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The Sn@tch is Mightier than the Sword!

Tons of new things on the wall at Sn@tch this week...and from last week too! Here are the pics to prove it LOL Ohhh and we're having a Gift Card Sale too if you hadn't heard!

 All System sets come with Omega and Slink Physique Applier Huds and all colors and sizes are included in every set! Available in Copyable and Transferable versions. All fatpacks ALL the time...
    So come to Sn@tch Soon and See What's NEW!

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*League* Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers!

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*League* Lelutka Head Appliers – Milla Available in 2 Sets with a selection of different eye makeups and lipsticks in each (both also include a natural face), Freckles option and a choice of 5 brow options. Eye makeups for Milla are on the upper Base Layer of the Lelutka Head, this means that you can use the upper Makeup Layer for other things, for example: layer another eyemakeup over the top for different effects or wear moles/beauty marks/alternative brows/absolutely anything else on the makeup layer, and still have made-up eyes! Lipsticks are on the Lower (Lips) Makeup Layer of the mesh head so that they can be adjusted with the Blend and Gloss options on the Lelutka Head Hud to achieve a variety of different shades and effects. Pick up a free Demo before purchase and try the Demo Huds! Also out now, to wear with Milla (or with any other Lelutka Head skin base): *League* Lelutka Head Applier Moles/Beauty Marks A range of different mole/beauty marks appliers in one Hud; 8, each with a mirror option for a total of 16 appliers.… Read the restLeague Lelutka Head Appliers -Edit: Out Now!

DE Designs – DEkini #1

Many years ago I did a Bikini Line called DEkini. With summer around the corner and the new mesh bodies, it gives me a chance to bring DEkini back. Appliers for Belleza Venus , SLink Physique, Maitreya Lara and Lolas Tango as well as System Layers included. Multipacks Available Get it here In World Get it here Online

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Take Your Time

  ♫ I don’t wanna steal your freedom ♫
♪ I don’t wanna change your mind ♪
♬ I don’t have to make you love me ♬
♩ I just wanna take your time ♩ ❤ Dani The post Take Your Time appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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A walk on the beach

At this month’s Collabor88, Tee*fy has these awesomely made Giselle Rompers out. There is a fitted version as well as standard sizes, and it fits perfectly with the Maitreya Lara body which I am wearing most of the time. The necklace I am wearing with it is by Maxi Gossamer, and also from this month’s C88. It’s called Ariel Sun pendant, and as with all Maxi Gossamer‘s stuff, it’s texture change and comes in both a long and a short version. I’m wearing New Faces Scarlet applier on LeLutka‘s Stella mesh head. The New Faces brows are among the best I know! Look at how full and lush and perfectly shaped they are! I hope New Faces will have more skintones and more faces out soon! From Catwa I got the Woke Up hair which is a loosely tied low pony tail with a texture change hair clamp, but I’m not too fond of the textures provided, so I just make it transparent.

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Today’s Girl

No matter what era or time of day today’s girl is timeless and fashion forward. We all want to feel good about ourselves and sexy business suits from Paris METRO Couture are what our today’s girl wants. Options and good ideas, beauty and strength to move mountains. Lets face it…. we move mountains everyday. Mesh suits with Belleza Appliers and the options to wear with or without your Venus body, with or without the skirt or slacks, with or without the jacket…. you are ready for anything. (I should have done more pictures with slacks) These Today’s Girl Business Suits are waiting for you at Paris METRO Couture: THE BEST OF SL BOULEVARD ~BoSL~ Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
Paris Metro Couture
locations for these images:
The Eiffel Tower
Angel Manor Estate
The Sable Club
The Chamber
BAD 80s Club ~AEG~ Ambrosia Entertainment Group Les endroits énumérés sont en attente pour vous! ~AmandaMagick
xoxoxox A few more….. and please stay tuned for more business suits.… Read the restSuitPinkDot

When Angels Fall

  ♫ When angels fall with broken wings ♫
♪ I can’t give up, I can’t give in ♪
♬ When all is lost and daylight ends ♬
♩ I’ll carry you and we will live forever, for ever ♩
♫ Forever, forever ♫ ❥ Dani The post When Angels Fall appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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‘Sup Guys

  So my computer is working...sort of.  I discovered how to get onto SL and take a photo but the photos are sort of horrible.  So I had to fix this one up with a lot of post-process, even though it looks like it's not really.  So just be warned that colors especially may not be what they appear inworld compared to what they look like here.  Thankfully all of this stuff is cheap so if you end up not liking it you are missing out on like ten cents. XD

  The "skin" I am wearing is actually a mod applier for the Utilizator Avatar 2.0 Beta that I am wearing.  The av itself is only 400L and there are some fun appliers like this one, and also anyone can make appliers for it if they get the av so that's cool.  This applier mod is from Milk Teeth and is only 5L.
  My eyes are from Real Eyes and are only 5L, and include black, white, and mesh.  They are really cool and creepy and the store has lots of other cheapies too.
  My top is from a big pack of colors by Vitrimi.… Read the restblog test


I haven't blogged in over two weeks! Bad Ivey. Here all all my catch ups! All NEW stuff from the last couple weeks on the New Release Wall at Sn@tch!
The Kylie Lipstics are available NOW Exclusively at The Dressing Room! (Not at the main store, but everything else is lol)

So Come over to Sn@tch and See What's NEW! 

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Time Slips

Time slips away from us at rapid speed. What happened to the days gone by? Men were men and women were women (not to sound tooooo gender oriented) but you get what I mean right? I have been playing with some images lately making them slip back in time to the 30s, 40s and 50s. Back in those days women were in the kitchen or the military and maybe Hollywood. The media of that time still captivates me so I try to reproduce it is SL. Grab some coffee and enjoy my friends :) On some of these older images you will see that I have “MagickSTUDIO” on them. I have changed my name since then because there is a MagickSTUDIO in real life and I did not want any complications. Feel free to visit Paris and come to my Gallery. Magick Thoughts Gallery by AmandaMagick
Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle! Also there are 5 sims of Paris for your travels….
Centre d’information Paris 1900
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Caressing the light

This round of Collabor88 is full of pretty powdery pastels!! And I love those as much as I love my whites and greys! I am wearing Fashionably Dead‘s oversized T on Tres Blah‘s Grace cropped jeans and Atomic‘s Piper flats. Makes me a happy Graz, especially with the RL temperatures that are on the rise and mother nature is celebrating a big orgy. Honestly, you can almost see the trees and flowers grow. I hope that the end of summer will bring me a nice harvest of fruit from our orchard, because the past couple of years have been disappointing. /end ramble. My hair is also available at C88 and is from Lamb, called Ultraviolet and my necklace is from Maxi Gossamer, Solaris Pearls and my Fragmented shades are from Yummy, also from this round of C88.
Last but not least, I am wearing it all over my Lara body by Maitreya and I am wearing my favorite mesh head Karin, by LeLutka and a Karin skin applier by Glam Affair.

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Miles to nowhere

 New Exile!!  Miles to nowhere is one of the two styles Exile brings to this round of Collabor88, themed Into the light, with lots of pretty pastels and fairly romantic designs! My kind of round!! I took this pic before C88 opened, so I am not using other stuff from the event yet, but the Chloe shirt dress from Valentina E. is very me in both worls, and I am pairing it with COCO Designs over the shoulders biker jacket. For accessoires I am wearing Cae‘s Triskele collar and Maxi Gossamer‘s Violette cut beads necklace. My face is LeLutka‘s Karin mesh head and I am wearing YS&YS‘ Yvonne applier, as well as Maitreya‘s Lara body.

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New ColdLogic!! And I am a sucker for a nice wrapped skirt and the creatives behind the brand made plenty of those this week!! I am wearing ColdLogic‘s Pirie shirt and their Selby skirt and as usual, their clothes come in a plethora of colors and textures. I liked this ” beach” one and decided to wear Chemistry‘s Zara hair with it in a pretty blonde/blue ombre shade. I am hooked on the LeLutka Undivided mesh heads and I am Wearing Stella today. With her well defined chin and jaw, she’s the princess of Sass for me. From Adam ‘n Eve is the beautiful Gina applier that I am wearing with it. See below for a comparison of Gina on every currently available LeLutka mesh head. Accessoireswise I have kept it quite simple. I am wearing Cae‘s Phases necklace, which is currently out at Fameshed and a pretty daffodil in my hair which i got from a gacha at Lode.

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The Hierophant

The new round of We <3 Roleplay is underway and it’s an anniversary edition! Lots of creators have little presents out for you!
I am wearing Glam Affair’s  fantasy skin applier in silver for the LeLutka mesh heads on this pic, and I must admit: I love it, even though I do precious little fantasy/RP. I’m combining it with Tableau Vivant’s Cersei hair, also out at We <3 RP and the Immortal eyes from Ikon. When Aisling is releasing stuff that is not in a gacha machine and does not consist of a 100 (gorgeous) pieces, it’s a musthave for me. This Hierophant outfit is such a rare deal and it’s currently available in several colors/combinations at We <3 RP! I found the name a bit weird, because in the Tarot, it’s a typically male card, the High Priest, Pope or Shaman, the embodiment of institutionalized religion and the ritualization of life while the opposite of the Hierophant, the High Priestess, is more connected to intuition, sensuality and femininity.… Read the rest

NEW! Lydia Skin Collection @ AlterEgo

  NEW! Lydia Skin Collection @ AlterEgo •7 signature tones
•2 brow options : dark & no brow
•2 body options : cleavage & no cleavage
•3 mouth appliers: loud mouth, nyam nyam & sweetlips Body appliers sold separately.
Shape sold separately [mod].
Fatpack available. =Located in AlterEgo Makeup building=
Our mainstore Landmark has changed slightly, please use the one attached to this notice or have fun swimming :)  
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See that gorgeous neck piece? It’s new from Miamai for We <3 RolePlay! Aside from the necklace, which is also available in gold and brass, there also is a set of bracers, which you can see on the pic below! I love what Monica and Pill do with materials. It’s pretty stunning how the silver shines!
My hair is Rose, by the lovely MissAllSunday Lemon from Wasabi Pills and my eyes are Ikon‘s Charm eyes in Moor.
Any excuse to take more piccies with my new Karin meshhead from LeLutka. I’m wearing it here with Glam Affair‘s Ever 3 make up, and Glam Affair‘s Candy Lips 10. See, here you have a nice view of the Esedra bracers. Do visit the event and try them. You’ll love them as much as i do!
White Widow is back after a period of inactivity, and Julie Hastings has this gorgeous Crossswind tattoo out. She also updated most of her existing tattoos for the most popular mesh bodies! I am wearing the Maitreya one here. Works like a charm, every time!… Read the rest

Flower Flamingo ~Rose~

I love watercolors because they bleed into one another and also can be very dark and clear. I think this describes human nature too. When things are bad grab that wet brush and smear it all away and create something else, something better, something beautiful. Flower Flamingo Gown ~Rose~ reminds me of unspoken feelings and thoughts. I created a watercolor with it to capture this feeling. This gown/summer wrap short dress is another of Paris METRO Couture’s Belleza Venus Applier Gowns. You can also wear it with your regular body. Paris waits for you.
Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!
Paris Metro Couture And Please remember the sale at the BoSL store!
~ Every Design including Black, Red and Silver Exclusive Design
~ For One Week Only at Collectors Special Pricing
~ Only $L 300. each beautiful couture design
~ Plus Paris METRO Couture: You Are Goddess – In Pink Gift!
Paris METRO Couture at BoSL
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Still ongoing is Shiny Shabby April, a monthly event organised by Anaisterpellie Resident, Neva Crystall and Vivienmarli Resident. I love it. It has a ton of qualitiy designers, a beautiful set up and most important, great items. This statement piece Svetlana, from Azoury, struck me right away, but I only went back to buy it today. Remind me I check out their mainshop, because I really don’t know this brand. The roses in my hair came with the necklace. I am wearing the New Faces Scarlett applier on the new LeLutka/Undivided Stella head. See that gorgeous royal blue eyeshadow? It comes with the skin applier in a separate HUD. The lovely bun hair, Amelia, is from Chemistry.

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Kunglers has some stunning jewelry. It has been a while since Ava Kungler started to make accessoires, but gosh, it’s all so intricate and beautifully textured. Like these Paradiso earrings. Don’t you just love the teal/greenish/purple-red hues?? If you have never been to Kunglers, you should. Besides the pretties for your neck and ears, they also have a lovely clothing collection. I’ll admit though, I do go there almost exclusively for the shinies! Taxi to kunglers Other need to knows: Hair EOI251  by Boon
Eyes Promise by Ikon
Mesh head Karin by LeLutka Undivided
Mesh skin applier Megan by Glam Affair
Lipstick sugar lips by Glam Affair

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Paris METRO Collectors Sale at BoSL!!

“Bonjour à tous, A Great Collector’s Sale begins today in the BoSL Store!
Sale of Black, Red and Silver New Designs Exclusively at the BoSL.
~ Every Design including Black, Red and Silver Exclusive Design
~ For One Week Only at Collectors Special Pricing
~ Only $L 300. each beautiful couture design
~ Plus Paris METRO Couture: You Are Goddess – In Pink Gift!
Paris METRO Couture at BoSL
Tu es Magnifique xox!”
–Rose Make your way to Paris METRO Couture at BoSL for a special sale. All new designs in Black, Red and Silver only at BoSL. There is a gift on the main floor for you… Goddess in Pink. Look for the Easel for your gift. Ne oubliez pas que vous êtes belle!

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