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No One Even Cares

I get that way sometimes when someone is blathering on in a crazy way. If ten people do the same thing you do without drama, and you are constantly being “dragged into drama” perhaps just perhaps …..it’s you. Some things this veteran old blogger can tell you which can, in fact, help you decrease your level of drama are as follows.
  1.  No one is copying your style. No one. If someone IS copying your style please refer to the first sentence. There is a limited number of heads, bodies, and clothes in this world. If someone happens to recreate what you did – or hell just likes the way you did it and dresses up like that too – IT DOES NOT MATTER. Your style is way more than the thinks you choose to wear.  If it’s not – you fail.
  2. If you aren’t getting paid you don’t have sponsors quit rambling on about it.
  3. You are not obligated to 23589723948 blog posts a day. If you DO that many blog posts a day don’t bitch about it.
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April 2018
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Chocolate Kiss for ❤Bento Hands❤ by AppleTini

AppleTini has yummmmmy nail appliers and her sets include 5 original patterns for hands and feet for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega compatible mesh bodies, including Bento. You get all 4 huds in each purchase! There are 3 exclusive sets at the Truth or Dare Event which runs until Feb 28th. Truth or Dare Event […]Read Post ›

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Is it Summertime yet?

The weather in Texas recently hasn't been pretty...nope, not one bit. It almost feels as if there has been rain almost every single day for the last month.Thankfully, in SL the weather is usually always sunny and shiny. Today's look is all about embracing the Summer season that is just around the corner. To start off I rezzed a nice little picnic basket and decided to showcase a cute short set I recently purchased at Collab88. Tee*fy's Giselle Romper is imho one of the cutest things I have run across in a long time because it is such a perfect girly outfit. I did purchase this romper in a few different color options because after all, summer is quickly approaching...right?

The Look- Is it Summertime yet?
Skin-Glam Affair - Sia skin ( Fairy Tales ) - Jamaica
Short Set-Tee*fy Giselle Romper -Posy
Picnic Set- -artilleri-Picnic blanket

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Earlier this week I received a notice that Valentina E. was going to be releasing a new dress. As soon as I saw the advertisement I knew I had to TP to FaMESHed to pick up this cute little number. Since FaMESHed has only been opened for a few days it's currently packed so don't get discouraged if you can't get into the SIM. (just keep trying, have patience.... or come back later during the week) The Rock the Boat dress is available in several different nautical colors. I hope that you take the TP in and pick up a copy of your very own.

The Look- Peace
Hair- Magika-Gone
Skin- Glam Affair - Sia skin ( Fairy Tales ) - Jamaica 0
Dress- Valentina E., Rock The Boat Dress, Navy
Flower- Artilleri, orchid hair flower *white* (mouth)

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Vintage Meets Mesh

Once upon a time I made a mad dash to Artilleri because I had to have all of the things. Right about the time I got all the things, mesh came and made all the things I had just gotten obsolete. Or did it? Yes my tiki bar is more land impact than mesh. But it’s still flawless. I may just leave it up on the deck of my work studio just because it reminds me of a time when my SL was my joy and something to look forward to. I wouldn’t mind to have some of that back, truly. I laughed when I sat down. I’ll have to put more sits in these if I can. Old school sit poses ftw. I’ve made a slight tweak to my look of my Lelutka head, I’m wearing ARIA and I’ve made it rounder than the default shape. Gidge is a round faced girl in all lives. I know the arguments “we’ll all look the same”. Truthfully, I like the way this looks on me. I might not wear it every single day but I have to admit, I really love this face. My dress today is a HUD driven texture change release from Sascha’s designs.… Read the rest

…and the way you look tonight

    I find that it's not often I enjoy meeting new people in SL. And it's not because I don't want to or that there aren't perfectly lovely people on the grid because there are…it's just very unnerving for me for some reason. So I end up being that dork in the back that stands in the corner and won't say much. Once I get to know people, I'm a blasty blast lemme tell you what. But until that point, I'm kinda a drag. So, it came as a wonderful surprise that I was introduced to a new friend through a mutual friend and I think it's well…not so bad a very sweet, polite and awesomely put together guy that has been very nice to get to know thus far. Took a little photo, wandered the sim a bit. Even found a place I loved and we sat and chatted a bit. Kinda reminds you of old times, before we get so caught up in whatever it is we do in SL lol. Not a bad night at all… Don't judge me. While I was waiting for him, I was trying things out and idk.… Read the rest:P

Style-Mix by Sawa #387

Hair: “Sadie Browns05” Truth
Skin: “Candy – America – 07″ Glam Affair
Hands: “avatar enhancement system” SLink*
Feets: “Medium Barefeet Rigged” SLink*
Ears: “SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU” Mandala Outfit:
Top: “RockaDoll Halter blue” Sassy!@Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Pants: “RockaDoll capris blue” Sassy!@Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Shoes: “Boudoir Slippers LDF White” SLink* Accessoires:
Earrings: “ERO-SENSEI Pierce_24kGOLD&Diamond” Mandala Scooter by what next (dandelion for 2 – old Gatcha item)
***pic taken @ Artilleri mainstore***

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:dottie mae @Rockabilly:

Please visit Designer Directory for store locations. BODY HAIR: Loq Hair ~BerryJuice ~ Hypnotic Red (rightside) HAIR: KMADD Hairbase(tintable) ~ planetary SKIN: Deesse’s – Alicia ~ milky coffee MAKEUP: Pink Acid ~ Mermaid Fly Lipstick & Teeth – Pink EYES: MADesigns EYES  ~ Neon – small iris blue shadow OUTFIT DRESS : KMADD Moda – Dottie Mae Retro dress ~ Cream& Retro red {New@ Rockabilly Fair}
SHOES : KMADD Moda – Betty Jane Ballet Flats ~ Deep Pink{New@ Rockabilly Fair} ACCESSORIES : KMADD Moda – badge ~ cherries Rare{New@Rockabilly Fair Gacha} ACCESSORIES : artilleri – gladys glasses ~ red ACCESSORIES: Hate me and Eat me – the desert bangles ~ ACCESSORIES: Ink’D Up!  ~ Notorius (Hella Faded)tattoo
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Home corner

It’s a long time since I did one of these…. MudHoney Meredith Chair
/artilleri/ Melbourne lamp *white*
ponitee:::Low Table
/artilleri/ Phonograf record player *white*
Analog Surf POSTER “MARTINI” flower (free)
Prefab: *Y’s HOUSE* OMOYA
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The Shape of Things

Outfit:       Skin:  Glam Affair – Roza (Natural 02) [available at collabor88]       Hair:  Exile – Crush (Raven) [available at Hair Fair]       Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore and Grey Shadow)       Lashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes 16 (Elemental)       Top:  artilleri – Carlita […]

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Naughty or Nice? Bratty or..?

OK, I confess: I love holiday themed clothing. I adore the costumes of Halloween, I grin and squee at adorable bunny outfits, snicker at festive St. Patrick’s day themes, and feel an odd sense of pride and pleasure at 4th of July ensembles. Is it any wonder that Christmas is one of my favorite times of year? There are a plethora of outfits designed for the holiday season and I’ve been checking in with some of the designers who have really impressed us this year to see if they were doing any special releases. One that jumped right off the page at me was the Carrie Bridger / Carrie’s Lingerie releases. She has over half a dozen, but the two that drew my eye the fastest was the Bratty and the Rachael. I visited their store and was immediately greeted by one of the customer service reps, Punky Teardrop. We chatted a bit about the store and the holiday items being offered. It was really lovely to have an actual salesperson to talk with, rather than a bot or silence, and I appreciated her help.
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