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Its all about that Base..No Rebels @ Nerdapalooza 2015 (Relay for Life Event)

Kelli Kreations goes to Nerdapalooza 2015 --ROUND #2!!!  July 5th - 11thNerdapalooza is a nerdy/geeky/gamer themed event to raise funds for Relay For Life of SL.This event will include merchant stalls, gacha/random riot area, merchant sponsored games, prizes and more.  We will have a total of up to 50 Designers for this event.
Shirt  Kelli Kreations- No Rebels Womens Tank (5 standard mesh sizes)
Jeans: comes w/ Omega Jeans applier & standard avatar clothing layers

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Nima Non-Rig Mesh -
comes w/ Hair Hud Mesh + Mixed +Faded & Womens Mixed HB TMP ApplierSkin: 7 Deadly s{K}insShape: SymmetryMaitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.4

---------------------------------------My Parter's Stylin':
Shirt  Kelli Kreations - Men's Speak Wookie Mesh Shirt
Jeans: Elegance KYLE Men Cooper Jeans Blue 
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair - (male fit) - Winter Tattoo:  Karna [Ayna~] tmp applier

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Minion Lovin’ !!!!

I dont know about anyone else, but I am soooooo  excited that the "Minions" Movie is coming out on Friday, July 10th.  So I begged and pleaded, and begged more to my Sponsor "Kelli Kreations", who made this adorable top just for me... Ok, not really...you can have it  too...lolShe also made two sweet dresses (short and long) &  purple minion tops for men and women. So no one gets left out! All of them are on  sale now! ...Your TP is  HERE!!!! 
Style Card:KK- Minion Top Yellow (comes with Omega applier & standard shirt layer)*E.D.* Spandex Leggings (comes w/ a bunch of appliers & standard clothing layers)*~*Damselfly*~*Seleste Non-Rigged Mesh Light BlondesIzzie's - Arrowhead Necklace goldSkin:  Zoul Creations- Kristy sk1 -Makeup: ZC - Kristy Eyeshadow - Bees 01     ZC - Kristy Lips - Nude 03Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 3.4Pose: double take: red herring

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Hang on to a dream

So it seems we have something of a summer going on in Europe. Don’t complain about the heat, after all, we have been complaining about the lack of summer like forever. We wanted summer, we got summer! Instead make sure you drink plenty of water or green tea, stay out of the sun, especially during the top hours of the day 11-17 and indulge yourself with some delicious chilled water melon cubes and/or your favorite ice cream.
Oh and while you’re at it, bring some of that to your elderly neighbor! You know, the one that doesn’t have a lot of people visiting. This too shall pass after all, and then we’ll have a pretty epic summer to remember! Ok, enough good advice. On to the goodies: Hair by Argrace: Anzu
Meshhead by LeLutka: Stella
Applier by Lara Hurley: Iza
Necklace by Junbug: Pearls of wisdom
Dress by Ison: Off Shoulder
Shoes by Ison: Suede strap heels

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The Newest Sn@tch!

There are a LOT of New Releases at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Snatch%20City/122/133/29 this week to catch up on! 

   And Sn@tch BIKINIPALOOZA has come back to Sn@tch this Summer!8 full Swimsuits and a cover-up! 26 parts to fish for for FREE just bring your 7Seas Fishing Rod!
There's also a FREE GIFT at the Wall to Celebrate Marriage Equality for the United States! WOOTLook for the Rainbow Bag and Come See Us SOON at Sn@tch! 

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La Reina

I went shopping at Uber! It’s yet another great edition this month. How about this lovely Raine hair from Wasabi Pills? I have been in it for 3 days now, that’s pretty amazing. I usually change hair like 3 times a day… or more! My Spring Garden necklace is from Yummy and there is also a gorgeous Spring Garden ring as a separate, also available at Uber. The dress is from Glam Affair, called Swen. I used to have some issues with Glam’s clothing because the inside was transparent and that made it hard to wear if not standing still, but their newest releases have (at least part) of the inside textured as well, so that’s awesome! My Nadya sandals are  from Fri.day and available at this month’s Collabor88, which is still ongoing for a couple of more days! And then some special attention for Mudskin‘s Reina applier for the LeLutka heads. Isn’t it pretty??? Mudskin is one of those brands I love, but never actually got to buy skins from because for some reason, they look lovely on others, but never on me!… Read the rest

Tilla Dress’s & The Princess Set

New Releases have landed and they are to cute to miss ♥
Tilla Dress – 4 Colors available
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Belleza Mesh Body Update – 6.25.15

The Belleza Venus Update is THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!! (does the happy dance!!) Patience really WAS A VIRTUE!! Please read this blog from Belleza.  ~~~~~~~~Love AmandaMagick
Originally posted on News: I’ve come to tease you all with exciting news! THIS weekend the update will be released for the Belleza Mesh Body – Venus.  We know our customers have patiently awaited the update and Tricky and the rest of the team are so excited to share the news. Since many already know what will be included with this update I thought I would spend some time going over these things while you wait.  Here is a list of some of the major updates/changes you can expect to see this weekend: View original 202 more words
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A La Calma Verde

“Al fin, podrás ver esos ojos de mar que fluyen, se hacen espuma, vuelven a la calma verde, vuelven a inflamarse como una ola: tu los ves y te repites que no es cierto, que son unos ojos hermosos verdes idénticos a todos los hermosos ojos verdes que has conocido o podrás conocer.” ~ Carlos Fuentes Continue reading →

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Magick Thoughts Out and About

The summer days are relaxing and inspiring. So when I have some down time from the RL stress I go out and about and see what people create. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to Paris. Magick Thoughts Gallery by AmandaMagick You can jump off the rooftop to walk the streets of the five sims… you will not be disappointed!!! The information center is here for you. Centre d’information Paris 1900 Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle! This picture I took is a beautiful place called Lost Dreams. Here is the LM for you. Lost Dreams These next pictures are taken inside my gallery apartment. Magick Thoughts. The LM is up top in this post. I hope this will be the beginning of your journey around Paris. Also make sure to stop by The Gedenspire Galley The Gedenspire Gallery~art of Bianca Xavorin~ and Paris Metro Couture. Paris Metro Couture So much awaits you and some new developements with Paris Metro Couture as well. Please stay tuned!!   My friend Vicky came to tea bright and early the other day.… Read the restlostdream2

DE Designs – Jewel Lingerie

The Jewel Lingerie includes Bra and Panties. Appliers for Belleza Venus , SLink Physique, Maitreya Lara, Omega and Lolas Tango as well as System Layers included. Get it here In World Get it here Online

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All the headz

I have been shopping appliers again. I sometimes wonder if I should blog head appliers exclusively because I have so much fun with them, but then again, there is so much more in SL than just pretty heads!
Anyway, the first one up here is Hara by YS&YS. It’s currently out at Shiny Shabby and comes in the usual YS&YS skintones. I am wearing no. 2 and i love the skightly desaturated tone.
Like always from left to right, you see LeLutka‘s Aria, Ever Karin, Leda, Lotte and Stella with the same applier.  The hair in the Hara collage is Keira from Wasabi Pills, out at The Conquest and the prim and proper Sybil dress is from C’est la Vie (currently also available at Shiny Shabby) Next is Alice from sYs. I picked this one up at Shiny Shabby, too. I didn’t demo it and at first, I cursed myself for it, because OMG, baggy eyes!!! but on second thought, I may be glad I didn’t demo because I would for sure not have bought it, and now, a couple of days later, this skin is growing on me.… Read the rest

#theMeshProject Head Appliers Coming Soon

#theMeshProject Head Appliers Coming Soon to AlterEgo Body Co – Sneak Peak! ♥
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Belleza Venus Update – News

I know we are all waiting for an update but I think I can assure everyone that it will be FANTASTIC when it is ready. I can be patient so I will practice this…. much love, AmandaMagick
Originally posted on News: We want to thank everyone for the continued patience as the Belleza team works diligently on the Venus update.  We know you are all as anxious as we are to have the update go public. We are hesitant to give any dates at this time as we want to be sure all the bugs are worked out first.  Tricky along with our scripter have been working hard these last months to make huge improvements to the body, hud and overall features of the product. We want to give you the best possible product and in the end that is Belleza’s most important goal.  As soon as we’ve established a release date we will be sure to let everyone know. Thank you again to everyone – we can’t wait to share the improvements with you! The Belleza Team View original
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Arabian Magic and Viva La Diva

The sea washed my bad thoughts away. I stood there breathing deeply as my earrings tickled my neck. What more could a girl ask for? The Arabian Magic Mykonos Sea gown and ethereal Viva La Diva set….. Let your imagination run wild and visit Paris METRO Couture and Lazuri….
Paris METRO Couture: Arabian Magic Mykonos Sea with Belleza applier. Paris waits for you.
Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
Paris Metro Couture and…. Lazuri Jewelry: Viva La Diva with many color changes!!
Lazuri Main Store
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The More Sn@tch, the Better!

Here's some catching up for the weekend AND the Newest Specials available now at Sn@tch! 

 And this set is the special for the week. Only 50 L for the Bebop Laced Pants in 8 colors with Applier Huds for Slink Physique and Omega!

So come over soon to Sn@tch and See What's NEW!

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Playing Catch up!

Quick before the new stuff comes out later today. Here are last week's new things. Yessss I know I'm slack but it's been so nice outside! Here's a Ride to Sn@tch if you need one! More to come later!

The Special this week is this sexy set of sheer tops for only $50L!
There's a NEW Fishing Outfit too this week with 23 parts to fish for FREE!

 Sn@tch is at the Dressing Room Fusion all week with these 3 exclusive Cocktail Dresses!
 And that's all from Sn@tch for now. Be back soon!

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When things get really hot outside, nothing is more refreshing than chunks of lightly frozen watermelon!! So simple, and so delicious. Needing slightly more prparation, but also very refreshing is watermelon lemonade. Lots of recipies on Pinterest if you’re interested. So yeah, little else is more summery to me than watermelon. I love this watermelon umbrella from Imeka, currently at Collabor88 and I built my outfit around it! My dress is Sophia from Blueberry, a mainstore release and a prefect rig on my Maitreya Lara body!! I’m matching it with Ingenue‘s Esmee sandals, which again are at this month’s Collabor88. They are so cute! You use them with flat feet, but they have a nice plateau! In a previous post I mentioned the 2nd hair that Exile has out at C88, Under the sun, and this is it, or rather, in this particular case it’s under the umbrella-ella but still, it’s so sassy! My head is Undivided‘s Stella and I am using Izzie’s Sophee’s skin applier and Glam Affair‘s candy lips applier.… Read the rest

More Summer

Glam Affair has released Summer V3 for Collabor88,  in 2 skin tones (America and Jamaica) and a total of 6 make ups for each skin tones, as well as appliers for PXL’s sweetlips. I could not resist and picked up the latest sweet lips release, counting on the usual consistent quality of Mr. Larsson’s items, but guess what… the shape you meticulously altered to fit the first release of sweet lips, doesn’t do it for the new release. Start all over, can’t be bothered. Should have demo’d.  Oh well hey, you can also use the appliers for your old lips (the one your shape is fitted to) or forget about them all together, because the lips on Glam’s skin are maybe even sweeter! Exile has two awesome styles out for Collabor88, I am wearing the Full of Grace one here because UPDO!!!! The other one you can see here, on Ms Mojo’s blog. It’s so cute as well!!! The gorgeous jewelry from the Panarea collection that  am wearing is from the talented hands of Gyorgyna Larnia from LaGyo and yes, these too are available at Collabor88, the June edition!… Read the rest

DE Designs – DEkini #2

Hit the beach in DEkini. Appliers for Belleza Venus , SLink Physique, Maitreya Lara and Lolas Tango as well as System Layers included. Multipacks Available Get it here In World Get it here Online

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Pretty London

aaand another quickie because the weather in RL is just too lovely to spend lots of time inside today! Hair Damaris by Truth (The Arcade) Head Stella by Undivided Head applier London by The Skinnery (Chapter4) Necklace Prophecy by Mandala Kimono top by Le Primitif Kira skirt by Glam Affair (Chapter4) Shoes Cult by Just Design So yeah, The Skinnery has yet another lovely applier our for the Undivided heads. Please take a look belove how they look on the other heads as well! From left to right, as usual, on Aria, Ever, Karin, Leda, Lotte and Stella

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