store)
Boots: TonkTastic – 50′s Jump Boots
Socks: TonkTastic – Sock Tops
Necklace: CoLLisions – Stitch in Time Necklace (Taste of SL)
Makeup: M.O.C.K.… Read the rest

Fleshtone and some things that may come in handy

The top point of this post is to show you some items of the new Fleshtone spring collection, Part two is to tell you some more stuff about photo editing. The coat, pants, bag and jewelry are all part of the new Flestone collection. While I’d usually wear more colorful items, I wanted to dress Moniq in blacks and creams because of the yellowish windlight that I wanted to use. Also, these photos were edited in Pixlr (pixlr.com) which is a sort of online Photoshop. It has a lot of nice features (no liquify, but I found something else that almost works) and it’s something you can easily get used to. Also, for those who are Picnik fans, Pixlr Express is the way to go. Also, I love the retro-vintage effects provided by the site. I think it’s worth giving it a try, This photo has a very subtle vintage filter. Of course, you can see that it’s not as neatly edited as I usually do in PS, but I’m still adjusting to Pixlr. Styling: Skin: Bridget /light by Dekade Hair; She Sells Sanctuary – undressed by Shag for Back to Black Coat: OstrichTrench -  Beige by Fleshtone Pants: VickiHaremPants -  Black by Fleshtone Boots: Relax Boots Tan (MESH) by SLink Bag: TheSquare – yellow by Fleshtone Earrings: LyraVintageEarings [BronzeAgate] by Fleshtone Bangles:  Vanity Studded Cuffs by Fleshtone Poses: Agapee

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[Event] Back to Black – Look #07

Kouse's Sanctum @ Back to Black

Gown: Kouse's Sanctum - Tranquil Gown - Calm

Other credits:
Skin: the.oBscene
Hair: MINA (old hunt gift)
Eyes: Rozena
Shoes: Lassitude&Ennui
Necklace: LOULOU&CO
Earring and Bracelet: je suis...
Lashes: [glow] studio
Pose: Glitterati

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It was pure coincidence that I was wearing this fabulous leather dress with feathers when I teleported over to check out The Magic Flute, but when I saw the first part of the exhibit, I thought it was too perfect for words. It made me smile, remembering a good college friend who played Papageno in a college production of the opera. I decided to take a few snaps, play the musical and remember old friends. Papageno is the birdcatcher and the initial room in The Magic Flute has this fabulous birdcage. There’s so much more, though, you really should visit yourself.

The bird theme continues with the flutter boots from Lassitude and Ennui – made for the Back to Black event. I love the modern abstraction in the jewelry – a new release from Kunglers. The gloves come with the dress. The makeup is Glam Affair and the hair is from Exile. Store info at Blogging Second Life
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This place is so beautiful, one of the most inventive and original places in SL in a long time. Spirit by claudia222 jewel of which you can find more info on here and visit here is one of the most popular and well done installation in Second life at the moment and i couldn´t miss out on the chance to visit and take some photographs at. So i packed up my things, some new pretties from my first blogger bags, something i collected at Festival of SIN, Back to Black, Flux, and another great recent find, the Meta Body Project, and headed down to enjoy the place who´s name Spirit, describes it so well. Wearing:
Shape: Mine
Skin: Meta Body – Lizard skin (freebie)
Eyes: Meta Body – Lizard eyes (freebie)
Hair: booN – TUN247
Body Suit: Nemesis – Friendship bodysuit (Back to Black)
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Selene boots
Thights: Izzie’s – abstract zebra
Necklace: Schadenfreude – Skull Mardi Gras Beads (FLUX event gatcha)
Piercings: Collisions – Malice Facial Piercings & Tattoo Set (Festival of SIN)
Pin me Down: Fade
Pin me Down: Set7
Collisions: Tamfo Bebre (Festival of SIN)
Virtual Props – The Snake Charmer Pose Set (Festival of SIN)
note: some of these items are bloggers packs offers by the following stores: Collisions and Pin me Down
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more from Back To Black

The Back to Black event organized by Chic Management is still running ! All official information is available on the  CHIC Management blog. You can read more about the event here. I’m wearing the MESH “Comfy Sweater Pants gray” from IREN and used the poseprob incl. teddy “my best friend pose set” from .la petite morte.
- both are only available at the Back To Black event ! ***teleport to Back To Black*** *other credits
hair from Magika
skin & tattoo from Mynerva
shoes from Shelly Laufer
bracelet from Tutti Frutti

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Wedding Day Post: A Leap of Faith

When I first saw the Courage pose from oOo Studio at Back to Black the song that popped into my head was Leap of Faith by Michelle Branch. Any type of relationship you have, be it in SL or RL, is a leap of faith. After a bit over a year partnered Salvatore and I are taking it a step further and having a wedding tonight. This was a tremendous leap of faith for me, but I have never lacked in courage. (...)
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[Event] Back to Black – Look #06

Peqe, Purrfect10, LOULOU&CO @ Back to Black

Outfit: Peqe - Jet Black
Eyes: Rozena - Lively Eyes~ angora
Necklace: LOULOU&CO - Necklace :: HYPERION ::
Shoes: Purrfect10 - Wild Rose Heels Crimson

Other credits:
Hair: Wasabi Pills (MESH)
Skin: the.oBscene
Lashes: [glow] studio
Pose: Glitterati

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I didn’t know the store Jack Spoon until I saw this dress for Back to Black – the mental health awareness event that is currently hosted by Chic Management. The print is a wild Versace-esque print with a lace inset on the bodice. With the long sleeves and the high collar, there are references to modesty which take on a cheeky wit when balanced with that cutout bodice and short skirt. I pulled out the Flutter boots from Lassitude and Ennui again. They are totally one my list of the best finds of the Black to Black event and will probably be showing up again and again. Simple, but bold earrings from Kunglers and this super-cheeky updo from Truth reflect the easy comfort and cheekiness of the dress. The skin is also a great Back to Black find. From Idiosyncrasy, it’s called Imogen and has a great dusting of freckles. Store info at Blogging Second Life
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[Event] Back to Black – Look #05

Izzie's, Rozena, Amacci @ Back to Black

Outfit: Izzie's - Peace Top Beige + Sweat Pants Brown
Hair: Amacci - Emma Coffee (feather included)
Eyes: Rozena - Lively Eyes - Chai

Other credits: 
Skin: the.oBscene
Shoes: Hoorenbeek
Lashes: [glow] studio
Necklace: Ripped (closed)
Bangles: (to be updated, store name doesn't show in the name of the item. Designers, *please*, write something that makes you recognizable in your items names!)
Pose: Glitterati

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Nemesis and Lode

Outfit | Nemesis from Back to Black Accessories | Lode Hat Shoes | R.icielli      

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Follow the money!

Greedy little lady there loves green. Especially on the $100 bills! That is the funniest prop ever. It’s one of the Long Awkward Poses releases for the Festival of Sin. There are lots of props and poses at the brand’s booth and they all involve money. After all, the whole world spins around them, right? That’s what this girl wrapped in dollars would tell you! Styling: Skin:  Michelle skin – ROSY PALE by Essences for Festival of Sin Hair: Sooner or Later-Fiery Red by Vanity Hair for Festival of Sin Bodysuit with scarf: Friendship bodysuit poppy by Nemesis for Back to Black Bracelet: Wrath Spike Cuff(Mesh)/Red by Addict for Festival of Sin Prop: Rollin in Dough by LAP for Festival of Sin

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