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Hunts at 7 Deadly Skins

We are participating in the Jack or Jill hunt and have a prize for the guys on the Jack Path. Also at this time we still have the Member only Hunt going on for the ladies  

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La Petite Morte @ We <3 RP

New at We <3 RP, 2 new fantasy skins converted for Catwa, Lelutka and Genesis Lab heads! 50% off for the duration of the event. La Petite Morte @ We <3 RP

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AlterEgo @ AnyBODY

AlterEgo @AnyBODY • Feb 7th “Rosario-Lumiere”
includes skin layers, 2 brows, brow shapers, lash remover, modifiable shape, themeshproject head installer & omega head applier.
additional body appliers are available, sold separately at the event. LM coming soon!

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AlterEgo VIP Gift

Group Gift!
Yep the new store is open & dont forget about your new group gift! A special tone called Rose, is a light pinky pigment, in our new Gen2 face Adriana. The group gift reflects ginger & browless layers, brow shapers, lash remover and modifiable shape + a variety of body appliers fitting for this tone available at an additional price. AlterEgo Mainstore

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Mon Amour at Paris METRO Couture’s MarketPlace Store!

I am so thrilled to let you know that Paris METRO Couture is on the MarketPlace. Blows kisses….. “Bonjour à tous, I am very proud to announce we are opening an additional store on the SL Marketplace. And to thank you for visiting we have a very new and special gown, the “Paris METRO Couture: […]

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Limited Freebie.

Not sure how long this offer has been on or how long it’s going to be on but the notice did say for a limited period only so if you like what you see then TP over to Formis Designes to grab “Clair”. You get this mesh top and I love a little bit of boobie flashing.  The top is made up of that cropped section and 2 panels down the side which means the non mesh coochie cutters are flashing at the back.  I have to be honest and say that if I had a bit more time I think I would have added a thick leather belt to not just cover up the raw edge of the shorts waistline but also because I think it would just notch this whole look up.  You do however also get SHOES with this. SLink high are needed. Although you can see that the coochie cutters are system layered from what I can remember you get all the Appliers you need to be able to wear them with your mesh body of choice or of course you could just rummage in your invent for a pair of mesh shorts. Formis Designs
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Brain Salad Surgery in Coral Sumi ll ~blue~ + a gift!!!!

Blue, Pink or Yellow dreams swirl around you as you rest on this gothic couch in the cathedral. Mine is blue. Paris Metro Couture: Coral Sumi 2 ~blue~ with appliers and can be worn with skirts or without. Sexy slim pencil fit with matching shoes :) Enjoy Paris and go get yours! ..”The Coral Sumi, […]

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Click through for color version   I’m in LOVE with Valentina E‘s new Katherine belted trousers, currently out at Shiny Shabby. There is also a body suit available that matches with these slacks, and I got that one as well but today I feel more comfy with Blueberry‘s Sweater cardigan and Ingenue‘s Edmee loafers.
On my LeLutka Simone head, I have put Glam Affair‘s Kat applier, also out at Shiny Shabby and I am wearing the No Point hair from No.Match.
My feline compagnions come from a Fashionably Dead Gacha machine!

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AmandaMagick~profile pictures~

Every once in a while I will do my profile picture for Second Life. Here is a new one. I am wearing the group gift from Mina and Blueberry. If you like my blog please FOLLOW and SHARE!!! Paris METRO Couture Connects: Paris METRO Gallery: Paris METRO Art Gallery~Enchantment by AmandaMagick Paris METRO Couture: Paris […]

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Like a bird

  Click through for colour pic   Sitting comfortably on my new Serenity Hanging Canopy Lounger by Cheeky Pea (for LTD event)  wearing nothing by Dead Dollz rare Westbough bra and panties (The Epiphany) and Zaara‘s amazing Sarika feather earrings (Collabor88).  The hair from Boon, Lab.004, I picked up at Hairology and as usual, I’m wearing my Maitreya Lara body, Simone head by LeLutka with Glam Affair‘s Simone applier.

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Unknown territory, proceed with care

click on the image for colour version The Epiphany is opening today!!  I’m wearing the awesome Space soldier outfit from Addams on this pic, which comes with the ammo belt and the gun!
Other items in today’s look:
Hair Momiji by Argrace
Head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Triss Angel Face by Glam Affair (Collabor88)
String Tied Boots by Blueberry Photo shot at Paleoquest

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The lady sings the blues

In a couple of days the Epiphany will open its doors again and mhmm…. will there be goodness to be had! I could not resist this latex super sexy Siren dress by Pixicat. It’s one of her rares (of course) but her machine is full of awesome latex lingerie, that no matter in what colour you will get it, is an awesome add to your inventory. Trust me, I’m a blogger! Credits:
Hair Claire by Murray (Collabor88)
Head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Simone by Glam Affair
Body Lara by Maitreya
Jewelry Refresh by Cae
Siren dress by Pixicat (for The Epiphany, starting January 12)
Stole by T*Whore
Holo heels by Ison (Collabor88)
Microphone by Tartessos Arts And just for the fun of it, the poses in the microphone are really well done, so I was playing some more with it and shot another piccie

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New from La Petite Morte

La Petite Morte is participating in 2 events with more appliers for you! First we have Sadie at the Makeover Room, for Catwa and Lelutka heads! The Makeover Room And then the ever popular India has (finally) been updated for Catwa and Lelutka as well at the Seasons Story. The Seasons Story

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un mare di papaveri

Hair Shocking by Tableau Vivant (Collabor88)
Ume Hairpin by CerberusXing
Mesh head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Triss Angel Face by Glam Affair (Collabor88)
Holo dress by Ison (Collabo88)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Jem heels by Ingenue (Collabor88) Pic taken at Bella Pace

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AlterEgo – Generation II Skins

AlterEgo Generation II ♥ Jolie Chai Tone Skin Suite
available at Project Limited
January 10th
2016 Only 100 copies will be made available! *cracks knuckles* We are proud to announce AlterEgo has been working on a Generation II skin line!! Our pilot release, Jolie / Chai Skin tone will be debuted as a Limited Edition Pigment piece, this weekend at Project Limited! Gen2 products offer a high resolution skin, allowing pores, blemishes, beauty marks, freckles, cosmetics to be visibly intensified on the body and heads! We have re-worked everything!! Please be aware, that Gen2 skins / bodies ARE NOT compatible with Gen1 products, such as body, mouth or head appliers. This project is a fresh start in the NEW year and the plans for the line are nothing short of jaw dropping, flawless beauty. We have finally adopted the Omega System into our life at AlterEgo, and our Generation II line will fully support both body & head. Jolie Chai is loaded down with MULTIPLE applier options, sure to fit what ever you are searching for in a skin adventure … and did I mention, in one purchase!… Read the restad2


Now in Store!  

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It snows inside

for this post with Zenith‘s Sweater dress with long scarf I went to the beautiful snowy sim of Furillen. it’s desolate, cold and beautiful. and even inside this building it was snowing (well, duh, particles are not stopped by walls, but hey, it adds to the cold effect). The dress comes with a HUD for the scarf, so that you can give it different colours and is fitted for the Maitreya body. I’m wearing it with Just Design‘s Lacey shoes. Not really shoes to wear in the snow, but my pixels don’t get cold! My hair is Nao by Argrace and I am still wearing my beloved Simona head by LeLutka and Glam Affair‘s Simona applier. I turned off the eye make up, and applier Zibska‘s Kelan lipstick in a pale beige to match the soft white and yellows of my outfit. Furillen, aside from being beautiful, is also very photographer friendly. the Furillen group is free to join and it lets you rez props if you need to. That way, I was able to make a quick projector for the lamp in the building, so that it actually looks like a floodlight and throws a shadow.… Read the rest

Don’t forget to close the door on your way out!

Bye 2015, you were a total asshole. I won’t miss you one bit!   And since it’s out with the old, and in with the new, I decided to pour myself a nice glass of Champagne (Maison Dutchie) and dress up. I’ m wearing COCO Designs Double breasted tuxedo jacket in a rich burgundy color, paired with Ladies Who Lunch‘s multi bold Stilts pants. on my feet, for the occasion, a pair of Gos Chelsea sandals. Hairwise I decided for Dura again, Boy & Girl no, 62 and I am still sporting LeLutka‘s Simone head with Glam Affair‘s Simone applier! Now I think it’s time to go get another drink in RL. Catch you later and if not: Happy New Year!

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Bow tie

Have you survived the Christmas chaos? I had the most lazy one imaginable, and I am still recovering. I know, I’m so bad ad christmassing! Now the last couple of days of a year that has been rocky to say the least and then all is back to normal in a new year that hopefully will bring some more happiness all around. Oh well… One can hope, right? On to the deets: I am wearing EnVogue‘s Patricia hair on my LeLutka Simone head and Glam Affair Simone applier.  From SYS at Shiny Shabby, I picked up this fun Carlton tuxedo jumpsuit that comes with both a black and a white shirt and bow tie. I’m wearing it with some fishnet tights from Big Beautiful Doll and Narcotix‘s Libby platforms!

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Bliss of YOU! and Paris METRO Couture in Videos

Bliss of You is a new luxurious gown only someone as beautiful as you can wear. Fur, gloves, mesh and sparkles will adorn you. Come to Paris and see what you are missing. Paris Metro Couture Main Store I want to share with you some wonderful videos our very own Maggie Spires has worked so […]

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