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The Sn@tch is Yet to Come

Howdy sweet people! New Sn@tch Releases today! I’ll be quick. I know we all have better things to do than read hehe You asked for spring color, here ya go! And the Woeful Special is still out for only $50. LIMITED TIME-HURRY!that’s it til next wee…

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My Inner Princess Gone Wild!

Time for some more goodies from Fit For a Princess – which has to be one of my favourite events at the moment.  My inner princess is having a field day now she’s been let out to play.  Indulge your inner princess too and enjoy this gorgeous e…

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I got My Sn@tch, Where’s Yours?

Wednesday comes so fast! It’s that time again. More specials to decorate your luscious avatars at Sn@tch! I’m in the Woeful Wednesday again this week with my fave special release in a while. Officially my new fave sweater is in this pack called De…

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Futurewave Releases Now Available!

GALLACTIC’s new releases for Futurewave are now available both in main store and the Marketplace. The Halcyon bodysuits are our first ones to come with appliers and include the HUD of All the Things: appliers for lola tangos, phat azz and Slink hands, feet and nails for both of those. The earlier Eclipse set of … Continue reading

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poster halcyon suit

Sn@tch Specials Will Have you in the PINK!

 We have a NEW Sn@tch-n-Grab Special today! This set of 4 mesh silk skirts and 4 system bikini tops make a gorgeous dancing girl costume for only $69 L!There’s a NEW Fishing Outfit too with 22 parts to fish for FREE. Just bring your 7 Seas pole!Ou…

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One Sn@tch at a Time!

New Things on the wall today at Sn@tch!And the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special is still available for only $75 L! That’s all from the Sn@tch Factory today LOL I’m ready to settle into something comfy (yet still stylish) and kill some zombies or aliens or wh…

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Sn@tch…Because You’re Worth It

The Sn@tch-n-grab is to show love for my new booty lol and I wanted some fun funky capris to play in. This set of system layer, sexy denim super low-rise capris with leather and leopard trim come in 8 colors with a Ghetto Booty Hud too! All for only $7…

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New from LPM

La Petite Morte introduces 2 new skinlines for Skin Fair! Available in 8 tones, appliers for slink, phat azz, ghetto booty, and baby bump are also available for purchase. La Petite Morte @ Skin Fair 2014 It’s Adore & Abhor’s … Continue reading

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Sn@tch Done Right!

It’s wham bam  thank you, ma’am today my loves but I’ll be gentle! I have a Saturday of SL fun to get to (plus a little real life too lol) But I made some sexiness for ya. Check out the pics below for all the tasty Sn@tch treats on the wall today!…

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We Make Sn@tch Happen

Humpday means Sn@tchday and Sharing is Caring -grins- Here’s my share…New Specials today including a Sinister Makeup Special, New Riots and a New Fishing Outfit that’s just PEACHY! Come check it out! The NEW Sinister Gloss Makeups and Lips are t…

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Uber Glam Romy!

Glam Affair is releasing a glamorous new skin at the Skin Fair, which opens to the public this Friday (no LM yet sorry).  Be sure to add this to your list of skins to check out, cos it is stunning!Romy comes with a collection of mix and match pack…

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Can’t get it out of my head

When I blogged about the mesh heads from The Shops, I mentioned that 3rd parties would be able to make appliers for them. Today I got to play with the first one I have seen around, Deetalez Vanity skin applier. I am wearing it on the “Soft” head and well, …

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A Little Sn@tch on the Side

Loads of New Hot Releases today on the Wall at Sn@tch Including Sexy Bustiers, Slinky Lace, Hot Floral Leggings and a Wicked Skirt Outfit. I also made some SLink Nail Huds this week too! Check em out!Hope you find something you LOVE! Come over and See …

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SLink mesh head: face off

Hi again! I promised a more in depth post about the new SLink Visage mesh head, so here I am, happily playing my Saturday away with this pretty new toy and all the options. In the image above, I am wearing the head as is. It comes with a series …

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Psycho Byts The Wicked Peach

Today I’m previewing some awesome nails coming soon to events from The Wicked Peach and a hunt gift from {PSYCHO:Byts}.  Roxanne Nails from The Wicked Peach – coming soon to The Serafilms EventCan-can Nails from The Wicked Peach&nbs…

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Have You Driven a Sn@tch Lately?

I know, that title is almost crossing the line of good taste LOL but pushing boundaries can be fun! LOL The New Releases at Sn@tch are on the wall now and the Twisted Hunt/Magick has begun too! These sexy jean capris are the Sn@tch-n-Grab special …

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One Sn@tch to Rule Them All

Sometimes these titles just make me giggle LOL. There are fresh pretties on the wall and all they need to be hotter is YOU. Come over to the Sn@tch main store to see what’s NEW today!  And Don’t forget the Sn@tch-n-Grab Special This week! Thi…

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Halcyon at Futurewave

Halcyon is a body suit for the more daring adventurer, the glowing circuitry covering the body skin tight — perhaps even a part of the body — the additional black latex strips enhancing the feminine shape in a teasing manner. The cleavage can be used to prove that you are a human under all that … Continue reading

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poster halcyon suit

A Sn@tch Above the Rest

We’re back on schedule after the big Sn@tch move with more Specials and News! A NEW Sn@tch-n-Grab by popular request, NEW Riot Vendor Things and Finally a NEW Fishing Outfit LOL. Thanks for being patient with me.The Sn@tch-N-Grab today is something peo…

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My Favorite Sn@tch Things-Winter Edition!

I haven’t done a fave things post in awhile so here are all my personal picks from Sn@tch over the past several weeks of NEW Releases and Specials!So come to the NEW Sn@tch Main Store to Find all YOUR faves!

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