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○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○  Truth - Polly
Glitzz - Kim @ Access
 Supernatural - Bianca Set
Apple May Designs - Neko Garter @ Frou Frou
Wild Roots - Spring Tattoo

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○ Clix - Country Guitar 2M 
 NikotiN - Classic Cigarette

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June 2018
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Hair: Truth & L&B - Parker
Outfit: Apple May Designs - Cat Lady @ Arcade
Cat Lady Silk Top
 Cat Lady Silk Shorts
 Cat Lady - Kitten Collar

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Focus Poses - My Escape 6 @ Cosmopolitan
Background: Focus Poses - Hello New York Backdrop@ Cosmopolitan
Sign: Apple May Designs - Cat Lady - Wall Decor @ Arcade
Tea Pots: Apple May Designs - Cat Lady - Tea for Two @ Arcade
Plant: Apple May Designs - Cat Lady -  Sleepy Catnip Potters @ Arcade

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10/05/2018 – Summoning the rain with purple

You know what’s funny? I started putting together that outfit a few days ago, and the weather was bright and sunny and frankly a bit too hot for me out here. I guess I was hoping for a little rain to cool the air. Well it worked, I was awaken in the middle of the night by the sound of very heavy rain. Credits :

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Hair: Truth - Jacica VIP Gift
Top: American Bazaar - Spring Crop Top
Skirt: Apple May Designs - Open Denim Skirt ::NEW @ MainStore::
Boots: Kokoia - Silverado

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: Clix - Country Guitar 2 (Sooon!)
Buildings: Krescendo - Caribou Creek @ 6 Republic
Caribou Creek - Log Pile
Caribou Creek - Salmon Bake
Caribou Creek - Skinners Hut (Laying On)
Caribou Creek - Grass Cabin - RARE (Background)
Truck: Bad Unicorn - 'Rusty' Backwoods Lounger @ Fameshed

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Hair: Entwined - Ashley

Panties: Glitzz - Daria Panties
 Arm: Apple May Designs - Leafy Armbands @ N21

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: <K&S> - Ocean Eyes @ HME

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Hair: Moon Hair - Dolly @ Liaison Collaborative
Ears: Swallow - Gauged Ears

Outfit: Glitzz - Kamile Lingerie @ Equal 10
Shoes: Apple May Designs - Missy Boots

○•○POSE&PROPS○•○Pose: By Me
Chair: Krescendo - Chesterfield Chair @ Red Light District
Bear: Cureless - Lovely Sadist / Kinky Stuffie

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Hair: Exile - You Send Me
Dress: Apple May Designs - Country Girl @ Collabor88
Necklace: Supernatural - Gabi Necklace Gold
 Bracelet: !nfinity - Hearts Bracelet @ OMGacha

Pose:  By Me

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Hair: Tram - G0616 Hair

Outfit: Apple May Designs - Inez Jumper @ Uber
Heels: Apple May Designs - Inez Heels @ Uber
 Necklace: Supernatural - Mian Set @ Tres Chic

Pose: The Owl - Static  Poses #31 @ Limit 8   
(With a Little Tweek From me with a Leg Lift)
Tires: Zerkalo - Wheels
Background: Varonis - StarDust Background 

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Get Uber Excited About This Round!

Get Uber excited about this round!  With Winter finally over and the snow thawing, Uber is a breath of fresh air.  Get immersed in the beautiful colors, fresh ideas, and new items for you and your home.  Stop by Uber before April 23rd and shake off the dreary Winter. ღCherries Teleport to Uber Teleport to Uber Cam Shopping Sim  MIA:  Apple Fall, Lamb, Le Fil Casse, Nerido, PewPew, United Colors <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>

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You Can Sit with Us at The Clique!

Time to Squad up and head on over to The Clique, cute new designs that will make you remember your High School Days are awaiting you. These Designers brought their “A Grade” items to give you that feeling of nostalgia of the good ole days. The Clique will only be open until April 4th, be sure to bring a friends.  Smokeahon & ღღ Chelle ღღ Teleport to The Clique 1
Teleport to The Clique 2
MIA: Eudora 3D, Lybra, Stealthic < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >  

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12/03/2018 – Monochrome Monday

Oh hai! I’m Rose! And I’ll be mostly procrastinating, but sometimes blogging here too… I’m not a girl of many words, at least not when blogging, so mostly you’ll get pictures, and credits. Most of what I blog is not new, I just put together stuff I like and show you. I hope you like. Credits :

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Hair: Tableau Vivant - Summer Hairplay - Sundowner  

Horn: Apple May Designs - Decorated Uni Horn @ Arcade
 Necklace: Codex - Arsenica Bracelet & Choker @ Whore Couture

Pose: By me
Bubbles/Wand: Caboodle - Floating Aquarium Bubbles

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Hair: Truth - Montana

 Top: [I<3F] - Top [05]
Pants: Apple May Designs - Y2K Leather Pants @ Rewind
(Full View Below)
 Necklace: Supernatural - Anita Necklace Black Silver @ Cosmopolitan
(Closer pic at bottom)

 Pose: Emozione - All Those Moments 
Background: [Kres] - Secret Hideaway @ Whimsical
 Smoke: Kunst - Vintage Cigarette Holder

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Hair: Runaway - Crystal Hair

Outfit: CerberusXing - Barrel Slingshots
 Shoes: Essenz - Beverly Hills

Tattoo: Wild Roots  (formerly PMS) - Key To My Heart Tattoo
Garter: Apple May Designs - Lace Garter

 Pose: K&S - Hentai. pose 5 @ Hentai Fair
Signs: [Kres] - Y2K Signs @ Rewind
  •  Apocalypse Sign
•The End Sign
•Panic Sign
Pillow: BN inc. - My Kinky Ppillow
Cabinet: Fiasco - Woodshop Cabinet
Tools: Sau - Toolbox
Chains: CerberusXing - Rusty Chains

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The Y2K Bug Hits Rewind!

What a blast from the past, Y2K! No Reason to be afraid this time around. Rewind has teleported us to that year where we thought the Y2K bug would cause major problems to computer programs and we would be back in the dark ages. This round of Rewind has some timeless designs that will cause a major case of nostalgia. Grab your peeps and let’s get “Crunk” at Rewind, and go cray cray with shopping (popular words in the 2000s) lol. This round of Rewind will be open until March 5th, enjoy your trip to the past. Smokeahontis Teleport to Rewind <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>  

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Hair: Stealthic - Paradox  
Outfit: American Bazaar - Satin Bodysuit @ Frou Frou
Garters: Apple May Designs - Lace Garter @ Frou Frou
Shoes: Empire - Sedum
Anklet: Supernatural - Kary @ anyBody
(Closer look below)

 Pose: By Me
Stage: Krescendo - Royal Podium @ ROMP
(A Must check out The Menu on this Podium is AMAZING)
Sign: floorplan - Neon Play Time 

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Be My Sexy Valentine at Frou Frou!

Frou Frou is back for their second round with a special Valentine’s Day Edition! I tell you, if you’re looking for a hot and spicy outfit to surprise your partner with, this is the place! The walls are lined up with beautiful and amazing items that I’m super excited about. I’m not quite sure I want to share…. nah I’m just kidding. I’ll share.. until the end of the round, that is, on March 8th! Ginger <3 xoxo Teleport to Frou Frou MIA: Lybra, Nerido, Noche, Phedora, Vincue < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the event opening time of 8am SLT on February 10th, 2018. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding!

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Hair: Doux - Mya

Outfit: Apple May Designs - Beauty is Pain Lingerie @ Collabor88
Gloves: Codex - Bento Vicious Rings

 Pose: By Me
Chains: CerberusXing - Rusty Chains @ TMD
Statue: Fapple - The dream of the mare
Toys: Fapple - Rodion Punishment Rack
Background: Minimal - Instagram Background

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Hair: Truth - Lake 
Eye Lashes: Nightmare - Milka Lashes @ The Secret Affair
Makeup: CerberusXing - Love Rose Eye Shadow @ Rose Care Package 

Gloves: Codex - Bento Vicious Rings
Necklace: Codex - Collar Mizuki @ Fetish Fair
Nails: CerberusXing -Unicorn Nails @ Rose Care Package
Horns: Apple May Designs - Conqueror Horns & Headband @ Blush

 Pose: By Me

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Get Ready to Turn Pink with Blush!

On 28th January 2018 · By Alex Markus · With Leave a comment
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Are your cheeks turning pink and getting warm? They must be, because it’s time for Blush – that great round with all kinds of cute, soft, but in-your-face designs that will bring out your devious side! All these designers have out-done themselves, bringing you some amazing clothes, decor, accessories, and more and you NEED to check it out! So get down here & do that before it all closes down on February 18th! ♔Alex & Ginger Teleport to Blush MIA: AS, Deetalez, Doe, Lybra, Moss & Mink, NX Nardcotix, Opale <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>  

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