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Follow the black bunny

Okay so, I am a little late getting this review done, but never right? Apricot Paws released their new Omega Paws called Feety Peets! Such an adorable name. Just like the Handy Paws you need the Omega Relay which is 99Linden, and you can buy that in store right on the same board as the … Continue reading "Follow the black bunny"

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October 2018
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Ma’am & Sir, choose me

Apricot Paws, Zii, updated her Bento Paws and they’re now OMEGA! Which means you can fit them to any body, well. I only own two bodies Maitreya & Hourglass and I was ecstatic to see how perfect they fit for Hourglass. Since it’s Omega, when you go to purchase these paws at Apricot Paws   … Continue reading "Ma’am & Sir, choose me"

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Sweet Usagi

So as I said I’ve been adding some things to my fursona and I forgot I had these amazing bento fur paws from Apricot Paws made bot Zii! She’s a very wonderful person and sweet to talk too. I whispered in her ear to make them for Hourglass because that’s my body I use on … Continue reading Sweet Usagi

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Who’s Hungry? The Cookish Fair is Open!

Yummy! Yummy! The Cookish Fair has goodies. Food and fashion, you can eat on the run. There are so many edible fashion pieces to fulfill your appetite, you will find food furniture, food tattoos, food appliers and much more. There is a buffet of items, all you can eat, bring a friend to share this experience. Make sure you go grocery fashion shopping at The Cookish Fair, before it is over on November 28th. I’m Hungry! Smokeahontis Teleport to The Cookish Fair MIA: Kotte, Kuriko < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >  

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Cheap candy and costume

Let’s start off that this week is some happenin’ time for the opening of some events and hunts. This week starting tomorrow The Gacha Guild: The Hallows 2017 Hunt starts, and today the opening of a new event called The Underdogs Event started. So I can post that url for you all. Let’s jump into … Continue reading Cheap candy and costume

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Head Into Spring and Get Lost & Found!

If you love yourself all that awesome vintage goodness? Then it’s time again to check out Lost & Found because it’s got a fresh round all set up and dusted off for you – and as always? It’s fantastic, with all kinds of bits and bobs that you might fight hidden up in your own attic! Just make sure to head on down before it closes on April 1st! ♔Alex Teleport to Lost & Found MIA: Inia, LX Essentials, MLaw Designs, Oricay, Siix <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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Turn it – leave it – stop – format it

“Touch it – bring it – babe – watch it – turn it – leave it – stop – format it”  CLOTHING Shrug: Apricot Paws – Claw Paw Shrug – Night Top: Insanya – Raver Top Corset: Insanya – Underbust Corset Shorts: Insanya – Nicki Shorts – Solid Boots: Insanya – d3mon1a Boots [Updated to…Read more Turn it – leave it – stop – format it

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Swing On In To SaNaRae!

SaNaRae has opened its doors for a wonderful round full of great stuff your SL cannot be without!  It is a super cute event so be sure to swing on by and take a look around before the doors close on December 18th, so grab your lindens and come shop shop shop! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to SaNaRae MIA: Faenzo, Mignon, Vibes < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Manga Fair 2015 has Finally Arrived!

It is time for all you Anime and Manga lovers to rejoice, because Manga Fair 2015 has finally opened! It’s now time to get cute and kawaii with this fantastic fair sequel! But, you all better hurry because this event will only be around until August 9th! So you guys better hurry! Maddie, Alice, Atiya MIA: Blues, Fawny, Glutz, Olive, Parfait, Vincue Teleport to Manga Fair 2015 < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto savings have begun!

  Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto is ready for you to stroll along the savings as everything is 50% off! These amazing designers have discounted their items for the next 10 days, that is right everyone you have until the 30th to grab these epic price slashed items. Grab all your shopping buddies and lets get our tan on it starts now! ❣Mocha❣ Teleport to  Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto!

Yes, Tengoku no Rakuen furimaketto is back in the new year and they are starting off with amazing designers that you won’t wanna miss out on. What are you waiting for? There are things to be bought! Lisa Teleport to Tengoku no Rakuen furnimaketto <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>

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Back on the Attack!

Phew! It's been a while, but here we are!
Hoodie : Vicarious Youth - Monster Doodles  100LThis is a PG kids shop, please be sure to dressaccordingly! One size fits all, just comes with onehoodie and the alpha.Pants : LRD - Men's Jeans with Suspenders w/HUD  375LThese jeans are great! They have 8 different fabrics, 18different suspender fabrics, and 10 belt colors.The sizes run from XS-XL so everyone shouldfind a size that fits!Hat : Rerty - Foolek Snapback Design 3  270LHat comes with a HUD to change the colorsof the different parts and change the size.Sneakers : Flite - Adidas HardcourtI got these at an event awhile ago and it seemsas though the shop no longer has a mainstore.They are involved in monthly events though!Right now they are in Project Limited.Backpack : Aitui - YoYo Bag Darks  225LThis bag comes with a HUD to change an assortmentof items on the bag, and the bag itself. There areonly 3 color options though, you have to buy theother version to get the 3 colors offered.… Read the rest